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How to Quickly Get Google Adsense Approval ?

The conditions for your website to be accepted by Google Adsense:

google adsense conditions for p bloggers


Understand Adsense:


For your website to be accepted by Adsense, you need to understand its policy; in reality, Adsense is business; so they will never accept you to make them a hered.
For that; they ensure that your reasoning and your sites, are adapted to its policy, and that of google in general that is: a site that offers a plus to Google, a happy advertiser and a blogger who respects the instructions to the letter not to annoy the latter.

Let's see the essential requirements for Adsense to accept a blog.

The age of your website or blog:

Adsense won't trust you if you create a site and finalize it in no time; so you have to take the time needed more than a month and a half for example to apply even if you think your site is ready.
What for? , simply to prove your seriousness and your attention to detail and above all your constancy; Adsense will not want a publisher who works well 20 days and is away for 3 months; because by going fast at the beginning, it's the impression you're going to give even if you don't intend


Google adsense plus traffic and lots of visits to your blog, it's guaranteed success, but neither is easy to have.
I've already explained how to generate a lot of visits to your blog; leave me today; Give you the main conditions that you must meet to be accepted by google adsense.

Exclusive content

To make it clear, or copy paste from other sites; nor take paragraphs of this and there and paste them together; nor articles and pass them in these charlatans software that mixes you everything and serves you a so-called article that makes no sense .
these things, I've tried them all, not out of laziness, just for lack of time and believe me; Google algorithms detect everything and will sanction you and reject your request to participate in Adsense.
then write down yourself and write down your own ideas as they come to you.

Also make sure that your media (images and videos) are of good quality but with very light Webp formats for photos for example and try to make sure that these media are homogeneous with the colors of your template .

Good-sized items:

Adsense; It's advertising; Guys… so she needs her ads to be seen and especially clicked on; for this the reader must have time and stay as long as it takes on your article so that he notices these advertisements.
To do this; Your articles should be as long as possible in order to hold the reader for longer Articles of more than 1000 words are needed to please Google Adsense.

The number of items:

Google Adsense will only accept your blog or site if it contains more than 9 articles, but according to experts; about thirty (30) articles, with very different titles and dealing with complementary subjects my very distinct.
Don't make two different articles on the same car for example, your articles should not look the same issue content and they deal with topics that have something to do with your niche but above all the syntax of articles differs from one to the other; you can't find the same keywords in two different articles, for example.

A responsive and Mobile Friendly theme template:

As a result of the Mobile-First not only, your theme must be responsive and displays on all screens without problem, it must also be very fast, do the test and the result must be at least above 75 if your blog is consistent.
Keep an eye on it; to that your theme, if you want to be admitted by google Adsense, be suitable for your niche, because there are special themes blog info and others for technical blogs for example as they would be suitable for a specific theme on one side and offer location appropriate for Adsense ads

Adsense and copyright:

You have to stay away from other people's posts, don't stick anything in your articles, because the adsense google algorithms are good enough to realize it and refuse your request to display adsense ads on your site.
so always check the copyrights, copyrights and copyrights of the stuff you insert into your articles.

Hacking is contrary to Google Adsense's policy:

Never put pirated software or licenses of games, crack methods, because all these things are forbidden and adsense will surely refuse your request to integrate its program.

The domain name:

Google Adsense accepts only one sub-domain that is Blogger Blogspot, but to increase your chances, you'd better buy a domain name, prove your seriousness and you really want to work with them, and not just to grab a euro here and another there.

Privacy policy and Contact:

These two pages must be written and written in the standards, and you must make them a fixed and direct link in your main menu.
your Privacy policy must incorporate Adsense and privacy cookies too and depending on the source of your visits, it could be translated into different languages.
If you offer something for sale on your site, you must also include a refund policy in case of returns of goods … Etc

A complete and functional site:

Your site must be homogeneous, it must not go out of your theme and above all it must be completely functional.
Adsense takes care of the user experience of readers, so you have to make sure that your blog is very understandable and especially that all your links and menu boxes and buttons, … etc. are functional.
Also beware of broken links that lead nowhere; Adsense will probably tell you that your site is still under construction and you will be refused.

The number of visits and where they come from:

At first; no less than 1000 visits, but above all try to work your SEO optimization to receive more visits directly from Google, which would prove to the adsense managers that you are serious and that you make efforts and not just you send visits from social networks and even can be with paid advertising
Another thing; Avoid sites that send you phantom traffic; even if you have to diversify its sources of visitors, try instead to learn how to earn Backlinks from sites deemed serious at google.

Adsense's legality policy:

Your articles should not contain any prohibited stuff, such as sex, drugs, … etc., you have to respect this and make sure that everything you publish on your blog is in accordance with the law, so no pictures with the cigarette; Weapons  Like what… Etc

Avoid other advertising programs:

This point is very important, you should not use other advertisers, put banner ads or affiliate links of other advertisers competing at Google adsense , especially those who do not respect the rules.


So here are the main conditions that you must respect for Google Adsense to accept your site or your blog, there are of course other rules, but Adsense can be understandable for them if you respect the one I just quoted you.

You may not be admitted by adsense the first time; Do not discourage yourself and try again and take into account the remarks they will send you in case of refusal, and you will surely be accepted if you apply the advice.
Good luck


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