SEO Tips in 2020 to improve rankings

Practical tips for good referencing on google

You should know, that Google often updates its algorithms (Google E-A-T and Google BERT for this year 2020) , and if you do not strengthen your SEO fundamentals, improve the user experience on your site (UX) and not update your tricks referencing, you may lose your traffic overnight.

So here are the new SEO tips updated for 2020, so that your site stays relevant and keeps are ranking on Google


So let's start with the new SEO trends in line with the updates for 2020 of Google algorithms that judge the relevance of a website , Google EAT for THE credo of voting content, Google BERT for search intension and Semantic… Etc

How to reference your blog for 2020

SEO updates for 2020:

So we'll talk before SEO improvements to apply on your site for 2020 to better position themselves on Google, because 93% of searches in France on the net are done on Google and in 91% of these searches, users only click on results that appear on the front page of Google 

Hence the need to try to boost your SEO for 2020 and rank some of your pages on the first page of google results

The three pillars of SEO

To work on your website's SEO, you'll need to focus on these three key relevance elements:
  • Check and optimize the technical structure of your website
  • Optimize SEO content on your website
  • Improve the popularity and authority of your website (SEO OFF page)
So here's what to focus your SEO seED efforts on in 2020 to boost your website

The main SEO criteria for 2020

1-The Performance of Your Website

You need to optimize your website to be fast and efficient and to do this you need to ensure these three essential elements:

A-Choose a good accommodation for your website:

You have to choose a good host for your website, it must be fast and available in the target area of your audience, don't try to save on this, because the loading speed of your site depends largely on it and it's a point of important relevance for Google in 2020 especially on the Mobile index

B- Correct code errors on your website:

Opt for a CMS relevant from a SEO point of view, Wordpress for example, not to mention a Template or Theme performance, simple but effective in order to reduce the number of requests of the user so that he accesses the result or information he seeks, similarly for Google Crawlers, they're going to have access to all your content because a good theme will decrease the depth of your old pages
Also make any page on your website accessible in less than 3 clicksYou wi

ll find a guide I've written on how to make an AUDIT SEO or even in the my Lives section, you can buy it for a few euros on Amazon and check and easily fix technical problems your website at least once every month or two months

ranker in 2020 on the first page of google


C-Reduce the weight of your images and illustrations:

For a good SEO in 2020, you have to adapt a perfect image quality with the minimum possible weight 
Opt for WebP and Jpg as a format for your images on the site to increase the speed of loading your pages and ensure a good user experience especially on Ecommerce sites, Shpify and Presta Shop for example that have homepages usually too heavy with Slides too loaded with images too pixelated, you can use the SEO Pingdom Tool to check your pages and optimize them:

  • The weight of the images
  • Loading time
  • The number of requests loaded
  • The weight of CSS, Html, fonts and Java Scripts that greatly slow down page loading time

Also check the external content loaded on your website and minimize your site's reliance on content uploaded from other sources on the internet

 2-Optimize the internal mesh of your website to boost its SEO On page

For a good SEO in 2020, you need to ensure a good distribution of juice within your website. To do this you have to intelligently redistribute the juice from your entry pages to other pages that don't get enough traffic so enough juice in order to vitalize the SEO of your pages and improve the overall Page Rank of your website and give a little juice to the Zombie pages that hurt your website's GLOBAL SEO performance

Similarly, you're going to have to lighten your common parts of your website, the Header and its Mega menus, the Slider and the Footer by removing any unnecessary link that disrupts and causes a considerable loss of juice for your website because they are present in all pages and will generate links to anything and everything, no matter how and penalize the SEO efforts you make on the internal mesh 

It is therefore necessary to channel the juice of your website to the most important pages and this by adopting trees and a site structure in silos (thematic siloing) so as to divide your site into several silos according to the category and this without any link between them so that each silo keeps its juice and actually enjoys its own pages 

Or, what better way than to integrate semantic cocon into your website to boost its SEO for 2020

You can also ask a coder to hide a good part of your internal links for Google crawlers while leaving them visible and operational to users, this way these links will not distribute the juice and you can choose the ones that will do it intelligently

3-How to optimize SEO your content for 2020?

Content remains your best ally when you want to improve the referencing of your website, it's valid before, in 2020 and 2050 also, to Optimize your content, you must also check these 3 elements:

A-Well define your target audience:

You have to define your customers, and your persona types, you need to know how you will position yourself in relation to your audience and especially your competitors in order to reserve you a part of the traffic generated by your

niche, so you have to provide an answer clear and comprehensive to the urgent needs of your audience and especially their research intentions and provide them with highly targeted offers, services and even a tailored editorial style to your read

ersIt simply needs to create your brand and I would come back to that

B-Choose your keywords:

adopt a good keyword strategy to ranker on google this year

Make an inventory of the keywords on which you appear on SERPs, reinforce those that are relevant and in line with your business objectives for example, by adding content and updating it while including new chapters on new research intentions from your readers

So strengthen your content already positioned on keywords with high search volume and add other keywords little by little to expand your traffic prospecting area in order to expand your business and reach new readers, because a business that does not evolve, necessarily regresses and will disappear sooner or later

3-Strengthen the semantics of your content for better SEO performance in 2020

To satisfy Google's RankBrain algorithm, you need to enrich the semantics of your pages; and to do this you're going to have to avoid over optimization and especially repeat your keywords several times on the sam

e pageD.' by, RankBrain is now able to understand your content a bit almost like the reader, so it's going to be enough to enrich the fields the specifics of your paragraphs by incorporating as many words as possible in relation to your subject, while ensuring the consistency of y

our content of course onFini so the practices of putting your keyword too in all titles and subtitles, tags <alt>of Images… etc,, don't think this way anymore, 2020 will be the year of semantics, write your content in the best way possible by expanding your topic so that you talk about all facets of your users' requete</alt>

boost its SEO in 2020 with an internal thematic mesh with silos andanches

Use the Your text Guru tool to enrich the lexical scope of your content with new expressions and especially with named entities such as brand names and authorities that it becomes more urgent to quote in your content in order to improve the credibility of the latter at Google and users of course . 

You'll also want to use the keywords of your competitors and bring back as much as you can from Answer the audience to provide complete and competitive content.

4-Clean your contents from irrelevant pages:

It is high time to boost your SEO to do a deep clean in your website, to do this you will check these items:

A-Zombie pages:

Be aware that Google will judge the overall quality of your website, so it will average between all your pages, therefore, a page that has no traffic and that is irrelevant will pull down your relevant page and thus harm your SEO

So go update your content that is of poor quality and that degrades the overall quality of your website or remove these pages completely by making sure to disavow them on the Search Console of course and also check your broken links after this operation with Brocken Link Checker to ensure a good UX and avoid pages 404 on your website

This practice will refresh your website give a good image of the latter to your readers and especially improve your SEO score, it is a task to accomplish urgently so for this year

Help yourself from Google Analytics to detect these zombie pages, My Ranking Metrix too, optimize these pages with:

  • New keywords that have a Trend on Google  
  • New fresh, up-to-date content and a wider lexical field
  • Add new responses to other queries
  • Add relevant internal and external links
  • Bring back Backlinks for these pages
  • Make it easy to access these pages in up to 3 clicks
  • Check the robot's blockage.txt
  • Add new images and visuals, even video and podcast
  • Improve the loading speed of your pages (more than 80 on the desktyop and more than 70 on the Mobile – test on Google speed insights) and activate the AMP (accelerated pages for Mobile) especially if the majority of your visits come from Smartphones

You could also merge two or three of these zombie pages together to create a new relevant page that could Ranker on Google and if all this is not possible, better remove these poor quality pages to increase relevance SEO of your website Let's get a
little bit out of our site and see the optimization SEO Off Page for this year which leads us to our next point which is not the least important when it comes to properly reference its website:

5-The Backlinks, a SEO factor still important this year

It's high time to boost your SEO this year by improving the authority of your site and domain name, boosting your brand name and online imageB

acklinks must now come to you from autrité sites, the number of Backlinks you have almost no longer counts in front of the quality of these, create at least one targeted content each month that solves a real problem that concerns your audience and let you reap backlinks that really have value

Boost your SEO this year with relevant and natural Backlinks

Google will understand all this in number of Backlinks that point to your website but you will take into account these few tips

  • Create relevant Backlinks and not just in quantity

  • Don't spam your anchors and vary them, never make anchors (exact match) that are copying the title of your target article

  • Always check the provenance of your external links and disavow in the Search console the bad Backlinks that point to your site from sites of poor quality, forbidden content, inappropriate subject with your… Etc

  • Avoid the vulgar Netlinking that can be detected by google penguin and thus harm your SEO promote natural links emanating from sites of the same theme or a parallel theme and especially in the same language

  • Create your incoming links naturally through Linkbaiting (relevant content that attracts backlinks, list content, feedback, contest games, content that solves a real problem, controversial content… etc) and Linkbuilding (soliciting artificial links from other websites, directories, platforms and corporate networks, CCI and incubators, the purchase of expired sites and domains… etc), for more tips see this article to develop a good Netlinking strategy
Finally do not try to exceed 5 to 6 backlinks per month, if not you will attract the attention of google who will risk understanding the ride and penalize your website

6-Improve your Google E.A.T (expertise, Autority, Trustworthiness) to boost your SEO score this year

Google is also concerned about users' finances and their happiness, so if your theme is likely to push the reader to spend his money or interfere in some way in his happiness by giving him advice or drugs, if your theme is about health for example, you need to pay attention to your image and improve your credibility onlineIt is fo

r you to have an expert behind every article and content you put online, quote sites and experts and link to their pages and content in relation to the topic you're dealing with

Create an authority site to boost its referencing in 2020

Talking about processing in your content when no one mentions your name or domain as an authority, will penalize your content and harm your SEO strategy

  • Create social media profiles and become a specialist in your field 
  • Be active on topics that affect your audience on specialized forums 
  • Try to have Backlinks from authority sites in your domain 
  • Post your diplomas and expertise in the field on your A PROPOS page
  • Write books on important topics in your theme
  • Bring influential people into your content in your topic in order to get accepted by your competitors and the wholesalers of your field

Google BERT , RankBrain and semantics 

Artificial intelligence and programs and algorithms that undertake on their own is reality at Google

Google BERT is among the applications of this artificial intelligence

Google can now understand the intent of users when they write a review on its search engine 

What does this mean for us content publishers?

Using keywords and phrases in content is no longer enough to ranker your article, you need to see more and understand your audience and how they could formulate their queries and anticipate the words they will use to formulate them on search engines

Example on the Google BERT update:

If a user tries to quit smoking weed and you run a blog that deals with this topic, you better use in your titles the word (attached) for example, google will now understand what it is (that it is not a breech joint or other spare piece …) and will prioritize your content on this request and offer it to that user especially if your audience is in a geographical area where the term is used.

Referencing your blog

So don't hesitate to use words from the argo, on the contrary this will help you ranker also on vocal searches

This is just a sample of what Google BERT deals with, basically your article should be part of a set, link it to other valuable content with internal and external links, write articles with the richest lexical fields possible and support all your chapters with proof of authority
I will go into detail on this update of Google that will affect a content out of ten according to what the specialists SEO , American .

So it was basically, the tips I have for you so that you boost the referencing of your website for this year 

I leave you now to review the rest of the optimizations to bring for your site to boost its SEO, they are still topical at google, you must also take into account

Additional tips for referencing your website on Google

Not even 10 years ago, it was enough to repeat his keyword 50 times in his article, to rank first on the search results on the latter.

Now, this time of plenty in SEO optimization is over, and every serious blogger, who wants to boost his traffic in 2020, especially, if his traffic strategy is based largely on the one that google sends him (organic traffic).

Seo 2019 optimization

That's why I've gathered advice from SEO experts to make sure you help you use the best SEO strategy for the coming year.

I'm going to pass on to you what you need to focus on, and conclude with new SEO tips and tactics to continue generating free and important organic traffic in 2020, according to the latest updates. Google algorithms that is starting to give more freedom and share of thinking to queries to its artificial intelligence assistants.

You'll also have some quick optimization tips that will make your site or blog, keep its audience and have even more new visitors this year.

Before you give a list of what you're going to have to be careful to improve your referencing in the future, let me start with the most important one, which consists of:

Your reputation on the internet in your theme:

Believe me if I tell you, that google gives a lot of importance to your credibility, this criterion is highlighted so much by google because it is directly related to its general policy which is "How to provide someone who does a search on google , the best thinking possible?"; this question is the only one that really arises google, and taking it to us, web content publishers in consideration, we will directly realize that only a specialist and a credible publisher or website could best consider and ensure a good user experience for the user.

Never lie about your reputation, because google will find out soon or later and at that time, say goodbye to your SEO.

To do this, you absolutely need to build a reputation on the internet to improve the referencing of your site; and to do this, there are a lot of ways, there are for example 

A-Create communities on your theme:

Have a lot of Followers on Facebook on an account linked to your site, also reap a lot of likes; or be active on the forums of your theme and post a lot of reviews on Quora for example and have a lot of subscribers, on Reddit, it's the same, … Etc

B- Be a real person and close to your audience:

Never give the impression that you are just a handful of articles in a website, be responsive with your audience, make sure users leave you comments and repe to those comments, make sure your articles be shared, create graphic resources and integrate the ability to share them, such as infographics for pinterest, pdf courses, white papers, … etc., create a YouTube channel or Podcasts for your site, and if your theme needs it, do product testing and put illustrations and photos of you doing them; give your results to your audience, … Etc

C- Create a "A PROPOS" page:

You absolutely must have this page and talk in about your diplomas if you have any, schools you have done, and if you have nothing turn that, say in a few sentences how passionate your theme is and expose your life experience (Real life experience)in your theme, write an eBook and offer it to your audience via this page for example; the main thing is to have this page with you in
Same for the page "CONTACT" , make sure that you will be reachable in case a user would need you and Google gives great importance to these pages when analyzing it.

1- Improve the user experience on your content, User experience UX:

SEO 2019

In fact google will give more importance to the signals that reflects the user experience (as the time they stay on your page , is what left a good comment,… etc.), that it can not only harvest but also analyze and understand every time your article is viewed. Now s

o google , which calls itself "simple Internet user with the intelligence of a 4-year-old"; understands that this visitor likes your article, it will surely comfort the ranking of the latter in his search engines. 

Increasingly, the Rank brain will rise in rank and will now have even more weight in the process; google will let this assistant resent more relevant queries than before and we have to deal with this technology in the future.

For those who don't know the Brain Rank, it's a bit like the MATRICE in Matrix… Google simply begins to learn on its own and understands if your article pleases or annoys readers… heck!!!

Seo 2019 optimization

For example, when people click on your link, google will systematically calculate how long they stay on your article before leaving (bounce rate), and its average will directly influence your page's ranking in search results. So, the longer visi

tors stay on your article, the better it will be ranked on the google SERP. Almost ev

erything will be based on the user experience on your blog/site.I n

oticed for example, Neil Patel took the bull by the horns and offers half text articles and the big one in video,this will surely hold readers longer and will surely improve his positioning on google. Accordi

ng to Brian Dean and in addition to his insistence on the use of "medium intensity" keywords whose trend on google Trends is increasing; For better SEO on google, spot in the future to hold your visitors at least three (3) minutes on your articles, if you want to please RankBrain and appear among the first results of google.

Reference seo 2019

This google octopus will also take into account the number of direct clicks on your link, the more your links are clicked, the better it will be ranked. For this, I strongly advise you to choose your teasers and integrate them into your meta descriptions and make them s

exy … You can also help google bots and structure your data on the search console which would make it easier to crawl your pages and increase google's confidence in your site.

2-Boost your old items with low and medium traffic:

Get rid of the old pages with very low traffic because they are unrecoverable and impossible to recast and above all they hinder the referencing of your best content then:

you are going to have to constantly give a boost to your old articles , don the number of visits is quite modest and average and which you suspect a good potential.

By doing this, you'll take them out of the bottom of Google's indexes and push Mister RankBrain to offer them new ones on the first pages of results.

This maneuver is necessary, to encourage Google crawlers to highlight and return more often on your deep Url, but a little risky and requires some concentration on Google Analytics , more precisely on queries and expressions  users on whom they rank.

Seo 2019

All this, to avoid you removing or burying these keywords and phrases and instead strengthen them while adding details, new statistics, images, new reviews,… etc. to make it an excellent content well optimized SEO according to the new recommendations of Google.

This action of upgrading old articles, is becoming more and more advisable and should be done at least four times a year if you want to rank more on google and attract more visitors to y

our blogPense also to create your pages about and your page Privacy policy, this will increase your credibility and ensure the compliance of your site at google. 

3-Incorporate videos into your articles:

Before long, video will account for 80% of online traffic, and you know what? Already 43% of Internet users want even more and say that there are no

t enough!!!. So, do you want to miss such a source of traf

fic? So, if there is a good strategy to properly reference a blog this year in order to bring new visitors back to your blog it is the integration of video content into y

our articles. So, google will probably bet on video and podcasts, besides Mr BrainRank already knows what represents the majority of images, I'm not talking about alternative texts

!!! The same goes for video content, the proof is to overlay this recognition of images with the subtitles generated automatically to know that soon the video content will be read and referenced exactly as is the textual content currently.

Video content optimization 2019

Short… So if we're just going to be traffic-based, it's now in your best interest to include video content in your articles; on the one hand because it will solicit more the commitment of readers and make your calls to action sound louder, and on the other, a video will hold a player longer, because watching a 2-minute video is easier and more rewarding than reading a text from 200 words.

This ploy will especially decrease your bounce time hence the improvement of your REFERencing in Google and especially save you time and guarantee you a new kind of traffic and new prospects because the new generation really hat

es the Reading. So,

to recap:Update the title and description of the oldest video

s. Optimize the quality (format) of your videos, images and graphics opt for image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP and make them easier to access. Incorporate videos into the rest of your Bl

og's content, opt for videos of less than 5 minutes. Don't put your videos at the ve

ry beginning of the article, of course you have to properly structure your blog post to facilitate the crawling work of google bots.

4-Create useful, effective and engaging content (Terminus):


Three million new articles every day on google !!! . You
absolutely must put online a well structured content and a format of articles very clear and quickly assimilated by the rea

der Titles and subtitles when necessary, illustrations, … etc. and most importantly, minimize your affiliate links and advertisements, and if they interfere with the proper reading of your articles or the display of your pages, you must change their place

s or remove them outright.How do you count you rank well on search engines if you don't make the extra effort to create complete articles, which you will easily share, ie wholesale articles w

ith:A well-marked content, a single H1 and no H3 without H2 and expressions containing your keywords in Bold or underlined

characters… so you don't waste his time and inflate google's Energy bill, and he will give it back to you by giving you a better ranking on it

s pages (SERP). As a result, user experience is all about; yo

u would need more detailed and longer content (2500 words) than those of the majority, but never do so at the expense of quality. And if your topic is limited enough a small content from time to time would be welcome, as it could be easily optimized for mobile devices; just don't overdo

it too. Opt for relevant keywords and above all a good semantics in your paragraphs with the richest lexical field possible, to show google that your article is rich and likely to answer all the questions of the reader regarding the subje

ct Treaty. Easy and enjoyable to read, aerate your articles with spaces, headers, short, dense paragraphs and relevant images and gifs; Sometimes fun to facilitate the absorption of the article in order to increase the time the reader stays on your art

icle . Choose relevant internal links that provide readers with more knowledge and best respond to their questions and questions they might think of after reading the content of your article.

Content Seo

Sometimes we really want to do this to google so it is unpredictable … leave a comment if you too

Google's Gary Illyes said the good old PageRank remained an important ranking signal for Google internally.

Add explanatory images and infographics, short tutorial videos and dense information .. usefu

l and necessary external links that point to resources that offer about a lexical field close to yours in the same language of course. B

asically, you would have to propose items that I call "terminus". That is, content; not only that reflects the request of the Internet user , but that offers him a surplus of reflections that will make him stop looking because he found everything in your content.

The reader should no longer do any further research on the subject because you would have completely satisfied it and Google's BrainRank will surely be satisfied too and will improve your positioning on its pages.

Seo search vocal

5-Optimize your content for voice search:

Google's connected speakers, google assistants and SIRI technology are a good indicator for the future of SEO. Optimizing i

ts content for voice search is no longer a choice, but has become a necessity especially if you are a local company. To do

this, SEO experts are already advising to insert keywords that can be formulated during a voice search (think well of popular language – slang) and especially geographically targeted keywords (geo-targeted) to allow google to offer your content to an audience that could emanate from a specific location after a query via issued specifically with a voice search. For exampl

e when asking for the weather during a voice search, google map will automatically be asked to provide a more relevant rethink… etcPense al

so to integrate an internal voice search system to your site, in order to facilitate the search and discovery of your page, to readers easily which will improve the user experience in your site, because UX (the user experience) is one of the SEO relevance criteria of the most influential and important pages next to Backlin

ksThis video is very complementary I invite you to watch it:

6-Optimization for mobile devices first:

Seo 2019 mobile

Now, Google considers the mobile version of your site or blog as the main "Mobile First Index" version.

If you don't have a mobile site, your desktop site will still be used but with what consequences !

!! You need to test the compatibility of your pages with mobile display and rectify problems if th

ere are any.Now and in the future, if your site is not mobile friendly, your SEO will surely take a hit, because the user experience is become one of the first factors of SEO optimization and a site that is not optimized for smart phones, will be increasingly ignored by google.

Referencement tips for blogs

Now you need to optimize your mobile content, your images and formats, framing, integrations and popups,… must track and be easy to load on these, in order to please google bots and comfort your ranking on google.

Finally, if I have to summarize all these new SEO strategies, I would say: blog more for Internet users than for google bots. Logically it's not

necessary, because google is ultimately only a user like the others – the only difference: google knows exactly what it is looking for and this is precisely what it expects you to offer it, optimizing your site for the coming year according to the new SEO guidelines.

Tag your data (structured data in the search console):

You will absolutely have to submit your structured data to google, this will greatly enhance your site's credibility vis-à-vis search engines; who have agreed on a common coding system that is the; and also this will increase your TCR and reduce your bounce rate, by creating attractive urls on google SERP, by displaying Rich Snippets for example (yellow stars, the price of a product, … et

c)Your structured data will be used by Google to respond to queries that emanate from voice search, so if you want your content to be well ranked for voice search, you need to fill your structured data, it's in the web Master Tools that it's happening

Pass your site on the secure protocol Https , the (SSL certificate) will be my last advice, because your site must be secure to gain the trust of google and you will recover a lot of traffic also because many users do not access the Unsecured sites. To get your SSL certificate, just contact your host and you won't have to pay anything usually, and it will encrypt your site to secure your visitors' data I'm wil

ling to call on you to tell me in a comment your suggestions and especially share with us your strong and secret point to properly reference your content this year


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