How to make a living with a blog

How to make concrete cash with a blog

I was like you, and after only a few months, with only a smartphone, which is not even a good brand and a 2G internet connection, I created this site that makes me earn money without doing anything or almost through advertising , and a YouTube channel; now it’s your turn to build your online business and liv

e from it. Making money from a mobile app is only true if you’re going to create it. Believe me I have tested several and proposed as much. Here’s how to really earn your first real euros easily with your smartphone on the internet.

how to make money with a smartphone
Follow me step by step, I guarantee you your first pennies in the minutes that follow and throughout your life if you want to live the internet.

Let’s go

Making money online, the best method:

This time, you’d need more support because you’re going to aim higher, several thousand euros a year.

You would need visibility, ie a place on the net where people can find you and find what you have to sell them.. yes, you’re going to sell … don’t worry there’s a lot to sell on the internet I’d show you a little further.

Let’s go back to our first step.


A-Create a blog:

 The blog is simply your address, your world, your home, your shop, your counter, your workplace and your first real step towards your financial independence.

To create your own blog for free if you want, you just have to go to Blogger or wordpress and create a valid blog is not improvised.
I find that Blogger is enough to start in this business and after you understood the strings of the trade and you acquired a cetaine experience you could buy a .com domain name and subscribe to Wordpress if you want.

a-Why a blog and not a youtube channel?

For two main reasons:

1 Unlike Youtube, which is visited only by a certain age group that is usually young, which says young people say without money; your blog could be found by everyone so your chances of making sales or your affiliate links being used are greater. Neither at least, creating a YouTube channel to bring more visitors to your blog is highly recommended when you start, that’s why I invite you to create one, look here if you don’t know how to do it.

2 A blog is an address, any sites that will offer you the opportunity to earn money will ask you your website address (blog).in addition a blog offers a larger showcase, unlike youtube which displays only a miniature (photo of the video) and a small space not visible for your links.

First conclusion:

I could have told you about filling out internet surveys, or surveys and some jobs that I find really ungrateful, and often you’ll give up before you even reach the minimum amount of money you could withdraw, so they pay crumbs, and believe me, now I have understood that this is their strategy; these scammers will make you work hours for crumbs, they show you that you earned 0.57 euros, but you are exhausted and you will tell yourself that you will resume tomorrow because you really want to have at least a few euros transferred to your account , but what will happen?
You reconnect the next day, you just take a few minutes and you’re going to lose taste, and then you give up.
So, why not go straight to the point and really work on the internet creating your own business which, despite it will take you a lot of time at first without touching a single penny, can be for months, but once you’ve put everything in place , the money will flow while the work will decrease considerably.
That’s why I suggest you create a website, free at least to start and everything will come little by little after. The main

thing is to create a blog but this will not prevent you from creating a youtube channel with the same name as the latter to use it in order to redirect your youtube subscribers to your blog and offer them your products and take advantage of this traffic for your marketing strategy (your plans to monetize your blog).

b-Create a blog, but on what

It’s almost 2019, but the advice I’m going to give you here is timeless, which means if you meet the fourth criteria that will follow, you’re going to create a blog that will stay on for the rest of your life and even you could leave it as a legacy to your child

ren. your blog theme should be focused on one of these themes and not another.

The money:


for example how: earn money?save?buy cheaper?win the lottery?repair your car be even open a business?… Etc



For example how: never get sick?eat holy?cook organic? to treat yourself naturally?… Etc



for example how: seduce a girl or a man?keep her love?find the perfect love?take care of her partner?make the girl last?… Etc


for example: personal development?how to overcome one’s fear? pass his exams?overcome his shyness?become thin?stop smoking?live happy? Learn to enjoy life?… Etc 


Stand out by specializing:


You have to specialize from the start, it’s called a niche. for exampl
e: if you want to make a blog about cars you can but when the time comes to sell something on your blog you do how?the only article you could sell should be common to all cars !!! I don’t see anything you can sell except maybe gasoline.

On the other hand if you specialize for example in gentes, or maintenance here again (Electricity or mechanical) … etc your registrants you can sell them later training on how to repair this or that thing, you could advise them items that you will sell in affiliation with Amazon … Etc

So you have to choose a carrier topic, specialize as much as possible to aim for a well-defined slice of readers to whom you will propose your offers and services later.

Make known his blog:


That’s it, you found your subject, your domain name (blog), you wrote your first article and about it, I strongly advise you to read after How to write a good blog post?; now it’s time to bring people back to read your articles and why not register on your blog! Many blog
ers, including me at the beginning, believe that it was enough to write an article and to dump it on the net for it to work; it’s necessary because there’s a long work behind,

how to do it?

You have several choices:



advertising him (not free) with Google Adwords:


In fact Google could advertise for your blog but you’ll have to break your piggy bank because it’s not free in addition if you want to save time and evolve your blog, and you’re willing to pay a few euros there are very interesting trainings here that you will win at least one year of hardship.the prices vary (from 5 euros up to 1000 euros) and satisfied or refunded.

Write quality articles:


I advise you to remember this paragraph every time you start writing an article. In fact, a blog post is the whole page that you are reading with its titles, subtitles, secondary titles, paragraphs, links, images. Etc

I’m not going to go into detail how to create cohesive content for your website, but I urge you to read this very good article that will show you in detail how to do it. 

In short, a big,100, a good article and a first article that brings added value; there is absolutely no point in writing what everyone else has published before you. You have to bring back something new and direct your whole article to this new thing including the title of your article, you won’t get there from the first article but it will come with time and practice 

Talk about it on social media:


That’s where your YouTube channel comes from. to let people know that you have written an article and that they have a special interest in reading it, you will explain it basically on your YouTube channel and put a link to it that leads to the page of your article in the description of your
video. You can also use Facebook and Twitter, the principle is myself.
Make guest items:

For example, once you’ve finished writing your article, you contact bloggers who deal with the same topic as you and you tell th

em: Here I’m done writing this article, is what you would not have a proposal that I would add to my article … etc. and once they offered to add something you add it and you put a link to their blog in your art

icle. Then you contact them again this time by offering them to put a link to your article in their own article since you did the they will recommend your articles and send you readers (traffic).


Monetize his blog:



You can register your blog on google Adsense preferably or another advertiser, like that; If you meet the main conditions for Adsense to accept your blog; so google will post the ad on your blog and pay you for it. You first have to create a google account Here and sign up for Google Adsense here. I advise you to read later how to link his blog to adsense.


The download:

read the article at the top of my page and you could suggest a lot to download not just books….

The affiliation:

to simply post someone else’s product on your blog and if someone buys it (via your blog) you will receive a commission. Check out my full article on affiliation. and this technique of earning commissions, or a percentage, will no longer have any secrets for you.


A smartphone is not only made to just make calls, play video games and make pictures, but also to earn why not thousands of euros per month, the trick is simple but not easy; this may take a little time but not forever; Creating your online business through a website is the only way to make your internet connection profitable and the time you spend on it every day; why not make it your smartphone or PC, a real slot machine or a real job position?
Go ahead, you’ll find everything you’ll need on my site and contact me by leaving a comment if you need adviceFollow this l

ink if you want to create your website easily, you have a special offer (the cheapest of the moment) for Have your website as fast as possible and easily in addition



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