How to create a quickly profitable blog ?

Or you already have a blog and you can’t keep going because it’s hard?.
Take a few minutes, read this article carefully.
I promise you that once finished, everything will become clear, and you will know quickly, how to create, make known, monetize your blog;

and start over on the right basis if you’ve already fai

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create a blog easily and for free
Do you know you’re reading my third blog? The previous two simply failed!!
I tell you this to warn you that if you think you’re going to hit the box office and make your blog profitable from the beginning, it’s better to either budget at least 2500 euros to pay the pros and pubs to do it for you; which I advise you not to do, because you’re going to screw it up as soon as you take it into your own hands.


Either the second option, totally free or cheap (if you’re in a bit of a hurry) and that consists of moving the c… and start applying this article as soon as you finish reading it.
I see you’ve finally decided to sweat a little and do things right so you don’t come back to it again.


1-why do you want a blog?

In fact, a website can have a blog on its own, if you have an online shop for example, you can create a blog to promote it and better reference it on Google; But

you can also create a blog, simply and monetize it too, there are millions in the world.

How to have your own website for free

Ah!!! If this question leaves you without thinking, I invite you to ask your fes… and to think about it.
Is that it? You know why!!! Are you sure???   All right… ok,me for example I created this blog to help you improve your blogs.
I’m messing around … hhh not let’s be serious! I created this blog to learn how to blogger in a profitable way.
How are you telling me? 
Bein it’s simple, every time I learn two three new tricks, I make an article on them to share them in the simplest and clearest way possible with you my dear subscribers.
Ah!!! It comes back to me … sign up for my blog band of broken arms. if not I’ll delete the article… hhhh I’m kidding but sign up anyway.
So, you have to know why you create a blog to find out how to make it profitable and visible…
Which brings us to the second point that is also important:

2-What are you going to Blogger?


Create a profitable website in a micro-niche

Why create a website !!!
If you get soaked on this, you’ll regret it, because that may be what happened to you bunch of incapacitated …
Not sure which niche to choose for your blog??? It’s easy..

You have three criteria:

1-Based on what you want to sell to your readers in the future

Believe me, you have to choose a topic that will allow you to sell products on your blog and long term. For this you have 4 topics between which you must choose: either a blog about money, health, happiness and finally love.if you get out of these topics, you will shipwreck.

Create a website around a profitable niche

2-Choose a topic or a timeless niche: for e

xample instead of creating a blog about Roland Garos that lasts only one me I think and then disappears 11 months and your blog with , why not make a blog about how to become a tennis champion . Ok??? Are you following me?? Don’t write about themes that don’t extend over time… 

3-Blog on a subject that you are passionate a

bout At least a little and not just because it is a carrier and you just base yourself on the money… you’re going to get bored if not, and throw in the towel… That’s all.

Let’s move on to practical things… grab a glass of water, a pen and write down everything that’s going to follow since that’s it you know what to blog about and you’ve chosen a good domain name, let’s create it.


Ah, now that I think about it … You’re going to have to write a lot, so learn how to do it because a blog post is not like a letter to Santa Claus.

You can search directly here for free of course and when you find the one that suits you and it is available well on , click directly the button to order to book it or buy it 

For a Bread Bite 0.99 Euros





3-Where and what to do to create your first blog?

Now that the idea is ready, you have to host your blog.
You’re going to have to make a choice, depending on your needs and average.

You don’t want to pay anything and create your website for free:



Video tutorial: Create your blog for free on Blogger blogspot


You just need a Mail address (Gmail) and an internet connection to create your website!!
I’m still on Blogger, (until I finish my SEO tests) and that doesn’t stop me from moving forward and advancing my blog.
On the contrary I recommend it if you start because Blogger will force you to know the trade.
you have to see Blogger as an almost empty chassis, on which you are going to have to build your blog, it will surely have your personal touch.
Plus it’s free for life, so why not.
You’re going to tell me wordpress also offers free accommodation !!!!
Yes it’s true, but with wordpress and unlike a Blogger, you can’t bring back free plugins and mini programs from the outside and add them to your blog, you have to pay a subscription to them for that.
Video tutorial:Create your blog for free on WordPress



In addition to wordpress, like WIX, and the other EMONSITE platform, you can also create your free site on Joumla … etc impose their advertising because you are in free mode and above all:

Adsence does not accept free hosting unless you create your blog on its Blogger platform; this site you are reading is done and is still under Blogger and I do not complain about it .
Video tutorial:How to create a website for free with Joumla 

Do you prefer a personal domain name?

Baby! here I advise you WordPress, you will have all the necessary plugins at your disposal, it’s downright ready to wear
. The unseemly is that technically, all that is web design … etc you will learn nothing but slab!! but on the other hand, you’ll just have to take care of the creation of content, SEO and how to make your site profitable

Here is a quick comparison of the different CMS:

A CMS is basically the online software for managing and creating content, the interface that will make it easier for you to create your articles… etc the dashboard of your site what! where there are all the commands, here are a few:


ssWordpress is more widespread.30% of the web is under wordpress In addition, it offers hundreds of

themes and plugins So you could customize your blog in terms of graphics and features with minimal effort and without having extensive knowledge in p

rogramming So, if you don’t have a lot of computer knowledge, this one suits you very well. Drupal: This one is

the mos

t powerful, it works well with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter…. Etc. On the othe

r hand, you have to have a lot of computer knowledge to install and manage it.


a: It offers a good compromise between power and con
viviality. Choose it if you feel ready to program (a little bit). 

Good kudos in any case for your first blog.

Let’s move on to something else

Choose the right CMS



Source ionos


4-Steps to create a true complete and competitive blog

A- The distribution of content 

In fact, to create a good website, you have to incorporate three kinds of content:


A-Add informative content 












































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