How to do affiliate Marketing

How to do affiliate Marketing  and quickly earn your first commissions ?


make money with affiliate marketing

I will explain you methodically how to sell in affiliate marketing, sell your affiliate products quickly and make your users click on your affiliate links. This technique of monetizing a blog or website in general is very profitable but can take a long time before it becomes effective.


Here is the right method to sell every day with Express Affiliate Marketing on the internet and quickly earn your first euros with affiliate marketing, with or without blog, followed by 6 tips from affiliate experts to make a living from your online business.


The Secret of Super Affiliates


These super affiliates all started out with an ugly blog, which attracts no one and empty pockets, but they all have one thing in common, which is consistency and tenacity, so be prepared to do affiliate marketing without earning anything, for days, weeks, months and even years for some of you.


I sell in affiliation and what you will learn in this article will be useful for you to get started in affiliate marketing.


I have not yet launched into Super Affiliate, but I know exactly what to do, I’ll give you some secrets to make your first sale in affiliation and much more in this article, and I also advise you to invest a few euros to access the offers I have chosen as a necessary support for this article while I prepare my own training …


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affiliate scool

affiliate scool

affiliate scool

If you really want to make a living with affiliate marketing as soon as possible

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affiliates that made money

Lets continue …


How long does it take to earn your first affiliate commission?

how to make a living with affiliate marketing

The time it will take you to earn your first three commissions in affiliate marketing, will depend on several factors, here are the most important:


  • Your understanding of the affiliate marketing strategy
  • Choosing your niche
  • Choosing and understanding your audience
  • The choice of the affiliated product
  • Investment in affiliate books and training and later in paid traffic
  • Mastery of conversion and sales tunnels…etc.


But once you’ve earned your first commissions from promoting and selling affiliate products, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to earn more commissions if you can duplicate the process and path that led you to earning those commissions.


Is it really worth getting into affiliate marketing?


Do you want to never have to check how much money you have left on your credit card again?


Do you want to have a Villa in Spain with the car of your dreams parked in front of it and the man or woman of your dreams lighting the Barbecue on the terrace and you, with a beer in your hand, savouring your success? Do you think I’m joking or trying to take you for a ride ?? To sell you this training !!! I earn almost nothing with it !!! I just want you to understand that it’s possible to change your life by promoting a single affiliate link …


Affiliate sales , the first steps


how to become an affiliate marketer online

You bet you’re ready? It’s simple:

1-Prepare to work hard and learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

2-Read this article, try to understand as much as possible about affiliate marketing in it 

3-And at the end, instead of drinking your coffee tomorrow, outside on a terrace, prepare it at home and take the 2 Euros that you save and invest it in the 14 days of training that I brought back to you (affiliation link but reprehensible, it is a training that I chose you with great care).

I know it’s an Affiliate Training in English, but it’s technical English and these are very clear and practical videos that you will understand even if you turn the sound off completely.

So, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, I suggest you read everything, but if you’ve come a long way, what you’re most interested in is at the bottom, in the second part of the article.

affiliate marketing rules

What can you do to learn how to sell well in affiliate marketing very quickly ?

The best and fastest way to learn the business of selling in affiliation on the internet is to let a professional, who has already proven itself, show you step by step, how to launch your campaigns to promote affiliated products …

And if you understand a little bit of American English, and want to get straight to the point, I have found an excellent program at 

Only 2 Euros for the first 15 days:

Success Guaranteed (first commissions for the first few days).

If you continue with $37/month and you don’t make any sales for 2 months, you will be reimbursed 100%.

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affiliate marketing for beginners

Let’s continue…


Steps to make money with affiliate marketing


If you are in a hurry to earn faster your first euros being an affiliate; read these first few paragraphs it will not be clairvoyance affiliation but if you want more details and links and techniques; then read the whole article and believe me, it’s more interesting:

So, you’re new; your blog generates almost no traffic;

You really want to earn at least a few euros to prove to yourself that it’s worth it?

If you are in a hurry and you want to live with Affiliate Marketing and quickly on your blog; Do this (it requires some knowledge):

First of all:

I assume;

You have chosen a good niche, suitable for affiliate marketing and if you have any doubts and you find that your blog does not target a specific audience, know that I could help you find your profitable niche ( Contact me and I will make you a price ), continue

1- if you have less than 100 visits per day; here’s how to quickly improve your traffic to make your site or blog look good and attract many visitors to your affiliate links.

2_Choose a product to sell in affiliation, how on Clickbank , Cj , Offervault , JVZoo , AXAD for example, a product that you know well and write a very good article on this product by inserting very convincing sales arguments without being too aggressive and especially try to focus not on the characteristics of the product in question but earlier, on what it will bring more and more good for the one who will buy it.


Here are a few tips to help you choose a product to promote in affiliation:


Offer your prospects the product they want, especially not the product they need !!! (please read this sentence several times), it is easier to sell Chocolate to an Obese person than to try to get him to accept a weight loss program …

The best way is to spy its competitors and propose the offer which is already sold well thanks to the affiliation (Funnel Hacking), you will find how to do on this article.

If not, find first of all a group of people on the internet, who have a problem and who are desperately looking for a solution even if it means paying a price (people who snore at night for example, are looking for a way to stop torturing their spouses, do you understand the principle ? )

The product must not be available everywhere on the internet.

The price of the affiliate product must be within the reach of your target audience (don’t choose very low price offers like I did for this 2 euros offer !! and here’s none of you want to believe that it’s an excellent offer to get started in Affiliate Marketing !!! )

The Product’s sales page must be well done, well optimized, an attractive title, a sales video, a strong call to action …etc.

The margin or commission must be worth it (don’t do like me again Mdr)

Model your affiliate products to make offers using Storytelling (create a story around the product).

The keyword curve of the affiliate product should be stable or growing if you check on Google Trend…

3 – then register for Free on mailchimp , Mailerlite , … and create a Bridge page dedicated to this product by integrating a page of Emails capture with a free offer, and which then links to the product’s sales page ( add your affiliate link on this page also in case the visitor does not want your offer!! free against his email address )

It’s a Bridge Page ( page that makes the bridge between your content and the product’s sales page )


Example two buttons  :

  1. Yes, I also want this free offer
  2. No thanks, I want to see the product

start affiliate marketing

You are going to detail it a little more (your product) and especially make the buyers dream and explain to them how this product will change their life and solve their problem or make them appear more beautiful, etc…


4-Create an article on this offer, add a link to your landing page, and promote it if you don’t want to buy traffic on Google adwords or Facebook ads for example …

If you want to know more about how to create an effective sales tunnel, read this article.

5- Follow your statistics, make tests and try to improve the conversion rate of your sales tunnel.

Please be aware that if you follow these steps in order, you’ll get back to me quickly, and earn your first sales commission after only 10 days, and it won’t stop anytime soon.


How do you get your visitors to click on your affiliate links? 


If you’re new to affiliate marketing , I advise you to read everything, but if you’ve already come a long way, what would interest you the most is at the bottom, in the second part of the article.


PART 1:For Beginners in Affiliate Marketing


1- What is affiliate selling on the internet?


Affiliation is the equivalent of recommendation in traditional commerce. Indeed, if you send new customers to a company, you will receive a commission (often a percentage) on the turnover made by the merchant thanks to you.

It is a win-win partnership. It is also quite close to sponsorship, business referral, or commissions earned by the salesmen, in our case the affiliates.


2-Beginning in Affiliate Marketing


Realistically, making money with a blog without doing anything at all is almost impossible, especially in the beginning, and I advise you not to pay attention to the too tempting offers that promise you thousands of euros per month (which is possible, of course) but a little later.

It’s the case of some super-affiliates) without doing anything (without doing anything it’s not), but thanks to highly automated affiliate sales strategies with auto-responders and well-thought-out sales tunnels.


How do I earn my first affiliate commission? 


Work hard, be patient, don’t give up and above all, train yourself to make your affiliate business profitable.

It’s a long term job and few people manage to become super affiliates in just a few months, but if you know how to do it, and that’s where it gets interesting, you could earn your first commissions with affiliate products very quickly and without being a marketing expert.

Personally, by following a lot of advice and buying some eBook and an excellent training on affiliate marketing, I managed to earn my first commission after only a few days although the blog I tried to experiment on didn’t generate too much traffic (50 to 150 views/day (at that time).

Of course I’m talking about modest commissions generated by affiliation on virtual products (eBooks or digital books, training …) and these are the products that I advise you if you’re new to affiliate marketing and if your niche wants to get ready for it.


3-Does affiliate marketing quickly pay off?

Promoting common products is quicker and easier, but the gains are much lower.

For example, you will earn 5% on the sale of a book worth $25. 

Nothing exceptional indeed, but if you sell dozens of them…it can quickly become interesting.

You can also do CPA Affiliate, with affiliate networks such as Offervault or Clickbank.


Follow me:

There are two ways to start in affiliation, one is totally free, the other requires a small investment of a few euros per year, we will then see what it means.

Both methods consist in promoting your affiliate links using a blog and this is the simplest method but it requires you to write very good blog articles and promote them in order to bring traffic, so potential customers on your affiliate products.

It is not necessarily the most effective method, but it is the one that allows you to start earning commissions quite quickly and with zero euro or few means.

It will also allow you to test and optimize your techniques and to acquire more and more experience in affiliate sales on the Internet.

Some bloggers will tell you that you need to immediately build up a list of emails, future customers (the capture with a landing page or a popup) and this thanks to an auto-responder (email and web site) but what good will it do if you give up after a few months because, you have not made a profit from your blog quickly enough!

I’d rather encourage you to test a few weeks for free (with MAILCHIMP / MAILER LITE) to familiarize yourself with the process, to determine if email marketing is right for you.


The steps to follow to get started in affiliate marketing :


You can sell in affiliate marketing without even creating a niche blog, but you will never be able to have your own data, your own customers …etc, 

You will not have a total control over your affiliate marketing business, and most of all, you will not be able to sell yourself (Personal Branding), because it will be you (your image and your link with the product) that people will buy before they even care what you have to offer them !!!

A blog is your backbone, so create one (18 Euros the first year then 34 euro/year), if you want to have my books as a gift follow this link to create your blog with Bluehost (recommended by WordPress)

how to sale products with affiliate marketing

Let’s continue now…


1-Know what to sell before you even choose your Niche : 


The first step is not to create your blog, contrary to what we often hear, but to choose intelligently the domain, the niche (thematic) on which you will blog and especially to know from the beginning, what products you will sell in affiliations on your blog? 


2- You’ll have to choose a specific blogging subject, what we call a niche in marketing. 


Not only a micro niche but above all a niche adapted to the affiliation for which we can find good offers to promote.


Because you will only be credible and trusted on one issue, the one in which you will be perceived as an expert, as the one who can really advise them, help them and propose the right offers.

If you want to talk about several subjects, create several blogs and don’t mix your tableware products with chocolate bars on the same shelf.

Many people make the mistake of writing on several topics at the same time, and offer products from different sectors (glasses on one page and tires on another!!!!), on the same blog, and in fact they become generalists who do not really aspire to trust.


3-Choose a niche adapted to the affilite marketing


In case you have a passion and want to create a blog on the subject, check that there are affiliate products for sale behind, otherwise it will be difficult to monetize it.

Type in Google: affiliation plus the subject you want to talk about and you will immediately see if there are products to promote (put on sale later) in affiliation.

You can for example create a blog about anything, to see that there is a demand and a real need (an audience), do not go for example choose a topic that if you type it on youtube no video comes out or you will find but with a few views only if not you will not sell frequently and lower the curtain fast enough.

Example of a bad niche : …especially if they dont fly !!!


4-Propose always a large choice of products 


You have your subject (thematic) but, how do you really do it afterwards? 

You will have to choose one or more products to promote (in the same field of course).

You must absolutely know or own the product you are going to promote if you advertise it on your blog or in a newsletter and know exactly what it is about.

If you just place affiliate links, not to mention the product, you may not own it, but you will still have to check that it is of high quality and thus not betray your audience.

Speaking of affiliate links, it would be best to integrate them incognito in your texts.

All this is going to be done on a blog, and if you don’t have a blog yet, here’s roughly how to create one that is valid or read this and do an audit of yours.



5-Create your affiliate blog


You can use a free blog to propose your affiliate products. For this I recommend platforms without advertising to avoid confusing the reader who would not distinguish your affiliate links from other ads.

I Recommend Bluehost to host your blog, it is the best host, recommended by WordPress and it has many advantages and a fairly affordable cost.

I particularly advise you to install wordpress afterwards because this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the wordpress software.


Why should I do this?


Because it is the most used in the world, the simplest and the one for which there are the most features and plugins dedicated to affiliation and you can create landings pages for your offers in affiliation directly with the CMS wordpress using Elementor 

It is also, because it is the software to use if you decide to switch to a professional blog for a few euros per year and this without the disadvantages of migration .

Spending a few euros for a blog will bring you money, invest in digital marketing:


Choose your domain name


To choose a good domain name suitable for affiliation there are 2 methods.

The first one 

You include important keywords, for example for a blog selling products and services on jogging: , ,…etc.

This allows users to immediately understand the theme of your site and what they will find, especially when you create landing pages directly with WordPress. 

Second method

You choose a name easy to remember and if possible short and original ex: google, Baboo,…etc but this type of name is difficult to promote even with Adword advertising.

Do this only if you have a “promotion” budget.

Once you own your domain name and your hosting, you will need to install WordPress, if you have chosen the paid method. 

You will find all the information to do so on the blog itself.

In case you have chosen the free solution, you will only have to configure a few parameters since everything is already installed on the blog platforms.

It would also be necessary to create a very good content in which you will integrate your affiliate links and promote your products and especially to build loyalty and help your readers before even thinking of selling them your products quickly.

This requires you to know how to create good:

how to set up a sales funnel for affiliate marketing



To attract visitors and get your first affiliate commissions quickly, you will need to write very good articles on your blog. 

Not a lot of articles but just good and complete articles that will make your blog well optimized for search engines, to attract traffic very quickly on your affiliate links, satisfy your readers with good advice, make converts (prospects) and later happy customers.

For this it would be necessary to start from the beginning:

Know how to optimize the referencing of your blog so that google sends you this traffic and the only great way you have if your blog is new is to write good articles focused on your affiliate products. 

On top of that, when you create content that offers real value, you will pay less for your Adwords campaigns if you want to bring paid traffic back to your affiliate links.


6- Why you should create good articles to promote your affiliate products (valid for promotional videos…etc)


Simply because each article you write, will serve as a showcase for your products and services and will have keywords, which you will direct to these same affiliate products, and each search for these keywords in search engines, what readers want, they may come across your articles and also your affiliate products and click on your links.

That’s why you need to learn how to optimize your content SEO in order to attract readers to your affiliate links and hope to make quick sales behind them.


7-Relay traffic to your affiliate products 

Traffic is your real asset. 

In principle, the more visitors you get, the more likely you are to sell and earn affiliate commissions.

There are many ways to generate traffic on your blog, you should test more than one to know which one will suit you and which one you can do best.

You can therefore create content specifically around your product and put it online, such as a blog article that explains the product, a sales page, a youtube video on the product and you put the link “affiliate in the description, a post on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter … etc.

You can also go directly to buy traffic and views on your selling page with Google Ads or Facebook Ads, Instagram or Pinterest Ads or on websites and platforms specialized in affiliate traffic like RevContent …etc.

All you have to do is create an ad with a picture of the product even if without a picture will cost you less, a catchy title and the affiliate link or a link to your sales page or article dedicated to your product, the one you are promoting.

This will cost you a few euros, but if you target the right Internet users with the right ad and especially at the right time, you will surely make sales and thus make your investment in ads profitable thanks to the commissions on the affiliated products you will sell.

You will find at the bottom of the article the strategy that I use when I launch an Adwords campaign for an affiliate offer and that allows me to make money quickly with the affiliate product.


8-Affiliate Networks :


Here are the best platforms that we share in two categories:

Physical products 

  • Axad


Virtual or info products (ebooks, training,…)


  • MaxBounty
  • CJ affiliate
  • affiliate club
  • Click Bank
  • Offervault
  • Peerfly
  • JVZoo


For virtual products, I recommend ClickBank because it has a huge list of products or affiliate programs.


How does it work?


Each link will contain your affiliate code and place a cookie on the browser of the user who clicked on it. 

If the user buys even a few days later, the commission will be attributed to you.

Affiliate strategy

If you have completed all of the above steps and are ready

get started in the affiliation and make your first sales quickly, you can then proceed as follows:

Place an ad in a menu

Place an advertisement in an article (also above or below)

Place advertising links on words in your articles

Create a sales tunnel with an auto-responder


a-Write an article to best present or review one of your products 

I won’t hide from you that what works best are affiliate links hidden in a good, well-written article, as well as product reviews.

This is indeed more discreet and prevents your blog from turning into a “billboard”.


b-Text links are much more clickable than banners with images, for identical locations.

This is because readers hate advertising that is too visible and too explicit.


C-Post your affiliate links elsewhere

It is possible to spread its affiliate links outside your blog, in order to multiply the possible sources of sales to sell very quickly . For this, you can, without exaggeration:

add them to your signature in the forums. On Facebook, twitter, indirectly,…social network marketing …etc

distribute them in free articles that you will write on specialized platforms Etc…

Here are some practical tips to get quick results when you do affiliate marketing:

Choose the product to promote the affiliation before you write your content and make sure that this offer is intimately linked to the needs of your audience.

Choose an offer adapted to the purchasing power of your audience and let them know the price of the affiliate product not far from your affiliate link.

Explain what this offer is all about and what makes it an opportunity not to be missed.

make sure that the acres of your affiliate links are engaging and result oriented and reach the emotional side of your reader

Opt for affiliate link anchors in bold type and e leu if possible

Show the product, in a photo or a short video if possible.

Promote your affiliate link in social networks with tactfulness

An offer that doesn’t work for a month should be changed after you understand why your offer doesn’t appeal to your audience.

If you can ask your audience what product they would like to have but price or availability has prevented them, do so and try to get them a similar offer.

I now invite you to go up some extra steps and discover how to succeed in making quick and recurring affiliate sales:


PART 2: For those of you in the know about affiliate marketing


The 6 Expert Tips for Success in Affiliation 


1- Know your audience :

The most effective way to use affiliate programs is to promote only products and offers that exactly match the needs of your readers.

Think about why they visit your Blog, join your email list or follow you on social networks.

What do you think your readers are looking for?

Make sure that the affiliate products you offer provide a quick and easy solution to their most urgent needs.

If you write about skiing, don’t place affiliate ads for sharall steaks simply because everyone loves meat and these programs promise big and fast commissions.

The more relevant and targeted your affiliate product ads are, the more likely they are to get your readers to buy quickly.

Informing your readers about the most relevant products and services that might interest them can be considered a form of free service offering and value added content. So feel free to talk and compare your products even if it means disparaging a few.

So knowing the urgent and pressing needs of your audience can give you more success with the affiliate products you offer them, but it can also guide you on the best places to market, advertise and promote your blog to attract new qualified visitors.

A popcorn seller would probably set up shop near a movie theater.

The key here is to promote products that are directly relevant to the readers who visit a specific article or page of your blog.

So don’t put a tire banner in an article that talks about socks and make an internal link to an article in which you promote organic honey. So if you need to make a link to link to your article, and you don’t have other articles that talk about similar products; make your link to your home page.

The more the offers are relevant and targeted, remember well; the more you generate sales, it’s not sorcerer it’s your friend SAMY who confirms it to you…


 2-Gain the confidence of your readers

Your readers are not fooled. Yes …They know an affiliate link when they see one and they know that you earn extra commission.

 And if you lose their trust by promoting a product that even you don’t believe in !!!! Or you bombard them with too many ads and popups, they will leave and never come back.

You have to know how to offer before you promote or sell, so offer them a complete bob item, try to help them without them buying and if they notice that you really want to help them solve their problem, they will come back to buy your product as soon as the need it fills appears in their home.

For example, you promote a lock model, you’re going to do an article on how to fix a lock…and if despite your advice your reader doesn’t manage to fix the lock, believe me he will buy it through your link and not on Amazon, because you’ve become a kind of good adviser and by recognition and to reward your efforts.

It’s those same happy visitors that will generate traffic for you.

They are the ones who will share your affiliate links, spread the word and recommend your Blog as a source of solutions, and not just a blog full of ads like the others.

With this in mind, make sure that your #1 priority to sell your affiliate products quickly enough is to add value to your blog visitors and your prospect list. 

In addition, if you want to disclose your affiliate partnerships, know that this will work well for most people, and the level of transparency you provide will help you build trust with your readers.


3-Check out your affiliate products for fast sales 


Samy advises you to take the time to review all the different product options available on different affiliate programs.

Don’t just aim for the most profitable products.

Think about the products your readers might need the most or just want to buy.

And instead of changing your products all the time, think about alternating only the banners, the texts…etc. This will break the routine and give your blog a new lease of life. And moreover, it will be a test to see which image or text will convert your readers into buyers the most.

This is how you will find the best formula to sell and succeed in making your first sales quickly and from the beginning of the affiliate campaigns.

Generally, the creators of affiliate products, on Clickbank for example, will provide you with promotional material (videos, emails, ads, articles … etc.) to be used on your blog, on social networks and by email.

 Test different ad creations to see which ones suit you and convert the best. You can even create your own ads, in order to stand out from your competition.

Speaking of the clickbank platform, which I use myself sometimes, know that it is very interesting to promote digital products (eBooks, training, … etc).


 These products are interesting for two reasons:

Firstly, they have the highest conversion rates in the market, as customers can get instant access and instant gratification when shopping by downloading their product directly after payment.

Second, they generally offer higher commissions than physical products, which means more profit for you my friend.think about it.

On the other hand, you should also plan to promote some high-priced products as well as those that renew every month to get higher commissions and commissions, spontaneous and recurring every month. 


4 Try different affiliate programs 


Know that everyone has their own style, and their own strengths, so when one program in particular doesn’t seem to work for you, try another. There are so many of them and keep looking until you find a sock that fits.

You might also want to check with your favorite affiliate program providers once you have made your first sales if they run their own program themselves.

Why not go straight to the source and negotiate higher commissions on the affiliate products you sell most and especially most often.

Many providers will be happy to reward good affiliates with higher commissions and you will have a higher income, especially over time.


5-Write a good content around the affiliate product and above all timeless


Above all, your content marketing strategy must be your top priority because your content is the foundation, the capital on which your blog relies to last .

Without useful, relevant, and up-to-date content, readers won’t come to your blog and all your other efforts will be in vain. 

Focus on writing great content and trust me your monetization strategies, even if they lack relevance, will prove useful and bring quick results and sales.

It is never an exaggeration to say that the quality of your content will be the most important factor for the credibility of your website, your blog and even your image as a specialist on your products …

You don’t have to write new articles all the time, but as soon as you do, take your time and write it well and especially inform about your affiliated products.

Know also that your old articles can always be precious if you have not linked them in their time with dates and promotions flash or special Christmas, and even if they are no longer on the home page provided you dust them off a little from time to time by adding new ideas and new internal links so even google will not forget them!!!

And by misfortune, if visitors first meet your oldest content and notice that it offers obsolete and outdated information, they will go directly to see elsewhere, hence the need to write on timeless subjects and promote timeless products. 

While writing about new and updated information can be beneficial, another strategy is to focus on “persistent” content, i.e. timeless content.SAMY even suggests that you delete your appearance dates if possible.

This will allow you to better exploit your old content and generate traffic for the future. Above all, think about modifying and adapting the products you offer on your old content to offer something new to your readers.


6- Patience to sell fast enough 

It’s almost an ugly word these days, especially for affiliates.

Know that if you are patient, your affiliate income will only increase over time.

So a product that doesn’t pay today, could well bring you a lot of money in a year if it becomes trendy again or its need manifests itself again.

Don’t forget that some programs allow lifetime earnings and if you sponsor a visitor, for example, you will continue to earn money from him as long as he continues to sell too.

So, as long as you still have active referral links in your old articles, they can still bring you money. Think about it, your friend Sammy says.

Affiliate programs are not a quick plan to get rich, although you could make an early income if you know how to do it and apply all these tips, but they offer the possibility to generate passive short and long term and recurring income on your blog and if you keep adding content and more and more products to your blog, it would generate more traffic and therefore, probably more and more sales.


7-The best affiliate programs to quickly earn your first affiliate commissions 

To succeed in selling in affiliation, you have to choose the best program and the product that suits you best

Here is a selection of the best affiliate offers and products that you can sell easily and quickly enough to earn your first commissions without waiting too long:

Web hosting companies: 

Everybody is going to be tempted one day or another to create his blog or his website, so I advise you if you know a little bit about it to go for example on Bluehost, subscribe to a standard hosting (affiliate link for example) and integrate their affiliate program. 


The affiliate programs of Voyages : 

You could recommend to your readers hotels, vacation packages, Sky resorts in winter, dowry bags and camping equipment, motorhome rentals …etc, just go to Tripadvisor, Expedia, Booking …etc and subscribe to their affiliate program.


Affiliation on Credit Cards and Finance in general : 

Everybody needs credit cards, if you can target those kind of readers or internet users, you’re going to earn huge commissions by signing up to these affiliate programs like:, Equifax, Freshbooks,… etc.


Fitness Affiliate Program : 

Everybody will feel one day, either too fat, too thin, not muscular enough …etc, so you can target these Internet users and offer them products in affiliation that you can find in these affiliate programs: 

Ace fitness , , Proform …etc


Affiliate programs on Fashion :

 If you are interested in the latest fashion trends and have an Instagram account for example, these affiliate programs will be perfect for you: 

H&M , Layne Brayant , MVMT Watches , Jeans JNCO , Warby Parker offers for example a 20% commission…etc.


Sports Affiliate Programs : 

If you blog or have a youtube channel on sports, you will find in these programs good offers to promote in affiliation, see on : 

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dueling Fans, Fanatics, In Armor…etc.

You can also find other affiliate programs on Google and see if their products are suitable for you, the commissions too and especially if you can subscribe to these programs, some of them have requirements for them to accept that you sell their products.


8-Route your traffic through bridge pages (bridge pages)


To make affiliate sales, never send your traffic directly to the original site of the offer, always create a sales page and you will first send your reader to this sales page or product sheet, you will give him added value in this page as for example:

Explain how to use the product that you offer him in affiliation

Compare this product to other similar products and tell your potential customer why you are recommending exactly this product and this offer.

How this product will help him to solve his problem or fill his gap …etc.

Why this product is exactly what your reader is looking for…etc.

You are going to try in this sales page to ensure two essential conditions for your reader to be convinced to buy your product, here they are:

Convince your reader that the product is exactly what they are looking for and exactly what they need, give them a strong promise and let them see how they’ll feel once they have it.

Convince your reader that he would not find better elsewhere and that your offer will tarnish his promise, he must believe you at all costs.

In fact, the secret to making a quick profit from affiliate marketing is to get the right offer to the right audience.


The best traffic to quickly sell your affiliate products


To increase the chances that your readers will click on your affiliate links, I advise you to try to bring interested organic traffic back to your affiliate links. 

A user who comes directly from Google would be more interested in your topic and products in affiliate marketing, try to increase your organic traffic to close affiliate sales very quickly. 

If your traffic comes to you from social networks, you must sort it once on your blog and direct it according to its interests and with intelligent internal links to your affiliate links in order to increase your sales.

Learn about affiliate marketing and marketing strategies that deliver quick results. 

Keeping up to date with your affiliate programs means staying up to date with your affiliate programs as new ad blocks and tools are constantly being added that will make your blog more user-friendly and visually appealing. 

Be aware that even small changes contribute greatly to motivate readers and you can easily get left in the dust by being complacent with your old strategies and get left behind by your conquerors …

Constantly look for new products that are useful and relevant to your audience – the more products you promote and the more relevant they are to your audience, the faster you will make money.

And as far as training is concerned, be aware that new techniques and personal experiences in sales and affiliate marketing are always being offered for sale in eBooks and trainings…etc. 

And despite the relevance of an article, it could not bring you all the rethinking you want on one hand and the details and little secrets that often make the difference, and will allow you to quickly make your first sales you will only find them in an ebook or a paid training.

That’s why and since I haven’t found the time to create my own trainings yet I took the initiative to propose you these few trainings, which have proven themselves and have a good aura with web marketers …

Personally I took three at my beginnings and I only regret that it took me a long time to do it…currently I have a special budget for the purchase of books and training in enlightened affiliation because it is simply necessary if you want to stay up to date.

Please don’t forget to comment and share the article if you find it interesting.

I hope this modest content has enlightened you, just start and the rest will come with experience.

I encourage you to search for your product to sell in affiliate and start making the most of your time spent on the internet through affiliate selling right away.

It’s easy to do affiliate marketing but it’s far from simple. But once you’ve found your favorite product; and made your first sale; you’ll sell more often and make a living just by using affiliate marketing on the internet.


How to make fast money with affiliate marketing on your blog using Google Ads smartly

the complete funnel for affiliate marketing

Here is step by step the strategy I used and still use to promote a product in affiliation with a blog article or obviously a landing page and more precisely a Sales Page and start earning commissions just a few days after my Google Ads campaign was launched :


Choosing the right affiliate product to promote

The first step towards the success of your affiliate sales strategy using search engine traffic or in our case Google Ads is to choose the offer and the affiliate product you are going to promote.

First, you will go to an affiliate platform and find a product that fits your niche and may require a review or a test …etc…


The characteristics of a good product to promote in affiliation

Let’s say I want to promote an affiliate link to a website hosting offer with Bluehost

First of all I will check that the advertiser, for my example Bluehost accepts traffic that will come from a Google Ads campaign, you should always check this when you view offers on an affiliate platform.

If this condition is met and I can create ads for this offer I will also verify that I can use the exact Brand or Product Name as the keyword to target.

This means that I can use in my example the word bluehost in the title of my landing page and also choose this word as the main keyword that I will target with my Google Ads campaign, it’s very important because the title will be something like Bluehost review, or cheap Bluehost hosting …etc.

If this condition is also acquired I will then check that the keyword or phrase that I will target with my campaign, Bluehost Web Hosting cheap to a large volume of search on Google, for my part, when the volume of search for the keyword exceeds 10,000 searched by me, I continue


Check if you can compete with other affiliates on the same product

I will then type my keyword or the expression Cheap Bluehost Hosting on Google and check if these few other conditions are met :

1 . If there are less than two campaigns targeting the same keyword, two ads at the top of the SERP that target the same product as the one you have chosen.

2 . I will click on the two ads and check if I can create a landing page, or a product sheet or a product review more relevant, or better than those proposed by the two advertisers. 

This practice of creating better content than your competitors, the other two ads will allow you to reduce the BID, the auction I mean and your ad will rank first while paying per click less than the other two advertisers.


Create good content for your affiliate link


If these two conditions are also met, I will retrieve the link of the affiliate offer, after registration in the product program of course and then I will create a landing page or an article better than the one of the two advertisers and insert intelligently my calls to action, and if you want to know how to create effective landings page and that convert better, see this article.


Create an Adwords ad to promote your affiliate link


Once my Landing page is ready, I go on Google Adwords to create my ad and here are some recommendations on that too so that you can really succeed in promoting your affiliate link and generate affiliate sales in the following hours:

Your ad must be relevant, the title must contain your keyword at the beginning. 

Your keyword should also appear in the subtitle of the ad and try to write a convincing meta description as clear as possible.

This is what the ad I would have created for our example would look like 

Cheap Bluehost Web Hosting

Web hosting exceptional offer


When you specify your target keywords for Google Adwords, write them this way so that google doesn’t send you at all and anyone on your landing page, but only people who really want to buy a Bluehost Web Hosting:

Put your keyword between [ ], for our example, it would be [Cheap bluehost web hosting], in this case your ad will be displayed only when this request is exactly what is typed on google by the user.


You can also write it this way

Web Hosting+Bluehost+cheap, in this case, your ad will be displayed each time a query contains these three words


How to follow the promotion of your affiliate product and adjust your campaign


I recommend the first option, the one in between. [ ] 


You will then monitor your bid, if you have a lot of clicks very quickly put your ad on pose and reduce the BID, I mean the bid that you will have previously set a little less than what Google Adwords has advised you in its Google Keyword Planner tools and if you notice once you have lowered the BID you have no more clicks wait an hour or two then if it is confirmed, raise the BID a little. 

You then go to your affiliate platform and monitor the conversion of your link, do people buy the product or not? Do they click on your affiliate link or not and you will rework your sales page until you get good conversion results and you finally start to make sales.

When your promotion shows signs of profitability, you can do Scaling, and relaunch it while monitoring it of course because at any time another affiliate will want to destroy you when he has seen that your offer is profitable thanks to one of the many tracking software, such as Spyfu … etc …

And if your ROI starts to decrease, you’ll have to refresh your landing page or product review and make it more detailed or admit defeat and stop your promotion.



How to increase your conversion rate and sell more affiliate products 


I advise you to propose one or two bonuses for your customer, that he will be able to receive by email if he accepts the main offer, you will be able to automate this with an autoresponder.

If he leaves your Landing page without buying your affiliate product, make him appear a Pop Up exit content, offering him a single product in order to retrieve his email address and relaunch it later with another offer.

So here’s a rough idea of how to make money fast enough through affiliate marketing, especially when your blog is new and you don’t have enough organic traffic yet.

I advise you not to apply this strategy with Facebook Ads, because it’s junk traffic which is worth nothing in our case, because the traffic that comes directly from google is very interested, hot readers ready to buy, since they are looking for a review. 

Or a product comparison, a review …etc and is it profitable to sell as an affiliate? is ideal for affiliate offers because they are users who are looking to buy the affiliate product you are promoting and they just want someone who will help them and make them decide to buy. 

It’s your job with an excellent landing page or a very good article or product review.

Good luck with your first campaign and your first affiliate product that you will soon be promoting I hope.

He who doesn’t try anything has nothing, go ahead buddy, make mistakes, it’s allowed, but never make them a second time…


To quickly make sales in affiliation, my last advices 


The main actions you need to do and everything you need to know to get your readers to click quickly on your affiliate links to subscribe to your offers and earn money:

Why do readers come to each page of your blog and what query or keyword brought them to each article to find out what offer to offer them.

Be aggressive with your ads and offers 

Do not stand there as a spectator, when the reader is on your article, he must feel your presence, as if you are there, show him your link, make your offer or your banner appear at the right time and at the best place in your article, ask him to buy, be convincing.

Integrate offers in accordance with the content or the visitor

So your offer must appear as a logical and natural continuation for your content and your blog article … if for example you write about sea bream fishing, do not promote a special fishing rod “somon fishing !!!  »

Predict what your visitor will do if the offer doesn’t convince him or her

This is always true and it often happens when it’s not your main keyword that brought your reader back to the article, he won’t be interested in your offer, that’s why you have to prepare redirections to articles and offers that target all the related queries, use the Search Console to know for which queries your readers come to your pages and adapt your offers accordingly.

Use the space on your page wisely 

Keep in mind that your reader is not going to read every word you write in your article, be smart and put your affiliate links where you think the reader will stop scrolling for a while, aim at the paragraph that offers the most value to your reader and model this paragraph to insert and make them like your affiliate offer and product.

Offer a lot of choice and several offers at different costs

Think about the purchasing power of your reader, the same for the offers, themselves; find one or more offers for each of the requests to which your content will respond.

See the queries that bring your readers back to each article and try to redirect each visitor to the page that could better help them and especially where the affiliate offer best suited to their request is located.

All you need to do is add internal links to the articles that correspond to the requests and to relevant sales pages and product sheets as well.

Get into the logic of your readers

If you want to be successful in affiliate sales on the net, you need to know why users (people on the internet) click on links, offers and not on others and especially what you should do so that they finally decide to follow your affiliate link and make you earn a commission by the way. 

Reconsider the offer, it may be too expensive, out of the games, there may be better offers that you don’t know about …etc

Create and use your own banner and not the one proposed by the affiliate program.

You need to create banners that match and speak to your own readers and their personal type. 

I’m still doing my own tests on this blog and it must be said that only 12% of my readers click on the original banners and more than 80% click on the banners that I retyped myself, it’s easy just go on canva and change the banner, the most important thing is not to touch your affiliate link.

Respect the natural progression of a sale and don’t be afraid to sell.

The reader is there, because he has a problem, your content must prepare him to accept your offer too, don’t just help him, do everything to make your offer indispensable, especially when you know that it is not necessarily so …

Focus on content that brings back the most interested visitors.

It is this content that you need to improve, increase its conversion rate and bring it good affiliate products.

Do A/B tests

Test even if the results seem correct and satisfactory, always aim higher when you sell in affiliation, move away from bad programs and affiliate platforms that inject offers and gives crumbs as commission and never give up because it is enough that only one product that you sell in affiliation pleases your audience for this affiliate program covers all your costs so move then !!!!!!!! you wait what …!!!!!!!!



How to sell in affiliation with Amazon?


Of course you will have to create a niche Blog or create landings pages and sales pages with a software like Click-funnel and send paid traffic on them …

Selling Amazon products quickly in affiliation is based on three important pillars:


  • Choosing a good Niche
  • Choosing the right product
  • Choosing the right traffic medium


Generally, selling in affiliation with Amazon works very well with a youtube channel as a support to create content and bring traffic by adding your affiliate link in the description of the video that talks about the product you are promoting.

For the special Amazon affiliate niche, I could help you find it if you are willing to invest some money in a new profitable blog.

We will move on to traffic support, i.e. what is the ideal source of traffic for your niche? You will not prospect customers for video games on LinkedIn !!! you will choose Facebook instead.

And as far as choosing the Amazon product to sell in affiliate marketing, here’s what you need to do to find a good Amazon product for affiliate marketing:


  • Sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program of course
  • Go to Amazon
  • Search for Best seller ( top selling products )
  • Select the Product Category that corresponds to your Niche
  • Go to each product and find the one with the most stars and positive comments.
  • Make a list of those products that have the most reviews.
  • Then go to Google Trends and check the products if they are still being searched on Google and if their curve is stable or increasing.
  • Do the same on Google keyword planner
  • All you have to do is choose the products that have a good score and write product sheets, send traffic and pocket the commissions.


I haven’t gone into detail but if you follow these steps, you will get results and increase your chances of earning commissions with the Amazon Affiliate Program fairly quickly.


The importance of Email marketing when you do Affiliate Marketing


To sum up, and just so you know, I’m not going to dwell on this point and I’ll come back to it on

So, if you really want to earn your first commissions with affiliate marketing, you must first send your traffic to an email capture page in order to create a list of emails that you will contact later to promote your affiliate links.

You are then going to create an automation by starting by sending a first series of emails, in order to gain the confidence of your new subscribers, this sequence of emails is called SOAP OPERA.

These are 5 to 6 Emails, which will give value to your subscribers and will end with a call to action in the sixth Email with your affiliate link.

You will then be able to continue sending emails to this list to promote other affiliate products but this time using the Seinfeld email sequence. 

Each Seinfeld email sequence starts with two or three emails that will help and educate your prospects and ends with an email to sell the affiliate product.

You can promote many affiliate products, in the same niche and to the same email list.

I’ll come back to that later.

To your success

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