How to quickly optimize your blog ?

Reference his blog quickly; Tips

If any of these SEO conditions for better SEO is missing in your blog, Google will get angry. come and see in detail, what to do and especially how to make sure everything is there.

how to properly reference a website

The right domain name (url):

Your domain name should contain at least your main keyword.
Avoid dashes between words, prefer a domain name n one word or two with very different syntaxes (two words that do not look alike)Never choose a "

clean" domain name such as "google,yahoo,badoo,… etc)because, apart from a media campaign, you will probably have a hard time attaching it to your theme and reading your url, people will not even know what your blog is talking about.

As short as possible.

Once you've found your domain name, you'll have to optimize the referencing of your blog ON PAGE, let's go

Practical SEO optimization

Quickly create a page on your blog and gather all the possible keywords of your theme. You can use the answer the public keyword generator to find keywords supplé you learn about trending keywords on google Trends Then, before you ev

en create your first article, present your blog – google and install the Google Analytics code on your blog. This will let you know where your readers come from, what the results of your traffic and marketing strategies are, and which keywords convert the most.

If you're on WordPress, install some plugin, like the very useful Yoast which is one of the best plugin to optimize the referencing of your blog.

Comes the time of the sitemap (blog plan) . Either with Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin if not, look for free on google if you're on another platform.

After you've created it, go to Google Webmaster Tools and insert your page

r'll do the same on Bing Webmaster Tools, and yandex if you want more visi

bility on the web Start creating your content, making sure it brings new , learn how to write good blog posts and optimize them for SEO. It's not improvised!.

Let's see more

Once a few articles online, comes the time to check the performance of these deniers and that thanks to the web page performance tool (Google Page Speed) to detect any problems that could generate and delay the crawler robots of google, which would harm your SEO.

Also optimize your media (images, videos,…) by giving them alternative names and texts, including your keywords of course.

Link your articles with links (internal mesh) and make relevant external links (to known sites) , likely to bring a plus to your content and above all check all your links before posting your articles.

Now comes the time to monitor your positioning, on your keywords and their vary more accurately your ranking in search results.

Know what its competitors are doing:

In fact, google has put this great tool that is search consol, thanks to it, you will follow your articles, and analyze your results, improve the SEO performance of your blog and above all correct yo
ur errors. Plus it's free and if you're on wordpress, you have in addition to other tools such as SEO Soft, SEURank … That allow you to compare your links to those of your competitors and rectify the pull if need be, so don't deprive yourself

of it! For example, you can use Open Site Explorer on MOZ to see in your competitors the links they have had and to get the same, see improve them. The three tools you'll need

So, when you have keywords to watch, usually you only think about your own keywords, but you also have to use the keywords of the Google AdWords word generator, or google panne, … so

me may or may not be interesting for your theme, add these keywords to watch and see if you have pages optimized on these keywords otherwise you can create them specifically, to position yourself on those same keywords suR while their rating is uphill. (google Trends).

Internal referencing

After the content and general structure part of the blog, we will focus on referencing your pages and articles (ON PAGE) and how to reduce the bounce rate of your pages in order to legitimize your site in the eyes of google.
Your keywords (the ones you put together at the very beginning) should appear in your urls of pages and articles, the permalians on

wordpress. Despite the doubt that your urls will contain less than the same keywords, they should not look alike, and that each one deals with a ver

y specific subject. Same for your titles (especially H1), they must be short and contain the varients of your keywords

without exaggeration. Do not abuse your keywords, a density of 2% maximum is advised throughout the article, more than that you could pass for a spammer an

d google will be. After the title, comes the optimization of the description, the one that appears under your titles

in search resultsIf you do not describe (preferably bold) personalized with yoast wordpress SEO or description for search on blogger … , google will automatically take the first words (150) of your article, think about putting a few keywords and especially a lot of curiosity to harpoon the reader and push him to click on

your link. Put your main keywords in the titles (H1,H2,…); anchors your links, your bold explanatory phrases,… and their varients (synonyms and close expressions) you sow them all the way through your article until your conclusion, so that everything remains consistent and really deals with your subject; and never exceed 2% of keywords.

Back links

Once you've started setting up your blog, you have to think about pointing some links from the outside to this one for good SEO optimization.
The first point is to create accounts on social networks, because they are simple and quick to set up and they are teeming with potential clickers.

Focus on Twitter, Google, facebook, youtube and linkedin and if your theme is very graphic add to pinterest and instagram.

You'll find them all on and you can create your different accounts, you'll veer into which you're likely to generate traffic and you'll fake it.

It will take you much more to have the best back links, and know how to generate traffic on your blog thanks to them, because the more your link is clicked from a site of great notoriety, the more you optimize your SEO. You will learn more by reading this article. 


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