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The Netlinking For More Traffic


What is Netlinking and is it interesting for a website?

Netlinking, is the practice that consists of creating incoming links to your site so as to what they seem natural

high quality backlinks evaluation

A website is above all, good content (SEO-ON PAGE) and then intelligent netlinking that summarizes almost all the SEO OFF-PAGE , In fact netlinking is considered by some as black hat seo and manipulation of the algorithm of Google , but currently and within well-defined limits and without over-spamming respecting the content editing well before this practice, this is what will boost your content, pass the juice and give authority to your website and make it rise in the results of Research

 It is thanks to your links, according to their power and trust, that google judges the relevance of your site, and therefore work your linkage is just as important as your content especially when you know that google has just perfected its analysis system Websites especially with the Rank Brain being the algorithm that judges the relevance of your web pages based on the two main factors content and Netlinking not to mention the semantics that interferes between these two factors .

Links that influence your SEO or not:

There are three important links for the Link building:

Internal links:

These are the links that start from a page or menu to another page, but in your own site, we also talk about the internal mesh


Outgoing links:

These are the links that go from your site to other external sites or pages, such as a sales page for example generated by a self responder


Incoming links:


Also called the Backlinks, which point them from other sites to yours, this type of link is what matters most when ranking your site in the google index.


We can also talk about:

Dofollow links (links to follow by Google bots):

These are the links that Crawlers are allowed to follow, they transmit juice, authority and rank to the page where they lead and they are taken into account by google when analyzing your content


Links in Nofollow (links not to be followed by Google bots)  

These are the links that you decided that it does not transmit juice or authority to the pages to which they point, so they will have no effect for SEO, I think google follows them anyway but does not take them into consideration in the majority cases, remains to be confirmed, in any case that’s what the experts say.
And since the links most likely to influence the referencing of a website are the Backlinks, we will then make it our priority in this article


The best Backlink ever:

The highest quality Backlink you can hope for, even if it’s rare to have one is a Backlink that emanates from a powerful and authoritative site, recognized by Google as such, and that your link has an anchor optimized with at least one main keyword, this link should be on The home page of this site and most importantly, it generates you traffic because it is clicked constantly.

Do not dream too much, unless you do it yourself on another site that belongs to you, it is very rare to have such Backlinks.

The best area from which a backlink is better:

We are talking about the Domain Authority Stacking, which in short means that the closer a page is to a SID Domain (a powerful site recognized by google), the more powerful your Backlink is and will make you inherit more juice and authority; these are the big sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, ,,,etc and reference sites from their niches.

Netlinking and penalty risks:

Of course if you don’t know how to do it you’re going to get penalized by Google, and the best thing for a site is to go slowly and let create your Backlinks naturally, as your site grows , based only on creating good content that will interest other sites, which will point natural links to yours.

The elements of Netlinking:

Netlinking directly influences the organic traff
ic your website receives, so google will judge in large part whether it sends you tours or not based on the links that link your website to the rest of the web, these elements will explain this linkage and how it works:

1-The Page Rank:

Pagerank is simply the popularity of your page on the web, and for google to calculate the page rank based on an algorithm that thinks as follows:

The more likely a user is to see your page, the higher their pagerank, the more this page will be highlighted in google results

Therefore, the more likely a user gets to your page, the more google increases the page rank (from 1 to 10)

And for this probability of finding your page to increase, you have to increase the number of links that point to this page and that’s where you find the role that a good Netlinking plays because it would not be enough to sow these links anywhere and anywhere how to increase pagerank, so let’s talk about the power of links

2-The power and relevance of Links to have a good netlinking:

In fact, your content without external links that point to it is worth almost nothing to google, so it will be crawled, indexed and put on hold of links that will wake him up and give him Page rank or authority, and so that google is not wrong on this point it has put some criteria for the relevance of the links , there are:

3-The theme and trust flow of links:

In fact, google has retrieved data from DEMOZ, which has classified reference sites and domains into themes (800 categories) and the principle is:

The relevance of Netlinking:

A link that points to your site or a page on your site is only relevant and transmits authority and juice to that page if it comes from a site that is in the same theme as yours.

More than that;

4- The Semantics of links and its importance in Netlinking:

Above all, you need to know that a backlink that emanates from a page semantically close that your page is more relevant than a link that comes from a page that has a lot of traffic but a different lexical field than your page; simply, google does not care about the traffic of pages that makes you a link but looks above all at its theme and its lexical fields (its semantics).

In fact, google vectors all your pages, so for him a page is only a set of keywords with scores, and the more a word is rare on other pages and abundant on a page, the more that page will have a chance to rank on that word

So for a link to transmit juice to your page, you will have to come from another page that has a semantic field very close to that of your page, and in concrete, this page must speak and mostly use the same lexical fields as your page , or a complementary lexical field.


If your page is talking about how to sow seeds in a garden

For a backlink to be relevant and have a good flow transfer (juice), it must emanate directly from a page that speaks of the same subject or for example from the ideal soil to grow seeds, from a herbicide of young shoots, from a seed sower , … Etc

Not only, it must also be that this page is very well written and its lexical fields is correct, not only the title.

The precautions to take during Netlinking:


1-Anchor profiles:

The anchors should be optimized based on the listener you would have done beforehand on your main keywords or those that have a high search number per month on google in principle, so you will avoid Google’s suspicions since you will ranker on popular keywords, while leaving a good percentage for generic anchors and brand name too.

In fact, don’t put your article title as an anchor for your backlink, this practice draws direct attention to it and you will be monitored by google.

For example, opt for brand name anchors or natural anchors that fit naturally into the text surrounding the code and avoid incorporating keywords into these anchors at all costs. (20% anchor optimized with keywords for 80% natural anchors)

Another thing else, even if you are offered it for free, never get a Backlink from a site of a site too superior to yours, just target sites that have a little more authority but not the big ones in your domain, because these links are directly ignored by google.

2- contextualize anchors:

Before, you should know that it is better that you have several Backlinks from the same site, than each from a different site, because beyond two or three Backlinks that come from the same domain or different domains but under the same IP address, juice and These Backlink’s power decrease drastically and their trust flow takes a hit too.

You have to create natural links in appearance even if you have provoked, bought or otherwise, by choosing sites of the same theme in general (it’s good that there are a few sites from other domains); not to fall directly into the category of fake links that emanate from all over, such as Digg, CP, comment links, Off topic forums,…

The anchors of your Backlinks must also be inserted in the middle of a paragraph, at least 100 words before and after the anchor, not to mention that this anchor must have meaning in this paragraph.

3-The lexical field:

If you can choose when you create a backlink for your page, opt for a paragraph that has a lexical field close to that of your page and if it is possible to even choose the article or will find the anchor of the link so that it is in accordance with your way to write and your choice of words,.

4-Netlinking and expired domains:

You can very well buy back an expired domain in your theme that still has good content and make a 302 redirection, this technique still works and apparently without risks.

We are talking here about the Private Blog Network (PBN), which consists of creating a whole network of sites all belonging to you and in the same theme as your main site, optimize them well and then send links to the latter

The topical trust flow and traffic:

If you have access to Semrush or Majestic seo, check these two clues for the reference site that will make you a Backlink, and the same for traffic do not target sites of an authority too superior to yours

To find out which site to contact to try to have links, you can analyze your competitors’ sites with the A shref software and see where they hold their Backlinks, so you can contact these sites to get them in your turn safely.


Before you think about netlinking, you absolutely need to make sure that your content really brings value and that it is really at the level of the links you are going to create for it, because the Google Penguin and Panda Programs are on the lookout and any site that goes receive an authority link is systematically scrutinized in order to see the relevance of the content and is what the site receiving the link really deserves this backlink, if not the penalties of google will fall on both sites, the anchor and the page that receives the link.

Use SEO watch software, because it’s an SEO tool that brings together a lot of features and will serve you a lot if you create a Netlinking strategy.
Don’t forget to often check your incoming links (you can use ahref or Linkody) , and detect the natural backlinks that point to your site and measure their authority and ask Google to put them in Nofollow if they come from sites doubtful, or very low authority or spam, because your competitors can do black SEO against you and Google penalizes you without you doing anything in principle


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