How to drive traffic to a new blog ?


How to actually drive traffic to a new blog or website 

You have created a blog, written very good articles, followed the basic methods to attract visitors to your website and yet almost no one reads them and you start seriously doubting you? rest assured it happened to me and this is how I managed to significantly increase my organic and direct traffic and this in record time.

You may find my long paragraphs, but you have everything to gain, because if you put them into practice, your traffic will increase, and your traffic sources too, put a little of yours there then and stay focused, let’s go:

how to have more audience on a website

First of all, know that all methods to create an audience and increase the number of visitors to your website are going to have a common condition for them to work, it is the fact of having written at least some good content on your blog.if not already done, I strongly advise you to get help with this very good article that will show you step by step how to get there.

Let’s move on to our goal of the day:

What is the traffic or the number of visits for a website?:

Traffic or number of visits is undoubtedly the most important factor of any blog or website, it is the only real indicator of your success and should always remain your first concern as well If you have a lot of traffic , you may even allow yourself to overlook the factors of authority and Trust Relationship, and even if you sit on a lot of money by doing this, you will still be able to generate a reasonable income.

On the other hand if you don’t have traffic, because you don’t know the tricks to boost your internet traffic to set up, you may have all the Authority and inspire the world’s greatest trust, it won’t earn you a penny , so you need to develop an audience strategy that works for your site

It is Temp now to get serious and try to help you increase the visibility of your website, and generate regular and free traffic on the latter

Mistakes to avoid if you want to have traffic on your blog:

How to boost the traffic of a young website

Before we start creating and increasing traffic on your website or online business, let’s look at the mistakes to avoid that can nerate your strategies for obtaining visitors to your website:

  1. Choose a Template that is unsuitable for your theme and above all that is not responsive
  2. Blogging on a topic that doesn’t interest many people or too competitive 
  3. Do anything on your website and not follow a good traffic strategy
  4. Use a poor article title that does not arouse interest or curiosity
  5. Write only for search engines and forget that your readers are humans who can feel it when you really want to help them
  6. Don’t promote the blog and rely only on organic search to have visitors on your website
  7. Do not use illustrations in your articles and annoy readers with blocks of our text airy and uns formatted and above all neglect the love of readers for photos and videos whatever your theme
  8. Do not track and measure its results and especially do not draw you goals like that of reaching 500 visitors to your site every day, put it in place on google analytics
  9. Blog only about you or your business and don’t care what your readers and your audience really want as you get them as content on your site
  10. Don’t properly format the content of your blog, because the reader will only crawler your article at the beginning to see a little titles and words in bold illustrations and other smart lists and if he finds it interesting, he will then start reading your Content
  11. Don’t have your blog optimized for mobile
  12. Ignore comments and don’t answer your readers especially to questions
  13. Expect to have quick results and believe in easy gain on the internet because, at least at the beginning, it’s really a lot of work, let’s say the first and second year what!!

And here’s finally:


The main sources of traffic for a blog:

how to double traffic on a website

How to bring traffic back to a new blog or website that has been launched online:

There are not three thousand ways, and here are the main ones, especially those that work best and accessible especially for a young blog:

First of all, you have to create and define a clear traffic strategy, which means:

  1. Define your target audience and who your readers will be
  2. Set fixed targets for getting traffic 
  3. Choose one or two main traffic sources
  4. Create 30% dedicated content specifically to bring visitors back to your site
  5. Update your traffic strategy and keep it functional
  6. Count on organic traffic only after three months, and you have to share your content to the maximum during these first three months and if you can launch advertising companions to build an audience and a list of emails this is ideal to have quickly traffic on a young blog.

Create unique content that meets a need:

traffic through web content

The first thing to do on your new website and create at least a dozen articles or pages of content, truly unique and based on the real needs of your target audience and above all that bring value to readers and respond to specific needs and questions from your likely audience.

Choose your keywords to get more audience on your web pages:

boosting web traffic with keywords

In fact when your website is very young, you’re going to have to settle for secondary keywords and long drag to create articles on it and don’t go to the main keywords at the large volume of search in your thematic, because on the one hand:

Google is not going to trust your site because it is very young and you do not yet have authority

And on the other hand, you’re not going to be able to compete with the big sites in your niche on these high-volume search keywords.

And once you’ve made your name in your domain gradually incorporate these kinds of keywords, and start fighting traffic to your competitors and stealing their readers.

Start with a small website if you want to be credible 

Matt cutts of Google has clearly also recommended starting your “small” site and expanding as you master your theme and don’t create content on topics that are beyond you and that you don’t yet master

Don’t ever create a lot of article and content and put it online all at once !!!

Post your content as you create it if you want to bring visitors back to your website because that way, google will take an interest in you and send you free organic traffic in parallel to the development of the authority of your site .

Start by creating purely informative content to drive traffic across the website 

Bringing visitors back to a website with informative content

When you put a new site online and you want to have a lot of visitors, you have to start by creating content specifically designed to help your audience

Create long content for more traffic:

Nowadays, it takes content of at least 2000 words in order to classify it on SERPs and hope to generate more clicks, so a lot of traffic 
Experts in organic traffic generation, advise articles of at least 2000 words, and all traffic studies demonstrate, the longer your article, the higher it will be ranked higher on Google, provided it is relevant too


Use Content Lockers to boost content sharing:

Content lockers require your readers to share content if they want to access it themselves, for example, use content lock plugins on wordpress to install it on your content.
You can use them on sequences of really special and interesting content for your readers (Great added value), downloadable files for free too 
This method will make your website known through sharing and bring you a new audience

Boost your traffic with Adwords companions:

An audience generation method that has become mandatory for Ecommerce sites 
Paid referencing is also an effective way to increase your number of visits, this solution is intended to accompany your natural referencing and give a boost to your traffic strategy. 
For your visitors to return to your site, have them redirected to your best pages, and why not capture their emails to get them back to your site later!

If you are an online shop, refer yourself to Google Shopping, this will give you priority to the SERP and will ensure you more audience for free.


Look for anything like conversions at the beginning of your website creation that sign up for your email list

have traffic through the email list

All your first content should be intended to help your readers and bring them value and you will gradually integrate articles that are intended to achieve your business goals for example, once you have managed to retain your readers and created a list of emails for example to do email marketing

In fact, to bring readers to your site, you must have at least 70% of your content entirely intended to help your audience and this content must then redirect your readers to your pages that contain their business links. like those of affiliation or those to the sales pages or to your online shop if it is a blog made has this effect

Once you’ve put online good content that still generates a little traffic, it’s time to think of another more efficient way to bring even more visitors back to your website or E-commerce store with a blog , linked to your website and that will ensure a constant flow of readers

Meet your audience’s expectations for more traffic on your site

Having traffic thanks to Answer the publish
Rep. answer questions from Answer the public in your articles

Each audience has its favourite type of content that best meets its expectations

There are themes that need video content, and other items lists or may be articles “how to do,”

So it’s up to you to find out what kind of content your audience expects from you!

If you blog for example about mechanics, repairs that you will film and put in your articles will bring you a lot of visitors!!

Attractive titles and meta descriptions, to increase the number of clicks and visits on your web articles

Whether it’s an email object, or a blog post title, it has to be attractive for users to click on it and come to your site

So try to think carefully about your article titles, and choose them in such a way that they titillate the reader’s curiosity and push him to click on them and come to your website

Choosing the right titles for your web pages and content can actually double the number of visits to your website

Do the same with the description for research, it is very important to draw the reader’s eye to what he will really find on your site or article, so try to write it well.

Netlinking to bring traffic to your website

In fact, incoming links (backlinks) are the best ways to tell google that your content is worth putting on its first search results

There’s a practice called Netlinking or Netbuilding, which involves creating unsealed but really seem to be backlinks, it’s an effective but illegal hearing improvement practice, the best then is to leave your backlinks will create themselves and traffic on your website will surely follow

I put a whole article on creating external incoming links and how to do it to bring back some authority for your site through the creation of Backlinks of authority and quality and thus effectively and sustainably boost your traffic Website

Boost website traffic through internal mesh (linkage):

boost your internet traffic with internal mesh

When a visitor lands on your website, why not go around the owner!

I mean why refuse him to consult several pages before leaving your site and thus increase the number of views
This is where a good internal mesh and why not a semantic cocoon while you are there!; Comes into play, you just just put the right internal links, in the right places in your articles and especially with good anchors very attractive and above all useful that will give more value to your reader and give him more information than this what it came to in principle on your sit

Generate more views with cookies 

There are online services like Subscribers that will provide you with the means to offer your readers to install cookies from your site on their browser, this way will allow your reader to return to your site regularly and thus increase the number of views on the latter and at the same time let your readers discover your calls to action for more conversions

Boost the audience of your website or online store with a list of emails:

Bringing visitors back to your site

Among the first things to set up on your website when it’s posted online, there’s a way to capture emails
Install a self responder for your site , Thryv (19 euro:month for 40,000 Emails) is the best, cheapest walk and above all the most complete, intuitive and efficient, but also if you are amateur mailchimp for example at a free service for beginners , this auto responder will allow you to create an email capture page or popup for your readers to sign up for your newsletter and receive your emails

All you have to do is email them every time you upload new content to your site and invite them to view it.

Emailing campaigns are a very effective way to increase the number of views on your site and thus boost your traffic

Digg-likes can bring more visitors back to your website:

These are sites where you submit an article after you publish it and where users of the site can vote for it.

If you get a sufficient number of votes, your article will be published in the home page, which may bring you a lot of traffic via this Digg-like, but not very qualified (high bounce rate, ie that many readers will close your site in average visit time is reduced compared to the average for your visitors).

How to boost traffic on a new website

But you’ll still be able to convert a small proportion of this untargeted traffic

Switching to the front page of sites like Digg can bring you thousands of visits in a day.

In France, count a few hundred visits in one day, which is already very appreciable, especially if you have just created your blog.

Some Digg-likes to register your site in order to receive visitors from them:

Visit my site to register a website

Waaaouh for your articles

SEO Juice Good to sign up to boost your SEO

Your Buzz as the name suggests!!

Tracking site rankings with Semrush

Link exchanges for more visitors to your website:

It’s a little out of date with search engines (Google and others prefer links that only go one way), but it can give you a good boost at first.
Start by writing some quality articles, then offer link exchanges with blogs that have a slightly higher readership than yours.those there do not yet appear in the first search results on google.

This method remains more effective if you do this between three different sites Site A puts a link to the B and the latter in turn gives a Backlink to site C which also puts a link to site A

Discussion forums, quality traffic:

Sign up for forums that address your topic and use your expertise and ease of writing to create reference topics that will position you as an expert and that can generate a lot of traffic on your web articles.
Some forums have tens of thousands of users who post thousands of Topics a day.

You can also respond to existing topics, but creating quality topics is the best way to create your expert status and bring you the most qualified traffic through links that you will integrate into them.

Above all, focus on bringing something new and valuable to these forums: don’t spam it with not interesting messages that only aim to promote your blog, it’s very frowned upon and you will mostly succeed in getting banish three movements in two stages.

Quora is a good example of a forum that generates visits and traffic on websites, sign up, be helpful and bring readers to your website

Write guest articles to get new readers:

The principle is simple, rather than writing an article for your own blog, you’re going to have to write it for another blog and publish it on it, with the agreement of its owner 

This will allow you to get out of the areas in which you usually write even if you may very well write an article in the same theme as the ones you usually publish; and above all it is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic on the short, medium and long term thanks to the Backlinks of guest items
Contact me if you want to write me an article, just be sure you can produce at least one content that would be useful to me and about as good as mine

How to do it:

Given the reluctance of some bloggers, which is understanding especially do not approach bloggers cold, without ever having had contact with them beforehand.

Here’s what not to do:

send an email saying “Hey hi, I’m the blogger of “you put your blog”, and I’d love to write a guest article for you”, but there’s a lot more chances it won’t work if you’ve never had a relationship with him.

Here’s how to do this:

One of the best ways to do this is to regularly write quality reviews on your blog.
Believe me, he will notice. above all do not do as these people, when they comment, settle for a few lapidary phrases and, whether positive or negative, the blogger always sighs about the difference between time and reflection that he put in his article and the time and reflection that his readers have put, of course, if the comments are positive, he stresses less

If you write intelligent comments that ask good questions, it will delight the blogger who will see that on the one hand his efforts are not in vain and above all that finally someone takes the trouble to take a little time to reflect and comment on what he had so hard to write.

The goal is also to bring value to the readers of this blog, and you must erect in absolute principle the fact of proposing quality content rather than creating a trompe l’oeil that has only the purpose of diverting traffic to your blog .

Readers will see it, the blogger will see it too, but on the other hand if you write exceptional content that completes the said article, they will also see it and the agreement to publish on his blog will come of itself.

NB: I for one am quite open to guest articles, on webmarketing tutorials, so feel free to contact me at this suJet.

Commenting on other blogs can bring you visitors to the site:

how to boost your website's traffic with comments

It works in much the same way as on the forums, except that you respond to an article that a blogger has written.

This will allow you to generate qualified traffic and reach a qualified persona and above all to create a relationship with this blogger, for future audience exchange partnerships provided that the blog on which you comment already receives quite a lot of traffic, that you write relevant and quality comments, and in the end you are rather in the first to comment .

To do this subscribe to these blog so you will be aware every time a new article is published.

Don’t forget to titillate a little the EGO of the bloggers you comment on, they might well come to your site in turn and leave you a comment, or else they will even offer you a partnership which will bring you new visitors on your pages

Audience exchange and traffic generation on a website

This traffic generation method, could double your audience in one fell swoop, it’s like creating an email list and getting lots of registrants  

you will then only have to search and contact a blogger of the same theme as you or a complementary niche, and offer him an email with your list of articles that he will send to his email list to him and you will do the same with his email that you go in counterparty send to your prospects

It’s a Winning Partnership, which you could redo periodically so that each of you brings the other’s leads to its website and thus boost the traffic of its website and its number of visitors and why not registered!

Social networks to boost your traffic:

boost web traffic through social networks

Use Facebook and Twitter. If you want to keep Facebook for your close friends, create a group or Facebook page.

If you write viral content, these two media will be able to explode your audience: they are among the ten most visited sites in the world, and their user numbers are growing exponentially.

It is therefore essential to think about creating a good strategy for sharing your content in order to allow new users to discover it and thus increase the traffic and the number of customers also of your online business.

You just need to know which social media is best suited to your theme and where exactly your potential readers and your likely audience are

Word of mouth to make your website known:

Promote your website for more traffic

Sometimes you just have to talk around to make it explode, your friends will read your blog and start talking to their friends, especially if you use Facebook and twitter intelligently.

In addition, you can write deliberately polemical articles that can create a buzz because we humans love scandals.

This traffic method is to be used in moderation, and definitely not if you can’t handle criticism (but if you’re launching a blog, expect to be criticized, not least because it’s a criterion for success).

This traffic strategy is very effective during a website for a local business, which is a showcase for a business with a limited geographical area.

You could just create business cards, put the name of your website and also, refuel and distribute them in your territory and bring more visitors to your website

Natural referencing for free organic traffic (SEO):

Have free traffic thanks to SEO and Google Reference

In fact, Google is the first site that brings me visits every month. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a science and a profession in itself, so you have to learn to properly reference and optimize SEO your website for good search engine referencing and good visibility on the internet.

Basically, the more links your blog has that point to it, and links from popular sites, the more Google will appreciate it, the more your organic traffic will increase.

This takes time to build, but if you work hard and you follow a minimum of rules, you will get the talk of you and these links that will point to your site will come on their own, improving your rankings in search results.

Here are the essential SEO points to watch on your website to boost your audience:

1. Ensure a good smooth navigation and a better user experience, will even make you back your drives

2. Increase your traffic via mobile devices by choosing a Responsive And Mobile Friendly Template

3. A short page loading time will guarantee a reader that will stay, see more pages and return to your website

4. Create and optimize your about and legal pages to be in good standing with Google and claim more organic traffic

5. Set up a non-intrusive email capture system to implement email traffic strategy

6. Provide your readers with free download files, which will make them come back and especially share your content.

7. Adopt a good sharing strategy with floating sharing buttons, as a shared article is likely to bring a lot of visitors back to the site

8. Delete any content that doesn’t generate u less than a few views per week, and update pages that generate average traffic, because an article that doesn’t generate views, only sucks the juice to the other pages.

9. Monitor alerts on the Search console and take immediate action when necessary, before a penalty that would harm your audience.

10. Google Analytics will help you get to know your readers better and refine your Traffic strategy, so analyze your data regularly if you want to increase your audience, bring back your readers and especially have new visitors

11-Take care of your titles and especially your descriptions for research, because they are the ones that will convince a reader to come to your website, so make them attractive and convincing, orient your description rather on the result than your drive will get.

Here is a list of practical traffic tips, to be implemented quickly on your website to improve its traffic fairly quickly, while waiting to adopt a comprehensive strategy


Podcasts can bring you some traffic, especially if you reference them on iTunes or other podcast directories. But above all podcasts will strengthen your credibility, with your readers which is not a point to overlook.

All you have to do is recite your articles, for example, and give your readers access to your website as well. 

Podcasts, generate more traffic than some believe, so do not neglect this source of traffic, especially knowing that it is within the reach of each Webmaster.

Video content will boost your audience:

boost the number of visitors to a site with video content

If you manage to create a viral video that becomes a hit on Youtube, you will be a hit and fill up with readers and prospects.

Youtube is one of the most popular sites in the world and users love videos, so if you put a video on youtube, Linkedin too; and this one makes the buzz, know that you will be able to redirect everyone who sees it on your website thanks to a link that you put in the description

So if you know how to produce even quality video sequences, which bring something new then this could become a prime traffic source for your website

Here is also a series of videos on how to improve the visibility of a website on the internet and boost its audience, I chose them from dozens on youtube

Post regularly to have constant traffic

To ensure you have a constant number of visitors to your website, you need to put new content online regularly and especially refresh your old articles
Your personas will trust you more, and will know that you are up to date in your theme, which will make them regularly return to your site and this will guarantee you a good audience and regular traffic and growing again.

A little-known trick to generate traffic

A great tip:

You don’t even have to make your own videos to enjoy the power of viral videos on your blog. Just put them in your blog, simply!

This is done with just a few clicks thanks to the sharing feature provided on Youtube videos for example, do not think about copyrights as long as the sharing link is accessible to you

NB: Always choose a video that matches the subject exactly with your blog’s and never put it at the beginning of your article.

If you’re still thirsty, here’s such a rich article to know in detail the different sources and techniques of generating traffic to a website, take notes and apply the advice of improving audience and getting more visits on your web pages 


As you see, after you have complied with the few essential rules to create a professional blog, there are quite a few methods to attract traffic to his blog, only, you have to choose the one in which you will feel able to Drill.

It’s true that it’s not easy especially for a beginner, I’m in my early days and I know what I’m talking about; but know that it is an obligatory passage that finally lets pass the most determined those who really want to succeed and discourages those who do not want to persevere.

I advise you to at least try one or two methods to enlarge the audience of your site and persist.believe me one day you will fire your audience explode and you will forget all your fatigue.



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