How to successfully monetize your blog ?

How do you manage to monetize your blog?

To succeed in making money on your blog, whatever method you use you must follow some essential and obligatory steps, in principle simple and accessible to everyone who really wants to make money from its content, especially that of its Blog.
How to sell with your blog
What you’re going to read in this article might be new to you, but let me tell you if you don’t have a blog yet, you can create it here under WordPress;  https and in (.com ) with less than 18 Euros TTC
I’m not going to tell you once again that to sell on a blog you have to bring back a lot of traffic because this notion is totally wrong
You can very well monetize a blog that has only 100 visits per month, preferably organic

How are you going to ask me?


how to make your website profitable

The rethink is simple and it is called the optimization of the conversion rate but above all let me tell you this truth, please do what to do and read what will follow

Are you tired of reading? I know because there is too much on the net and I guarantee that the following is not one:

Before we talk about the technical side of things, let me tell you why 99% of blogs earn absolutely nothing or just a few pennies
Let me tell you why despite all the efforts you make to evolve your online business, you still can’t do it !!!
If you don’t make money online yet, it’s because you have what I would call: the flashy object syndrome or all that shines


I explain :

how to make a small traffic profit

You’re there on the web, your tabs are open on your results pages (dashboards of your affiliate programs that only displays 000 ) and it disgusts you … Not? , how many visitors I had today, it displays what my dashboard affiliate to this or that product…how many “likes” on my Facebook page… Etc

Or, you are still looking for a new miraculous method to have more traffic, a new product to promote in affiliation while you are already promoting several other products that do not even sell … Etc
Or: Facebook Ads ,… and if I try the drop-shipping … Amazon can be … but for God’s sake … this guy makes 10,000 euros a month with this product or this method, I must absolutely try it too .…Hey Stop Stop Stop …


Do you know what’s happening to you?

This is the syndrome of the clicking object “that shines” , you jump on everything that moves … you’re in consumer mode there… Give yourself a little slap and wake up … the Gurus of web marketing are abusing you and taking advantage of your distress and dismay when that’s what was supposed to be exactly your job !!! Isn’t it!! , but with more ethics of course …
Everything you see, you will tell yourself that this is the opportunity not to be missed and that this is the one that will finally allow you to realize your first sale or bring back thousands of visitors to your blog … Etc

Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not how it works

The ideas of others will only waste your time, it is the work that pays, even with a bad idea or a less good idea, work always pays
There are thousands of blogs that generate thousands of euros every minute, there are 4 million searches on Google every 60 seconds and millions of transactions every day

how to boost sales on its website

The money circulates on the net my brother or my sister, just pass it through your account but behave in business man not consumer, you are not there to believe in opportunities … you are there to set yourself a goal, choose the right method and go for it and destroy everything that interferes between you and your goal …

You have to focus on a goal, it’s not philosophy what I tell you, it’s web marketing…
You have no other choice, I will prescribe a prescription and you must stick to the list of recommendations that will follow if you want to start making your blog profitable or have even more income:


1. Set yourself a goal

earn more money on its site with a presis goalI said a goal and not a dream … Ok? if you dream of a beer and a hammock on a desert island I would say good luck but if that’s your goal I’ll believe you if you get to work and you stay persistent and productive … always finish what you start

One to two things a day and every day. but in the same direction that of your goal … it’s simple
It’s simple, mine now, I’m not hiding it is to increase my earnings with my two blogs and reach 1500 Dollars per month on December 31, 2020 … I’m not yet a Mdr Super Affiliate
Don’t rush and make plans on a year at least, if you believe you can earn money online right away, you’ll do better to wake up… it’s a long-term job, I worked 11 months without earning a single cent when I created my first blog and I just put online a new blog , it’s about my other passion , wich is pets  “Famillypet” and I don’t care if he earns nothing all year that will follow …







2. Concentrate

You need to focus on your goal and eliminate anything that distracts you and turns you away from it:
  • If you don’t work with social networks, delete your profiles, besides you only need one to promote your business and your affiliate links effectively
  • Turn off notifications from your apps or turn off your smartphone outright while you’re working, don’t answer calls unless there’s an emergency
  • Make yourself fixed work schedules and respect them, two hours a day may be enough
  • No work after 10 pm as you have to have your hours of sleep and try to eat healthily too, a body without energy can not be productive
Also play sports, it’s essential



3. Create content

If your niche dominates you and you want a new niche, look for it directly here and order your domain name directly and without hesitation, why drag behind you a niche that rots your life
Domain Name Search Bare is at the top of the article
Create sales-oriented content on its website

If you want me to help you find a niche contact me, see the CONTACT page and I would find you a good niche, I would just ask you to go through one of my affiliate links to buy your domain name and web accommodation, You have a choice between LWS , Hostgator and Bluehost

When you generate a blog, your only asset is content
Create content, give yourself a goal, one article a day the first year, don’t worry if it’s not yet well optimized or big enough 1000 words at least and you’ll go back to each of your articles and update them every 6 months from the second year
Want to work on your SEO? it’s fine if you focus on organic traffic but for that you have to focus on your keywords
Make a list of 360 keywords not too competitive , less than 1000 views per month and make sure that every article you create evening around a different keyword, let Google discover them and you will optimize and enrich them as you go

Here’s something that’s supposed to help those of you who have a few euros to invest to save time

Get this free Affiliate Marketing training and learn how to set up an online business that may makes you Rich … Money Back Guarantee
best affiliate marketing training

4. Make up your mind

boost its revenues on its website with specialisation

Choose a single method to generate traffic and focus on it

Choose a single product that suits your audience if you’re affiliated and focus on it
Do not jump on anything that moves, if you do SEO, apply yourself and bring back this p…  traffic from Google, don’t get discouraged, find out what you’re not doing properly and fix it, by the end of the year you’re going to have your traffic, it’s a long-term job, don‘t blow yourself away, just one step a day, stay focused and consistent
Choose a single product for sale and focus all your marketing effort on that product, make sure that each item should lead to your affiliate link in one way or another.
I’m not asking you to put your affiliate link everywhere, be rather smart and bring your reader to your links without him realizing, to find out how to boost conversion and sales on your blog

5. Get the necessary marketing tools

equip yourself with the tools you need to make your website profitableYou know? we would all like things to happen as easily and as quickly as we want…

it took me almost a year for me to finally understand that I would only make cash inflows with my blogs that if I trap myself
When you use free marketing tools, the complicated and incomplete Google Analytics, Free Mailchimp, … etc you are going to behave in someone who has nothing to lose…
This is the trap of digital marketing, the free is not going to put pressure on you and you are not going to make the effort to succeed in blogging
I highly recommend Semrush, which is a complete and indispensable tool to understand your business and choose all your marketing strategies, here is the registration link for 7 days free and the emailing tool, the most comprehensive and best in the world I have to say, Thryv, you’ll be able to try it for free- for a whole month (affiliate link)
These two tools will on the one hand allow you to become pro and start to have the tools to succeed and sell online, boost your performance and keep your head and spy on the competition … etc and on the other side, they’re going to put some pressure on you to finally get a little bit of a c…

Anyway, it worked for me.


A small calculation before moving on to the second chapter

Let’s say you’ve chosen a good niche and followed my advice, you’ll find yourself in a year with:
  • At least 300 items that work for you and only require an easy update
  • 10 visits a day for each of them, which makes 3000 visits per month, that’s the minimum and this figure could reach 300,000 in the second year
  • Let’s say that only 1% of your readers will buy your product which will make 30 sales each month during the second year and that’s the minimum believe me … Etc


how to live from his blog meme with a small traffic

Do you see how things are done? I don’t like to do this kind of calculations but I just want to put you in the mood

Finally and before you discover a little practice, let me reaffirm that you have no choice, you have to go through it, concentrate and set yourself a distant goal, do what to do and do not let anyone and nothing divert you of this goal
Anything that could take you away from your lens get rid of it right away, you want organic traffic? delete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bigo,… etc it’s all that if you do not use them in your own interest, because it is they who earn money thanks to your time you give them for free…
Do you have friends calling and pulling you out of your office just for a walk? don’t go there that’s all, because they can help you if you’re in trouble but just once and after? What would you do?
Gage a lot of money with its website

Focus on what you’re doing … tell you I want 10,000 visitors a month, I want 100 customers a month and I want a commission of 30 euros for each product and that within a year and I’ll do whatever it takes and not just everything I could to achieve this first goal

Anything a man can do, another man could do it too and the same for women … get to work
Let’s go back to the topic of conversion, which is more important than traffic… Follow me

Why do you need to focus your efforts on converting to the place of wasting your time trying to bring back more traffic?

to sell on a blog you have to convince
Let’s say you only have 100 organic visits a month
These 100 visits will give you at least 150 views thanks to well-optimized internal links of course
Let’s say you have an affiliated product, you’ll easily find products with commissions that exceed $100, but let’s say your commission is $50
So you need 20 sales only to earn your 1000 euros per month with this product
Remember that your readers are interested and come directly from Google, we said 150 page views, so 150 chances that your readers click on your banner or your offer and make you win $50 each
This is where the conversion comes in, because if you make an effort to increase the CRO,  the conversion rate of your pages and articles, say only 15%, which is not exaggerated, you are going to have your 1000 euros per month easily with these 150 Views
Instead, instead, try to increase your traffic by wasting your time trying to increase your traffic, try to take advantage of the organic traffic you already have by optimizing the conversion rate of your pages, articles, sales pages… Etc
Do you agree? stop listening to the charlatans and follow me if you really want to make your blog profitable

How do you increase your page conversion rate?

increase the conversion rate to increase sales on his blog
Are you ok so far? I know very well that you can easily have 200 organic visits per month, and believe me, you can very well make your blog profitable with this little traffic
Let’s say you’re going to do affiliation, if you don’t know how, I recommend my article on CPA affiliation, with the offervault platform… Etc
You go first to optimize your conversion rate, to find out these important points on your readers:
  • What do they really need? your future readers
  • What is the problem or lack they have and are willing to pay 50 euros (the price of your affiliated product you have chosen) to satisfy their needs once and for all?
  • How do you approach and disarm them so that they decide to buy and see no other solution to their problem than this one (buying)?
  • What could prevent them from putting their hands in their pockets and taking out those pesky 50 euros and especially how to help them do it (basically how to disarm them and shoot down all the reasons and excuses they find to keep their credit card warm?)
  • And finally, how do you make them (your buyers) the new ambassadors of your brand and encourage them to promote you so that they bring you back new customers?
After you have seriously thought about these issues, let me tell you that you have no choice if you really want to make money with a small traffic; let’s see the other points that will boost the conversion rate of your blog and so make sure you make more sales

Credibility for more conversion and sales

monetize a blog by making it believable
You don’t have to wait for Google E-A-T to advise you to be more credible to your readers
Put yourself in their shoes
When you want to buy a product, and it’s your money that you’re going to spend!
I advise you to put yourself in this state of mind and think about everything that prevents you from buying anything, anytime, any way and especially anyone!
You buy from Amazon for different reasons, you have to understand them:
  1. Amazon gives you guarantees and the transaction is safe
  2. They have a choice so you will surely find shoe at your foot
  3. The product you will receive it in good condition and on time
  4. People say good about Amazon and especially you are going to be refunded if the product is a dip or you could send it back if the ad is monsongère … Etc
All this plays in their favor, Amazon is believable to sum it all up in one word
They have authority
People trust this website, so don’t forget that this is just a website like yours
Boost sales on its website thanks to authority and professionalism

So you understand, you have to be credible when you address your readers, you have to play card on table, you even have to before you choose the problems to solve and the products that go with it, you need to know your business better than the most share of the Internet users you’re targeting

When a reader reads what you write, he will be satisfied and make sure to repeat all his questions before he even formulates them, more still, you have to answer questions that he has not even thought about yet and that is what will give you credibility and make you appear as an expert
You have to teach your readers things, things they will find interesting and useful of course
This is a positive if you want to convince him to buy your product
Let’s move on

The Fee To Help Your Reader Make a Decision

Use a sense of credibility to monetize items and sell products
Think with me
If one day you break down with your crate and a mechanic stops without you beckoning him, he finds the breakdown, he is not in work clothes and he just finished his day
He’ll fix your car, even give you a candle that he pulls out of the trunk of his car and refuses you to pay him extra and then pushes you to start the car and when you tell him how much I owe you , it repends you, NO go good road, it’s normal between motorist to help each other, and he hands you the business card of his Garage and goes away!
Answer me sincerely, even if you have a mechanic assigned for 10 years, you will still think of this mechanic who helped you and will bring your car at least once if it breaks down again, I’m right? I think if …
You’re going to do it because you feel deep down yourself that you owe him something
It is this feeling of royalty that you will try at all costs to wake up in your readers if you want to optimize your conversion rates and succeed in selling on your blog despite the small traffic

Here’s the logical next step of what you need to do to make your blog profitable:

  • Find problems that you could find solutions to and especially problems for which you could find offers and affiliated products for example with margins and commissions above 50 euros
  • Train yourself, master your subject, read on the subject, make yourself known in the online places where your future customers hang out, help them on social networks for at least 2 months without making any reference to any product or even talking about money
  • Go to an affiliate platform and find up to 3 interesting products that solve problems related to your niche and problems on which your future audience asks questions in forums, on Facebook, … Etc
  • Prepare 3 sales pages for these products and 3 complete articles on each of the problems that can solve its products
  • Stay active in at least 6 Facebook Groups in relation to the theme of these products (you will notice that I base all my reasoning on the products and not on the topics of the articles because never forget why you do all this, it’s to earn money with your blog)
  • Once your blog is ready, each sales page is linked to all other pages… etc. you will start to insinuate on the Facebook groups and forums on which you post before your re-thinking and your interventions that you actually know a blog that might be useful to them and that “they will even find products that you think are from very good solutions to their problems
  • It’s up to you to decide whether you can claim the Blog or not!
well monetize his website with good copywriting

This one is just one web marketing strategy among others, you can create very complete articles, useful and that really help your readers for free and you will propose your products as the last solution if they still do not manage to meet their needs

You can also call this the principle of reciprocity, start by feeding your readers with free offers and services rendered that they will not find elsewhere and when you finally offer them a product they really need but this times, you ask them to buy it from you because you have bills to pay you too, believe me, few will turn their backs on you
So I told you about credibility, royalty, let’s move on to professionalism and somewhat technical things

Find exceptional and rare products and offers to boost sales on your blog

This is not new, all traders know that their profits, they must earn them when they buy the product and not when they sell it
In the same way, you will have to find rare, exceptional, safe, unbeatable prices, exclusive services that your competitors do not have, you will find everything you need on ClickBank for example for the news products such as training and books and even physical products … Etc
All blogs can offer the same product in affiliation for example, let’s say it’s a hosting offer
If, for example, you offer your readers assistance (via Messenger for example) to help them in the steps and show them how to install their website, this will take you about fifteen minutes, and this offer can convince your readers subscribe to a hosting offer via your affiliate link since you’re going to show them how to do it

80 $ commission for 15 or 20 minutes of assistance!

Give a pro image to make your content profitable

succeed in monetizing his blog by making it professional
Your blog should put your readers’ eyes on it
The logo is very important, that’s what will decide your drive to continue or not and this in the first 3 seconds (according to experts)
The loading speed of your pages too, they must load in less than 5 seconds max
Then come the images and illustrations
Formatting your content, I’m talking about titles, subtitles, smart lists, frames, quotes, sober colors, clear fonts, fat, … Etc
Your blog should look professional and not just done to the go quickly, take your time and do things right
Make it simple, useful and pro if you want your readers to take you seriously

How to monetize and monetize your blog with Adsense?

Here are some tips for making a living with Google adsense on his blog before I redirect you to this full article on the subject:
  • Choosing a niche whose subjects are most interesting to the world
  • Choose topics for articles on which there are many ads on Google (the niches adapted to adsense)
  • Choose keywords at a high-quality CPC for the content of your articles
  • Have a lot of content on your blog
  • Have significant organic traffic on your blog
  • Make sure your ads encourage clicks, not just printing
  • Target countries where the CPC (cost per click) of ads is high and the click is well paid (USA, Canada, Australia, Gulf country,… etc.)
  • Install your ads in the right places (top right and above the fold and in the center of the article) … Etc

How to successfully sell affiliates on your blog?

Before you also redirect over this article to better make the affiliations on your blog, here are some tips:
  • Never write an article on your blog dedicated to affiliation until after you choose the product you will promote in this article, It’s simple go for it on ClickBank, create your account for free, find a product to promote and create a article around this product
  • You absolutely must have organic traffic on your affiliate links
  • You’re going to have to buy traffic for the first 3 months for your affiliate links
  • Choose products to promote that you know your audience will have to buy at some point
  • Increase the conversion rate of your sales pages and items because traffic is not as important as conversion
  • Always offer trendy products and continually renew your offerings according to your audience’s interests
  • An article should never promote more than one product at a time
  • Look at what your competitors are offering and try to offer better
  • Don’t expect to get rich during the first 3 months of your adventure with affiliate sales, it will take you longer unless you are going to buy traffic (you will lose money at first but when you learn the Scaling and the good targeting, how do you create the right ads? how to bid? how to increase the conversion rate ,… etc. you’re going to start having profits with affiliation

How can you be successful selling your own products on your Blog?

To sell your own products on your blog, you have a job to do upstream which consists of creating a community around your products and your brand
  • Create a Facebook page about your products and creations and promote this page
  • Join Facebook groups that talk about products like yours and make yourself known without offering your products during the first 3 months, just refer people to your page and your blog
  • Try to become an authority in your niche, in order to prepare your Followers to accept your offers later
  • After two or three months, start talking and offering your products to your friends and followers
  • Create an affiliate program to encourage others to resell your products
  • Contact influencers and offer their partnerships
  • Create a youtube channel and promote your products and send traffic back to your blog or sales pages
  • Create compelling product listings on your blog
  • Ensure a secure payment system on your blog or online store associated with it
  • Take care of the images and photos of your products and make them emotional
  • Talk about the benefits, the value of your products instead of listing its characteristics
  • Create your own brand of, product and develop it over time
  • Be prepared to tailor your product to the demands and requirements of your audience
  • Be patient and know that this kind of business takes time for it to succeed and become profitable
  • Prepare a small budget to promote your product and blog on Google or where your readers are


It’s midnight and I feel really tired, I’d come back to upgrade this article because I believe it important and that it could help my readers to achieve at least their first sale
  • I would like you to read the article again and understand exactly the message I tried to get you across.
  • Don’t worry about traffic anymore, if you can boost the conversion rate of your articles and sales pages or your marketing emails, you will be able to monetize your blog even with a small traffic
  • Plus when your conversion rate is high, you can buy traffic and earn 50 times more than you spend
  • Work the conversion rate, improve your image on the net, assert yourself as authority in your theme and you will live with your blog and have recurring revenues, and liabilities thanks to the latter
  • Sell your image before you try to sell your products
  • All I have to do is wish you luck and ask you to come back to the article because I’ll improve it and update it later so that it’s a real help to you my readers
Leave me your questions in a comment and if you see that the article could help your friends , look a little and you will find sharing buttons

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