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How to Create a Free and Effective Landing Page

How do I create a free, high-performance Landing Page?

To create an effective landing page, with a high conversion rate, you must meet these three requirements:
  1. Give a strong promise at the beginning that your offer will definitely solve your customer’s problem
  2. Get your reader to believe that your offer will keep and fulfill these promises
  3. Give your readers guarantees if your promises are not met
Let’s take a look at all this in detail

With the help of Landing page creator, or the free landing pages on wordpress, which you create yourself with Elementor for example; your landing pages are not meant to be beautiful but, they must be landing pages efficient, efficient and that boost your sales

Create a pro and profitable landing page

Landing real estate pages or landing pages for your instagram followers, for events or just for an application, as a landing page to sell a product e commerce, for an online shop or for an affiliated product or Dropshipping , the conversion rate of your landing pages is what interests me in this article

First of all:

What is a landing page?

In web marketing, a landing page, landing page or landing page, is an advertising page to which returns a link, on which a user clicks in order to sign up for something, buy a product, download a file, join a mailing list, basically make a conversion from a reader to a prospect or customer

It could also be the first page you need to create when you want to set up a well-optimized sales tunnel to promote an offer or product

What is the purpose and what is the role of a landing page?

build an excellent landing page

It is thanks to a landing page while an e-commerce website or a blog that makes affiliation for example, convert their readers, either in prospects, then in customers, yes directly entice them to do an action and buy directly a product or subscribe to a service

It is thanks to landing pages that freelancers and online companies earn thousands of euros or millions every day on the internet


Landing page and conversion rate:

A landing page, is not meant to be beautiful! I’ve seen ugly ones, but that convert thousands of prospects, and that earn millions of euros and dollars to bloggers.

When we talk about Landing page, the master word is probably “Conversion” , what is the percentage and conversion rate of this page? That’s all.

What are the different conditions that a landing page must have for it to convert best?

  • Specialists and web marketing agencies, we do studies, obtained data on the effective Landing pages, and gave us this observation 
  • For a landing page to be effective, it must meet a few essential criteria, here are the ones we are interested in:
  • The less choice there are in your landing pages the more effective they will be in terms of conversions 



A landing page, must play on the scarcity of the product or the limitation of the offer over time so that it convert more

Free samples  

People like what’s not going to cost them anything, a landing page has to play on that lever that really increases the conversion rate of the latter


The simpler, clearer and more intuitive a landing page, the faster it delivers its message, so the greater its conversion will be.

So I want you to remember these 5 features of effective and functioning page landings, before moving on to design and creation, to landing page templates and examples that make a lot of money every day to web marketers and online business, all over the world, France, Canada, Ireland, or the United States

First, I’ll tell you about the design of a landing page that gives results and we fire together:

  • Rules of engagement
  • Myths and Truths About Profitable Landings Pages
  • The choice of colors on a landing page
  • Frequent errors on a landing page
  • The essential elements that must make up a landing page
  • How to present your offers and events on a landing page for it to convert
  • Persuasive words and phrases to use to convince on a landing page (title and body of the page .


1-The Rules of Engagement and Conversion Generation on a landing page:

Never redirect your traffic to a page other than your landing page:

When you buy traffic for example, send it directly to your landing page and never to an intermediate page, such as a product card or your home page, because conversions are done in the pages of destinations and not elsewhere

You should then know, that when a user lands on your landing page, he comes with two questions in mind that you have to answer for the first few seconds, here they are:

  • Is this offer made for him?
  • Could he trust you?

Your client must, have an answer to these two questions, without even waiting a minute, without scrolling to the bottom of the page, without having to click another button or link, without going to see another page … etc, but, let him have his answers directly at first glance on your landing page, the statistics are very clear on this point:

You have exactly between 3 and 5 seconds to answer these two questions that your prospect asks himself as soon as he opens your landing page, give him an answer that suits him and you will boost the conversion tau of your landing page and earn money

I’m going to go back to how you’re going to answer these two questions, let’s move on to the second rule that governs reader engagement which is:

Be brief, precise and insightful:

When you expose your offer on your landing page, never go around in circles, or risk confusing your client, expose your arguments in the most direct and clear way possible, this is what I offer and that’s why this product is made for you and finally voila why you have to trust me.

You are the specialist and you must make it understood during the very first seconds to your prospect, and in this logic too, your main image and that captivates the first look in your landing page, must accurately reflect your offer

A reader who lands on your landing page, must understand by seeing your image, exactly what to expect as an offer

Don’t put a picture of a happy and healthy dog on your landing page while you’re promoting your dog clinic! For example, you should put a large picture of yourself if you are the vet, or your vet, feminine if possible (sorry for feminists! Mdr) , next to the care table playing with a happy dog)The more you specify what your offer is on a landing page, the better you’re going to have conversions 

how to design a profitable landing page

Never overload a Landing page:

The less content you put on a landing page (except in very special cases), the better the one that will generate leads and conversions.

You have to put just the right thing, I would come back to the content, according to each model of landing page, and especially in the optimal place, every thing has its place on a landing page


2-The received ideas about landings page, myths:

Here are the counter-truths, about the misconceptions and beliefs that web marketers have on landing pages


The waterline:

On a Landing page, All the essentials are not meant to be above the waterline, there’s just the answer to the question, this product is it made for me? i.e., above the waterline of your landing page, the only element that must necessarily be there is a presentation and exhibition of the true and precise nature of the product you offer or sell

Landing page for mobile or Desktop?

A Landing page is not made specifically for mobile visitors or Desktop, You can nevertheless, see your traffic on mobile, and if it is more important, just be careful that the fonts of writing your landing page are visible, and your photos are displayed correctly, not to mention the title of course and especially the call to action button of your landing page is easily distinguished and that your client will be able to click on it easily, but in any case these checks, you will make them in any case

The colors of a Landing page: 

Regarding the choice of colors to use on a landing page so that it converts best, the statistics show that colors have a significant effect on the conversion rate of a landing page, they must be in agreement with your product, here are some tips on colors and their effects on the prospect:


The Yellow 

The yellow color on a landing page, attracts attention, makes optimistic and inspires youth, you can click on Each color to learn its repercussions and its effects on the customer. You absolutely have to be very careful about the colors you choose for your different pages, in several situations, changing the main and dominant color of a Landing Page, will multiply by 10 its conversion rate

The Red 

It’s for urgency, vitality, energy. Red is very effective on the romantic Landing pages, to target gift offers for example, it is best known for being the iconic color of Christmas, it’s no coincidence, if millions of gifts are sold in this short period, the red color on the sales pages, surely forces users to spend their money without counting!. Macdnald , Coca Cola and Ikea … etc are not silly to have chosen this color, it is a color to sell more, just pay attention to the shades.

The Orange color 

is a little aggressive, but effective for call-to-action buttons; statistics prove it, just put your button, order, buy, download, sign up,… etc. to boost the conversion rate of your pages.

The Rose 

This color is for romance and landing pages intended for women, and to use carefully if you also target men, this color is to be preferred for products intended for women and little girls too

The Blue One  

The Blue is a color that inspires security and trust, it is often found on the Landing pages of banks for example, online accounts, insurance especially.

The Green 

does not assault the eyes, it is a color synonymous with comfort, used in landing pages of finance, entertainment, for offers also of value and high price intended for the rich


a color that inspires calm and appeasement, to use on landing pages on beauty products for example, anti-stress, yoga, … Etc

The Black  

it’s the color of luxury, it also inspires power, elegance and sophistication, we find this color in the landing page for cars, jewelry 

So you notice that colors can increase the conversion rate of a landing page, choose light shades, they are more trendy

Now let’s see:


3-Mistakes not to make on a Landing page:

Landing page too complicated:


  • You don’t need to, for example, explain how to make a smartphone to sell it!; so just list its options and what makes it better than the others… Etc
  • Don’t be too smart and too technical on your sales pages, be content with the bare necessities
  • Same observation on the use of humor on a landing page, you have to be very careful because what seems pleasant and funny for you might not be for your prospect! 
  • Don’t lie about your offers by making them appear for what they are not, the reader will quickly realize it and your landing page will not convert 
  • Don’t think you’re Coca Cola or Mcdonald’s, don’t try to imitate the big companies on your landing pages, stay well nestled, well in detail and just show your specificity and you offer a product or service that your customers would not find not elsewhere for example


Don’t assault your prospects:

Be patient, never force your hands on your prospects or risk losing them, avoid too insistent and direct calls to action
Never use words like “buy, right now, fast, too late,… etc.”, you can still add a countdown but just for a part of the product or a discount but make it clear that the product will remain available but only without the discount or special offer for example, also avoid them expressions like “you must” you have to “,… Etc

Put your contact information on your Landing pages:

When you create a landing page, you have to include as many ways to reach you, don’t worry, are your customers who will contact you, but seeing that there are your contact details on your page, it will comfort them , and encourage them to trust you and boost the conversion rate of your landing pages

make your contact information such as your call-to-action buttons and affiliate links for example visible, simple to click on and in the right color (Orange is common), three colors maximum on a landing page of course

Not too many texts in your landing pages:

Never overload your landing pages with texts, users don’t read them anyway, if they arrived on your sales page for example, it’s because they would already have it on the product elsewhere, on your blog post dedicated to the product for example , so it’s not worth cluttering your landing page with text

Your landing pages will be ventilated and will let your prospect and his eye focus on your calls to action for example

No dip customer reviews on your landing pages:

You rather believe that this will put your client in confidence on your landing page but and it is the opposite that usually happens
Because your readers simply know that you’re never going to put bad reviews on your sales page for example, it’s as simple as that and it could bring your offer downright discrediting

How to boost a landing page’s conversion rate:

Here’s a list of things that improve a landing page’s conversion rate:

1- A good title for your landing page:

The title of your page, must be, short, simple and result-oriented

It should describe what your page is talking about, what will your prospect gain on this page, how will your product help your prospect?

You can add a subtitle to the two to support your title and explain in a few words how your product will meet your prospect’s needs.

2-An exceptional image or photo:

An effective landing page, must have a very convincing photo, also oriented towards the result, a single good photo will suffice for a landing page, no photos in the Slider, it is necessary that the look of your reader is concentrated in the axis and center of Page. Don’t put more except in special cases, when you have to show both sides of a product for example and even then you can put them in the same picture! but what am I saying? Mdr

Don’t upload free photos to the internet with your Landing Pages, your prospect has already seen it on a bad product of one of your competitors!, take pictures yourself for your product or company, or contact a Professional photographer, it’s definitely worth it. Your photo should as I said show what will change in your customer if he buys your product or accepts your offer, if you create a landing page to sell umbrellas for example, make a picture of a happy family under this umbrella and not just a collection of different colors or models of the product

3-Justify your product or service:

Tell people why you offer them this offer, a few words may suffice, tell how this product helped you for example and that’s why you propose it to your audience

4-The added value of your offer:

You have to indicate in your landing page, what is special about your product, your offer will help your customer?

What more will your offer bring to what is already on the market?

5-A logical sequel:

For your landing page to be able to convert and sell for example, it must follow a certain logical organization of its elements, here it is:

  • The explanation: what is your offer?
  • Profits: What will your offer bring to the person who buys it?
  • Testimonials and satisfaction of your other customers
  • The Call to Action (CTA)

An excellent landing page that will achieve your business goals, must have a vertical logic, do not put one element right and another left

Your client should be guided on your landing page from the top of the page which is the title up to the bottom of the page and towards the call to action, no distraction on the sides, completely remove the side bar, it is absolutely useless

No external link too, your prospect should not find a way to leave your landing page only by the call to action button, the sales button, order registration, … Etc

For a landing page with two or three choices, you have to repeat this suite for each product separately, that’s why it is advisable to limit the choice on a landing page

6-Why would your audience need your offer?

You need to create the need for your audience who are still hesitant to accept your offer, you need to accentuate their needs for your product.

If your product is training for a dog to stop barking at night, it must be argued for example with how much it will be the fine to pay if a neighbor poses plinth, how your customers will sleep well at night after this training, how much their dog will live better him too and that it’s not his fault either! to play on guilt! , it is therefore necessary to make their simple need a necessity and create a sense of urgency behind

7-Pleasure and emotion:

It is the emotions that provoke the actions, your prospect will only become a customer on your landing page if you awaken his emotions, his desire

Make sure he feels something, put him in the mindset of someone he has acquired your product and how much he feels better with, make your prospect dream

8-Real testimonials and product returns in your landing page:

The testimonials you put on your landing pages, are true, and proven by adding photos of your customers, their website for example, their photo using your product, their name and their city, … Etc

These are the kinds of product feedbacks and testimonials you’ll ask your first customers to post on your landing pages

9-several means of contact:

Your page must have several ways to reach you, don’t settle for one, so put on your page:

  • Your website address
  • Your email address
  • your phone number
  • a registration page
  • The physical address of your company or company with a route from the station for example … Etc

Each customer has their preferences and how they interact with you to access your offer, don’t just put what you think is enough

10-The guarantee of the result:

You must give your customer a guarantee on your offer

Your customer should be able to be refunded for example if he is not satisfied with the product, if after testing your product and he has not had the results you claim in your landing page, … Etc

11-A powerful call to action:

Make your call-to-action buttons look like results, and contain engaging, powerful words

Instead, instead, to buy or order, say, “Sleep like a baby” for a mattress offer or sleep training

12-Add evidence of trust:

Put on your landing page, the evidence that drives your prospects to trust you, the companies with which you are a partner, your diplomas, your certificates ,… etc. and make them understandable and accessible to your entire audience

13-A video on your landing page:

There is no better than a video, which talks about your offer, I mean its added value and benefits, to increase, double or triple the conversion rate of your landing page

Make sure to put a video in place of your photo, and above all, never ask your prospects to buy your product or subscribe to your offer in this video, on the other hand your video must explain your offer and how it will help your prospects

A video on a landing page, will be more effective to wake up and solicit the emotional side of your prospects, so you can create the desire or need to access your offer from your prospects which will increase the conversion rate and generation of Leads on your pages

Thanks to a video on your landing page, you will be able to build confidence and reassure your prospects and future customers, by showing how much you have control over your subject, and that you are able to choose for them the product and the offer that suits them, let’s move on now at a very important point:

14-Do tests:

You need to create at least some versions of your landing page, with different colors for example, two different titles, different images or calls to action, and do an A/B test, a split testing

You will follow your landing pages on Getresponse, Optimizely, Google Optimize for example or several tools and landing page creators and sales pages offer this kind of service, and choose which landing page model has the best conversion rate
Do a test with two different versions of your landing page, version A and B, then test again the version that converted more with a third C version and so on, you should always try to increase the conversion rate of your landing page with A/B testing, that’s the secret to success, recovering data, improving and testing again.

A good conversion rate of a landing page is between 10% and 13% of all visits on this landing page

15-Delete distractions on your landing page:

Never put items outside of those needed for a landing page, that’s kind of the problem when you use Landing page builder, so no unnecessary links, no useless images, for stuff that flashes all over your page … Etc

You must retain the attention of your prospect or visitor on your offer and just on it, made your landing page on a single column, no sidebar, no footer or popups, nor anything else, a single column!

Your visitor should only be able to scroll on your landing page from the title of your offer to the call to action or the command button, that’s all.

The best strategies for a landing page 

Whether it’s
an E-commerce sales page, or an ad for an event, here are some strategies that boost the conversion rate of a landing page:

1-Add motivation to your offer 

For a landing page to earn you money, for example, you need to incorporate a motivation, to help and encourage your visitors to take action, offer 25% off the price for example over a period of 15 days and display the countdown on your landing page; offer free delivery ,… Etc 

2-Never put many choices on the same offer 

A visitor who finds a lot of choices on a landing page, is not going to access your offer and will not buy anything for example, you know why? because it is on your landing page precisely so that you can make the choice for it; You’re the specialist, aren’t you? two to three choices maximum on a landing page 

3-Offer a free test of your product 

being able to test your product will improve and increase the confidence of prospects in you and your offer, this usually ends with more conversions for your landing page 

4-Use powerful words on your landing page

The words you use on your landing page will influence the conversion rate of the latter, instead incorporate into your titles words like: now, fast, easy, simple, fast, step by step, and words like: New, free, because, instantly, limited, bonus, immediately, imagine or imagine; In your landing page body; these words do not come out of my imagination of course, it is the result of studies on words to use on a landing page for it to be effective. Besides, a Landing Page Creator, will not serve you any purpose if you do not choose the right and powerful words to insert in your titles, subtitles and texts of the Landing Page 

5-Low Resolution 

Opt for low resolution when you create a landing page, your audience probably counts prospects who have PCs not adapted to high resolution, hence the interest of knowing its typical persona and their socio-economic status and their standard of living ( everything is related in online commerce)

Examples of Landing pages that are simple, easy to reproduce and very effective

I offer you these models of Landing pages, seemingly very simple and that seems to come from the 80s, but soak you, these landing pages earn hundreds of thousands of dollars to an American Marketer, specialized in THE AFFILIATE CPA
I’ll keep the names in English for some of these landing pages, it’s not the most important, but I ask you to focus on the features of each page and especially its use, which means that every landing page of those that are going to follow is going to have a high conversion rate in a specific area 
You can then adapt these landing page templates to your website and business graphics card by incorporating your own calls to action, keywords and teasers

1-The Splash Page

This landing page model is the first page that the reader will see on your website, it can be placed at the top of the home page or separately, it will contain:

  • A good and well descriptive title, which refers to an enticing offer
  • An excellent image that would make your reader dream
  • A clear and eye-catching call to action
  • Evidence of relevance and authority such as displaying the logos of your partners who have sought your services or testimonials
  • A small paragraph that informs your users of your offers and services on your site, play on the emotional
  • A contrasting button that redirects them to your website

The landing page “Splash page” could be used just to:

  • Welcome your readers to your website and inform them of what you are doing as a business
  • Inform your new visitors of your offers and especially of the new offers on your website
  • It can play the role of a Teaser to excite the reader and encourage him to visit your site 
  • It can also give the reader the option to choose the language with which he will access your website and even the version of the site they want, depending on their internet speed for example
  • Enticing Users to Join Your Mailing List 

how to design an excellent Splash page

The splash page, must be well designated and contain a strong message to encourage the visitor to continue to your website, because Google tends to penalize websites that use this kind of landing page because it actually offer no added value to Player 

2-The Squeeze Page

The Squeeze Page is a Landing page, intended primarily to capture the emails and names of your visitors, it’s their only goal and it’s only good at conversion rates when they’re created specifically to feed your mailing list

To create a good, simpler Squeeze page, the better:

  • A single call to action, obviously to join your mail list that must be, strong, short and accurate and as convincing as possible
  • A clear design without too many distractions nbi too colorful
  • A registration button at the bottom, orange or blue color
  • A thank you message and redirect to your offer or website after registration


How to create a good Squeeze page

A Squeeze Page must meet these conditions in order for it to convert better:

  • Your Offer must be in line with your call to action and the information you ask for, usually simply require a name and email address and leave other contact details that you could retrieve later with campaigns e-mailings against new targeted offers
  • Follow the order of layout of the items on your Squeeze Page , title, image and a small text for the offer followed by the field to enter its data and finally the button of the call to action

3-Landing full Funnel page

the best landing page in the world

4-Landing page Review page:


the best landing page to sell online



5-Landing page, comparison page:

high landing page conversion rate

6-There are also other landing page models such as:

  • Steps Page
  • Straight Referee
  • Interactive Arbitration
  • Advertorial page
  • Straight Sales

Landing Software page:

Here’s a list of tools that will help you optimize the conversion rate of your landing page:

  • Landing page Keep (Tool to track and analyze the performance of your landing pages , according to the keywords … etc)
  • Unbounce (provides you with a great choice of template landing pages, to achieve them easily, also allows you to split testing your landing page and tracking them)
  • Crazy Egg (you trace the cursor movement of your readers on your landing page)
  • Ion (Free Assessment Tool)
  • Landing Page Analyze (Free tool very convenient to analyze your landing page and your entire website too)
  • Google Optimize (Free to do A/B tests)

It’s up to you to play now and create your Landing page:

An efficient and highly converted landing page, must present your site, and your offer from the first seconds, when a visitor lands on it, and above all make him understand that he is in the right place and in good hands that will help him find what it seeks and effectively meet these most urgent needs and achieve your goals of selling your products or services then

Take notes and get to work, I realize that there are elements missing from this article but I am delving deeper into the subject to bring you only what is really useful on the Landing pages

Good luck

You can also ask me your questions in a comment, if not tell me, what is the landing page model you prefer?



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