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How can you improve your gains on Adsense?

How to make more money on Adsense

If you want to increase your income and profits on adsense you only have two solutions

Increase the traffic generated on your website, as well as the number of impressions

Increase the CPC (cost-per-click) on Adsense ads displayed on your website

Earn more from vCPM auction ads (advertisers pay for their ad to be fair view and print) like those at the CPC (advertisers only pay if their ad is clicked)

earn more money on adsense

If your site has been accepted by the google adsense program but you don’t earn enough money yet, let me give you here some practical and simple tips to follow so you can quickly increase your earnings on Adsense and this without take unnecessary risks, or violate Google Adsense’s regulations and guidelines


Why choosing Google Adsense to monetize your website ?

profitable his blog with adsense

Adsense is the easiest and easiest way to make money in an automated and sustainable way on a website
All you will have to do to access this program, is to create a website with quality content and above all a lot of content (30 pages on average) that deals with only one theme, and which respects well on the guidelines and  Google recommendations
Then submit your site to google Adsense and once it is accepted, you will be able to immediately display their ad blocks on your site, and start making it profitable, thanks to the impressions of your advertisements or at when you click on it

How does Google Adsense works?

boost its monthly income on adsense

There are three parts to this paid advertising program
  • The advertiser, the one who wants to advertise for his product 
  • The intermediary, which is Google under the Adsense program 
  • The display (the publisher), you, thanks to your spaces dedicated to the ads you auction, so that the highest bidder among advertisers puts his advertising on it and all this thanks to the mediation of google


So, the recipe for success with Adsense is without going too far in circles: less advertising space on your site with as much traffic as possible

How to increase your Adsense revenue and earnings

I just want to inform you before the advertisements in my articles or posts are being tested in order to be able to enrich this article, so do not take them as an example and therefore stick to the tips included in this article to improve the performance of your Ads
Above all, be aware that the use under WordPress for example Plugins like:
  • AJAX Plugin for AdSense 
  • Ad Injection
  • Google AdSense by BestWebSoft
  • WP simple AdSense insertion 


Using these, is not going to help you increase your income on Adsense, but just to make it easier for you to set up ads for example in your pages, and their management and statistics of these … Etc
This article, on the other hand, aims to improve the amount of the cheque you will receive from Adsense! Let’s go:
Earn more revenue on Google adsense

Google AdSense’s guidelines and guidelines must be followed to the letter.

Before I deliver you the tips that will help you earn more money on adsense, let me remind you again about the need to comply with the guidelines and regulations that govern Google Adsense.

I emphasize this point, because you can simply be ejected from the Adsense program at any time if you break these rules and it’s very tempting to do so to boost your income a little but at what price in fact

In general here are the most important practices to never do to not get fired from google Adsense, because if you do them, the adsense punishment will be immediate and all your efforts to monetize your web pages will be in vain:

Never click on your ads and if you do it by mistake, you’re going to have to warn them and inform them of that.

Never ask a friend or directly your audience to click on your ads too; google tracks all your movements, and your IP address is permanently linked to that of your friends and family, and the Adsense google algorithm will surely link it.

Never buy traffic and send it directly to your pages that display ads, if you do Facebook Ads, try to get your visitors through at least one other page of your site but not directly to your ads

Never make trompe l’oeil ads, which
look like two drops of water to your content and this in order to trick your readers and get them to click on it

how to boost your revenue on Google adsense

Never display Adsense ads on pages where there is no content or content that violates adsense rules, you can just report its pages in your Adsense dashboard and exclude them from the automatic display for example

Never subscribe to another click payment program at the same time as Adsense

Don’t put your ads in your sales pages and in the same places as your affiliate links

Never put your ads in Popups or redirect pages

Optimize adsense revenues

Never put your ads in prohibited content (adult, gambling, drugs, alcohol,… etc)

Read the Adsense policy before you install your ads

Let’s move on to how to boost your revenue and earn more with Adsense even if you don’t have a large number of visitors to your website

Choose a Niche that works well with Google adsense 

If you really want to earn thousands of euros a month with google adsense, if you haven’t done that yet, you have to choose a micro-niche compatible with the adsense compensation system and also compatible with its business logic
You’re going to be paid a click with adsense, so the best way to increase your clicks on your ad blocks is to opt for a theme where readers will come to your site to click buttons
Following this logic, download sites for example, are a very good idea of website monetized with Adsense
So here’s:

The full list of the most profitable niches with Google Adsense 

In order to earn maximum money with adsense, you have to choose one of the following niches

1-Download websites:

  • Mobile apps
  • Wallpapers
  • Software
  • Images of all kinds
  • Ebook guides and books… Etc

2-insurance sites:

  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home and business insurance
  • Health insurance … Etc

3-Car sites:

When a sector or theme pays dearly for its Adword ads, clicking and printing are very well paid on Adsense, there are niches such as car rentals for example, insurance, health, … etc but you are going to need authority to rank on these themes and with the Google E-A-T relevance criterion, you will have a lot of trouble blogging about health if you do not post your diplomas for example and are not recognized on the net

4-Health and fitness:

  • Human and animal welfare
  • Beauty and beauty products
  • Healthy eating and food compliments
  • Natural care
  • Drugs, if you are a medical professional
  • Natural remedies 
  • Organic care
  • Organic food … Etc

5- Electronic devices and technology:

  • Les Smartphones
  • Connected gadgets of all kinds
  • Computers
  • Home appliances
  • Robots
  • Connected speakers
  • Automotive electronic accessories … Etc

6-How to make money online Niches :

This niche, like that of finance and online banking is booming, the value of clicking on its keywords is increasing by the day, making this niche one of the best because it has a future with adsense, everyone will want to work on internet and earn money there, it’s up to you to show them how and the ads are also great 

paid when they are clicked

7-Entertainment Niches:

  • Games
  • Cinema
  • Shows
This niche does not skimp on the means when it promotes, the CPC and the CTR are very high on adsense

8-Holidays and travel:

  • Holiday rentals
  • The campsites
  • Accommodation
  • Honeymoons
  • Hotels, hostels ,…
  • Holiday rentals of all kinds

9-DIY and handmade products niches :

It’s a very profitable industry and niche with adsense, the ads there are many and the auctions on Adword can go up very high on some keywords, you could talk about:
  • DIY tools
  • How to repair yourself
  • How to use tools 
  • The best tools on the market
  • Gardening and its tools
  • How to make repairs … Etc

10-Computers and what’s close to it:

It’s a niche of the future to live Adsense income, people will increasingly need advice in this area, ads there are many too, and competition on keywords is fierce in this theme, if you are computer scientist, make a blog for example about programming, or how the software works with a YouTube channel also that you will associate with adsense, it’s a very good niche

Once you’ve chosen a good niche comes an even more important point, that of choosing a good Host so that your website is secure and recharges pretty quickly (an ad that doesn’t appear in time is a useless ad), all my sites are under LWS, here are direct links (affiliates), but you’ll get discounts if you go through these links to:

And if Samy is right and that’s because the topic on which I blog is a crappy niche that no one is looking for on Google? 

I stop right away and I’m going on LWS to look for and save a new Domain Name, a fresh start…


Manage your website with the complete and indispensable Semrush tool, follow this registration link; affiliate link of course, I got you a free test of 7 days, you can opt out if you change your mind, but I don’t think you’re going to do it, it’s essential this software if you want more money with your blog

Choose responsive templates for responsive ads 

boost the profitability of its adsense ads

Your website or Template must be responsive and Mobile Friendly

Your ads too, install custom ads in the spaces that your Template reserves well for this purpose, and look a little at how many visitors connect to your site via a mobile and add 300-250 ads that will fit well with screens mobile and that will be easy to see for your readers

Adsense also recommends the 720×90, 336×280, 160×600 and finally this banner for 320×100 mobiles all in pixels of course.

How to optimize adsense blog to get more revenue

If you have a site with static pages, think of ads in place in the sense of your articles, and adjust their dimension to those of your pages

Improve the loading speed of your pages to increase your gains on adsense:

Without turning too much around the pot, pages of your site or blog that contain ads must have a result on Google Page Speed insights of:

  • More than 80 for desktop display
  • More than 70 for mobile viewing 

I tell you this because the ads are placed at the top of the range to optimize their number of clicks (above the fold) and when your content pages are heavy, the images and adsense ads will only appear after a while , just after the reader or user has already scrolled the page down and therefore did not turn your ad 

Speed up the loading speed of your pages for best results with adsense

Opt for custom ads 

Yes, I’m not in contradiction, if you have access to your Html and you can create sites yourself for your ad blocks, I would advise you then to customize your ad blocks and opt for ads that are wider and that will be more likely to increase your number of clicks, for example, one of 300-600 in the spider so as not to let google show you thin ads like spaghetti if you leave it in responsive mode!!
Just be careful not to do this maneuver at the expense of a good user experience, but be sure that the most profitable ads are those that appear wholesale and catch the eye of your readers

Never put more than 3 ads on a same page 

How to increase your adsense revenue

To improve your page RPM a little, you need to limit your number of ads on a page, a single ad is better but when you have a lot of traffic but never exceed 3 ads per page

Calibrate ads dosage 

Optimize the dosage of adsense ads for more revenue

You’ll also go to the Ad Dosing (your Adsense account) and adjust your percentages so that you always keep your effectiveness on 100%, reduce the dosage of ads to 10% if necessary

Filter ads but not too much

What ad to block without risk of loss of revenue on adsense

You’re actually going to block all ads that don’t match your theme (niche) or your audience while making sure not to block them all at the same time, because you’re going to lower the number of requests on your advertising spaces which is going to bring down their CPC value

For example, don’t let Adsense post food ads on your blog while you blog about vegetarian diet or weight loss

You just have to do this little by little in order to gradually get google adsense to understand the type of ads you feel best serve your marketing strategy and help you achieve it according to the demand and type of ads on which your readers are more likely to click

Because, for example, if google displays a hundred ads on your site and you put 10 blocks in all, then if you remove 50 ads at once you will lower the value of your advertising space and earn less then


Choose the right keywords when creating content

Target keywords at high CPC and very large search volume (check the value and volume of your keywords on ubersuggest)

This type of popular keywords are very competitive but pay well, in my theme for example, I would target well, Webinar words, commercial prospecting, Adwords campaign, email marketing, buy a domain name, mailing list, CRM solution, … etc. because their CPCs and search volumes are very high.

So make a list of the best-paying keywords in your niche and write articles on them

So you’re going to have to go above and beyond to create great content that will make you rank well on google and you can also get help with a bit of Google Ads, too but don’t send your traffic directly to the target pages, have it transited by an intermediate page not to offend Adsense that will notice a spike in your earnings and will check the source and if it’s another page of your site, there will be no problems, it’s a machine after all!
have a passive income and recurrent thanks to adsense

This point is really very important because for example a reader who comes to your site after a query he made on google like “how to lose weight” and he finds an article that talks exactly about weight loss on your website and then clicks on one of your ads that leads it to a slimming program, you’re going to be well paid by Adsense for that click

All this because you would have chosen the right keywords and also the right lexical fields for your content and adsense understood this well and you put the right ad on your page

Also integrate keywords with high search volume and especially high CPC, ubersuggest will help you for free to select these keywords and you will then only have to integrate them into your content and try to ranker on them, you also have Kparser , a good and free tool to find keywords with high search volume and high CPC. 

It will also allow you to select keywords and phrases to incorporate into your articles in order to increase the CPC of your page and make you pay more by Google Adsense on the impressions of ads displayed on your web pages

Learn how to use keyword search tools, and long troll keywords that pay well and have a high cost-per-click in your niche 

Increase your adsense income with Section Targeting 


These are two tags that you will insert into the HTML of your article, and Google will use it just the text that will be between these two tags to choose which ad to display on this page

<!– google_ad_section_start –>

The part of your article that you will improve and enrich with a lexical field rich in high CPC keywords and especially in relation to the article and your main keyword, try to frame with these two tags a large part of your article if you doubt the quality of your paragraphs

<!– google_ad_section_end –>

adsense ad tagging for more ad effectiveness


The part of the article that will be between these two tags, must contain your relevant keywords to high CPC and a lexical field rich in words and expression to help Google put you an ad in relation to your article, which will increase the number of clicks on your ads and especially the value of the click because your ads will be really targeted, and when a user comes to your site following a request, they will find on your page an ad relevant to its needs and intent which greatly improves the value of its click

You could still use the Plugin Better Adsense Targeting if your Blog is on WordPress and you know nothing about HTML

Make more money with adsense by increasing the print time of your ads 

You need to make sure you increase the print time of your ads and they must remain completely visible for at least a few seconds. See with your Template how to find a tip, if you notice, I put an ad on the Slider to serve as an example, it still remains apparent at some time even if you continue to scroll, I multiplied by 4 my RPM (income for 1000 Impressions ) thanks to this technique
Sidebarre ads optimization techniques for more efficiency and clicks

Divide your content pages into several parts to increase the number of prints on your adsense ads

You can also, insert expansion markers as I did in my long articles, and if I’m going to put an ad at the beginning of the Post body, it will reprint every time the reader goes from one part of the page to the next , and so the ad will print and appear several times, if not you can even divide your article for example on several sub-pages, it’s even better, there are themes that allow this feature, it will also increase the number printing your ads and therefore your gains on adsense

There’s qussi of Adsense-Friendly templates, I highly recommend this one that I use that is Emag pro, there’s also a free version, it’s a theme suitable for installing adsense ads and adsense plugins too, it recharges very quickly this that will ensure that your ads will be printed even with a low throughput

where to install ads for more clicks and revenue

Find the Hot Areas of your pages and put your adsense ads in or near them 

To optimize the number of clicks on your adsense ad blocks and earn more money, you’ll have to detect the hot spots on your pages, these correspond to the places on your pages on which your readers’ mouse cursor passes when they’re on your website
Detect the hot zone for each page and put your adsense ad close to that area
To know its hot spots on your pages, you can use CrazyEgg (paying) or Click Heats (free) , this practice will increase your revenue on adsense by improving the click rate on your ads
The best areas for clicks on a web page


How to choose the right keywords to integrate into your content in order to increase your CPC earnings 

  1. Go to Google Keyword Planner, you’ll need to create a Free Google Ads account before, you also have Keyword Magic Tool from Semrush (7 days Free) or on SECockpit (01 months of free trials) anddo a keyword search about your theme, making sure to apply the filter that will display you these keywords and phrases according to their values at Cost per Click
  2. You will then recover a list of keywords and others long trolling, which you will this time sort by competing with other sites in your niche and that you will encounter using this or that keyword, I advise you in this case to opt for them medium-price keywords and average CPC of course (between 0.15 euro and 0.45 euro)
  3. It’s not over, you then have to take these few keywords that you have chosen to create them pages of content (one page for each keyword and side pages for long troll keywords and expressions), so you take these keywords and you go submit them to Google Trends software, to make sure your keywords are not seasonal and that they generate a good volume of organic search on google all year round and especially in countries
    target with your content and traffic strategy created specifically to boost your gains on Adsense
This is what will make you earn up to 1000 euros per month if not more, just with Google Adsense and traffic of 1500 to 2500 visitors per day only 

Install your Adsense ads in the right pages

Earn more on adsense with ads above the fold

Go to Google Analytics and see which entry pages are on your website and which ones are most visited by your readers

It is on these pages that you will install your most relevant ads, I’m talking about the format that adapts better to the content and that most encourages your readers to click on your ads

Then install text ads in the form of clickable links for example on these pages if they don’t have a lot of illustration or illustrated ads between your images if you have them in the content

Install your ads in the right places on your pages:

You should put your ads in the areas of intent to click, they usually lie in the center of your page, in the middle of an article for example, and know that the more your ad is at the top of the page, the more it will be printed and clicked 

Very important to know about Adsense

In addition, it’s the first ad at the top of the page that pays more than the second or third ad, and also think about making sure your ads are wrapped in text that has a lexical field containing high CPC keywords. , because it is the text that surrounds the ad that will decide its subject, if this text that will surround the ad is about weight loss, the ad will be about weight loss, you understand, friends?

First you absolutely have to use the ad links, they are very efficient, look at the beginning of this article you will know what kind of ad I’m talking about.
adsense booster
Optimize adsense for more clicks

The position of the ads is very important and can make a big difference in terms of clicks and revenue, Google, has referred us on 
this on the tips to follow for a good set up of your ad blocks in your pages.

Also be aware that from experience, the ads that are placed in the axis of the page are the most clicked but the ones that are in the slider are the ones that record the most impressions compared to the number of pages visited

Don’t hesitate to place a 300/600 ad for example in your slider (sidebar on the side) and opt for horizontal and textual ads in the axis of your pages and in the middle of your articles, only put text ads

The encheres and keywords for more adsense revenue

Always try to put your ads above the waterline of your web pages, this waterline corresponds to what your reader will see without having to scroll down your page and so you will ensure a percentage of impressions high for your ads and a much higher number of clicks than other places on your pages
But only one ad above this line is enough, bec
ause otherwise you will offer a bad user experience to your readers and google will punish you for it and lower the eRPM of your pages

Also avoid ads at the very bottom of your articles, it only lowers the RPM of your pages, they are rarely printed and will not make you win much

Read this article, you’ll find some useful scripts for Blogger and towards the end of the article, you’ll find the right method to install an ad block in the middle of a web article, I’ve tested it and it works wonderfully in my blog (Blogger), this kind of site will generate you a lot of clicks so you make more money with Google Adsense

Target high-CPC countries 

increase your CPC on Adsense

The CPC, cost-per-click, is the amount Google Adsense pays you when someone clicks on an ad on your website.
Know that if an American citizen clicks on your ad from the United States, you will earn a lot more money with adsense than if that same American click on the same ad while he is on vacation for example in Egypt

Because the cost-per-click and RPM of pages are higher in countries than in other countries

So try to bring qualified visitors to your site, from the countries of golf for example, the United States, Canada, moderately Europe, to earn more money when they print (see) or click on adsense displayed on your website or blog

Adapt your traffic strategy to your Adsense one

Before anything else, you absolutely have to link your adsense account to your Google Analytics account, and then go on 
track adsense revenue statistics
Go to Google Analytics, then Behavior and finally Adsense References and see which source of traffic generates you more gains on Adsense and you’ll strengthen your traffic strategy in this source of visits

You need to bring readers to your sites who are really interested in your content, so you have to have your ads; So never forget that content and kings and rank yourself at least among the 10 of the first page of google on one or two keywords to increase the traffic of visitors on your pages that display your ad blocks as well as the amount you will earn with Adsense 

optimize its SEO for more traffic and clicks on adsense ads

If your niche yes thematic are mobile games for example, don’t go look for traffic on LinkedIn, because even if you’re going to have it, no one is going to click on your ads
But on the other hand if you bring back young visitors from facebook or youtube, they will surely click on your ads and boost your income on Adsense

The language of your Ads is important to get more clicks

Optimize the language of adsense ads for more revenue and clicks

Never actually let ads show ads in a language other than the one you use in your content and especially different from your audience

You go for that try to insert in your content and articles the names of the countries you want to target with your ads in order to help a little Adsense algorithm to show you the ads in the language of those countries where your audience comes from and connects to your website


Bring your visitors back to your ads 

You should try to bring your readers back to your website more than once, you can check on Analytics the percentage of newcomers and adopt a strategy of cookies for example or marketing emails to remind your readers a second time on your site, because that’s where they’ll be more careful and notice your ads


What’s going to happen? 

If a reader returns to your site two or three times, he will probably notice your ads because they probably offer him more value and more choice compared to your content and that’s where he might decide to click on this ad in order to check is what whether she’s going to help him in what he’s looking for or not!

Increase the duration of disposals on your website

To boost your earnings with the Adsense program, you absolutely need to increase the time your readers spend on your site, because the longer they stay there the more they notice your ads

You’re going to then have to create rich and mostly long content, 3500 words on average so that your readers have time to notice see ads and click on them if they provide an answer to what it’s looking for

Also lower your bounce rate, the result will be the same, and your ads will be clicked more often which will make you earn a lot of money on Adsense

Make your reader click on your internal links 

Google Adsense pays better if a reader clicks or sees an ad in relation to its requete, so if your reader comes to you from Google (organic traffic), it’s the jackpot, but you can influence that inside your site even if your readers come from direct sources such as social networks, I explain:
Let’s say a reader comes to your site from your Facebook page, Google isn’t going to give much interest to its click because that drive doesn’t issue a clear requete, so it’s not especially interested in the ad, so even if it clicks on it, it doesn’t will probably not buy the advertiser’s final product for example, which makes its click not very remunerative for you 
What you can do is have it click on your internal links so that it visits several pages, and there Google will find it interesting, because it has just expressed an interest in this or that requete or keyword, which makes its click or impression for a Ad will increase in value, which will make you earn more money with adsense, because the CPC will automatically increase with the interest your reader expresses for a keyword or a requete
So make your internal links more attractive with high CPC keywords in anchors to increase the value of your ad clicks and impressions

Very important to increase the value of your clicks and impressions even with direct traffic 

You can also, thanks to this technique, have your readers click once in your site on internal links that contain keywords with high CPC on which you have no chance of being classified on Google and yet pay well! , which strengthens the CPC of your ads and the CPM of your pages, all within your website

The secret therefore and to ensure that every new visitor to your site , even if it comes after a request containing a long troll keyword of little value, can visit several pages through internal links containing keywords to high CPC and very competitive and competitive 
Click on an ad at least before you leave your website.


Increase the speed of reloading your pages

make your blog profitable with adsense ads
Test the recharge speed of your web pages on which you placed adsense ad blocks

To boost your revenue on the adsense program, your web pages must appear to your readers in full in less than five seconds
Above all, listen to your images (webP or jpg compression), and eliminate all the small structural problems of your website so that it recharges quickly enough on a desktop PC than on a mobile device

Your ads will appear faster then and will have a much better chance of being printed and why not clicked too

Do performance tests with Adsense

Feel free to do tests on the format of the ads, their colors, text or images and texts together, … etc. to get an idea about what type of ad will make you earn the most on this or that page or in this or that advertising space on your site

Take note and proceed slowly to see the difference in earnings and printing and make the best choice of ads to display with adsense in order to maximize your earnings

Keep an eye on your performance reports

Read your adsense report to boost your income

To maximize your earnings with Adsense, you need to always keep an eye on your ad performance reports, available on the dashboard of your Adsense account

Always check the number of page views and project this figure on the number of impressions and the number of clicks, not to mention the Revenue per thousand impression (RPM),

As you may know, the CPC is based on supply and demand and depends on factors like advertisers’ bids on keywords and the value of the CPC they are willing to pay, so don’t be alarmed every time it drops and expect at least one week to make sure of that by keeping an eye on

And if you notice a rapid drop in one of these values, know that there is a problem on your site and check your posts on adsense or on the Search console, if not check your traffic curves on Analytics in order to take quick action needed to resume to earn money with the spaces you rent at Google adsense

Your ads should never look like ads 

Boost and optimize the look of adsense ads for more clicks
I do not hide you, I left the best for last; here’s the most important tip to really make money with adsense and your ads
Your readers don’t come to your website to click on your banner ads!!

If you want to boost the number of clicks on your adsense ads; you have to adapt them to your content, design and theme

optimize the design of his blog to boost your income on adsense
I put ads on my website but believe me, I hate to see them on other sites, but not all! there are many ads that are a complement to the content and especially that do not come out of the theme and that do not shout “hey we are here!”
So do your ads look and match well with your content, I’m talking about the design and the subject of course!!
camouff its ads for more gains
So don’t install text ads between images and image-plus text banners between text paragraphs 
I’m not talking about trying to soak your reader, but just not to hurt his eyes and distract him from what he came to do on your site, look for a rethink of his request! and if you put an ad in front of his eyes, it must bring value to the content, if he wants to go further in his research or pay for extra knowledge!!

This is where your effort to choose keywords and filter and block ads that don’t match your content will appear.

Increase organic traffic to make more money with Google adsense 

Interest-based ads, printed or clicked following a visit after a search engine query, are the highest-paying adsense, and this is perfectly normal.

If you want to live off your gains on Adsense, you absolutely must increase your number of visits via search engines, and to do this, the 4 largest ways will be:

  1. Create good content that meets the queries and real needs of your audience 
  2. Optimize SEO your website and pages to improve your positioning on SERPs
  3. Make your readers feel comfortable in your site by increasing the user experience, think about minimizing the number of your ads on each page, only one will suffice if you have a lot of views and readers.
In general, you can set a target of at least 1000 visits per month, just with organic search, and 10,000 in total to start seeing the difference and make your partnership with Google Adsense profitable.
Remember that the number of visits is not everything, the number of clicks on your ads too and the CPC of your pages and the countries of your readers, then take into account

Use Email Marketing to Improve Your Revenue on Adsense

Yes, you read it right! , you’ll base your entire email marketing strategy on improving your adsense revenue
Don’t forget that thanks to email marketing, you will be able to:
  1. Bring your readers back, so more impressions
  2. Have these readers redirect to your pages that contain targeted ads, so they’ll be likely to click on them
  3. Offer them files to download or free white papers that will also bring them back to your site, not forgetting to put these download links next to your ad blocks.
  4. Introduce in your emails links that will redirect your readers directly to the results of your own site on Google so that it appears as organic searches, which will increase your CPC and CPM … Etc

Incorporate Adsense for searches in your site 

This is another way to earn more with google adsense, it’s to add through a line of code provided by google, a custom internal search engine that will display ads next to your search results, for more info and details Practices, follow this link, and add a new source of gain with adsense.

This short video will give you more details about the Google custom search Ads:

Add Adsense for videos, or create a YouTube channel for your website and monetize it with Adsense 

If your niche allows it, you can finally, create a youtube channel that you will connect to your website, on the one hand, you will be able to bring back more targeted traffic, likely to click on your ads, in the site and on the other, you will be able to monetize through Adsense advertising too and earn a more passive revenue by putting videos that you will create yourself, or free rights and that you can recover directly on youtube for example.

As for how to display ads on your videos embedded in your content and earn more money with adsense, see this link, you’ll only have to follow Google’s instructions

How much traffic to make money with Google Adsense 

test ads to maximize revenueIn reality, the number of visitors to your site is not a parameter to take into account if you want to earn money with Adsense, nor less, more traffic means more money
You can earn money with Adsense even with low traffic, 50 visitors a day on your site and especially if they come from organic research, can earn you tens of euros or dollars on AdsenseIt’s all going to depend especially on your niche and the keywords contained in the claim that brought a visitor to your site, because there are keywords that can earn you tens of dollars with a single click on an adSo sign up for Google adsense and create good content around keywords at high CPC, there’s almost in every niche


How much money i get with 1000 views or impressions on Adsense

Monetize a blog with adsense

Know that there are bloggers who earn more than 50,000 USD per month, and they are not very rare, and thousands who make a good living thanks to Google Adsense, I do not hide, it is not my case at the moment but I still work and I improve from day to day day thanks to the advice I give you in this article
This is called, income per thousand impression, and its amount could vary between 1 USD to 30 USD per day see more, and the origin of the visit (the country of the reader) is a lot to do

A reader who reads you from the USA will earn you more than the one who logs on to your site from Mexico for example

Having 1000 readers per day, will therefore earn you between 50 and 1700 USD per month, which would mean that Google Adsense could very well ensure you a nice retirement one day if you apply well in this program.


How can you improve the CPC of your pages to increase your revenue on Adsense?

improve the CPC of its adsense ads

Cost per click, is the key factor that will determine how much you will earn on adsense, it varies between 0.01 USD and can reach more than 50 USD for some keywords, auto insurance for example, has already paid a single click over 56 USD

So you have to, create good content, especially around high CPC keywords, some niches pay well, like insurance and debt collection, and others less, but whatever your theme, research on SEMRUSH for example or well Google Keyword Planner, and determine the keywords at high CPC and create good content on it, then optimize the latter and have it rank as high as possible in Google.

But if your Niche is not very profitable, know that you have to try to improve your organic traffic, anyway, the majority of niches will earn you between 0.8 USD and 1.80 USD per click, which would mean up to 100 USD per 100 clicks

The CPC is determined by the ad market (the bids on Adwords), but you can improve the number of clicks by improving your content, your positioning on Google and especially the location and format of your ads (do tests), which I would explain in this article.

Earn more on adsense with Adsense ASO optimization

It’s not easy to change the provenance of your readers to improve your results on Adsense, if your readers do not come from the USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, or even Western Europe, your earnings on Adsense will surely be modest, nor less , you could always improve them by optimizing your adsense ads and playing and testing these different settings:

earn more adsense income

The design of the site (the theme or Template, choose one with a very small head (Logo, menu bar; less than 60 pixels, to allow your first block of ads to appear above the waterline but not alone because it takes only content also appears)

  • The location of your ad blocks
  • The colors of text ads
  • The number of ads to display on each page
  • The format and size of the ads … Etc

Here’s the ideal location for ads without scrolling the page:

The ideal location of adsense ads for more money

The problem is that these settings can vary on each site and are often related to your niche or theme, you will not opt for for example text ads on a blog that talks about photography!


The best ads and their sizes to boost your revenue 

1-For sites that have more visits from PCs

Banner-shaped ads 

To be installed in the center and above your content or just after your main title in your articles

728 – 90
728 – 130
728 – 90 (to be integrated into the middle of articles)

Square ads:

In the Slider or centered in your articles

250 – 250
300 – 250

Do not put ads on the sidebar, and also know that only the first ad (top), would pay well with adsense, so think to make only one ad or two per page, especially if your traffic allows you.

2- For sites that have more views from a Mobile 

250 – 250
300 – 250 

Above the content (under the main title of the article)

300 – 250
300 – 250

In the center of the page after a few paragraphs in the article (no more than 3 ads)

These ad blocks are used by a blogger who earns more than 30,000 USD per month (BRANDON GAILLE), I invite you to test them for two weeks and see what it will give, maybe they will make you earn more money with adsense ads.


Link ads pay better 

Link ads are very profitable on adsenseYes of course, these ads that are in the form of links, are targeted ads, high CPC compared to other ads (depending on the theme of course), but these ads should be used when your content allows, ie incorporating them between links of the same nature and the same subject and interest for the reader, and above all the content must be in full agreement with the subject of the adsTheir only flaw is that the reader has to confirm his click, ie these ads only work in double click in general, this is the way that google found to reduce accidental clicks, so you have to know your audience and interests to pretend to install this kind of ads.

Which ads to choose, responsive or landlines?

In my experience, as limited as it is, fixed ads have a greater return compared to responsive ads, I managed to have 50% more revenue on adsense just by adding fixed ads (size you choose yourself)

When I did a search on it, it turned out that all bloggers who earn thousands of euros with adsense, install only fixed posters, just adjust the size to your advertising spaces and locations and this should not cause problems if your Template is responsive.

which ads pay more on adsense

Automatic or classic ads for more adsense profitability?

To boost the performance of your adsense ads, place them yourself, never let Google install automatic ads on your site, why?

The problem is that when you choose automatic ads, google will display ads on your site with a high CPC and does not take into account either their format nor is it that they are really suited to your keywords

You’ve probably noticed ads that are too small or in places you don’t necessarily like if you’ve chosen automatic ads, Google doesn’t care, its algorithms just aren’t up to the point yet and you’re losing The money.

  • You will lose more than 60% of your income
  • Your site will look like an ad shop which will cause a bad user experience
  • Ads don’t always show up even if you set them up
  • Automatic ads will never appear in the best places that increase the number of clicks (such as the central area of your pages and inside your articles and especially above the waterline)
  • You can’t control the number of ads that will appear and bring down your CPC

Install your ads yourself and make them responsive, choosing the best sizes, locations and colors appropriate for each content.


Adapt your website to a mobile app, and install adsense ads 

You can double your adsense earnings by adapting your website into a downloadable mobile app on Google Play store

You’re also going to double your audience, and have an extra audience, because there are a lot of people in the world who don’t have a PC, so only connect via smartphones

And if they’re interested in your theme, they’ll just have to download your website’s mobile app and adsense ads on mobile apps, really make a lot of money, advertisers put their ads in it through the program Google Admob

Make money with adsense by buying websites 

If at last despite all your efforts, your website does not happen for one reason or another to generate decent income with Google Adsense, you can always buy a website, which already earns money thanks to Adsense
You’ll find ready-made sites on FLIPPA, with good content and good optimization for Adsense, regular traffic and recurring cash returns every month with Google Adsense
You will then only have to keep it up to date and ensure that it remains a profitable site, it is also an idea
For the price of websites, you have to count some 1500 euros for a site that earns like 250 euros per month, ie that if you are going to leave it as it is, you will recoup your costs in two years, you have to deduct the hosting costs of the site and the SSL certificate for example


Also make affiliate next to adsense 

To maximize revenue on your blog, don’t settle for a single source of income

mix affiliation with adsense for more revenue

You can also make affiliate at the same time as installing adsense ads, you can also sell your own products

When you’re affiliated on a blog where there are adsense ads, just add text affiliate links, just anchors and never add banners, and don’t install Adsense text ads, anyway I avoided

Lets finish with this advice : Send pad Traffic to your Adsense website should makes you a lot of money if your website conversion is well optimized



I have to tell you also about automatic ads, do not choose them, because in the short term, you will double your revenue with, but this will be at the expense of the UX user experience, the Adsense auto Ads system is not quite efficient and you risk losing your subscribers
On average, for 800 to 1000 visitors on your website monetized with Google Adsense, you will be able to win just with the impressions 8 to 10 euros (a click alone could earn you several euros), then bring 10,000 visitors a day on or increase the click-through rate on your ads and the CPC of your pages.

So you can earn a salary with Adsense, just do what you need and be patient.

Would you have an extra tip to earn even more currency on Google Adsense, to enrich this article in order to benefit many people? 

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