How do I make my website profitable?

How do you make your website profitable?


I’ve analyzed the web a little bit and I come back to you with these 5 conditions, which make a website become really profitable and let’s talk about the data and statistics of your site, the traffic that generates it, the quality of its content, the user experience and Finally your calls to action, and finish this article with the practical method and the secret to make your blog, website or online shop ready to earn you money and sometimes even without spending it.

Before you try to live from your website, you have to reference it on Google, so let’s not talk about the design of your site, which must be simple and adapted to your theme, its responsibility or its loading speed; that we’ve already talked about and these are the foreplay of a good referencing on google, but we focus instead on what will really make the difference and allow your website to really start making you money

Let’s move on to the first element that makes up a good profitable website

Putting online a site predisposed to make money:

Here, if you are in a hurry, a list of features of websites that make a profit, and for your online activity to make you money, your blog, website or e-commerce shop must obey these rules and satisfy these conditions

To succeed in web marketing, you need to make sure that your website is:


  1. Although referenced and does not contain too many structural errors, its html code should not weigh too much because one second more when loading a web page, will cost you 7% conversion, the first culprit are the uncompressed images and the Java script. 
  2. Mobile Friendly, and offers a good UX user experience on smartphones, and make sure your calls to action are easy to access
  3. Very rich content, terminal with reference articles (pillar content), which best respond to queries that contain all the relevant keywords in your niche
  4. Your site should have an excellent conversion strategy, visitor, prospect and finally customer
  5. Your site and your social media profiles must cultivate your brand image and must obey a graphics card specific to you and stable in time, logo, colors, style writing style illustrations ,… Etc
  6. Your site for it to be profitable must have a good linkage (Netlinking if necessary), quality Backlinks (at least a few, which will ensure it a good online authority and a good page value and a good ranking on Alexa for example
  7. Your site must have a smart social networking strategy, as these are an excellent source of customers
  8. Your website or online store must be competitive on at least some of the key words in your theme or niche; high search volume and high CPC, especially if you partner with Google Adsense or Adthrive (if you do PPC)
  9. Your site, if it is focused on content marketing must therefore have impeccable content and regularly updated and refreshed and regulated and brought into line with a semantic cocoon oriented towards conversion and sale 
  10. Your site needs to have its own community and its own audience, so a good email capture strategy and a better one in Email Marketing using the best emailing service in the world
  11. Your site should always be re-adapted and best meet Google’s relevance criteria (SEO) and be updated every time Google announces a change in one of its algorithms

Why doesn’t your website or blog make money?

Before we look at how to make your site profitable, let’s see the reasons that may have made its monetization impossible here are some problems that make your site not make you profit:
  • Your niche or theme is not monetized and your readers do not expect any product or service from you.
  • Your choice of method to monetize your website is not suitable for your theme or audience
  • Your product or service offerings are not on demand and this is not the type of product your audience really wants 
  • Your prices, are not suitable for your buyers persona (customers), or the need to know the socio-professional situation of your target audience.
  • your corporate site or online shop doesn’t have a blog related to it, so you don’t have enough traffic, or else your traffic isn’t qualified
  • Your site or blog is not well referenced, or your keywords do not bring you a qualified audience, for what you offer as offers on your site
  • your site has structural or design problems that harm your users‘ user experience which causes them to leave avent to make a conversion
  • Your competitors have better offers than yours for the same products
  • You’ve lost your traffic because your competitors are poisoning your site with bad Backlinks
  • You’re targeting the wrong geographic area 
  • Your authority and brand is not known online and you are doing nothing to improve your brand image and sign your presence on the internet 
  • Your site’s graphics card is not suitable for your offerings and services (colors, quotes, prints, logo,… etc)
  • Your sales pages aren’t efficient and don’t generate enough conversions and sales
  • Your calls to action are heavy
  • You don’t do email marketing while it’s a good way to make money online, the same for content marketing
  • Your email marketing campaigns are not well designed and your sales tunnels are not effective

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Let’s keep going if you want to do it all yourself

Here is a list of what it takes to ensure that your website provides you with a substantial, stable and recurring income:

1-Well define your products to put up for sale:

Before you even create your blog, website or online shop, define the type of products you can sell, take into account:
  • Your ability to convince  
  • Your advertising skills 
  • Your advertising budget and knowledge of digital marketing
  • Does this product have an online application or not?
  • Is your product going to sell all year round or not?
  • Could you create content to promote your product or not?

2-Define your business approach and strategy:

You need to know what method you are going or would be able to apply on your site to sell, you have the choice between:
  • The sale of other people’s products in affiliation
  • The Content Marketing 
  • Direct sales of your products, books, training, courses 
  • Selling your services, coaching, helping online, by phone, … Etc
  • Dropshipping by creating effective product reviews and sheets
  • Email marketing
  • The partnership with affiliate platforms and its branches (Payment By Click, Payment By Lead, Payment For Registration, … etc)
  • Adsense or other advertising, Adthrive for example
  • Create a Freemium site, some of which is accessible only by monthly subscription for example…

3-Define Your Target Audience (Buyer persona):

You need to know what your products are for, ask yourself these kinds of questions:
  • Quiaura need my products and services, to whom your products are intended
  • In which geographical area, country, region I am likely to sell my products
  • Where are my customers on the internet, where are you going to prospect them? on social networks, search engines?
  • What age range will my products be for, young people, old ,…, for what kind too? Women only? Parents? Young parents? just the newlyweds?
  • What segment of the population could afford my products? financial or intellectual means? 


4- Create a list of products for sale, and their respective main keywords:

You have your products, it’s time to bring them buyers, the best is to create a blog, which will talk about your products and services and promote them and especially make them accessible on search engines on keywords that corresponds to them you’ve created pages, sales cards or product reviews on them:
The system is: a page for a product with a targeted main keyword, you can create a semantic cocoon for each product later but start small as Google recommends
You can then support this marketing strategy with Adword campaigns, paid advertising with Google Adword, to support and help a little your organic search strategy
And here is now how Background the specialist of digital marketing to make profits online, a little in detail, for those who want to create websites that ensure them a substantial income and above all stable in time and regular, a pay what!!

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1-A remunerative site should be tracked on Google Analytics:

Believe me, now I know you can’t ignore what your readers are doing on your site

You’ll have to scan all the data on your site, see the behavior of readers on your pages, and think seriously about how to improve your website in order to boost your results posted on Analytics, and achieve the goals which you will have previously traced

For example, you’ll be careful what your readers are really looking for on your site:

  • What are the entry pages on the latter
  • Which pages your readers stay on the longest
  • From which pages your readers leave your site
  • How many remain on average on this or that page
  • Do they connect from a mobile or desktop PC!
  • Do they click on your calls to action
  • What time do they usually visit your site
  • What pages they leave as soon as they land on it!
  • How many sessions do they open after each entry to your site
  • What types of content they are most interested in are
  • What internal links are clicked and which ones are rarely clicked!
  • Where do the majority of your readers come from, their age and their sex! social networks, for example? Which one?
  • Thryv, will also ensure you a good follow-up of your emailing campaigns, it’s very important to adjust them later.


All this data will actually help you get to know your readers better and what they want and expect from you, and you’re going to have customer listings (customer avatars) drawn up that will guide you to better results and more conversions and sales, because from now on, you will create a very in-demand content and offer services and sell products to customers who want them and above all can buy them

2-Make a profit with a website through qualified traffic:


To make a website profitable, the different ways to monetize it will not be enough for you because you need before a large flow of traffic, which comes from different sources of readers and visitors, and not only from organic research

You can create the best site in the world, offer the best services and products on the market but if you bring in unqualified readers, so not interested in what you offer them, you will then achieve no commercial goal on your Site!

The best indicator of traffic quality on your website is the bounce rate you need to reduce at all costs, the duration of sessions and the responsiveness of your visitors to your calls to action as well as their active participation in your site , comments, polls, give a note, … Etc

You’re going to have to create customer profiles, what kind of readers will be interested in what you have to offer?

  • Who’s going to need to read your article?
  • Who really needs the tutorial you put on video on your website?
  • Who will need your products for sale?
  • Who will really need your training?
  • Who are your potential customers!!
  • This is where you’ll need the demographic data that collects for you Google Analytics

In this way, you will know for example that you are not going to put up for sale an item that will cost 750 euro for an audience whose average age is 16 years and which comes to you mainly from Facebook

So you will either change the product, or instead prospect professionals on Twitter or LinkedIn in order to achieve conversions and sales because they are rather salaried and they may need your offers and services

You will also, seek to know, what your readers will need to know, to do so that they become prospects and finally potential customers

You will therefore seek to bring to your site a qualified traffic in order to make it transit in your Sales Tunnels and make them happy customers and who come back of course .

This qualified audience will also guarantee your marketing strategies, and allow your website to become profitable and provide you with a minimum income.

Finally know that a site that does not bring back its visitors, loses money, you will then have to, capture emails with a good strategy to generate a large number of subscribers to your email list and revive your readers through campaigns emailing, also install cookies on their browsers in order to have them return often to your site

3-Valuable content makes your cash flow on your site recurring:

I think you’ll agree with me if I tell you that readers who land on your site, have nothing to do with how much your business and big and prosperous or your sales pages!!

What on the contrary will like your readers to find in your website, especially in the first place and highlighted more, are:

  • Relevant and timeless content, which you will update whenever necessary and on which you will base can be your marketing content strategy
  • Pages that recharge in less than 5 seconds
  • Your reader needs to find what it’s looking for in less than three clicks
  • Accurate and detailed answers to their questions
  • Simple, quick and effective solutions to their problems
  • Holes in a wall and not a chainsaw as they say!

Tell them simply through your content, how much they will have to gain if they stay on your site, also tell them that if they say yes to your calls to action, the needs that took them to your site will only be an old memory after they did this that you’re going to tell them to do, or buy what you offer them

Your content, must be Great, organized and well formated, thanks to a semantic cocoon for example in such a way that it will contain:

  • Content for informational purposes no more but which refers to other content that could itself lead to a sales or registration page for example
  • Content in the form of services, whose minimum service is completely free and intended to help your most needy readers for example
  • Rich content and Terminal , which will satisfy the needs of your readers without them having to seek more help elsewhere and that will also direct them to another content that will offer them services and solutions for the needs they could meet in the near future

Your content must basically respect this distribution:

  • 30% of the content must be 100% informative and that brings value for free (think about offering info supplements and tutorials for free download)
  • 30% of your content should be a pillar and terminus content (a reference content in your theme and very rich and complete)
  • 30% as content specially designed for the acquisition of traffic and visitors on your website (highly requested content that listens to timeless interest and a very high volume of search)
  • Only 10% of your content should contain your calls to action, your products for sale or your affiliate links for example

And then, you’re going to connect all these different contents with a good internal mesh and/or a semantic cocoon that will play the role of a funnel dragging your readers gently to your landing pages and calls to action of all kinds in order to make you earn money on your site

All the pages of your website, must therefore play a very specific role, in the transition Reader, prospect and finally customer and above all without your audience encountering the slightest constraint, offering choice and availability for each type of customers you have (according to their listings)

If you make your website profitable with ads and CPCs, you’re going to have to put long content online (3000 words) to keep the reader on your pages longer and allow them to see and notice your ads in order to click on them and you make money in returns on your website

Don’t forget that good content may appeal to advertisers who will buy advertising space on your site, and also get you accepted by affiliate programs and advertisements like Google Adsense or AdThrive

Also be aware that in the event that your site is monetized through advertising and CPC (cost-per-click), your content must contain all the keywords of great value and expensive to bid on Google adwords for example, also think of a field lexical, as rich as possible that will cover your entire theme in order to rank on all possible searches and queries

4-The User Experience on your website:

You can have great content on your site but if it is difficult to access, and if you do not guide your readers and you do not tell them what they will need to benefit from what you offer them, it is as if you have done nothing!

Your site for it to be profitable must above all be understandable, simple to navigate in from any device and especially under all internet speeds, be sure to choose the right host, I am on LWS ( domain names and hosting ) I do not have to complain, not expensive, secure and fast)

A website that will generate profits is a website where you feel good, where you feel like a king and above all where you see opportunities and solutions everywhere and at your fingertips, which your readers will have access to without having to go through steps that are not not necessary and above all have access to quick and temporary solutions for free and the possibility to have more with as little effort and money as possible!

5- Calls to action, they are the ones that earn you money:

Here’s an example, how to really take your reader’s hand and tell him what to do on your site so, instead of leaving empty-handed, he’ll probably make a conversion and access one of your calls to action


Never lose sight of what you want your readers and prospects to do for you!

  • Sign up for your email list
  • Switch from your blog to your online shop or corporate site!!
  • Follow you on social networks
  • Download your free books so they can access your affiliate links in for example!
  • Buy your products or just tell you what they think in a comment!!
  • Receive your free sample!!
  • Simply share your content
  • Give you a note and get a lot of feedback on your articles and products
  • Stay on your site for a long time
  • Know the way to your store in town
  • Call you by phone to discuss rates or make an appointment for coaching, for example.
  • Buy your items and then recommend you to their friends!

So, all your content, especially the one on the home page should redirect and direct your readers to your calls to action following tunnels that you will have set up

Make your calls to action:

  • Put in the most visible and visited places on your pages
  • Easily visible and clickable on all your screens
  • Brief, Clear and understandable to your audience regardless of their level or language
  • Attractive and convincing
  • Authoritarian but just to reassure your readers that you really know what you are doing and that you are the professional and the specialist

6- Build a reputation

The reader is not your friend in principle; and if it is on your site, it is not to buy your products, it is up to you to win his friendship and make him react to your calls to action, all this is not possible if your reader does not trust you, then; earn the respect and trust of your reader anyway the price 

You need your reader to know exactly what to expect and what to find on your site from the first few seconds!


Sometimes the simple to provide enough effort to help your audience without charging it anything, can earn you the sympathy of your readers and when they want to take action and pay as a last resort to satisfy their need, they will make you reward and do it on your site by becoming your customers because you’ve tried to help them before and for free

In fact, your site should never give the impression that it is managed by a machine!!

  • Introduce yourself to your readership on your site and on all the places on the net that you deem your presence necessary, depending on your theme of course
  • Present your site and your business in a video and put it there in your homepage, tell your readers and prospects what makes you so sure of yourself, that it is you and no one else who will be able to help them and sell them exactly what they need and the cheapest on the market
  • Show off your abilities and build an authority online and in your niche, let them talk about you and show your success when it shows up
  • Post your results on the site, feedback from your customers and what they think of your services, and feel free to ask your future customers too
  • Use Thryv’s statistics to understand what your readers and prospect expect from you
  • Post on your site the list of your business partners and those who use your services and products and the results they have had after as far as possible of course
  • Enjoy this free 7-day test with Semrush and understand what’s really going on on your website, it’s an indispensable and complete tool and cheap in addition if you want to keep it forever


I’ve thought a lot about how to make the most of the time and effort I put into my website, and only one rethink often comes back, I need, the will to help others in this case you, seriousness and time, a lot of time
So to make money with your website or any online business, you’re going to have to realize that it’s really possible to live off your website and generate profits online, you’re going to make small cash inflows With a young website, and your earnings will increase over time and more and more you will have experience in web marketing and internet business and as your website and your online authority grow and the trust of readers and customers too.


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