Tips for creating Great blog post Titles

How to choose a title for your blog post


The title of a blog post, must be hard-hitting and well chosen if you do not want it to destroy all your efforts to write this article, because you have to see this title as the façade of a house, it, usually reflects what happens between its walls; and building a villa, well finished and furnished inside and on the other side leave its exterior without even a crepe would surely devalue it in the eyes of passers-by; it’s the same with the title of a blog post; let’s see what you need to do to properly choose a title for your article or web page
How to choose a good title



First of all, know that your title will only be chosen once your article is finished; because the right method is to start from a need and then keywords and then write a good article and finally the title; in any case it’s my method and it’s good. So here are the tips to consider when you come to the choice of title, but before you give yourself some good practice to succeed in choosing your title, let’s talk a little bit about what a blog post title or any other web page really means for google users and also for google itself.

I’d rather you read these few lines than any subtitles that will follow down, if you’re in a hurry of course; Then

Consider the intent of users when writing a title for your web page:

choose a title that your readers will think first

Well writing a title ‘web article is not just a matter of keyword that you integrate into a sentence, it’s deeper than that, and since google focuses on the UX, the user experience, your title must first address the Internet users, and not bots and especially your titles should never give promises that you will not keep in your articles; What for?

simply because google will find out thanks to the bounce rate, which when high for content, this reflects exactly the poor quality of the latter, because users or readers quickly leave the article in question because it does do not find what was promised to them in the title.

There’s something else. your title should make users understand that you are the only one who will be able to help them, how? understanding their intent and their real need that drove them to type your keyword on google 

Example of an effective and relevant title:

how to find a good blog post title

For example; A user who types “Lose weight” on google; it will never click on a title that says “how to lose weight” , because this title does not reflect any intention and does not target a particular need and especially does not emphasize the real need of the internet user .

On the other hand, a title that says “here’s how I lost 5 kg in 15 days” , that’s a title on which everyone will click even those who have no kilo too much to lose; What for?? simply, he talks about the real and the lived, he gives hope, he sets a very specific goal and gives the result that we will have, he taps directly into the emotional, in 15 days you, will get rid of 5 kilos and just a month for 10 kilos , … Etc


Follow google’s innuendos for content and title selection

Choose a web article title for google

Another method to choose a hard-hitting and effective title is to go to google and type your keyword


How to choose a title for an article list:

Choose a good title for an article list

If you find list items and you want to do the same, you have to give a bigger number, for example if you find, titles that go up to 10 foods that will make you lose weight quickly, you will write an article list with 15 foods and more.

Choose a title for an illustrated article:

If when you type your keyword on google and the first titles that come out and are first on the SERP are YouTube videos; then your article should be very well illustrated, lots of images, diagrams, add a video, … because the topic you want to talk about is considered by google more relevant if it is illustrated and pictured and in this case, you must add the word illustrated or pictured or video tutorial ,… etc. to make the reader understand that it is not worth it that he goes on YouTube because he will also find videos explanatory for example in your article.

Choose a blog title to beat your competitors:

If when you type your keyword on google and the first results sound of the forum posts, there is the jack pot, you go on these, you collect information, you combine it with your article and you put a powerful title that summarizes all your content and promises a Full and fast result.


Choose a title that fills a need:


Your title must refer to a problem that it will solve rather than a solution it proposes; for example: Five easy exercises to no longer suffer from back pain is better ranker than if you say five exercises to strengthen his back.

how to write an article title that brings back clicks



Insert numbers into your article titles:


This will make them easily assimilable and by reading for example: 5 techniques to catch a sea bream, the reader knows what to expect in your article and that he will not wait to enter your site to really know what your articles are about.


If you don’t want numbers, use related phrases such as:
The best proven techniques for catching a sea bream; … e

tc. A maximum of sixty characters in your title, you can check it on, because a title that is too long does not appear completely in google results and this makes it lose all meaning.

Write provocative titles:

write a good web article title, a provocative title


You could very well click on a title like (this girl really does amazing stuff) even if you were looking for something else on the net
do not hesitate to arouse the curiosity or downright the nerves of readers with provocative titles, without exceeding the limit of legal and good manners of course.
These kinds of titles; do in the emotional and generally have good results question visits on your site but if the content does not follow, it will quickly backfire you with a great bounce rate


Use simple words:

Your title should be composed of simple words within the reach of everyone especially beginners, because you do not address readers who have the same level as you in your theme but rather to beginners or people who seek solutions and no need complicate the situation already.
For example I could have titled you this article: How to optimize your h1 tags so that it ranks on google!; So always made in the simple.


Put some intrigue in your titles:

You can get clicks on your web article titles by injecting a dose of plot; for example a promise of never seen, an insinuation to that there is a revelation of small secrets, secret methods, … Etc
so the reader will say that he’s going to get it for his time that he’s going to devote to reading your article


Easy, fast, free, simple:


These words are the stars of the titles; integrating them into them is paramount and makes a big difference
for example: tell me which of the following two titles would be likely to click:

-Easy and fast method to change a tire
How to change a tire


You will surely click on the first and secret you have on hand.

How to change a title for a blog post without harming your blog and your SEO?

Choose a great title for a blog post
Let’s say you learned something new in this article and you want to change one or more titles in your blog; Here are the steps you can take to edit an old blog title:
Choose the new title and be sure of 100% of your choice before you start
1-Detect all internal links that point to the article in question to which you want to change the title and if you do not remember, go to Brocken link checker, and prepare to analyze your site right after changing the title to replace everything anchor urls that point to the old address of the item by the new address.
2-Copy the address of this article, go to the Search console and ask for the address to be deleted.
3-Go to the article to which you will change the title and put it back in the draft of your CMS , change the title and put your article online
4-Go back to the Search console and ask for a new indexing of this new address of your article in the box “explore like google”
5-Go back to the Brocken link checker site and start the analysis of your site and change all the old links by the new address of your article
6-If there is a YouTube channel or a comment, article or post in a form or back link that points to the article to which you changed the title you are going to have to change them at least the most important ones like Backlinks and YouTube links , if not you will make a permanent 301 redirect for this URL or page to the new title without changing it while telling google what copy is between your two pages.
That’s it, but it shows how important it is to choose a good title for an article even before it’s first posted online.




You can see that choosing a good title for his blog post, his YouTube video or his email and his sales page is so important, for that; you will have to heed my advice so that this title is really special, different and above all eye-catching and makes you want to click on it


Let me comment to see if you have learned anything in this article and answer this question:


What would be your title if you wrote this article?



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