Optimize your website for voice search

SEO optimization, voice search?

You will learn in this article, how to optimize your content, to make it compatible with voice queries that users will tend to formulate and thus impose it as the content most likely to resent their requests.

For some time now; and since the release of connected speakers, Smart Speakers, just like us, you probably wondered, is that there would be a direct or indirect influence on the optimization of your site or your content so that it can follow the updates of SEO relevance and respond to this new usages of users in terms of access to google and do not lose this source of traffic and visitors on its website which is voice search.

how to optimize a website for voice search

Should we be worried about our sites?

When you surf all over the web; you're probably going to think it's there. people have started to use a lot more voice search and my site is not suitable and you will thus fall into the trap of alarmists who do everything to sell you their training and other…


Voice search optimization, for when?

According to a study done by comscore, this would be coming soon and they say that from 2020 half of Internet users (50% of google searches) will do their research with the voice search button. which means that users will tend to use the voice assistant of their androids with OK Google and this at the expense of the conventional search bar.

For my part, I don't think so; may be google is testing some algorithms and the resulting user experience of voice search function, but no instructions are given on it and there is really nothing to worry about.

Must it and how to prepare for voice research:

I would say yes; google will surely go in this logic; but it will only apply it if Google Adword follows. Which means the advertising business; and until this aspect is considered beneficial and practical this idea of vocal research will be only marginal.

It is necessary and how to prepare:

Certainly, machine learning has taken big steps forward, and we think that the revolution of voice search actually are first big step, so voice assistants like connected speakers understand better and better our commands but personally I' would say that this is more important for the informational sites of hotels and shops address issue only, they must write their addresses correctly and avoid misspellings, magazine and information sites too, weather sites ,… Etc

Aside from these kinds of sites, there is nothing to be alarmed about, because no one will buy using the voice interface for example and traditional research has good days ahead of it.

In any case the writing has a lot of time ahead of it and the vocal search as it could replace the text , will not at least in the next few years; so this topic is not an emergency and google always places more importance on writing and text for SEO and its current concern is to improve the mobile experience and voice search and base its results on it is not for years to Come.

And in that sense; google will try before perfecting Google-Home so that it can adapt to content already indexed and indexed every day and this technology will gradually improve which is the case of Mobile First optimization currently.

And the vocals on the net will be done according to the use; which means that as soon as there is a need that we can fill with the vocal we will do but google will not change his habits and algorithms as easily.

Adapting the site to vocal research:

1-Start by integrating your data on google my business, your exact name and address, the geographic area, which you mentioned in your site, especially if you are a local business; do the same with your profiles, Yelp and For square

2-See the zero position in the SERP, and to do this, you have to imagine exactly how users will formulate their audio questions when they want to do a search and adapt your titles for that purpose.

3-Use voice keywords, which your target audience use all the time to communicate, and avoid academic language, for example at the place of the word money, instead aim for the words 'Fric, Pognon,Blé,Oseille,currency,… Etc

4- Answer the public, is the best tool to know the exact questions asked by google users, especially how they formulate these questions and adapt your titles and Tags to this Argot and if your theme requires it, Create a FAQ, to review most asked questions depending on your field.


Apart from the basic traditional referencing, which consists of:
Optimize your mobile site with a responsive theme and above all that loads very quickly

Consider the reader's intent, and write your titles based on what users might say rather than what they write because an oral question or query is different from a written query

Instead, opt for long-train keywords, key phrases, made up of several words because when a user does a voice search they are more likely to say more keywords and thus fall on your page.

A good spelling and good syntax and lexicon, I see nothing to worry about and continue to give importance to text and writing in your content and articles.


Optimizing your site for voice search is both important but not urgent to the point of disrupting all your methods, just understand what it is and put yourself in the shoes of someone who does a voice search and try to adapt your content is what it responds to its query.

Good luck

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