Keywords research and free Traffic, How to do it?

Keywords natural referencing and traffic, how to do?

Keywords and SEO

Choose the right keyword and the best way to optimize its content for better SEO and bring back more organic and targeted traffic to it, including its blog post, how to find the right keyword and what is the best strategy for referencing to adopt behind for more audience, conversions and sales?

NB: This article, like all mine of course is practical oriented and not sterile theory!! read it to the end to get the full benefit

What is a good keyword for a web editor?

First of all and without dwelling too much, here is what a good keyword for a good web editor what would be the criteria that will guide you when choosing the keyword in question

The criteria for the relevance of a keyword in webmarketing
  • It needs to be included in your keyword list and your overall keyword strategy on your website which means you haven’t used it in another page yet, either in exact much or with a variant!
  • It should bring to your content most users who have the problem to which your content offers a solution (this is the link between your content and the user) and this is what will allow you to attract only quality traffic
  • It must be able to bring you back the amount of traffic needed to make your campaign ( free or Adwords ) profitable
  • It must correspond the more to the subject and the request of your audience and the more the keyword is searched, the better
  • It must match the common language used by the target audience
  • It must also match an offer or product that you could promote as a result of your content
  • It must be based on the intention of research
  • It must be a relevant keyword so that it would target and bring back the right audience to the right content and the right offer of course.

Speaking of research intent, let me tell you that this is almost the only thing you need to pay more attention to when searching for a keyword

You’ll start by using informational variations of your keyword at the beginning of the article, which will help bots and users understand that your content is there to help them meet their needs and solve their problem and progress in reading your article or consuming your content, the reader will be offered other variants and keyword expressions with rather commercial annotation encouraging him to consider accessing your offer or your product as an easy and definitive for its problem and to finally go to openly Transactional keyword variants, which will encourage your reader to take action and pay for your offer

Only in this way could you use these three kinds of keywords to on the one hand show Google that you are following the rules, because you have previously tried to help the user for free and then for your content to perform well you also have an offer that will permanently solve the user’s problem

And on the other hand, your reader will see himself in front of content whose sequel is logical, informing — Educate —- Sell

Some content ideas to create around your keywords

specific content around each keyword

To sum up:

Variants or expressions of informational keywords at the beginning —- Commercial in the —- transactional environment towards the end of the content

But before that, you’ll have to find your main keyword first, you’d say to me! I know.. I know let’s see this.

Tracking site rankings with Semrush

How do I find the right keyword?

Make an inventory of your keywords already used:

If you go blind without a global keyword strategy, know that this is not the case for Google

The worst thing to do is to target the same keywords or their variants with different pages under the same domain name

Never do that!! a page must match a main keyword specific to this page or this Url , its variants (synonyms) and long drag phrases and keywords

So make an inventory of your keywords to clean up all this, merge pages whose keywords have the same purpose and solve the same problem and remove any duplicated content

Put it all in the clear in an Excel Table

Keywords for a better SEO

You can Sacanner and detect the keywords of each page by typing the Url here, you will find all the keywords, Enjoy in Scvanner those of your competitors (PS: The results are more accurate if you sign up for a Free trial of Semrush tool (7 days)Let’s move on to prospecting and searching for keywords and not that much!!

Before you explain the best method to proceed, let me tell you that contrary to what most bloggers think, Backlinks are nowhere near as important as choosing the right keywords

Do you want more traffic? Do you want your article to be on the first page of google quickly? choose and target the right keywords, let’s see how to do it all…

The search intention behind each query or keyword:

The ideal keyword is a keyword that would aim at what users think and not what they type on the Google search bar only

This is where the notion of the search intention comes in and that will greatly facilitate the process of searching and choosing keywords that can facilitate the referencing of your content, blog post, and attract a lot of traffic … Etc

So what would be the best reasoning to adopt when looking for a keyword?

The first thing to do is to find a problem to solve in your readers and especially a good offer closely related to the said problem and that you will be able to promote with this new content

Any idea what article to discuss or what kind of content to create?

  • Ask Answer the public
  • Prospect among the questions related to your niche on Quora
  • Read the comments of popular videos and webinars on youtube …
  • Look at the Best Seller products on Amazon and AliExpress, the products with the most reviews, take advantage to read these, they may give you ideas (buyers may have a problem with a popular product that you could help with targeted content, such as a video… Etc

After you’ve found the problem to solve that your readers are suffering from and find the offer to promote too, it’s time now to go to Google Keyword Planner (the one I use), Ubersuggest, or your keyword search tool, and in speaking of this let me offer you the Semrush tool (very powerful too) that you could use a whole week Free without any commitment, just a registration and start prospecting and searching for the keyword most likely to bring hot traffic back to your content, not necessarily a keyword “Exact much” ie that corresponds exactly and which defines exactly the problem you will solve

How do I get around this? how to bring traffic back to an offer or product for weight loss for example without having to use this keyword “loss of weight” which is very competitive?

The practical method to find keywords that will generate free and abundant organic traffic, hot and easily convertible and without too much competition:

Rest assured, I’m not going to break your ears with long drag keywords, I know you’re fed up lol

Instead, we’ll go to another method that is Trigger Words, the words Triggers in French

But what is this method and what is it?

Just keep reading and you’ll learn it, don’t forget to share and note the article too because joy is in sharing …

let’s Continue…

Let’s say you’re like me in the very competitive field of digital marketing, and you want to add a new article to your blog

(Note that I could take other niches or niches as an example but not to confuse Google’s algorithms when analyzing and ranking this article I will stay in the field of Blogging and web marketing, so please understand me and apologise)

So I’m going to show you how I chose the keyword and phrases for the same article you’re reading in order to quickly categorize it as the first page of Google

I wanted to write about the “keywords” and that’s what I typed first on the search tool, do the same with your subject to you

You will notice that I chose one that has a decent traffic of 1000 to 10,000 visits per month and whose intent I understand, research also

You who are there, now reading this article is more traffic than you finally want to account and more sales, registration, … etc but if you understand how to have more traffic just with the choice and use of keywords it’s already that!! Not true?

search for keywords to optimize its content

me, as you see I stopped there, I analyzed the competition of course and the trend of the word that proved stable on Google trends and that’s it because I usually target medium competitive keywords (strategy that requires time) , even if I fight for my place, but I’ll show you how to quickly have traffic in any niche just with the intelligent choice of keywords, is that okay?? Laughing out loud

Let’s go

How to find the right keywords for competitive queries:

We’ll now see how to drive traffic to your articles, offers and affiliate links just with a judicious and thoughtful choice and use of keywords

Let’s go back to Keyword Planner and reason together:

Let’s say you’re in the very competitive weight loss nicheYou
want to create new content that will promote a product, noting that you still have no idea of the product as !!! I’ll find you a keyword and a product just with keyword planner follow me: 

First step to finding the perfect keyword:

Go to Google Keyword planner or Semrush and type in a trigger word that may reveal new, less competitive or not at all keyword ideas

I’m going to choose the trigger word “How much” – a word in relation to the loss of weight, let’s say the keyword “weight”

Don’t worry, I’d give you some of my Trigger words

DfVMK7BVPFT7yA0VfKdApJBuOA8 CId0HAiuLU RQowtogYtBtOlrmdt3vtxAavjVS 6wzm9AtD0Za8LU1MfYD48 vDEzp4d

Let’s see what happens!!

First, if you are a good content creator, you could directly attack the keyword “ideal weight”, competition is low and the number of monthly queries is very high !!!

also note that if you want to launch an Adwords campaign for this keyword, it’s not going to ruin you, on the contrary, 20 cents a click !!! it’s very affordable if you know how to create great sales pages or content really accessed on sale, see for yourself:

6YgL3BJ1O3eLdNbTIrYqw1Y2QDhaU O7QmqyOJr u3rlgVdyZmLXea X8 lf3RsQsrhgwBUqtupaTqEyF5cOLeMS5GjbPpTENYbSgpUpIl4G9X9lRI3P8fDuC ndZDrZY7mGk6g

And if on the other hand you want a keyword really easy to dominate, I’ll go back to keyword planner and continue prospecting

You can also start on tips to lose weight if you have a small budget and some knowledge in copywriting, but what caught my attention is the other result “weight piece of sugar”

What for????

Firstly because the competition is very low if not non-existent, proof there are not even auctions on this keyword, yet very interesting !!!

Why do I care about this keyword?

in your opinion: who would look at how much a damn piece of sugar would weigh??????

This is where the notion of research intent comes in!!!

The answer to the question is quite simple, only a woman, who would do anything not to gain weight or to lose it would type this query on Google !!!

You know? a person who would tap sugar piece weight on google is a person who would definitely buy a product for weight loss even if you helped him a little with good content and an effective sales page

I told you that I would also find you a product to promote with Google keyword planner!! bah with this keyword, if you find one of those sugars that are not really sugar and do not make fat, the game is won in advance, believe me!!

Here’s one for that matter:

find a product idea for sale with google keyword plannerAnd you’re going to tell me that there are only 10,000 requests from me for this request !!! the answer is that these 10,000 users are hot and ready to buy your product !!! someone who would look for the weight of a square of sugar is waiting for you to show him the sugar he will put in his coffee in the morning without worrying about how many pieces or how much it weighs !!!

Having half of these visitors on your article, say only 2000 will generate recurring revenue each month and you can then relaunch them with other offers !!!

And if you use this method and target other keywords because of the kind, you will quickly end up with a blog that generates thousands of visitors and thousands of (euros of net profits

Tell me I’m wrong in a comment and why !!!

I’d rather write 10 articles with the assurance of having 500 organic visits per article per month using this method, than fight for the keyword weight loss that I would surely lose and finally account I would have no visitor, nor buyer and I do not couldn’t even buy traffic for that keyword!! look at the price of the click:

Are you willing to pay 2 euros a click ?????? for every visitor while you could have them Gratos !!!!

You can do the same with the “middleweight woman” query


The same goes for the men’s middleweight query

IajM8ekSR3eHtesZfi3xcMfLiW57ixDVyxO uUadq5gvI4ksB0FH4s5SeKjs9o

Same thing for the keyword “Unexplained weight gain”, whoever launches such a query on Google is surely worried and stressed and is waiting for a good product to lose weight!!


So we have to ask why did the user make this request?? it is the nerve of war, knowing why it is taking a big step towards the right response and the ideal product or offer …

There are still many keywords that are easy to dominate and especially where users are ready to take action and buy your products using a single trigger word “how much” and a single keyword from the “weight” niche

You see how I could attack any Niche with this winning and easy keyword search and use strategy




The list of trigger words

Here are some trigger words to use (alone or combined with each other or with your keyword) with your keyword to bring out new keyword ideas:

to go
With what
Turned out
Good looking
less difficult
more expensive
most used
most visited
What for
what training
What a tool
what product
what kind of training
To find

Keywords and natural referencing:

Now that you knew how to find the best keyword around which you will build your content, let’s move on to optimizing your content with the best use and integration of keywords and their expressions into your Content

There are two tips I’ll give you when using your keywords and phrases in your content

Incorporate your keywords with an order that respects their purpose:

The first is to proceed as I told you, in the beginning of the article respecting the order of integration of your keyword variants according to their purpose

HcSaCfj wriRUNtS2WecjNNcyqpukP5Q iBjtBFeVQ5iJO4t0zG50rtHtpV2S3UZR7mQGCKo0ySlcbJvwFjRjgIJqcmIcmjQPzyygCY 6baRr5Mc5uSC Ev66I7Gr1Tr4FgUX6Vh

Start with keywords and their then Commercial information variants and finally conversional word variants, it’s the best choice for everyone, your article will sound logical and not aggressive, Google recommends that too and from the point of view conversion is ideal because a reader who sees you trying to help him with tips, free offers ,… etc. is more likely to buy your product than if you would place the convertional keywords at the beginning of the article and you want to directly stuff it with your merchandise!! if he wanted to buy directly he would go to Amazon not on your shop !!! Not?

2- The lexical field and keywords:

You may not know it yet but as soon as you show the intention to sell something on a content, an alarm signal is automatically turned on at Google that will prevent you at any cost from harming the user (Google watches over the money , the health and happiness of its users) that’s why you only have the choice to proceed in the following way when dealing with keywords and phrases in content

You should dress up your keywords, keyword variants and expression with the richest lexical fields possible and in a well-defined order, never forget (Inform — Educate — Sell)

If for example your goal is to promote a camera, be aware that Google’s algorithms and users will expect you that you will not only use words like:

  • Click here to order
  • The best choice
  • Opportunity
  • offer
  • no-claim bonus
  • Coupon
  • Test
  • Try the device
  • Buy now… Etc

But above all to use before and around these words for commercial and transactional purposes of other words like:

  • Setting the light
  • Use tutorial
  • Setting the lens
  • Battery life
  • memory card capacity
  • Number of pixels in images
  • The warranty
  • The night mode
  • Video how to use … Etc

I hope you have grasped the importance of this chapter

Your use of keywords and their location is as important as the ideal keyword search process itself

Always require yourself to provide the best possible user experience for your readers and the words you use in any particular place of content can help in this direction.

The best way to integrate and use keywords in content:

For my part, I always start by writing my articles with one intention, give value and help my readers

I don’t care much about possible offers and products to promote, I have them of course in sight but I focus more on the user experience and how to help my audience as much as possible

Once I’ve given the maximum informational content, I’ll go back to it, and intelligently and tactfully integrate my keywords and phrases in order to guide and take the reader little by little and gently towards my calls to action


You know? I’ve seen a lot on forums and social networks how haunted webmarketers and bloggers are by the acquisition of Backlinks!! but you know what, the best way to optimize its content and have as much organic traffic as you want is undoubtedly a good search, strategy and better and intelligent use of keywords

Know that a good SEO campaign, do not let the term scare you Mdr always go hand in hand with a good overall strategy of keywords, so give more importance to keywords than to backlinks, believe me … If you choose the right keyword and give the right answer to the problem of the right audience, you will not need Backlink in terms of natural referencing…

So take more time when you choose your keywords, use the method I showed you and believe me, it’s the best way to properly reference its content and have tons of traffic to its website, its products and its sales pages

Mr. Samy

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