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How do I optimize a home page for Google's search engine?


You have a website or a blog and you want your home page to be well optimized SEO for a good referencing on google, and also so that your visitors do not get lost and leave your site prematurely. Afte

r you have read this article, you will be able to create or make your homepage clear, easy to understand and surf in, both by your visitors; readers or customers and especially for google bots when they come to check and index your new content and especially bring with them a good impression for google so that your home page and site in general is better referen

ced. A home page usually has ten essential elements, here are the optimizations concerning them


Optimize the Logo of your site or brand:

How to optimize a website logo for a good SEO

Many referencers and specialists of the fundamentals and bases of SEO and REFERencing;  tell you that the logo of your website has no influence on your SEO Optimization, but think again, they just don't see how !!! in fact y

our logo must first have the exact dimensions that your template has reserved for it, or risk hindering the responsibility of the latter and create problems much greater than him. Th

en, your logo should be in webP or jpg format and should not weigh too much, just a few kilobytes, so it doesn't affect the loading of your home page even

more, your logo needs to be well worked and thought out, pretty and attractive and above all it's reflecting the true value of your site and a nice logo, professional and expressive will reassure your visitors and make them stay even more on your site by thinking that it is surely better to visit this site, there is probably something interesting there.your logo must be named with your word key, and so you can bring visitors back to yourself via image search on google.

The menu on your home page:


It is essential to optimize the menu of your home page, because it acts as a table of orders and whoever visits it must be able to access all your content or products as well as the services and regulations ,… e

tc. First, to optimize the menu of your home page, it is necessary to structure your site upstream, TAGS and Labels are there for that, so less boxes there are in your menu, the better it is and it is necessary at all costs to avoid mega menus; and try to put as many as possible (6 to 7) elements or links and make sure that your visitor must be able to access by these elements any article or product that is in yo

ur site.il are templates with two menus on the homepage , Opt for the second link bar and dedicate the first one to contact pages, privacy policy and about t

he site. Avoid putting long anchors in your menu, just words course; for example if your site is about shoes, make elements, men, women, children; Summer; winters; Trends Originals… etc. just a single word that sums up your wording well

The business card:

Create a well-closed homepage on google

To properly reference your home page, you need to integrate a static space, or you will present your site or your activity, in an intelligent and brief way; and inform your visitors and especially google crawlers of what you offe

r on your site so, in an instant, your reader, must know what he will find in your site; and for the SEO of your homepage, opt for a text business card (text enriched with your keywords), contrary to what many referencers recommend; because the crawlers re

ally want it. This space should be static and frozen in time, it should be that every time google bot returns to your home page, unlike other items, this business card and menu items must be stable for large periods.

A call-to-action button:

properly position a home page of your website on google

Subscribe, contact me, how can I help you; download for free, try for free; … etc;pour that your hom
e page is really effective and serves your site and your business well; Incorporate a button, a widget, which calls the reader to do a participatory act, because you never know how long it will stay there, and the fact of offering him something, can make him change his mind and engage more in your site.

The home page window:

add a folio pot to your site to refresh it

Have you ever gone to a butcher's house and found only ribs in his display? , it's the same, your home page should have a showcase, a portfolio for example that featured the best samples of each of your products for example, or the best article from each section of your blog; … etc. to imp

rove the referencing of its home page on this side, consider renewing this presentation periodically in order to encourage google to come too often index your home page and take advantage of it to crawl your entire site.

Include a Faeths:

Your home page should have a FAQ, this page is very important for google, it will show google that you care about your customers or your readers, so this will earn you user experience points and help you for a good seED on google as a bonus. Try to answer,

briefly, the frequent questions your audience usually asks about your domain or about the services and products you sell on your site. Make a

link to your FAQ in your menu from above with the contact link and others…

An up-to-date homepage:

To make a good homepage; It needs to be updated most often (except, description, labels, location of different elements and divisions); Aside from these points, your home page often needs to be upgraded; think about presenting your latest items, your latest products on sale, your latest offers, your promotions, the latest news, … etc, when google robots

arrive on your homepage, they will find freshness and new on one side which will prompt them to come back more quickly to see if there is anything new to index and on the other side, your customers or readers will know that you are up to date with the new products and will tax you as a specialist in the field.


Claim authority on a homepage to reference it on Google

Your home page must include your medals of honour; comments from your customers, their reviews of your products, your messages from social networks, statistics from your site, your results in this or that service, … etc.

take to highlight the positive reviews of your readers or your customers in order to reward those who give them and to put new visitors in confidence and encourage them to take action, subscribe, buy, test, …

etcIf you have companies as customers, think about putting their logos on your home page and do the same with your partners, this will reassure your future prospects and give a professional look to your home page.

The contact details and the home page:

Your home page should highlight your coordinates, at least, an email, phone, physical address; Thus, a specific customer will be able to reach you without searching in your contact page, which should include more info on how to reach you.

Optimize the Footer on your homepage:

A Footer is the band at the bottom of your homepage; Avoid loading the item, just link it to the top of the page; Another item (contact us) and your terms and conditions of sale and use of course avoid loading i

t, visitors do not usually see it because it is far below the waterline of your page, and put a lot of element there will weigh for nothing the html of your page and undermine your SEO. Avoid putting too m

any links in your footer, because this will suck the strength of the links of your menu (the labels) by deviating the google bots that will give more importance to your footer than your menu and thus index your site contrary to what you and this will hurt your SEO.

The H1 tag and the title tag:

It's a bit technical, but your home page should only have one tag<h1>and a single title that sums up all your activity. Bring

the source code on your home page and check both of these items to press the

right button on your mouse and click (inspect) and you only need to find one H1 and that your title<title>is well optimized and contains your main keywords. Since you are there, also c

heck <meta> <’description’>your, it must be intended for your audience and convince internet users to visit your site.</’description’></title></h1>

Popups and home page:

Avoid windows that open automatically on your home page as much as possible, and opt instead for built-in, static windows and widgets; you should not compromise the proper loading of your home page, and at the same time these popups annoy Internet users. In addition, if

you rely on popups on your home page, you're going to be disappointed, because the majority of internet users use ADBlock and you're going to harm your SEO for nothing.

The keywords in the home page:

Yes of course, you have to make an inventory of your main keywords and integrate them all into your homepage, in titles, labels names, and even images will need to be optimized with your keywords in Alt.D

on't hesitate to add some long-running keywords in your home page, this will optimize more its REFERencing and you will aim encor more audience.

The search bar and home page:

For a full homepage, you need to install an internal search bar, which will help your readers or customers go directly on what interests them and use their time to take action to places them to look for what they want to find.

The voice search bar:

Your home page should be aimed at everyone, and if among your readers there are for example seniors, a bar or voice search system will be very useful, and google will be satisfied and will improve the referencing of your site.

A translation bar in the home page:

reference and translation bar on a homepage of a website

it's the same as voice search, a translation system is very useful in your slider, especially if your products or services are aimed internationally.


Your home page should be aimed at both internet users and google robots, you need to take care of the user experience and avoid anything that might disorient both.
A good homepage, is a simple home page, clear and understandable; which contains only the essentials but all the essent

ials. So try to give access to your entire site from your home page, and summarize all your activity and the content of your site on it and all this in 500 words maximum and some well optimized images too.

Your motto on the home page should be simple, readable and effective

Ask me your questions in the comments; I would respond with pleasure; I also expect your criticisms, especially if they are constructive



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