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The List of the best free SEO tools

List of Free SEO Tools

Before you start this list of free tools, optimization for search engines and analysis and web content creation, let me tell you, that the only two tools you really need to attach more importance to during your work Referencing are indeed, Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.
Also be sure that this list will be continuously powered and will be updated every time I discover a new free and useful software to help you evolve your online business through the SEO
But these last two, may not be enough and provide such important details, that’s why I brought you this list, online software, totally free and easy to take in hand to help you better understand your site, analyze it and refer it correctly and also you will have free tools for keyword search and analysis and creation of Backlinks

Check your positions on SERPs 


Free SEO tools to check the ranking of a web page on google results



This free Reference tool is the best free SEO optimization tool that will check for you the ranking of your articles and web pages on SERPS and for different keywords and different indexes too

2 position checker on SERP



SERP Checker

A bit like UBERSUGGEST , this free tool to optimize your site in order to better classify it on google will also help you check and monitor the position of your web pages in Google’s SERP and this according to the keywords you would have chosen and on which you follow your Ranki
ng.Et especially allows you to spy also and follow the position of the competing

sitesI just blame him for this tool, his grip that is a little complicated

Free SEO Audit

Free SEO tool to do an audit of an online intenet site

VuDuWeb Audit SEO free

You just have to enter your domain name and launch the free audit of your website, it is a free and unsigned SEO tool that will allow you to analyze your website and detect anything that could prevent you from doing well position yourself on your keywords on search engines

Online audit and free website 



Free REFER tool, full SEO audit



Web Site Reviewer

r This tool developed by CleverSat for referencers, is available free of charge to analyze and access a complete picture of the status of your site and any errors that prevent you from positioning yourself well on the engines of searchesThis is a

n all-in-one SEO tool, completely free and comprehensive enough, I highly recommend it, you’ll just have to enter your website url and the tool will launch the analysis

Check See Backlinks


Free Tool for Backlinks

Ahrefs Backlinks Checker

Check your Backlinks for free with one click and inspect if there is not a link that points to your site and causes you to mislepaics rated R
eference You can also track down your competitors’ Backlinks to try to get them same for your sit
eThis free tool that Ahrefs has made available to us is indispensable for all webmasters

Free Backlinks Checker

Free REFER tool to inspect Backlinks

Backlink Checker

Cet free optimization tool, is very useful for your SEO as it allows you to make a full check up of all external links that point and redirect to your site You’re goi
ng to have information about the quality of these Backlinks, is what they really help your SEO by passing you juice or authority or on the contrary they devalue your website and cause you harm, in which case you will have to disavow this links in the search console.

Keyword density checker on your website or website


Free tool to calculate keyword density in a site or text

SEO tool and free word density content Key

This free tool that helps in creating good content allows you to start calculating the density of your keywords and thus allows you to avoid spamming and optimizing your

web articlesThis is a tool of Completely free and essential to optimize your web articles

Density checker of your keywords

Free SEO tool to analyze keyword density in an article or web page

Keyword Density Checker

For not to pass for a spammer and overload your keyword content and thus fall into the trap of over optimization, this free keyword tool, will analyze your texts and alert you if you have a risk of keyword density high, it should not exceed 3%

Free Keyword Suggestion Tools

Outil 2Bde 2Bsuggestion 2Bde 2Bmots 2Bcl 25C3 25A9s

Search for keywords

This’s a free and easy-to-use tool for a quick search for keywords and phrases, just type in your main keyword for a series of suggestions to be given to you

Social media statistics auditor

Free SEO tool to follow your site on the socieux networks

Social Stats Checker

You just type the URL of your website, and the free SEO analysis tool will do the rest, it will actually give you all the information about the interaction between your social networks and your site, just follow the instructions and you increase your web traffic in no time because you go with this referencing tool, discover your weaknesses in promoting your website and fill them.

Hidden Backlinks Auditors

Free tool to create Backlinks to your website

Backlink Maker

This TOOL SEO Backlink Maker, will create you external links to your website with a single click, based on your keywords, you have to check this for yourself, I tried it and it created me 11 Backlink and none of them is off topic

Free Sitemap Generator in XML file for your website


Free tool to create a Sitemap for your website

XML Sitemap Generator Free

Just forget your Url to this free web development tool and you’ll get your XML file from Sitemap that you’re going to may be submitting to the Search console, to help google better crawler your website

Free Key Word Suggestion Tool:

Free tool to find relevant keywords

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

It’s a really effective and totally free keyword search tool, just type a keyword in the box and start the search and you’ll have different high quality keyword and CPC ideas and those long trolling did know what to do with it (1000 suggestions)!!! I tested it and believe me, I wonder how it is that this keyword search tool is it free!!!

Free website position checker on Alexa

Free tool to access Alexa without registration

Alexa Rank Checker

With this tracking and analysis tool, you will be able to check the Ranking of your website on the Alexa website and of course track the positions and values of your competitors’ sites, all with one click, you would just need to enter the Url of the site in question and start the search, a page appears without registration to provide you with the data you requested

Adsense Income Calculator:

Free tool to calculate your earnings on Adsense

Adsense Calculator

You can’t keep track of what’s happening on your Adsense dashboard? it’s normal with these dozens of numbers and percentages that Adsense gives you every mome
nt This tool is there to make your task easier, just enter the url of the page in question or find your ads, the page CTR and the CPC , cost per click and you will quickly get what you have already earned and what you will expect as income on Google Adsense, I meant the revenue from your ad blocks!!

Rewrite your paragraphs:

Free SEO tool to change the lexical field of a paragraph


Article Rewriter

With this free text content creation tool, you will be able to be helped to write effective content with a rich and varied lexical field and above all different !!! with the right keywords thanks to this tool Go there on the spot and test it, it’s a very effective way to write quickly especially when you really don’t have the time and we want to put a web article online and publish it on our we

bsiteYou go so copy paste your text in the field reserved for this on the tool and click submit , you will then see emerge a completely different text that you will check one last time and publish directly on your site

Plagiarism Checker

Free tool to check copied texts


This SEO tool could well be used in many cases

In fact, you could very well use it when you are offered a guest article for example to make sure the authenticity of the latter, ditto for a comment a little too perfect !!! because if it is plagiarized and copied from another online content, it will surely harm your article and it is better to

delete it! You could also just check your own articles, maybe you will have just written a paragraph totally identical to another already existing, it’s very rare but not impossible!! Just stick your text in the box shown on the Free Plagiarism Check tool and start the search, and you’ll be fixed quickly.

Link analyzer (In-depth)

Free SEO tool to analyze all the links on a website

Link Analyzer

Cet free Seo link analysis tool will browse your entire site in depth, and you will view all incoming and outgoing links in the form of URLs, and give you a bit of insight into your internal and external mesh, the number and quality of links, Nofollow and Dofollo

w, … etc. It’s a tool that will allow you to know where you are with the mesh of your site and make useful corrections if necessary!

Broken Link Detector:

Broken Link Checker 1

Free SEO tool to detect pages 404

Broken Link Checker

This are two free SEO tools that will allow you to check all the links on your website, and tell you if a link no longer leads anywhere (pages 404) !!! and it’s time to fix it or simply remove it for the right SEO of your contentYou’l

l also have the way to go directly to the link and the page directly via the tool which really makes the task easier.

A word count in an article:

Outil 2Bpour 2Bcompter 2Ble 2Bnombre 2Bde 2Bmots 2Bd 2527un 2Barticle

The keyword counter

From more and more Google, really shows more interest in long content, so knowing how many words in your article contains is also important for a good referencing on Google, especially try to stay in a range of numbers more than 1500 words per blog postPrese

nt the text to the tool, paste it in the space reserved for it and launch the free tool

Virus Scanner website

Free antivirus to scan a website


Free antivirus scanner for websites

I wouldn’t let you say how important it is to ensure the data security of your readersIf y

ou are not under the secure https protocol, then this free Seo tool is for you, especially if you put items for sale on your site and that your Hoster did not see fit to put you in secure modeTo use the

software, you’re going to have to present him with all the Urls of your site, 20 at a time and then press the Submit button or submitYou

go be able to recover all your Urls with the tool I presented at the top

Link Analyzer


Semrush tool in freemium version


SEMRush Freemium

THE SEMRush keyword search key feature, test them widely, try them out, and then click on the websites of your competitors and industry leaders. .

Get 7 days free Semrush here ( No Credit Cart Needed , Email Registration and Confirme your Email adresse )

The SEO Quiz

Free SEO quiz in French


SEO Quiz

WEB RANK Test your knowledge of SEO by answering a multitude of questions about SEO and SEO for Google, this practice will make you learn new data and above all play the role of an update, which could well make you in memory a detail that you no longer put into practice when it is super important in optimization and you have only forgotten it!

Keywords Everywhere

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Keywords Everywhere

ereThis Chrome extension (or Firefox) lets you know the search volume, Cost-by-Click (CPC), and data data to compe

titors. It will appear just in one digit (K) in your chrome menu bar and you just have to click on it and then press launch the scan

? This SEO content extension will recover for you all the keywords and phrases of the web page or the article on which you are online, you can also import this list of key moits in csv format

Assistant for the creation of Backlinks


kArio1MPmN2E nUb2NcDPkfDg5wGTLIkKf

Link Assistant

This integral tool of the Part I SeO Powersuite Software Suite. Among other things, it allows you to find opportunities to create quality links and Backlinks. Available in French.

Market Samurai

Free Market Samurai Marketing Software


Market Samurai

This is one of the best Seo tools for searching for keywords and tracking what your competitors do, have no mood, this practice is now part of the job, because you are hunted all the time !!!

SEO Power suite

Free online tool to analyze website links



This free-to-use SEO tool will allow you to take stock of all your links and Backlinks and especially those of the competition

The Pingdom tool

Free website loading speed test tool from different locations


Pingdom Tools

Test your loading speed from different locations around the world because your readers are not all within the same distance from your web host and you will have to take steps to lighten the weight of your HTML if the Loading speed is too high in an area where you have a lot of drives.

The MOZ bar

MOZ Free SEO Tool


The MOZ Bar after registration


the moz bar on the SERP


The MOZ Bar

MozBar gives you a lot of data when you’re on a page or the. Serp


  • Create custom searches by engine, country, region or city. 
  • Assess the authority of a web page or domain 
  • Access and compare seRP results statistics.
  • Find and highlight the keywords and meta description on a page…. and many other steps that I let you discover for yourself

SEO workers

Full and free SEO tool
Just present him with a page, and admire the work!! this comprehensive SEO tool gives you all the information on an internet page, and even gives you the problems and refers you to the solutions


My advice is to focus first and foremost on the tools that will help you create and put online great content, and then look to use other tools for linking for example and internal mesh and finally , you will be able to think of the free tools that will help you to promote your website and your content in order to help it also to refer and achieve, why not your goals


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