The Criteria for a High Quality Backlink

What's a good backlink for google?

You've probably heard of backlinks ,which are its famous links that point to your site or a specific article of the latter, but all these backlinks are not the same and will not have the same effect on your PAGE issue SEO and legitimacy of your site at google
so what's a good backlink in google's eyes?


We will of course see these few criteria, which make a link quality and will be good to improve your referencing on google and that this backlink brings you a lot of traffic and visitors; because it gives you more credibility so let's go there without delay because the penguin algorithm of google punishes well the backlinks of poor quality and you may have a few .


Above all, your backlinks must come from sites that are in good standing with google and that are not spammed or that does not break the rules, sex drug,… Etc. The link must be contextual and be Nofollow (followed by google crawlers), so come from a site that has the same theme as yours:

If you blog for example about cars, there is absolutely no point in asking a friend who has a site on his family bakery, to put a link in his site to yours, in terms of SEO and credibility it is worth absolutely nothing

On the other hand, if you manage to get a backlink from a site that talks about cars or mechanics or motor racing for example what is consistent with your theme; this link is going to have a lot of value and will hugely help your SEO

An interesting backlink must emanate from a site that is in the same language as yours, which would prove its credibility for google and that it's a link made because your site really brings a plus

A good backlink must come from a site of authority and trust:

At the time google stamped its green bar sites which means that this site is trustworthy and interesting; but now they've taken it off
A trusted site that will provide you with a good backlink can be found in a good way; so go there, see the site, you'll find a lot of examples sharing and good reviews, a clean, well organized site and everything

A contextual and not structural link:

That is to say try to have a link that is embedded within an article or page and not a link in a comment or in the sidebar or other, which would prove that your site brings a plus to this article and that your site is cited as a reference in the latter which would give credit to your site.

A good Backlink must have a credible anchor:

For example, if you make a link to your article that talks about the power of the engines of such a car brand, the anchor of your backlink should reflect as much as possible the title of your article and if it reproduces your title squarely (h1 tag), it would still be Better.

Infographic on the qualities of good incoming links

This illustration summarizes the conditions that a Backlink must have for it to be effective and to transmit juice and authority from the source page to your page:

Infographics , you can have good backlinks


A good backlink is a link that is clicked most often, and if you manage to get a link even from google itself and no one clicks on it, the latter remains a poor quality link.
So try to connect with as many criteria of relevance and effectiveness as possible, because it's better than dozens of links left in comments or forums.

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