Improving the open rate of marketing emails


How can you improve the Email Open Rate of your Marketing Campaigns


There is no worse problem for an online business than making every effort for a good email marketing campaign and ultimately finding that all its emails are not even open and end up in the promotion or spam tab of its prospects.

In fact,several factors can influence and improve the opening rate of your mailings and if you want your email marketing campaigns not to turn into a fiasco, read this article carefully and therefore apply my advice:

1-Avoid supplier spam filters (gmail, Outlook,… etc):

how to avoid spamming during an email marketing campaign


The first risk your emails run is that you end up in your subscribers’ spam or spam tab and be deleted without even being opened. To prevent th

is from happening, you must first choose an emailing service provider that has a good reputation (Thryv) and above all make sure that you do not send any email to a subscriber who has not really given you permission to do so and then Stick to these few recommended practices when sending an email marketing campaign to avoid spam filters:

Choosing a platform known and known not to allow spam will save you the majority of the problems we try avoid during emailing campaigns, so it’s better to take a subscription even a basic plan to a good mail provider (affiliate link) than to choose a free option that requires us to work and pay attention especially when we have an email list one little big.

When you sign up for your email list, make sure your subscribersreceive a verification email, and your prospects only access your free offer once they have checked their email address.

Make sure that the IP address provided by your host and that you use to send your email marketing campaigns has not already been used to send spam by its previous owner and therefore is not taxed and known by service providers such as a spammer’s IP address.

Make sure your domain is checked on the search console and that google recognizes that you own it and not a robot or an automatic email program. When youcreate your own emails, try to make your html code clean and error-free.

Personalize the “To:” field, the name of your recipient of your emails and never leave this box empty or filled by default by your emailing platform. Tell your new subscribers how they will add your emails to the white list and add you to their address book, make them an offer that they will not be able to refuse if they make this recommendation.

Avoid or moderate the use of words known to be spam triggers, such as money, buy, discount, liquidation, bonus, credit, special offer, … etc. because these are words that are not usually used when sending an email for a friend.

Never promise things in your subject lines that you don’t hold when your subscriber opens your email and then feels soaked by your title in object. Always add a churn link to your email list at the bottom of your emails and make it visible and always include your contact information and location so that your subscribers know that they are really dealing with a human and not a robot and that they can get unsubscribe at any time if they wish is what will put them more confident with you since you are not, there to impose your campaigns on them.

improve the opening rate of marketing emails


2-Always update your email lists:

Always keep in touch with your subscribers by sending them emails especially mostly emails that brings them added value without any consideration except invite them for example to read your new article .

This way you will detect subscribers who may have changed email addresses or start ignoring your emails and take the necessary steps to retrieve them or remove them completely from your mailing lists or risk become a spammer.

So it’s a good idea to periodically remove inactive subscribers so that your contact list stays fresh and up-to-date and full of committed subscribers you’re going to work with, help and convert into customers who will really interact with your offers and ServicesAny subscriber who does not open any emails or perform any conversions or leads for 6 months in a row must be placed in a separate segment, solicited or completely removed from your subscriber lists.

how to reduce the enrollment rate to an email list

You could also be direct and send one last email to your inactive subscribers and say, for example, “Am I bothering you?” And ask them if they still want to stay subscribed to your Newsletter, some people respond and recommit because they feel you have an interest in them by contacting them personally and you can definitely get you get rid of those who don’t react to this latest email.

You’re also going to have to once every 4 months send an email survey to ask your subscribers to choose from a list of categories, products or services, those that really interest them, in this way you’ll avoid sending email footage to subscribers who expect something else from you, which will push them to ignore your emails or downright unsubscribe from your lists and join those of your conquerors, what a mess !!!!

3. Choose the right time (timing) to send your emails:


You absolutely need to perform A/B tests to identify the right weekday and the best time you will send your emails so that you have the best possible email opening rate.

There have been studies on when is the best time to send an email marketing  campaign and the results are that emails sent on weekdays had much more opening and conversion than those sent during the weekend, as well as l ideal time to send and launch your email campaign is between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. (you have to think about your subscribers’ time zone, not just yours)You could then segment your lists according to their time zone in order to increase The number of emails opened during a campaign.

To sum up, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers, you will pretty much guess the times to which they log in and check their emails, you can even launch a survey on this subject by simply asking what day they will want to receive your emails or offers, this will bring you closer to your prospects.


4. Write the objects in your emails to boost their opening rate:

What really drives you to open an email? Either it is sent not a friend or someone from the family , or the subject of this email convinced you or intrigued you and you tell yourself that it is in your interest to open it because it seems at first glance that it could be beneficial to you.

Improve the number of emails opened during an email marketing campaign

Let’s then see the few tips to follow when writing the subject of your marketing emails:

Put some intrigue and curiosity to get your subscribers to open your emails , but this should not cause you to lie about the real content of the latter , just be cool and creative when you write the subject of your emails, don’t make ordinary titles, for example instead of writing as an object “the five new smartphones” , opt instead for “5 smartphones that everyone snaps”

Insert a figure in your email item, 3 new methods to cook an egg to teach your wife, 5 exercises to live longer than a vampire, 10 numbers that often come out to the lottery… etc

Use humor, or lightness in your objects, you need yoursubscribers tell themselves that they will also have fun opening your emails and that there is probably a surprise inParlement the language of your audience and your subscribers, if these are mostly young, you are not going to write them as an object for example “how work and make money on the internet” and instead you will put as an object “do you want to make a little tune on the net?”, in tt case I think  !!! Incorporate a dynamic field into your email items, the first name for example of your subscriber, so that it takes it as an email from a friend, and opens it easily, a lot of emailing software offers you this option now, feel free to use it Then

boost newsletter opening rates

The dynamic field is an automatic system, which makes it possible that you can insert the name, first name or email address of your subscribers in your emails and email objects and this greatly increases the percentage of emails opened during a campaign

5. Write your objects and messages in the singular:

We are generally more enthusiastic about opening an email when we feel it is personally intended for us, so your email item and even your emails should be written in such a way that they are perceived as objects or messages especially written for each subscriber separately and not a common email that you send after to everyone even if that’s the case.

To do this there is an option to integrate the name or nickname of your subscribers in the subject and along the entire email at least 3 times and always address a person using , the personal pronouns “you” “you” “your” “your” “your” you must also choose some subscribers, those who react the most to your articles and publication and your usual customers and you will send them from time to time private messages directly intended for them and the more you send these emails, the more loyal customers will have.

6. Write as you write for a friend:

Be aware that users are always looking for an excuse not to open an email and sorting out just by reading the objects, so try to customize them as much as possible if not they will be sent directly to the trash and your campaigns will be
totally useless always try to use a personal level as if you are addressing an acquaintance with your email items during an email marketing campaign

For example instead of writing as an object “we make discounts on our products” , instead write something like “discount coupons to thank you” Always try to treat your subscribers as your own friends and this practice will become simpler with time and after you really retain your subscribers and know exactly what they expect from you. Your objectneeds to give the impression that your email is much more personal because it is the only way that will get your subscribers to open your emails unconditionally

7. Write emails your subscribers are looking forward to 


In reality, the best way to ensure a high opening rate of marketing emails is to write memorable, useful emails that bring all the time value to your subscribers, either if they make a conversion (they make a lead, buy, join your site,… etc)and even if they just read your email

The emails must be in either very beneficial (relevent) to your subscribers, and these should always be rewarded just for opening and reading your emails without them having to buy anything or go wherever it is and they will only be obliged to grant your call to action if they want more than you offer them without consideration

For example if you are promoting a product, your email should give your subscribers an opportunity to have a sample and If you are promoting software, they must also have access via your email to its Freemium version or directly to its free trial… etc.

It’s this way so you get your subscribers used to what they always find added value in your emails and wait so impatiently and the day they want to buy, they will probably do it via your offers and not those of your competitors .


8. Humor in your email objects increases their chance of being opened:

Let’s be serious, we all or almost have money worries, either we want to sell to earn a little and buy at our turn, or we want to buy and there, we probably want to make a good deal with the least possible costs

So, in both cases , you and your subscribers, it is only the circumstances that made you a seller and he buyer or subscriber or prospect and you could enter your subscriber’s store without you knowing it, while he too has just bought via your campaign of emailing a product that was close to his heart and so you will have bought one on top of the other without knowing it.

The point of everything I just told you, is that you should never forever remain rigid in your emailing campaigns, you are a human who deals with his fellows, and the best way to make it clear to your subscribers is to let you go and use your humor, because it is the biggest commercial weapon on one side and the shortest way to make your subscribers friends and loyal customers
So humor, humor and still humor in your email items and emails as well as your articles web and all that follows

9. Optimize your mobile marketing emails:

Almost 70% of Internet users use their smartphones to check their emails, so it’s obvious that you optimize your email items and emails so that they reveal all your goals when you receive them and open them on
a mobile device. Make sure your email is compatible with mobile devices, creating and formatting your emails to be responsive on smartphones

Here are other tips to increase the opening rate of your mobile marketing emails:

Always use a simple format, your messages should be in a single column and a width that never exceeds 600 pixels Know that small fonts are difficult to read on smartphones, try to use large fonts like the Verdana.

Don’t rely on your images inserted in emails because many emailing services may not display them when opening your emails on mobile, so deliver your messages and calls to action with text and make the images just to add to your emails and make sure your images are small and compressed to make it easier to load on mobile devices usually connected via 3G.

If you make calls to action with buttons, make sure they are big and could easily press them with your thumb without clicking on anything else next to them.

Space your links and don’t put them very close so your subscribers don’t type them by mistake


Let me clarify one point, Email Marketing is not an exact science because each audience is different from another, so try to do A/B tests and experiments constantly in order to know your subscribers better so you will adapt your marketing emails to the taste of the majority so that the rate of opening of your marketing emails remains high and above all constant.


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