How to earn thousands of Dollars with a blog through THE CPA Affiliate

How to earn thousands of Dollars with a blog through the CPA Affiliate?

Yes, you understood well, earn these thousands of Dollars with a simple blog and believe me, thousands of bloggers earn much more than that in truth just with small blogs of niches, of about thirty articles at most.

Making money with your blog

From this point, I must ask you to leave this article if you believe in miracle solutions and Santa Claus!, because generating substantial income on the internet is easy but not that simple! 

Only, those who focus, apply and really decide to live from their blogs get there, and if you decide to stay, I want you to start now to tell you that the money is there on Google, on affiliate platforms, I’ll take my 10 000, see 50,000 $ every month and that no matter what, tell yourself that you are not a loser and everything a man can do, another man could do it too, 

You’re going to get me believed, but you just have to finally decide to do what it takes to create a real online business, profitable and solid.

Another thing, do not seek to earn just 100 $ a day! you have to aim for higher goals, you have to ask the internet 100,000 $  a month so that you finally earn 20,000, do not look for excuses, look for solutions OK?

My friends call me Samy, I don’t still earn big sums on my blogs, but I’m going to do it, I’m on the right path and I’m going to share with you what I’ve discovered about the world of blogging business, and how bloggers earn them millions of dollar a year while others nothing at all! and believe me is not for lack of not having tried, it may even be your case!

I’ll teach you how to create a millionaire blog (if you don’t have a website or blog, follow this link you’ll easily create your Blog with only 8.99 $/an with LWS (cheapest, secure, … etc the best offer of the moment, special offer – Domain name offered), so I’ll, teach you also how to bring back thousands of visitors on the latter and also how to make them click on your ads and affiliate links, I just want to draw your attention, on this point:

You will only need a hundred visitors a day to live from your blog, if you will apply what I will advise you to do and the very effective technique of monetizing blogs, it even works with small traffic.

I’m going to teach you how to do blogging business, so don’t expect to earn huge sums of money in the first month, so project your business into the long run, even if the kind of blogs I’m going to teach you how to create will secure you income regular and recurring faster than you thought

Before I go into practice, let me tell you about the upstream work you need to do on yourself in order to condition yourself to really take your share of the money that circulates online, the share of money that is right to you because you have decided As well! , and it’s up to you, finally decide if you want to continue to manage a blog that just makes fun or blog also to pay the bills, and why not more!

Change your look on the internet to earn money 


You must first adopt a new attitude on the internet, now, to succeed in earning a lot of money with a blog you must behave as a businessman, no longer access the internet as does your neighbor! You are not there as much as a consumer, you are the one who will sell, it is you that your neighbor waits to tell him what to buy, where to click and make you earn your commission by the way! Buying courses or training on profitable blogging will be of no use to you, apart from theory and technique; if you don’t change certain habits

The kind of attitudes and reflexes to have on the internet if you want to earn thousands of Dollars a month are:


You should always be curious about the net, and especially keep this curiosity all the time when you work on your blog, always ask the right questions, for example; what will happen if I change this setting, and I put that word in place of it? What if I put this ad in this place? and this affiliate link anchor, it’s not going to work better than the other?and this product, there’s no money to be made with? what if I change the color of my sales page? and if I offer this Ebook and put in my links of “affiliation !… Etc


It is not enough to be curious if you do not put your hand to the dough and test your ideas, how to know (if an idea works? it must be tested, always put your ideas to the test if you want to succeed in the business of niche blogs, in truth, you must prepare to adopt this attitude too, never stop doing A/B tests, sometimes just add a single word to earn thousands of Dollars!

3-Checks, follow-ups and analyses

Never tell yourself that if an idea is not profitable for other blogs, it is not good for your too, move away from conventional wisdom and swim against the current, test anyway, an idea that everyone sulks, may make you earn money because it is justly suitable for your niche, blog setup, design, set of keywords that you use, there are so many factors that can make an idea or product will only hit your blog

acceding to the offer


4-Living with this state of mind 

You have to be attentive all the time to the opportunities to make money on the net and even in your everyday life, you must always ask yourself this question: Is there not money to be made with this product? in this area? with this network? in this group of fans? at this ?… event opportunistic silks etc, the wolf of Wall Street to make you thousands of Dollars on the net

I invite you now to ask yourself these two questions:

  • What can I do to make my blog profitable?
  • What should I focus on the most?

These two questions will surely lead you to understand the whole business of blogs and for a blog to stir a lot of money, it must surely be excellent on non-negotiable conditions and on different essential pillars; Let’s see this:

1- Traffic 

affiliate strategy for small blog with small traffic

How are you going to get traffic on your blog? , if you do not generate traffic on your blog, you are not going to earn money, that’s clear
But don’t be alarmed too much, I haven’t talked about a lot of traffic as a condition to sell for thousands of Dollars, because I’ll show you how to withdraw large sums from your bank account, linked to your blog with just a small traffic!
Do you know that a lot of traffic on a blog is not always synonymous with a lot of revenue and the reverse is just too

You can make generous commissions with only 1000 visits per month! provided, of course, that you have a high conversion rate! So don’t let the numbers soak you up! Ok?

You’ve probably spent hours and hours trying to get more traffic on your blog, but believe me, when you finish reading this article, which I ask you to share for your friends or your audience; you’ll understand that having traffic on your blog isn’t the real problem you have to deal with!

You’ve probably said to yourself, “What? , but it’s nonsense!” I know it’s going to sound crazy! but think with me a little bit:

You can buy as much traffic as you want, or have it with organic search but you’re not going to exploit that traffic, you’re not going to win anything with 10,000 visits a day if you don’t have conversions!

You see? the real problem of blogs that do not generate leads, clicks or sales, have no traffic problem, because they can well buy traffic at 30 cents a click on google Adwords or Facebook Ads, but why do? because they have a zero or very low conversion rate

Make more money with a small blog

But if your blog and your content are well optimized to generate a high conversion rate, you can always buy a view with 1 Dollar if necessary because it will click on a CPA affiliate link for example that will earn you 47 Dollars for example!

Then focus on the real problem which is the conversion rate, because traffic, I’ll show you how to have it for free of course but, when you finish understanding me finally, you’ll also accept that if you want to earn more money on your little blog, you just just have to invest a little more in advertising Adwords or Facebook Ads for example and you’ll do it one day believe me, that’s why I’m talking about advertising.

Focus on the conversion rate on your blog if you want to make money, and stop listening to the SEO gurus who distract you from the real points you need to pay attention to and spend more time on your blog

I hope you agree with me, so let’s forget about Traffic for now and talk about the second point:



I remember seeing a video on youtube, a blogger who boasts of earning 12,000 $ a month and when he shows his statistics, I couldn’t believe it! : it took him more than 60,000 visits to generate this 12,000 $ !

make the most of your little blog by screwing up the conversion rate

There’s really nothing to brag about! I would rather call this gar, a looser, it will make him about 0.02 $ for each visit! speaking of conversion rates, this blog is really bad and I assure you with this number of visitors, this blog is for me between bad but! because with even a conversion rate of 1%, when it could have reached 7% or 8%; he could easily have earned at least 30,000 $ or more


You know what this Blogger’s problem is?

He did not seek to answer the following question that would be our third pillar:

3-Where will the money we want to earn with our blog come from?

Optimize your young blog's sources of income
How do you want to be paid if you don’t know where your winnings will come from?; it’s very important to answer that question when you’re holding a blog and you want to make it profitable
Who’s going to pay you? you need to know who will give you money every minute! every end of the day and every end of the month, stay focused please, remember that you have finally decided to do what it takes to make your blog a real business

On this point you will have to choose between these answers:


Many bloggers make money by subscribing their blogs to Google Adsense, you can earn a lot of money with adsense, provided you know how to do it, you just have to put some ads on your blog, bring traffic and win a few Dollars each month, see a few hundred Dollars at best.

But personally, I find that this way to monetize his blog is quite limited, you can earn a lot more than what adsense will offer you, provided you provide a little more effort and in addition a lot of niches and themes are not really adapted to Adsense


Why don’t we go further? do the job yourself, take matters into your own hands and otherwise monetize your blog to earn the amount you want yourself and not what Adsense decides to give you? , which will lead us to our second way of monetizing a blog and which is not really our goal in this article but let’s quote it anyway:

2- Clickbank and other affiliate product platforms 

You can for example go to Clickbank, bring back products for sale in affiliation and earn commissions, when a buyer goes through your affiliate link and bought the product of course

The problem with these affiliate marketing platforms is the same as the Dropshipping problem is that they don’t always have products really suited to your niche and theme, which will make you lose a lot of money and bring down greatly the conversion rate of your blog


Do you know why? because the more your product is tailored to your audience, the higher your conversion rate, so the product you put into affiliate must exactly meet the needs of your audience and it’s hard to find on an affiliate platform, it will so will have to build your whole blog on this product if not it’s not going to earn you a lot of money and the amount you’re going to earn with this kind of platforms will be really low and above all will always remain capped, and you have to see also the percentage and the value of the commission, it must be said that commissions are usually very small!

Now let’s move on to a better strategy to monetize a blog:

3-CPA Marketing Affiliate 

The CPA affiliate marketing (Cost By Acquisition or Action), is the best way to monetize your blog, and to do CPA marketing, there are platforms likeOfferVault, you just have to go there, you’ll find a lot of offers suitable for your niche and the needs of your audience.

You’re going to get paid for every action your reader will do by clicking on your affiliate link

Just look for the product your readers might be interested in, and on Vault Offer you’re really going to find what you want, this platform really gives you thousands of product choices in possible affiliate and especially the conditions of there are many salaries, for example you will be able to be paid:

  • The PPC: When your reader click on your link ‘affiliation
  • PPI: The I for Registration, When your reader registers with an email address via your affiliate link
  • PPD: D for Download When your reader downloads a file through your affiliate link
  • PPS: When your reader buys a product through your affiliate link 
  • The PPC: C for Call, When your visitor calls a phone number and stays for example a minute and a half online after it has gone through your affiliate link (like people who call centers for addiction problems of all kinds, this kind affiliate links are very rewarding because whoever calls for the first time may become a client for an agency that will help him get rid of his addiction for example)
  • The PPL: L for Lead, when your player performs an action defined by the advertiser, after it has gone through your link

Very Special Offer

If you want to go straight to the Higher Stadium and Receive everything you need to really earn money online with the affiliate, I have exactly what you need 

If you are willing to pay only 37 Euros, you will:

Stop looking at how to make money and start making money with your site

Here’s what you’ll get for your 37 Euros 

Offers marketing affiliate course

You will have a 60 Day Guarantee, Satisfied or Refunded, I do not know what to tell you more lol

acceding to the offer
Let’s continue if you want to do everything yourself, It’s possible but it will take a little longer …

4-Create your own product 

After you have read these different techniques to monetize your blog, you could move on to creating your own product, I’m not just talking about Ebooks or trainings, I want to tell you create your own program affiliate for a product that you will have tailored for your audience, and the latter if it is well designed, it could be offered in affiliation by other bloggers of your theme and this is called a personal affiliate program

You can even buy the sales rights to a product if you find it is really made for your audience and thus avoid you, the effort and time needed to create its own product

5-Sponsoring as a source of income for a blog 

You could even, make your blog profitable, once become an authority in your field, thanks to sponsorship, some niches lend themselves well to this system of monetization of websites

It’s the promotion of a product or service of a third party, and this exclusively with regard to its domain, that is, you will never redirect your audience to offers other than that of your sponsor when it comes to its field of action or its business, this method of making money on a blog, remains very rare, it is especially common among Freelancers on Youtube.

You may be starting to realize now, how much money can you earn with a small traffic, and I’m still thinking about this blogger who boasts of having earned 12,000 $ with 60,000 visitors! , by making CPA marketing affiliation, he might have become a millionaire if he really knows his audience, which I have serious doubts of course and I hope for him that he will come across this article one day!

At this point, you may always think that these are basics all this! Make no mistake, focus on what I really say, details, the devil is in the details as they say, and the best is yet to come, and what follows is true for any niche and thematic

Let’s talk about the numbers now:

The statistics you need to be careful about if you want to create a profitable blog 

I put a title at this point to remind you of the most important point you need to be careful about and try to improve in your blog to make it really profitable 

I’m obviously talking about the conversion rate, why?

First of all, let me suggest you try Semrush for free for 7 days, take advantage of this essay to analyze your website, your keywords and everything … it is a complete and indispensable tool, let’s continue:

The conversion rate is basically the number of visitors who click on your business links, since we are talking about website monetization and blog

If you really get to know your readers, you’ll know what they want most in the world, and when you get 

This information, you’re going to get rich, I’m not exaggerating, do you know why? 

Because all you have to do is bring back more visitors and targeted and interested traffic on your articles and sales pages for example to increase your winnings!

Let’s say you’re focused, and have managed to create pages that have a conversion rate of only 10%, believe me many bloggers do better than that and I’ve already seen conversion rates of almost 50%


So, for every 100 visitors, you’re going to have 10 clicks on your links, and let’s say that every click will earn you 10 $ (the minimum on vault Offer is 2 $ I think and the majority of clicks exceed 10 $), so for every 100 visitors You’re going to win 100 $, right?

If you want to win 1000 $ you will need, 1000 visits, and why not see above? to earn 100,000 $ a month, you’re going to have to bring back 100,000 visitors, believe me, you’re going to earn a lot more with this number of visits

How do you get those 100,000 visitors? 

How to make more money by bringing more visitors to his blog

With organic research and I would come back to it to talk to you about the “trigger keywords” as far as I’m concerned, and with this kind of statistics, ie 10% conversion, I could even make a bank credit and buy these visitors on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, why?

Simply because it is a very good investment with 00% risk! I’m going to pay a 25  cent click on cheap keywords called “Triggers, or Trigger words”, so I’m going to have 4 visitors with 1 $, so 100,000 visitors with 2500 $, you realize now? you pay 2500 $ and you will earn 100,000 $ with your blog! so 97,500 $ a month!

Have I opened a few doors in your head or not yet?

Not all Webmarketers will tell you about this! they turn you all away from the real problem, which is the conversion rate and deflects you and make you focus on getting traffic while that’s not going to stop you from getting rich with your blog, if you want to successfully monetize your blog , focus on the conversion rate of your pages

If you can’t have free organic traffic, buy it, you’re still winning and you’re going to put it out of your pocket only during your first Adwords campaign, but I’ll tell you how to bring back free and qualified traffic in addition to your blog , don’t worry and mostly try to capture what I just explained to you about the conversion rate

The real question, then, is:


How to Improve a Blog’s Conversion Rate to Successfully Monetize 

I know you’re exhausted Mdr but have to go guys…

Boost the conversion rate of his blog to increase his income
How then, get your readers to do more conversion and click on your affiliate links for example or banner ads

How am I going to convince my readers to do what I want on my blog? and earn me hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year? that’s the question you have to ask yourself! and not how to earn 100 $ with adsense, this question is for losers! as likes to say the phenomenon D Trump .

If you’re exhausted, it’s time to take a break, because this article on how to get rich with a blog will take off in what will follow and get more and more into the heart of the matter

Are you ready? So let’s go:

Many blogs, are not well optimized for:

  • Generating traffic
  • Capturing emails
  • making sales
  • Generating comments and shares … Etc

I tell you this to tell you the first reason that many bloggers fail despite the fact that their niches are really profitable and the chances of making money on these blogs are great.

The first reason, then, is that they do not have the necessary means and tools to manage and track websites to properly manage their blogs and have access to the data, how interesting and insights and results of their A/B tests and actions concerning, optimization seo, content and especially the follow-up of their goals if they have set one before of course!

So be prepared to equip yourself with the necessary tools, such as Thryv (Necessary Tool), Semrush, Moz, to realize your sales pages and track their metrics as tracker the number of clicks,As I told you before, Thryv is indispensable if you want to start profitable and effective emailing campaigns, for capturing emails is you will find it integrated all the tools necessary to promote, bring back readers and follow your prospects … Etc

This is not going to distract you from tracking your results on Google Analytics and monitoring how well your blog works and any technical problems that Google will detect and that will let you know about Google Search Console

The design of your blog and the logic to follow 

Design a profitable blog with little traffic

When you create a blog specially designed for the affiliate CPA, what I highly recommend you do and it is on this extremely cost-effective and super easy-to-set monetization strategy that I will focus on what will follow, So choose a very simple theme or template, Divi for example and make your pages are Static, the simpler and easier your theme is to understand, the more money you’ll earn, don’t complicate browsing your blog then!

If you could find a template, which offers a different Sidebar for each page, it would be better

1-A page, an offer 

If when you’re on Vault Offer, you find 10 interesting offers on your theme and really tailored to your target audience, so create 10 different pages, whether you’re tying to their respective Landing pages, completely remove the Sidebar if you can, because the reader’s concentration and the reader’s interest is always oriented towards the middle of the page; so make each landing page or page written around a single offer

When you want to add an offer to your blog, even if it looks like an existing offer in its subject, you still have to create a new page specifically for it and around a keyword different from all the other keywords you’ve used on other pages and a landing page to promote your affiliate link too

When you create your pages, don’t look is what they are beautiful or not! do tests to see what they convert well or little? , is the number of clicks on your affiliate link high with this page model or with that one? and the same for your landing page, do tests and opt for the landing page that makes you more conversions

2-Never make pages that look the same 

The design of your pages, should never be the same, you will annoy the reader and your blog will look like any online shop, make your reader, go from surprise to surprise and put him full sight with images that will play on his on the emotional side, because it is the desire that guides us, and because we buy when we want and not when our logic dictates, it’s wrong just for the drugs!

3-Your pages need to be aired for more conversions 

Never overload your pages with large blocks of text and paragraphs that are too long, even if you make a sales page for software

Leave spaces between your paragraphs, make your titles clearly visible and above all use a clear font, 18 or 20 pixels for text and 30px for titles, 25px, for subtitles

The writing font will be better in Verdana or Sans serif, remember to use the smart lists whenever you can do it, readers love this formatting, they have easy access to content, they don’t get bored on your articles or pages of destinations and they will be more likely to click on your affiliate links and make you earn money

I have written an article specifically on effective Landing pages and how they should be designed to ensure you very high conversion rates, and therefore generate very satisfactory revenues.


4-Popups for more conversions

If your traffic strategy is based more on organic search via Google, I advise you not to use popups, except in one case, that of the intention to exit (those that appear when the reader goes to leave your page)

But on the other hand, if your source of traffic is Adwords advertising or social networks, popups are a great way to increase the rate of conversions, and clicks on your affiliate links, provided also to set them to the right timing and customize in such a way that they convert more, test to determine what color, what image, what call to action will convert the most drives and make you earn the maximum amount of money.

Now let’s see via an example, how to bring back traffic to your blog for free via google and make CPA affiliation on it

Do you know that thanks to the CPA affiliation, ‘it is possible to earn more than 1000 $ a day?

You have just a few TECHNIQUES of CPA affiliations to know and especially how money circulates on the internet and where you will place yourself to take your share of millions of Dollars of profits earned every day just on Google by affiliates, here is basically


How to do CPA Affiliate Marketing

Where to find money on the internet and how to earn it with CPA affiliation?

First, you should know that more than 4 million people search Google every minute, these people and users mostly search for products.

The secret is to find what these Internet users are looking for on google and provide it and earn money, it’s not rocket science!

Second, you need to know Google Adwords Keyword Planner, it’s a kind of inventory of The Google market, you’ll find everything that people are looking for on google every day

And on the other hand, you have affiliate platforms that compete fiercely on keywords to promote their customers’ products

That’s where you’re going to step in, but smart! 


Proven highly profitable CPA affiliate strategy

Here’s the method that works when you want to have a decent income on the internet through CPA Marketing affiliate

1-Find the best deals on a CPA affiliate platform

First of all, you need to log on to an affiliate platform like OFFER Vault, or RevContent which is the best way to earn a lot of money with CPA Affiliate in no time (for this site a small explanation at the end of paragraph);  you’re going to stumble upon advertisers who will pay you 200 $ or more for a conversion or sale, let’s say a customer you’re going to bring back to them

But the problem is when you want to create a product sheet or a web article and try to rank your page on a keyword, which is always very competitive for this kind of product and believe me you’re going to have trouble doing it

If you want for example to bring back clicks for your affiliate link on home insurance, you all know that this keyword is very competitive, and you’ll have a hard time filing on that word on Google, so you’re going to have a hard time bringing back organic traffic qualified to your article and affiliate link

The RevContent platform 

Here’s how to earn thousands of Dollars with CPA Grace Affiliate at RevContent with offers you’ll bring back from VaultOffer or Clickbank (the practical method):

  • You will register on Revcontent
  • Then go to Clickbank or VaultOffer to find an offer that pays well to clique or Action in line with your Niche and create a landing page for this offer or else copy a landing page of someone else and put it in your site or create it a website specifically for this offer with only one page, you can use a sub domain on WordPress or Blogger)
  • Bring back your affiliate link and return to RevContent
  • Create a campaign 
  • Choose the amount you will allocate to buy traffic ($5 or more) , but know that it would be a very qualitative traffic 
  • Choose the CPC Option (you only pay when your link is clicked)
  • Choose the IDB or the amount of the auction ($0.01 and up but I recommend $0.05 to start) so you will pay $1 for 20 clicks, which will make you a profit of tens of dollars
  • Choose your target country (USA, AUSTRALIA,GB,CANADA,UNIS ARABES EMIRATS)
  • Choose your target niche (the theme of which sites your ad will be displayed on)
  • Choose which device your ad will appear on (it’s going to depend on your niche, more clicked on mobiles or desktop,… etc)
  • Create your ad or see the ads that melt the Buzz and copy them
  • Put a very catchy title and that titillates curiosity and a very intriguing image, weird or emotional)
  • start your campaign one day 
  • If you don’t have traffic yet or you’re going to Clickbank or VaultOffer and you haven’t made any sales yet, you have to go back to your campaign and increase the IDB or the bid amount to $0.07 a click for example)
Believe me by following this technique you will earn thousands of Dollars, especially when you are going to master the AFFILIATE CPA and know its secrets here is a secret for example:
For you to be sure to make money with your first campaign, go to Google and search for sites that display RevContent, find an ad, watch this ad three days, and if it’s still displayed on this site, copy it and create it a similar ad and launch your campaign on this ad
You’ll have to click on this ad before you click and also copy the landing page where it will take you and paste it to your site, and redirect your clicks to that page
I would come back with a more detailed article on affiliation with Revcontent later 



acceding to the offer
Let’s go back to the generalities:

2-Effective keyword strategy with CPA affiliate 

What I suggest you do then, is look for keywords Triggers (Trigger words, back-door words), and try to position yourself on the first page of google for these keywords

Example on CPA affiliation with free organic traffic 

In our example on home insurance, you will for example create a blog about natural disasters, and you publish articles, about these phenomena, storms, tornadoes, floods, high winds, … Etc

For example, you’ll write an article about tornadoes, and try to categorize it on a long troll keyword, or a trigger keyword like “Tornado That Destroys a House,” and you insert your affiliate link, which you’ve retrieved from a platform Affiliate on a home insurance ad that is an ad that pays a lot of money per click; in your article

This is where the magic works, because instead of trying to classify yourself directly on a keyword, high CPC and high volume of research and very competitive in addition, which is virtually impossible with a small and young blog, you managed to bring back to your site with triggers and trigger words keywords, qualified users and readers that will make you earn a lot of money, with your affiliate link and even with your Adsense ads for example

If someone reads your article, and in the latter, you will, for example, say that scientists have predicted that the South of France will become very prone to tornadoes in a short time and maybe there will be this year, the same for a flood or storm … high winds … Etc 

If it turns out that your reader lives there and he has a very nice villa that he has not yet insured, he could very well click on your affiliate link, to see how much it will cost him to insure his house!

And because of this, you’re going to earn money, even if he’s not going to take out an insurance policy, because these kinds of links are usually paid at Click (CPC) and For Sale (CPS)

So you see the strategy to adopt with the CPA affiliation?

You’re trying to categorize your article on a cheap and uncompetitive keyword 

You will bring and change the intent of the reader through your content, which will prepare it for your ad, in our example, your readers only come for example to watch videos of tornadoes, and thanks to this be say report of scientists, you’re going to make converts! [ ce n’est qu’un exemple bien sur , vous pourriez surement faire mieux ]

There’s another thing that will enhance and increase the CPC of your pages, so that clicks on your affiliate links are well paid:
It is the installation of internal links with anchors that contain keywords at high CPC; I explain:

You will create for example, an article around the keyword “slimming diet” which is very competitive and put your affiliate link to an ad on weight loss, and then create another article on nutrition for example that you will rank in Google’s first page on an easy-to-rank keyword on it, and in this article you’ll make a link to your other article on slimming diets using for example “the best slimming diet of the moment

If a reader that just googled your first nutrition article, click on this internal link, and ultimately also clicks on your affiliate link; it’s the jackpot for you, you know why? because you just value this reader because Google judges the search intent and not just queries (say cold) and your reader just declares his intention to lose weight, so it’s a potential buyer and clicking on this link internal, it’s as if he did it directly on the SERP, if he finds a good offer in your article he will surely click on it even if he knows he’s not going to buy anything, you don’t care, you will be paid even if he does not buy the product! and if he buys a month’s diet for example, you’re going to have your share of the profits

So, do not try to rank yourself directly on the very expensive keywords, and do it in your own site, thanks to internal links and especially with the integration of semantic cocoons in your site, it’s even better for the conversion rate, because the cocoon semantics is built on the user’s search intention, and therefore values very well the quality of your traffic, so the value of their click, think about creating them and then integrate them into your site, a semantic cocoon for each topic, which could contain two to three CPA links 

Examples of trigger words to type on Google Keyword Planner to get out cheap keyword ideas, which you will have revalued in your article with a well-entrenched internal link:

So here are some triggering words 

Free; New; Proven, Easy, secret, plus, much, discover, stop, broken, meter, calculator, specialist,I want, buy, sell, repair, increase, improve, start, succeed, … etc) 

I’ll prepare a list to download, come back on this article, I would put it in Download, you will have to register of course, Mdr

In fact, if you type these words on keyword suggestion software, they will link to very interesting queries, on which you will find highly remunerative affiliate offers and with very high commissions and pay-per-click you you will then only have to choose the one with average competition and that you could possibly rank on the first page of google

You’re going to have little traffic but targeted traffic and visitors willing to make you money, believe me, it’s true and I’m only asking you to try this technique to monetize your blog especially if you’re a new to the affiliate market

Let’s recap the steps to take to earn tens of Dollars a day with the affiliate CPA (CPA affiliate) 

  • Go to Google Trends to find out what is looking for the most, users on Google, check that interest in the topic you are going to choose has a large or medium annual and stable search volume and not just seasonal.
  • Type in your Trigger Words and choose questions that you will formulate in the form of search intentions
  • Go to an affiliate platform like VaultOffer and choose CPA affiliate products to promote, which pay a good commission for click
  • Then find a niche idea on the subject and create a small blog of ten pages for example on this theme, each page will target a different trigger keyword, on each affiliate product you want to promote
  • Insert your affiliate links into your pages and articles and try to optimize these pages on these Trigger words, and long keywords 
    drag or back-door words as the Americans say
    Track your pages and try to get them traffic from other sources too

It’s up to you 

  • Decide then, is what you really want to create an online business that will earn you thousands of Dollars a month, if so, find your niche,
  • Create your niche blog, a dozen articles will be enough to start on keywords triggers and long trolling for you to have organic traffic and that CPA affiliate platforms accept your site,
  • go to VaultOffer for example,
  • Bring back offers tailored to your audience,
  • Create landing pages for each offer,
  •  put it all online,
  • test the conversion rate of your landing pages and if you are satisfied, will expand your business with paid traffic, and finally reach thousands of Dollars of profits per month with a simple 
    blog and an excellent CPA affiliate strategy

Believe me, if you follow this excellent CPA Affiliate Marketing strategy, you will earn dozens, see hundreds of Dollars every day, and make a fortune just with small blogs, but that will be profitable blogs, built on profitable niche ideas, which will ensure you at least a steady income on the internet even with only a few visitors a day but with good buying intention and a very high conversion rate of course

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