How to make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing and you’re new to this field, then you probably have to see a lot of videos on YouTube usually made by dream merchants who only aim to make the audience even if you get to you any tip at least that it is different from other videos.

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And if you’re here now reading this article, it’s because you’ve finally realized that it’s finally time to roll up your sleeves and learn from the experts in order to finally start to see your account statements increase in a few months and start your way , that I do not promise you that it will be easy, but on and  proven; towards full financial independence for life.

Let me tell you something Really important :

Reading blog posts like this one and watching youtube vidéos about affiliate marketing will not really helps you !! Believe me

You need a mentor to show you what to do step by step ,i’m sorry but it’s the truth , so 

Are you really interested in making a living and may be more with affiliate marketing ?

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How to Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners:


A truth to be heard:

Having recurring income through affiliate sales on the internet requires some essential knowledge and thanks to this article, you will find out how to get there, and what are the brand new tricks to make money easily with affiliate Marketing and why not live there completely within a year has two.

What’s affiliate marketing ?

To simplify things and I think it’s always better to make simple, affiliate Marketing “in the web marketing” and for affiliates “you”; is the fact of earning a commission when we bring a customer back to buy a product that is not ours.

How to do affiliate marketing :

Know that you can do affiliate Marketing without a blog or website, but I strongly advise you to create one, it will be for you as a showcase open to the world; and making money with affiliate Marketing is easier with a website. Follow this link if you want to have your own web site, easily and without breaking the bank, LWS is the best, it’s an affiliate link but it’s not just that, it’s really the best choice to create a website or an online shop

The 5 affiliate programs that pay the most:

These affiliate programs will allow you to generate large commissions and thus make your affiliate strategy generate more passive income.
These affiliate programs feature popular products that generate a lot of demand and traffic on the internet:

1-Regal Assets: 

An affiliate platform that specializes in gold and precious metals, they really pay a lot of money in commission, it is based in California, I advise you if you are able to promote products up to 20,000 euros
They also have a referral program, if someone registers via your link.


It is an affiliate platform specializing in Fashion, more than 300 haute couture workshops offer you their creations to promote and sell in affiliate Marketing if your blog is in fashion, this is what you need, they offer you a 6% commission, which is just huge, since their prices are high

3-Amazon affiliates:

Everyone knows Amazon, they offer commissions up to 10% of the price of the product you are promoting, this commission is valid for any product purchased by a customer you send them and this up to 20 hours after it clicked on your affiliate link.


If you blog in travel, tourism,… this affiliate platform is for you 
You will have holiday packs to promote for wedding parties, wedding nights… etc. they pay a commission of 4% for every booking made from your link and that’s a lot of money.


This is the best affiliate platform for health blog, fitness and weight loss... Etc 

They pay a commission of 12%, they have highly sought after products like watches that are equipped with body data sensors, heartbeat …

etc. You also have other affiliate platforms like:

  • ClickBak
  • Cj Affiliate
  • Offervault
  • Affilinet
  • 1 TPE … Etc

When will you get paid by affiliate Networks ?



This method of payment is related to the number of visitors you redirect to a merchant site from your blog or group … in this mode no matter if the customer buys or not, you’re going to earn your commission. this system is recommended to those who have quite a lot of traffic on their blog …

Payment per transaction made 

with this mode, you will receive a percentage on the operation carried out by the customer who visits the merchant site (the affiliate) by leaving via a link that is on your blog, for example Amazon will pay you for redirecting a customer, even if he buys another product than the one you’re promoting… Etc

Payment per prospect: 

In this mode, you will only be paid if the customer fills out his contact information on the merchant site (affiliate) from a visit or contact form or subscription … Etc

 PcM payout

with this program one pays for displays and this is a sales page display and not ad pages or banners. However, this affiliate program is little known.


While it is possible to make a profit by using a few marketing tricks on the Internet, setting up a profitable and automated affiliate Marketing that would generate passive money requires several steps that you need to know if you are Beginner and want to earn easy money with internet affiliation.

The steps to follow when you are a beginner in affiliate marketing :


 Immerse yourself in the subject

Since you finally found my article, it means that you went through a lot of others and you are filled with ideas on how to collect his first euros by selling inaffiliate Marketing on his blog or website; which is good and risky at the same time, why!! , simply because the majority of them are false proof you still can not start your business despite all the efforts you have made and the many hours you have devoted to do so.
Don’t worry, the affiliate market is still there and your customers are waiting for you to see that you know how to bring traffic back to your blog reach them; which brings us back to the purpose of our topic how to start well in and quickly in affiliate marketing and earn his first euros.

Try by either:

It’s good to go to some affiliate sites, the best rated of course like CLICKBANK,... etc and sign up, do some testing, post some links and banners here and there. It will finally allow you to know the hard truth that everyone can do it and can do it, which brings us back to the next step.

 Learn the right method 

Yes, I do! Put your illusions aside my buddy, the affiliate Marketing is simple but it’s not easy. only 7% get there and it’s those who have finally understood that the only way to achieve this is to learn from their failures and especially to learn from those who are already on the market, because that’s how it goes and that’s how we do it to be part of the 7% who succeed, wake up at last and get to work and let the pros guide you and make you realize your dream of living off your internet income. it brings us back to the most important point.
If you don’t even have a blog yet I recommend this excellent article to find out how to create a blog quickly that will help you see more clearly and create your blog and set up your business in just a few months and without spending a cent , just willpower and perseverance.

Those who will succeed are those who will continue the you want to stay among the 93% of losers, I invite you to go and waste your time in two-ball applications that will make you win crumbs, some 10 euros per year if notaffiliate Marketing is a trade and a it’s learned from professionals.

How to do Affiliate Marketing in practice?

Here’s how to do in practice to earn your first euros withaffiliate Marketing , you have only to follow the steps to the letter:

1- Affiliate Marketing without a website:

If you want to doaffiliate Marketing without a website or blog, without youtube channel or facebook page, or pinterest or Instagram page, you absolutely need to prepare a small budget to buy traffic to your affiliate link
Because that’s the role of a website or blog, youtube channel … etc in fact, thanks to them you will be able to bring back internet users to see your product and can be click on your affiliate link and buy the product and make you earn a commission 
I’ll give you a list of things to put into practice to do affiliate on the internet without you having to create a blog or website:
  • Search for a product to offer for people on the internet: 
    • First of all, you have to go to an affiliate platform (Clickbank, Affilinet, Offervault… etc) and look for a product to sell inaffiliate Marketing , this product must be related to the people you can contact or target on the internet, your friends on facebook, twitter for example, a product in agreement with your youtube videos and you will put the link to The product in the description … Etc
    • Start with a product that would be between 5 euros and 15 euros if you choose to be paid a commission when you sell the product (Pay Per Sale)
    • Sign up for this affiliate program, which offers the product, you will receive an email confirmation that your affiliate account is created and you will access your account and copy your affiliate link or banner… Etc
    • You will then suggest to people on the internet to buy this product by clicking on your link or banner so that you receive a commission 
  • If you have a blog for example, you will create a sales page or an article about the product you want to sell in affiliate Marketing and integrate your link in 
  • You can also find products that offer a ready sales page and you won’t even have to create it yourself, you’ll simply redirect users to this page and if they buy, you’ll get your commission


2-Do Affiliate Marketing using paid Traffic and Arbitrage :

You can buy traffic to your affiliate links on RevContent or Facebook (facebook Ads) 
You just have to allow a few euros to start, create an account on RevContent for example and start with 20 or 30 euros, you could buy a qualified traffic that can click on your links from 0.07 euro per click
So, when you’re on Revcontent, you’re going to choose that your ad (product photo – your title and your affiliate link), so choose that it be displayed on sites where readers might be interested in your offer or product
If you sell an affiliated dog product for example and the affiliate program is only valid in the United States, let’s say it’s dog food, so you’ll choose that your ad will appear on specialized websites. in pet pets website and that have American readers… Etc
I hope I’ve enlightened you on this topic of  affiliate Marketing , and know that you will only understand if you start to really make affiliate Marketing in practice
The first product you will sell will take you a long time to set up the whole process
But more and more you practice affiliate sales on the internet, you will gain experience and you will start to make profitable your effort and your investments if you make announcements to have traffic to your links, you must start selling with affiliate Marketing to learn targeting and sales techniques

The training:

Free training:

Later, when you understand the workings of the business, you will know that free training in affiliate Marketing  is only a trap to capture your email and make a profit with so if you do not want to waste your time, stop clicking wherever you go for free. (free training, start for free in affiliate Marketing get rich on the internet without spending a money… Etc.

Anyone who wants to get started in the affiliate business falls into this trap, don’t forget that you’re here just to learn how to take people down to your banners and affiliate links and have them click on them. If you’re s

till here it’s a good sign and you can be proud of yourself because you’ve finally understood the essentials in life “nothing is free and all good training at a price” and you have finally broken the chains that prevent you from realizing your dream of watching your bank account inflate while drinking your drink on a beach on a Pacific island.

 What training to choose?

If I brought you back so far it’s not to sell you salads, what do a lot of apprentice wizards who improvise trainers in web Marketing and start to belly everything and anything and all that the people of their training are gaining is a Big headache and total discouragement.


I think I was quite clear, and I apologize if I had to jostle you a little because you had to wake up from the unachievable dreams in which you introduced the sand merchants to finally show you the real methods to earn money on internet with a blog and how to really realize your dreams with affiliate Marketing
Finally I invite you to register on my blog to receive the latest trends and I encourage you to share this article and make open your eyes to your friends .

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