how to choose a relevant domain name ?

How to choose the right domain name for a website

In this article, you will know everything about how to choose a very good domain name, which is both beautiful and attractive and in addition well optimized and thus help the correct referencing of your blog or website.

boost its traffic with a good domain name


A domain name, it's your brand name, your address on the internet, simply it's your business card. So

, to create a very good blog, you have to create a very good domain name. S

o, it's best not to choose a domain name that doesn't inspire anyone and isn't attractive.

In fact it's like the window of a store. Despite the value of selling very good items, if you don't take care of your shop window and front door, no one will come especially th

e first time. So to have good traffic, you first need an excellent domain name that attracts reade

rs. First of all we'll see:


Here are the main mistakes to avoid when choosing a good domain name. The

first mistake is to choose a domain name, book it or buy it and when you want to create profiles on social networks for your site, you will find that the username is already taken by someone else!! For example:Imagine

you create

a site ( and you create the site and you will spend 2 months creating content for it, and after you are going to have to create a Facebook page, Twitter, linkedin profile and youtube, … etc. and when you try to register logically with the username (do-it-yourselfer) or @bricoleur for Twitter, they tell you that this Name is already taken and is not available !!! It's a real disaster!! N


ot!! So before you buy a domain name, check before the availability of this name on social waters too!!

Avoid an esotic domain name that doesn't mean anything like toto, goople,… Etc.

Avoiding a domain name too long, the better is just two or three words at most. never include numbers (1.2,..) in your name of f
irst mistake is to think that you could change your domain name whenever you want and without affecting your business. Avo
id putting dashes between the words because it will be difficult to write if you want to connect direc
tly Never choose your personal name as a domain name, unless you are well known in your field and you are recognized too.


If I have six hours to cut down a tree, I would spend the first four hours scaling my ta
n It was my first advice which is to take your time and think carefully, consult and see a little what the here are my other tips for well Choose an excellent domain

name: Choose a domain name that is closely related to your blog theme.

Choose a domain name that inspires confidence, not aggressive and does not contain offensive words for example.

Choose a domain name oriented towards what you will sell
on your blog later when you want to monetize your blog.

Choose a short domain name and with intense words that catch the eye.

Incorporate a keyword into his domain name at least, so if you create a cycling blog it's nice to integrate mountain biking or cycling into its domain name ee.

The language of your domain name should be that of your future customer
s. If you create a blog for women, it's better to ask what your sister or wife thinks of their domain name and even it down.

When you promote your website and your domain name consists of more than one word, start each word in a capital so you won't confuse readers or engines. Finally, I recomme

nd LWS, to choose and book your domain name, cheap, French and especially if you want to host your website Chez LWS the domain name will be offered and the hosting is the cheapest on the market, quick site loading, SSL Offered … etcIf no,

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To sum up all this, choosing a domain name that hits, is not as simple as you think, and it's the same when you choose your wife or man, because like it your domain name will stick to the train all your life. Then it'

s better to make the right choice.


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