How to make a New Blog profitable?

How to make a small blog profitable quickly

This article will detail the ten quick, simple and accurate steps to follow to make money with your newly created young blog even if you've just started blogging and you don't know much about web marketing and especially even if Your new blog doesn't have much traffic yet.

make a blog profitable quickly

The ten steps in detail to be able to monetize his new blog correctly:

You've created a very good blog well nestled and you can't wait to start making money?

 Let's start first; If you don't have a site yet:

1-choose a good theme: 

I'm just asking you to ask yourself what you can sell on your blog?

If you need to think too much to answer, stop this blog and change the theme right away.

Before you open a store you have to know what you're going to sell there, right? The blog is kif-kif and I advise you to also know what you could sell.

A vegetable seller will never be able to sell a Harley Davidson and the other way around too. 

Profitable blog themes:

To make sure you make money with a blog or website in general, you have to deder it to web marketing, which means, cHoisir a theme or a topic of blogging that respects these conditions:

  • A niche specialized to the maximum and avoid the broad themes
  • A Trend or a considerable number of google searches
  • A theme on which to write at least 30 different articles
  • A theme in which you can promote items that range in price from 10 euros to 150 euros
  • A theme for which one can at least create a personal digital product (ebook, training,… etc)
  • A theme on which to make videos on YouTube


You found what you could sell, then the theme of your blog. That's good, now you'll have to know your subject to hope to make cash inflows quickly with your blog.

You can't sell a chicken if you don't know how many legs it has.

Don't worry, you just have to train yourself, and for this, you have two choices:

You will learn alone, it's doable and free, there's everything on the net …

That's what I thought and that's what cost me more than a year late and yet it was not the will that I lacked.

The only trick I've had against this year's knowledge quette on how to make money quickly with a blog is this blog itself, because the old one has sunk.

Just because you like cars doesn't mean you'll be able to write a very good article about them and sell a convertible over the internet.

Let's be serious, creating and profitable online site is a very good job, and a job you learn, it is not improvised.

This video is very complementary but does not summarize the article

I'm not saying you can't learn alone, but know that blogging has become so technical and full of new tricks that you'll probably get lost along the way and so discourage yourself before you even get started.

You should know that to sell a product on his blog, you would need an article that talks

about him. Also know that a blog post is not a love or motivational letter, you have to learn how to write for google robots and readers at the same time, you have to learn how to capture enamels, know how and why? , know what an answering car, a landing page, have at least some notions of copywriting, know how to sell, know how to offer, what is a sales tunnel,…. Etc

Which brings us back to your second option is to take a few euros and exchange them for a training or two, which will give you the ropes of the trade and the methods step by step, ready to wear.

Believe me, that's what I did and that's what I recommend.
A training will give you the tools and strategies you will never find on the net for free.

A good marketing strategy is the result of hard learning years of experience. such knowledge is not given when it comes to business, it sells.

And when you master a little your subject, what could be done in 10 days if you choose a paid training, either in the form of an ebook, courses in videos, … etc. you're going to take the next step:

3-Create your offer captures emails (a landing page):

You're going to have to create a very good eBook with all the criteria or a video in which you will introduce yourself and present your knowledge, or you will give free advice, shorts, ideas, a guide… thi
s is called a mini training that you will save on drive for example and offer as a download to the internet users you will solicit on social networks, your YouTube channel,… etc and this in exchange for their email addresses and this thanks to a landing page that you will have previously well prepared and there again, for your landing page, you can use mailchimp in its free version to start.

Let's move on to the other step which is:

4-Create your blog post:

I say create well and not just write , about it I refer you to these two articles so that you have a point of view on what a very good blog post and that of how to write it to soften google. 

There, you will really need to make sure of the quality of your content, not only, you have to respect the basic techniques of writing a blog post, but also, make sure that you bring something new, added value, relevance , and only training and reading can give you that.

Look at what your conquerors are offering and offer more, deepen more, analyze more ,…

It's not easy but if you really want your blog to be monetized from the first few weeks, know that your content has its say and it must remain your top priority in the process of referencing your blog and it is your content that will bring you back customers and then entice them to buy your products.

Then comes the most delicate step, the one that will make you hope to monetize your blog and cross the barrier of amateurism, and we're talking here about:


First of all, you have to launch your website and present it to search engines, and this step is very important to pass without making technical or strategic mistakes.

First of all you need to know how to position your blog in the first google results, so you will enjoy natural and free traffic.

What I recommend at the beginning is to take two days to peddle your article and double to make it known.

You need to go door to door, email bloggers of your topic and offer them cross-links, guest articles ,… Etc

Help yourself from your YouTube channel, make a video and talk about your article while putting a link in the description.

Do the same on Facebook and twitter,know that promotion work is the key to your success so feel free for a second and offer your know-how to Internet users.

Once this tedious work but necessary or at least at the beginning, is done, it's probably going to barn you a lot of registrants.
You will move on to the stage of:


You will never sell anything to anyone.
Be aware that the product you are going to offer to your subscribers is intimately linked, not only to the theme of your blog, but especially to the topics covered in your articles.
So you're going to go back to your articles and try to figure out why your subscribers read these articles and what else could you sell them? 

There is another way to do this, which is to send an email to your subscribers, offering them an ebook for example while asking them to repeat a small questionnaire about what interests them.

Then comes the step of:

7-Product creation:

Once you understand what your subscribers really need, you have potential customers there that you are going to have to convert into buyers.

How to do it?

All this will be possible via a sales tunnel. The important thing is to re-apply to your subscribers by creating your product.

This one could be a digital product, an eBook, a training, a play sheet, a video or show you how to solve a particular problem; or a physical product, an object of creation according to your theme.

There, your product is ready, your email list is there, the beginner you're going to have to go door to door again because there are basically two sales systems: the automatic via a sales tunnel, which I advise 20 if you have less than 1000 registered On your list and semi-automatic which consists of sending targeted emails to each category of your emails , depending for example the items from which they registered and comça you will sell products suitable for each of your prospects and thus generate more sales.

You can also find a product that's right for your target audience on an affiliate platform like ClickBank for example

If you think it's over, the job is done once the money gets into your account, you're wrong.

This is about the end of the explanations of the majority of the so-called experts.

Of course, I do not define myself as a specialist in the field and I am here to learn with you, but every logical mind immediately veered that there is still work to be done and this work consists mainly in:

8-the follow-up:

You need to provide some after-sale service, know that there would be customers who will not be satisfied with your product, that you should refund and to whom you must promise a better product as soon as possible and why not for free.

There may be others who will love the product but don't understand everything for example if it's training, so you're going to have to re-send an extra explanation for free to satisfy them,…

All this will prepare for the final step:

9- Consolidation:

To talk about consolidating is to talk about consistency and periodicity.

You need to keep track of the needs of your prospects (registered readers).
For a simple reason, in man, as soon as one need is filled, another would immediately take his place.

For example, as soon as you finish eating, you need to drink, and then that of taking a nap for some and lighting a cigarette for others, … Etc.

So the need is always there and it's up to you to prospect to guess it and so fill it with the next product, all this will make sure that you keep your subscribers and that they will not go elsewhere.

all this could never succeed without a major factor that many bloggers neglect and often they pay the high price. This factor is:


This is simply what makes that despite for example the domination of supermarkets, their unbeatable prices, many people still shop at the small store of the cartier or the local baker.
On the one hand, for the specificity of the product and especially the hello and commits go the children at the entrance and goodbye and links this candy for little Alice at the exit.

Your subscribers are primarily people, may be suffering, at least who have a lack or a problem.

Your primary goal should never be gain, but to help people overcome their problems and progress.

Believe me, your readers will notice and reward you with their loyalty and trust, and will be very happy to give you their time and money just for that.

That was also my conclusion.

I await your comments and suggestions

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