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How to make an ABOUT Page ?

How To make a Relevant About page?

how to create the about us page
A page About is this page where you are going to introduce yourself and your site to your audience, it is very important to your site regardless of its goal to get out of its virtual aspect, and so you will be able to put a human face and a real person and physical behind your site, and so go to meet your audience and help readers to engage with you, follow you and trust your products, services and what you offer them.
how to properly reference a page about


The “about us” page, conforms to some standards of writing and content, here they are:

Attraction and interactivity in your “About us” Page :


Your about page should be attractive and understanding of your audience; use emotion and lots of descriptive adjectives, and to do this it must contain some tricks, here are them:


1-Questions in Your  About Page :

When you write a page about, you’ll have to ask questions at first that will help your readers identify with you and to which your readers’ answers should be positive “YES.” For example, if
you are in stress management, you will use questions such as: “Do you feel all the weight of the world on your shoulders?”, do you feel that pressure that suffocates and compresses you as soon as you get up in the morning ?… etc.”

So your readers will see themselves in what you offer them and know that your site is made for them and that they better follow you and read what you have to say to them.

2-Telling a story:

Tell your story at the beginning of your page about, tell people what motivates you, why you do what you do, for our example of blog on stress, maybe you come out of a fight against burn out and you want to share your experience and help people who suffer from it to get better and get by,… etc

And then tell your story and tell readers, what is your mission, and what is your goal behind all this, of course it could be making money but why you want to make money by doing this and not anything else, open your heart people, believe me they will be more receptive.

3-Create an OPEN LOOP (leave the loop open):

You have to titillate the curiosity of your readers and leave them on their hunger, and if they want to know more about your story, they must follow you and read your articles ; here where you can learn how to write perfect ones ;  For example, you tell them that your whole experience is there … etc. on the other hand, do not tell your whole story and finish it so you will become uninteresting and we will not be interested after what you say.


4-Language and language:

Your ABOUT page should be written with the language that your target audience understands, and you need to translate it if you have readers in other languages, also think about captioning a video if you’ve integrated one that talks about you and your goal

Pendate also to use the language that your audience understands and accepts, do not speak in the third person and I suggest you use slang, the language that everyone speaks in their daily life and not stick to the academic wooden language that will only make that you get away more from your readers.


The profit:

How to write an excellent page about
You will then make users understand what they will gain by following you and reading your articles or following your training or buying your products … etc. and this could be translated by focusing on these points:


1-The Transformation:

  • You will project your readers into what will change towards their best by following you and reading your articles for example, project them in their futures if they listen to you.
  • In our example of stress management; you’ll tell them in short, how they’re going to handle their situation, get by as quickly as possible and tell them here’s how you’re going to do it and how you’re going to become after, be clear and accurate.

    Tell them that it has worked well for you and it should probably work for them and you will show them how to do and delineate the time that separates them from success.

  • Start always by quoting them by quoting the results they will achieve following a minimum of engagement with you , then you can usually cite the outlines of your program.

2-Evidence in the About page :

post your trophies on your about page to properly reference it
You’re just going to have to show off a few trophies if you have one, a degree in the field, or just talk about your professional experience, are you only passionate?; If you are a professional, say who you have worked with, who has already sought your services and with whom you work, cite some examples of those you have already helped

if possible. You can only put all this in a short video and integrate it into your page about, so you’ll explain to readers why you think you can help them or meet their needs better than anyone else.


The links and registration forms on the page about us:

You should definitely include in your pages about, links to your Facebook and Linkedin profiles for example, which will allow readers to directly access more information about you and what you do, and especially an email address that will go to them allow you and a registration form for your newsletter.

So you’re going to make everything available to readers without them going to the other pages, Pat Flynn has increased his number of registrants by 477% just by adding his registration form to the ABOUT ME page.


Instead, create a page about Your Audience:

Your about page must always talk and refer to your audience, it must that when a reader reads this page about me, it will feel as if it is part of it and that it concerns him too and make sure that he recognizes himself in .

So , take this last title as a conclusion and show in your page about (between 500 and 1000 words you want to form a real community of help, or everyone listens to everyone and you don’t do what you do because you know more than others, and that it’s only you want to share what was useful to you, may be this could help others and that’s your main goal “Help others” and if there’s a quid pro quo behind so much the better.


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