Useful and needy scripts for blogger blogspot

When you create a blog on the free blogger platform, don't expect miracles.

for that, I offer you some scripts to integrate into your HTML code to upgrade your blog so that it is competitive, SEO level and traffic 

Here are some useful and easy-to-integrate java scripts as well as some other interesting features:

free and useful html scripts for blogger

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1 – Script to force your users to disable AD-BLOCKER 

If you post banned ads on your blog you're going to need this script

Add a Javascript Gadjet and stick this script in:



background-color: #fcfcfc;

opacity: .99;

display: table;

position: fixed!important;

position: absolute;

z-index: 9999!important;

width: 100%;

height: 100%;

top: 0;

top: expression ((t-document.documentElement.scrollTop?document.documentElement.scrollTop: document.body.scrollTop)

bottom: 0;

right: 0;

left: 0;

padding: 2% 0


#h237 p

font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

font-size: 20px;

font-weight: normal;

color: #7a7a7a;

line-height: 30px;

text-decoration: none;

text-align: center;

display: table-cell;

vertical-align: middle;

margin: 0 auto


#h237 p a

background: #979797;

display: block;

font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

make-weight: 700;

font-size: 14px;

color: #fff!important;

line-height: initial;

text-align: center;

text-transform: uppercase;

letter-spacing: .5px;

width: 100px;

padding: 10px;

border-radius: 3px;

margin: 30px auto;

clear: both;

transition: all .3s ease-out


#h237 p a:hover

background: #ff4e00;

Color: #fff



display: none


<div id="h237">

<span>Mohon Aktifkan Javascript! <a href="">JavaScript Enable</a></span>



window.document.getElementById ("h237").parentNode.removeChild (window

.document.getElementById ("h237"));

(function (b, a)

function e (f)

f- h237.nextFunction()


var c – b.document,

(d[“i”, “s”, “u”])


rand: function (f)

return Math.floor (Math.random)


getElementBy: function (g, f)

return g? c.getElementById(g): c.getElementsByTagName


getStyle: function (g)

var f – c.defaultView;

return f—f.getComputedStyle? f.getComputedStyle (g, null): g.currentStyle


deferExecution: function (f)

setTimeout (f, 250)


insert: function (i, h)

var n – c.createElement ("span"),

o -c.body,



m – 0,

j -0;

if ("h237"

n.setAttribute ("id," h);

l.margin – l.padding – 0;

l.height – "100%";

for (p – this.rand (p); m< p; m++) {

1 – o.childNode[m]s.nodeType – (j – Math.max (j, parseFloat (this.getStyle (o.chi[m]ldNodes).zIndex)


( – j – 1);




o.insertBefore (n, o.childNode[p – 1]s)


displayMessage: function (g)

var f – this;

g – "abisuq".charAt (f.rand));

f.insert ('<p>BE SURE TO ACTIVATE AD-BLOCK PLEASE THANK YOU<br/><br/><img border="0" src="" /><br/><br/>THIS SITE NEEDS TO DISPLAY ADS<br/>PLEASE ACTIVATE AD-BLOCK IN ORDER TO AND<a href="JavaScript:window.location.reload()">UPDATE THE PAGE</a></p>

', 'h237');


f.getElementBy ("h2a37").addEventListener ("DOMNodeRemoved", function()

f.displayMessage ()

}, !1)



i: function ()

for (var h – "DivTopAd,ad-zone-1.ad_190x90,ads-sticky,iqadtile5,leftframeAD,tobsideAd,ad,ads,adsense".split(","),

f – h.length, j -", k -, this, l -0, i – "abisuq".charAt (k.rand(5)); L< f; l++) {

k.getElementBy ([l]h) (j -<" +="" i="" +="" '="" id[l]="' + h + '">"")</">


k.insert (d);

k.deferExecution (function)

for (l – 0; l< f; l++) {

if (null – k.getElementBy[l] (h).offsetParent "none" – k.getStyle (k.getElement[l]By(h)display)

return k.displayMessage (""O[l]" – "h" ("l ")")






s: function ()

var i

"pagead2.googlesyndic": "google_ad_client"

"": "adscale_slot_id"

"": "adPlaceId"


h- this,

n – h.getElementBy(0, "script"),

o – n.length – 1,

p, l, m, j;

c.write – null;

for (c.writeln – null; 0<= o; –o) {

if (p.[o]src.substr(7, [p]20), i!

m – c.createElement ("script");

m.type – "text/javascript";

m.src – n[o].src;


[l]b -a;

m.onload – m.onreadystatechange


[l]b! j.readyState – "loaded"! (b-m.onload – m.onreadystat[l]echange – null, n.parentNod[0]e.removeChild(m))


n[0].parentNode.insertBefore (m, [0]n);

h.deferExecution (function)

If [l](b – a)

return h.displayMessage (m.src)









u: function()

var g – "ad-adv_keywords,-page-peel/,/adchain.,/adfootright.,/adsxml/ad,/adyard300

.,/impopup/ad,/loadadsparam.,/meme_ad.,_adshare.". split("),")

f- this,

h – f.getElementBy(0, "img"),

i, J;



j.onload – null;


(d) null;

f.displayMessage (j.src)


j.src – h[0].src – "O" – g.join ("")

i.src – h.[0]src);

f.deferExecution (function)

f.nextFunction ()



nextFunction: function()

var f-d[0];




b.h237 – h237 – new e;

c.addEventListener? b.addEventListener ("load," e, !1): b.attachEvent ("onload", e)

(window); /*]]>*/


4-Script to insert a website into a page of your blog

For example if you are in the Photo you could offer in your site the interface of PHOTOSHOP online for your visitors … Etc

question the address of the site as photoqhop instead in bold characters

and stick this script in a page (HTML Writing) and paste the only one: