increase your click through rate on Google’s search results?

How do you increase the click-through rate on your CTR links?

Offering good web content and optimizing it will only refer you well on google and show the link of your article to Intern

et users . The real challenge is to make readers click on your title and not on

others. Is there a way to persuade people to click on your titles when they print on google? Yes, of course, read to the end

Improve the number of clicks on a title on google results

What's the CTR?

You've certainly seen these three letters in the Search console (performances), and they only mean: the number of times a user has clicked on a URL of your site, appeared (print rate); in search results on Google and Google calculates it as a percentage. You shou

ld know that the more you click on your links, the more Google will favor them in its search results and approach them to the first

page At the same time; Internet users can click on a search result ranked in seventh place without touching it in the first six; What for? that's what we'll see right away:


Set your goals the click-through rate you're reaching 

You should know that each theme has its own clickthring rate; you will find for example the themes that revolve around love as dating sites have one of the best rates or volume of clicks on google and that approaches 6% . Far behind, we find high tech themes, such as sites that talk about smartphones with 2.5% (2.5% of all clicks on google are recorded on links that lead to high tech

sites)… Etc, before you look for how to increase your CTR, you need to know how much maximum clicks your site could generate and take that volume as your goal and evaluate your results ag

ainst that volume of your theme. Once you've seen the click volume of your theme or domain, you'll try to optimize the way your titles appear in google results (in SERP).

How does Google display your titles (links) in its results? 

The title:

In order to optimize your titles? you're basically going to have to make them more engaging and impactful without exceeding 50 to 60 characters.
Make your titles active and push for action and commitment, for example: quit smoking easily in 5 days; you'll notice here, that I used the verb stop, which pushes ba action and also the number 5 that delimits a ceiling which reassures the reader that it could have results pretty quickly with only 5 things to do … So, alwa

ys try to choose catchy titles, which encourage click even if it provokes controversy or make provocation and not just based on your keywords. Example: "W

hat sport

to practice for more muscles, flexibility and sleep better" key

word: practice spotthe
results :psmokes, more flexibility, better sleep at nightFedes

t to include these results also in the Description for Research

The Url:

Your url must have this allure

https://www.votresite. com/rub/titleBut

not this one:htt

p://votresite.domainegratuit . tk/dfoktus0-gtf_50ùsù_titre . r

uOn would say an address of a md

r virusAs you've probably just noticed; a good optimized url will not only please google, but also give the reader confidence and push him to click on it because he will know that you are a pro and you will help him seriously

The meta description:

These are the 150 words you're going to have to optimize, to properly describe your article and show people that your article is really worth reading and that if they don't click on your link, they'll probably miss something interesting. In this

meta description, you're going to have to make Internet users dream, make them a promise that your article will surely help them solve their problem, that they will miss the promotion of their lives if they don't see your products… Etc

View your snippets:

The snippets are the information and the stars and small image of the times and all the links , … etc displayed below the titles on google results, it's google that makes the decision to display them for you or not, you just have to fill your structured data on the console search and wait for the sn

ippets to display, improves the clickthring rate on google, because ul gives your title a professional look and credibility that emanates from the recognition of google for your site.


Apart from the technical side, proposing a good title, on which one cannot resist clicking obeys a single fundamental law; it's the intention of t

he Internet userFor this, before you write your title, you ask only thes

e two questions: Will a user who needs the solutions I propose in my article, really know by reading my title? Is my

title really going to arouse emotion and a sense of curiosity in a surfer who is going to read it? I

f the answer is YES in both cases, your CTR level will soon increase and your titles will surely land on the first page of Google sooner or later.


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