how to choose an SEO-Friendly domain name ?

How to choose the domain name that would help site referencing

Do you want an effective domain name that makes you credible and doesn't hinder your SEO efforts
? Are you afraid to choose a domain name, which you will regret later?
And well! You're right to worry; and above all you will have tors not to follow these tips, yet very simple and that will make your first step towards blogging a real success.

choose a domain name

1- Free domain (sub-domain) or a paid domain name?

If it's a personal blog, just for the sake of sharing, know that nothing requires you to buy a domain name and a free sub-domain you're more than could simply sign up for Blogger, choose your theme according to your and start writing your articles and putting them online.

On the other hand, if you plan to create a valid site/blog and then monetize it easily, there you would need an original domain name, especially the services, management and promotion tools and plugins that go with it and that the site heberger would include or not in your subscription (depending on your means).

2-Why is it important to choose your site name?

You have to choose the best possible domain name for several reasons, here are the two main reasons why you really need to create a personal domain name:

The first:

 The domain name is your showcase, your image, your business card and brand name that will follow you forever and that's what will be noticed first.

And often, if you choose a wrong domain name for your site or blog, you won't realize until you've created and tried to optimize and promote your content and whatever you do, it won't work !!! And it's often too late. 

The second:


If you don't make the right choice for your site name, and you'll want to change it later, without good technical knowledge in web development or a big budget, you're going to have to redo all the work of creating, referencing and promoting what You will waste down a lot of time and money better then create a new site.

Choose a site name

To avoid all this, here is:

3-Simple and precise rules to follow when choosing the domain name:

First of all, if you run out of ideas regarding the name to give to your site or blog, go there on id2nom, just type a keyword from your niche and you will have a lot of choices.

3-1-Do not choose a specific keyword (restricted) as a domain name:

You need to create a vague and malleable domain name, but that keeps the specificity of your

niche. For example if you intend to sell mattresses on your site, it is better not to choose as a domain name "" . 

It is very small and it sounds too aggressive and the player probably turned it too "vulgar".

Instead, opt for a more generic keyword so you don't crash in the future if you want to promote other products and if for our example the niche of mattresses would come to saturate, you could always sell pillows without having to change your site name and without harming your SEO too.

The best choice in our example would be "".
Always aim for a generic keyword but not too much so you don't lose your specializat

ion. In addition, you should opt for a domain name that is easily understood in other languages.

3-2-choose a consistent and easy-to-remember domain name:

First, you have to take a domain name in total coherence with your brand so that, only the fact of pronouncing it, will directly refer to your brand or business … etcFrom

the other side;

  • Avoid dashes between words and opt for capital letters 
  • Avoid plurals except in major cases (brand name in plural already existing) 
  • Avoid a site name too long (2 words is ideal) this will be more convenient if you come to print it one day or create email addresses like (…@votre domain name .com) for your collaborators … Etc 
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to write and pronounce and give orally. 
  • Choose an intuitive site name, easy to remember and composed of words that are easy to spell.

Choose an extension of the domain name

3-3-Good choose the extension of your domain name:

The extension of a site address is the .com (generic), .fr(france), .eu (Europe) ,

… The extension will have a big impact on your referencing in search engines.

Sites (.fr) for example, are generally better positioned than others in searches done on so from France or is supposed to be the majority of your target audience. You m

ust choose your domain name extension by country function or could be the bulk of your future audience or clientele. So, if for ex

ample you target the American player, you will choose rather an extension (.us) or abrasor (.com) . See can

always choose (.com) and specify more the country sible in google searsh console. Al

so know that new extensions like for example (.blog / .paris … etc) are understood by google exactly like the extension (.co

m). Here are the main extensions that are often used:

Domain name extensions

  • .co.: for society, commerce and community.
  • .info: news sites.
  • .net: technical sites, Internet infrastructure.
  • .org: non-commercial and non-profit organizations.
  • .biz: professional or commercial use, such as e-commerce sites.
  • .me: blogs, CVs or personal sites.

You can search directly here for free of course and when you find the one that suits you and it is available well on , click directly the button to order to book it or buy it 

For a Bread Bite 0.99 Euros


3-4-check that your domain name is unlike any other:

This short video is complementary to the article; I suggest you look at it:

If we take our previous example "" , it could very well be that someone else has already chosen as the address name for his site "" the only difference is the dash (-) between the two words … and that's not good at all.

Another thing to check, if your domain name is not already used but under another extension for example "" or .net … Etc

The ideal would be to book (buy) the other extensions and redirect (301) to your main address.

Or, check this site I want my name the availability of your domain name.

4-Book and protect your domain name:

To book or buy your domain name, several choices are required, Ovh, wix, … etc. but everyone would advise the WordPress platform for easy access, choice of duration and subscription packs, practical services (Reference and plugins) that it offers with good value.

And in terms of protecting your domain name, you must as soon as you acquire it, go to google search console, sign up with an email that you have previously created, preferably "" and claim ownership of that site name.

Heberger a domain name

5-Where to host and how much it costs to have your domain name:

To acquire a cheap domain name, here are some hosting platforms (most used), subscription prices can vary from one plan to another depending on the services included:

1. LWS €4.19/month

2. PlanetHoster 6/month

3. 1/1 France 5.99 euros/month (1.99 – first year

) 4. GoDaddy €4.49/month

5. OVH $2.39/mon

th 6.Wordpress 4/month (advised).

6-How to make money with a domain name:

You can very well become a domainer, book and acquire domain names that sound good and resell them on an official resale site. The market leader in France and abroad is the German company Sedo which connects buyers and sellers of domain names. Here are som
e tips when you want to book domain names with the intention of reselling them:1-the domain

name is easily remarkable, thanks to a short and striking name.2-it c

ontains keywords that present a high volume of search on google mainly.3-it contain

s a notion that reflects economic or social trends which makes it very sought after.4-The

domain name is suitable for the brand name (but is not yet protected as a brand).5-always

try to predict them Trends in the future.6-al

ways book a promising domain name with at least these three extensions (.com/.fr/.net).


Finally, I advise you to re-subscribe to a good site name and start with a free sub-domain to familiarize yourself with the software of the web heberger (on wordpress for example) and subscribe later, you might even wait for a promoti

on. All I have to do is wish you good luck.

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