Improve the loading speed of your pages, a new free tool in the Search Console

Improve the speed of loading your pages, a new free tool in the Search Console

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Finally, a tool that directly targets problem pages in your site, this tool lists the pages according to their loading speed; slow, medium and fast, and also guides us to solve the problems that make these pages slow to reload.
Free page loading speed analysis tool for a website

Source: Ilya Grigorik:

Google has just tested a new tool for analyzing page loading speed and separately, and provided a detailed report that shows pages to review and problems to be corrected to make them faster, while not directing you to examples to help you solve your optimization problems

Free tool, but in Beta version

You can request access to this tool now by filling out this form, you will receive an email, when this tool will be made available in your Search Console,

Request form to add the tool:

All you have to do is indicate your access email to the search console and the separate comma site or sites, example1,com,site2,com,site3,en,,,etc and you will soon receive an email confirming the addition of the tool to your Search Console.

As you can see, this report shows the slow, medium and fast pages you can click on and see more details. The loading speed

of your pages, plays a big role in referencing them, and is among the main SEO criteria of an internet page that influences its ranking on google's SERP; then this tool despite in beta version, can greatly help you to detect pages that slow down the rapid loading of your site, improve these pages and ensure an optimum recharge speed average that will help your positioning especially as the Google trend currently is to promote and accentuate the importance of the UX user experience for Mbiles

.This loading speed testing and analysis tool will be added to your Search console dashboard once the Google Team has received and validate your form, it has no requirement, it's just the procedure because the tool is still being tested but completely

functionalSee me a comment if you have interesting free tools that you use and you consider it good to shar

eGoogle reserves the right to make you available this feature or not, so make your request and wait for a rethink

. Good luc



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