How to find a profitable niche for a blog

How to find a profitable niche and much more for his, blog, website, e-commerce shop and any online business:

What is a niche in web marketing?

how to explore and verify niche ideas if they are promising

I guess you already know that; but hey, for those who still wonder, it's simply the topic or theme on which you will create your blog, write articles, sheets or product reviews, in order to attract traffic and visitors to your niche site or micro-niche and sell them your products and offer your services. To simplify things: Findin

g a good niche for your blog (

affiliation) or online shop (Drop-shipping) is like finding a group of people online, who have at least one problem in common and who is looking for solutions to this or these problems , even if you had to pay for a service or buy a product in order to meet their needs and solve their problems, your job then would be to get to meet these people with the offers by the ticket of a good content or a sales page and the Adwords ad and create some to them bespoke products if necessary, simpler than that!! you won't find it anywhere elseAnd if you a

lready grasp this definition, believe me, you will then have taken a big step towards discovering your future niche or profitable micro-niche

I would not dwell on what a niche is and since you are here to read this article , let's talk about a niche that generates profits and if you create a blog on this theme, you will be able to monetize it and derive a recurrent and passive income in some cases if you know how to do it of course.

how to choose a good niche and a thematic for a website to earn a lot of money

What are the criteria for a profitable niche?

For those of you who don't want to benefit from my other tips at the bottom, please make do with this list, if you are really in a hurry to leave! and test your domain names if they are available:

  1. Choose a niche with little competition, and in which even sites that lack authority can generate traffic and sales behind
  2. Choose a niche on which a lot of content could be created and in various topics, to avoid white page syndrome
  3. A super niche that will save you thousands of euros and much more, would be a theme in which we will get out very quickly of the impostor syndrome, so the one where we could learn and master our subject very quickly
  4. A profitable micro-niche is easily monetized, which you know in advance the products you will promote and especially how you are going to do it.
  5. Choose a niche that is easy to monetize that is not limited to a specific or restricted language or geographical area, to target as many people as possible and then make it a blog based really on an excellent niche full of opportunities and means to there earn tons of money
  6. Choose a niche that you master the creation of content, even on the material side, do not blog about the photo if you do not know how to take it or you have never had a camera!
  7. choose a good blog theme on a topic and an area that you are passionate about but not too
  8. Choose a niche where you could create products for sale or to offer yourself, at least Ebooks to be able to offer them for example against registrations to your newsletter for a possible marketing email as a monetization strategy on your blog Niche
  9. A profitable niche is a niche that solves one or more problems that affects a well-defined group of users or Internet users
  10. Read the rest for more tips…

    5 preliminary steps to follow to find your gold niche:

    1-Find what interests and excites you as a subject and theme but not too much so that it may seem easy and that you will not make efforts to learn more and you get bogged down later

    2-Find the problems you could provide solutions to, these are your future articles!! so you'll need a minimum of knowledge in this topic to choose it

    3-Do a web analysis and look at your future competitors and their levels, and judge for yourself, is what you could extract from them from the traffic and compete with them in your turn!

    4-Make a small calculation about what you could earn with this niche and what you could mostly spend to make it profitable and turn it on, and see is what it's in your means, look also is what you would have the time needed to start this business!

    5-Make a test, create your niche site and give yourself an ultimatum and first goals and if you reach them, continue, if not you have to look for another theme that will suit you best

    How to choose a beneficial niche idea for a website or blog?

    find niche ideas

    For someone who starts in blogging or web marketing, he will probably go for his theme or his niche in his passions

    To find a niche idea that will make you a lot of money, do not follow his desires at the risk of choose one that no one wants to hear. Then, then,

    If you want to create a blog for the first time and start a niche business on the net; I advise you to choose a market theme and that has proven itself, a niche that already makes money for other people on the internet

    . You actually need to choose a very common topic, whose keywords have a high CPC and whose queries, brew a large volume of search on Google and other search engines

    How do I know if a niche is a carrier?

    the criteria of an excellent niche

    To put your niche idea to the test, just do a little search on the internet, Google, YouTube and social networks, and see a little, the number of users who watch for example youtube videos that deal with topics related to this or go to Google trends and analyze the graph of queries generated by the main keywords of this niche and this over the whole year and not just a small period and see the interest of Internet users in your target geographical area at this thematic and on this subject on which you want to blog for example or on a dynamic niche on a product in vogue and that everyone is looking for and especially will also look for in the future . … For example; you should never opt for a niche away from the gold square

    • Love (how to find it!)
    • Money (how to earn it!)
    • Health (how to take care of her and find her!)
    • Happiness (how to find it and how to swim in it!)

    From these emerge micro-niches that report like real estate, personal development, … e

    tcAnd all the themes that relate to its latter. The risk if you choose an original theme because you say to yourself; Here you are!!! no one is talking about this, BINGO !!!, I'm going to create a blog on it and make a hit…

    Big mistake! In 99% of cases, if a blogging topic that doesn't often come back from Google results or in YouTube videos, almost no one is interested; and you'll end up with a blog full of good articles, but creates based on a niche Macro that does not have a volume of research that one could monetize for ex

    ample … So stick to the four previous Macro-Niches and make sure to approach your theme from a new angle, develop and enrich it and create valuable content in order to recover some of the traffic of your future competitorsTh

    ere is something else, know again that you're going to have to put online at least, between thirty and forty 40 items minimum for Google to really start to take an interest in your niche site, so you're going to have to find a theme or domain for your site, based above all, your ability to find at least 30 ideas for articles and be able to write them; it's very important to choose a niche that you won't get bored of very quickly.

    Create your own brand:

    how to find a good niche for an e-commerce website or shop

    Choose a proven niche that already makes money for others, and approach it from your point of view to you. 

    Don't be afraid to choose a theme that already exists on the market, you will only deal with other topics and repeat them in other ways, and why not better than those that already e

    xist! Regarding this I may have reservations about the topic of health and personal development, I advise you not to dive in if you are not a professional in the field and you are not ready to spend money in advertising Adwords and Other. T

    hese two niches are really saturated and it is very difficult to bring new and exclusive items, unless you are a nutrition expert for example or a professor of surgery


    How do I find a profitable Micro-niche?

    This is very important, for readers to find something different in your blog, niche site or online shop, and especially very important also for your referencing on Google because the latter loves the never seen and relevant content and exclusive, created by you and which is addressed exclusively to a well-defined audience (targeted nest), if not, Google severely punishes copycats, content that brings nothing new and esp

    ecially plagiarismAlors, after choosing between the 4 profitable themes that I told you about earlier, it's time to specialize and create your micro-niche, your own brand, your idea and a new very targeted theme

    Choose a niche and theme that has a long-term market:

    find a profitable niche all year round

    You have to find an annual niche (unlike a seasonal site theme) and not a niche that will just arouse interest during a particular season, you are not going to create a blog for example just on umbrellas or how to make jet sky  You

    have to choose a theme that will last all year and that people will be interested in it every day and not just this month or just the weekend

    . Do not, for example, create a niche site on paper hats and hope to generate revenue behind; it's very important to choose your niche based on the products or services that you could sell in your blog, either affiliate or Dropshipping or whatever, n

    ever underestimate this point if not you're going to end up with a blog that people like read but expect nothing else from you, nor buy your products or even your free off

    ers! In these cases, the best thing to do is to call on Google Adsense to monetize it even if you're not going to earn much, the main thing is to make some money and why not rephrase it and divert it to a new promising th

    eme! So, before choosing the niche mic of your blog or e-commerce store, first select the products that you will be able to sell on your site, and on its products that you will blog later and try to write consistently very good articles to make your readers love them

    Choose a specialty in an already special niche:

    find a micro niche in an already existing niche

    I know you have your head spinning but let me explain thisWhen we choose the subject and the theme of his website, we must think at all costs how to specialize in this field? for example, if you think your niche is going to be smartphones; which is a very good niche with very high CPCs and a huge volume of research, I would advise you to go even further and choose as a micro thematic for your blog, the unbreakable for example, memory cards, subscriptions to operators, old laptops but that people are still looking for, … etc What I meant is

    that you have to choose a specialty and a specific subject if you want to have less competition and you are not devoured all raw by the big blogs. So, your pos

    itioning in your field, must be very targeted in order to be able to stand out from the imitators and recover all the readers who want details on smartphones for example in your blog and you could occasionally make it profitable in just selling accessories, batteries for example in partnership (affiliation) with Amazon (affiliate site).

    A theme for a legal site at least for Adsense:

    As everyone knows; Create a blog about games or alcohol, guns … etc will subject you to big restrictions, from a moral and legal point of view and above all, it is a matter of public and targeted traffic very restricted, forbidden to under 18s for example and in many countries ..

    . So you have to choose a website theme that opens its doors to everyone without being afraid of sanctions from Google and others …

    Opt for a niche that targets specific readers:

    how to find a profitable theme for a website

    For example, if you want to make a niche blog to make a lot of money on weddings, it would be wiser to know what kind of couples you are dedicated to; is this for newlyweds? remarried? gay marriages? wedding parties only? Couple problems? the problems of the newlyweds? couples' problems in their forties?… etc. we must therefore choose a niche t

    hat will continue to generate long-term revenue and much more, while focusing on the kind of audience to which it will be intended To Choose a theme, it is

    to respond to the problems and urgent needs of readers who attach themselves to it: Then; before

    you tell yourself that you are going to create a blog on this or that topic, ask yourself before, what needs will my blog meet? , how am I going to help people before I ask them for their blue card; what could I bring to this theme, to which the other blogs have not responded? … Etc

    In short, to choose a monetized niche that will be successful very quickly it is necessary: 

    • A popular niche that generates views and traffic and that interests people, not just a category (female, gay,… etc)
    • A niche that you can monetize with different means (advertising, affiliation, … etc)
    • A theme that you could master as quickly as possible, the one where you have a predisposition to learn the ropes in a short time
    • A highly targeted and specialized niche that addresses specific needs and questions
    • A niche that will last in time, and not a blog about Christmas parties for example or winter games or whatever !!!!

    How do you practice to find a good profitable niche?

    Proven method for finding new micro niche ideas

    I confess that it is not given to everyone to find good niche ideas and profitable themes to create business onThe reason that there

    is a work of research and analysis of the net market to target a specific audience with a blog micro niche and that 99% of you are not ready to do Let me confirm you ano

    ther thing: everyone cares about the niche idea that you are going to have as long as it is not going to do them a service and help them solve a specific problem and that Do you care that you just ha

    ve to think about finding a good blogging topic? it's not how it goes, think again, I've already been there and there's at this very moment several blogs belonging to me that have sunk like a stone into the ocean of digital marketing … Do you know why? Because I had ide

    as of niches, I believed like iron that it was going to do hhh but no one wanted it … and I only knew that after wasting time and moneyFinding a good niche is q

    uite a process, you must first look at the net market, the products of the moment and those of the future, the competition, the availability of the market, the availability of keywords , is this niche seasonal or ace? … etc It's this upstr

    eam work that I didn't know how to do before and that cost me time and money… etcT vow to mak

    e my mistakes again? or are you going to let me help you find a good niche, profitable, stable and future that will allow you to withdraw your share of profit from the money that circulates on the net?

    How will I help you find a good niche 

    how do you recognize a profitable idea in dropshipping or affiliation?

    You'll start by contacting me by Email, give me a global theme and a vague idea about what you'll want as a blogging theme

    I'd advise you before I know 

    • How are you going to monetize your blog?
    • What offers and products will you be able to promote on your future niche blog?
    • Are you able to create content for this niche?

    And if you have the answers to these questions, contact me and I'll do a search for you in order to make this niche, a niche microphone that you could dominate in a short time

    What am I going to do to help you find a niche that has potential?

    1. I'll deepen your idea and try to make it more focused, you find a more specific niche microphone
    2. I'm going to make you proposals for probable micro niches
    3. You're going to choose one 
    4. I'll then do a domain name search for you and make you proposals, you'll choose the one you like

    Les Options 

    • I could do a search for topics of articles to create for you
    • I could do the best keywords for you.
    • If I have time, I might even write you some articles

    How much will this cost you if I help you have your own niche blog?

    buy a niche blog or a niche shop already established

    1 . If I just help you find a good niche, I would just ask you to go through one of my affiliate links to buy your domain name and your hosting, the cheapest is with LWS, here's their offer for a year:

    2 . If I'm looking for your domain name myself, you'll use my links to buy 10 euro euros for each domain name proposa

    l3. If you want me to do more for you, I would ask you to read this article; I could even create your blog for you but this will cost you a little more money

    Do you want to find your niche yourself?

    The method I use to prospect and find new niches is based mainly on Google Keyword Planner

    This is a method where you are going to have to go blind using the words Triggers, this prospecting technique is very effective in finding blank themes and not yet exploited

     And if you already have a niche idea, and want to test it to see if it's promising or not, use sites like AliExpress, Amazon, Trustpilot, Ebay and affiliate platforms like Junction Commission, Clickbank,JVZoo, … Etc

    The principle in this case is to check the availability of good products for sale in this Niche and above all is that there is a demand for these products and more, we must seek to detect the subcategory of products that receive the most reactions , reviews and comments from customers

    Book to find niches ecommerce and dropshipping and affiliation
    I have obviously put all these techniques in an excellent book, "Find a profitable Niche from the first month" , It is on Amazon (18.43 Euros) but I come for my readers on my blog with only 15 Euros

    The price is correct given the ease with which you will find your niches after you have used the practical method explained step by step in this book

    You will be able to make a profit on your investment before even the end of the current month, at least if you also have some knowledge of affiliation or Ecommerce of course, but what you promise is to find in less than a day a Excellent Niche, profitable virgin easy to dominate and with profitable products for sale

    Thanks to the method of prospecting and checking proposed niches in this book, profitable niches with marketing affiliation, dropshipping… Etc


    When blogs were first created, they were all different because they were a kind of diary; but now the blogging market is almost saturated and only the best-positioned niches find their accounts. So, what's going on.

    whatever micro niche you will choose for your blog or website, it must have only one essential thing: specialization at the highest point, and do not tell yourself that you are not going to touch many people with it !!! Go ahea

    d and come back and say thanks if you're going to heed my tips well on An

    d if you want to find a niche that really has potential, click under it and send me a message to discuss it




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