How to Do Email Marketing

How to Do Email Marketing to monetize your web site

How to sell on the internet thanks to email marketing

Be aware that if you have an online business and do not use Email Marketing, your business is probably losing money, because selling on the internet by email is the best way to generate passive income and continuously and completely automated (passive income)

I’ll see with you, how to do Email Marketing technically, and especially why email sales is so interesting and remains the most effective sales system for the future of Web Marketing, we’ll see also, how to build a Mail list, manage it and use it to sell on the internet easily either on a website or without it.


Email Marketing, what’s that?

Email Marketing is simply selling by email on the internet, this practice consists of recovering the email addresses of Internet users and using them to send them offers of sale, either of products or services targeted directly in their Email boxes, using sales tunnels through an emailing platform;self-responder.

What’s the point of Email Marketing?


The main asset of email marketing; unlike content marketing or social media marketing, is that you’re going to be able to keep your customers forever if you know how to do it, because when you create your email list, it belongs to you unlike followers on a social network or a reader who comes by chance to your website or online shop and who may never come back again.

The strength of email marketing is that you can sell products to the same person multiple times because you know:

How to find it every moment because you have your emailYou know what interests that person so you can target it Easily

You can create a special bond with this person and gain his trust which will increase your chances of closing sales


How to start in Email Marketing ?:

To start selling by email, you have to create a list of emails by recovering the email addresses of web users who might be interested in what you offer as a product or service for sale.


How to create an email list?:

To retrieve emails from Internet users, you’re going to have to use an online email service, such as Mailchimp and Emailer lite that have interesting free deals, and once you’ve advanced in email sales, you’ll can subscribe to other more efficient auto-responders like Get response, aweber, … Etc


How to do In practice to retrieve emails?

After you choose an Auto-responder, you will sign up and open an account and then,once on the Dashboard of your tool :


1-Create your first email list:

The first thing to do once on the dashboard of your auto-responder is to create and name a list, which will be your main listAll

emails you will recover will land in this list and it is from the latter that you will launch your email campaigns and sales tunnels, you’ll have to learn how to convince your readers to sign up for your newsletter in order to supply your lists of epmails for possible emaling campaigns.

You’ll also be able to segment this list according to the specifics of your customers to better target them and offer them products and services tailored to increase the rate of opening and conversion of your emailings, but this, you will understand it with time and practice.

2. Generating entries (leads generating) to your email list 

To get people to join and sign up for your email list, you have several options that all work with the same principle:

Offer the user something for free on a Landing Page per for example, in return for signing up to your email list You are going to have to create a popup or registration page that will allow users to sign up to receive their free sample or free book or free online service trials,…

This pop up or registration page is created through your emailing provider or platform (mailchimp, get response,… etc)

3-Turn on your self-response:

You are going to have to create emails that will be sent automatically to each signed up to your email list, previously created, this is called a sequence of emails that will start for example with a welcome email and registration confirmation, followed by a second email that your registrant will quickly receive that offers him your registration magnet (lead magnet), it could be a free sample, a free book, which encouraged the user to sign up for your email list or newsletter, you will then be able to create and send sequences of emails, to convert your registrants into customers and this through well-developed sales tunnels.


Email marketing compared to social media marketing:


E-mail marketing is a much better solution for an internet business to make sales than social network marketing, here are the essential reasons that must convince you to choose email marketing as a marketing system monetization for your website or online shop:


Email is the best way to reach your prospects:

Do you know that more than 90% of users check their email inboxes every day, which is a good reason to try to do email marketing. Your followe on social networks are not a sure value, because you can lose your account on a social network at any time and your customers also without notice, that’s what happened to me on Facebook, they simply disabled my account without any warning because I do not advertise paid at home, it happens especially when it is a commercial account .

This is not the case with an email list because it is yours this list and no one will be able to remove it from you, if you want to change the emaling platform, you only have to download your list under file csv and integrate it into the new platform and so to get all your customers back.

The value of an email in online commerce is four times greater than that of a simple follower or fun or even a youtube subscriber The percentage a customer buys is 140% higher when he receives an email inviting him to do so through a sales tunnel , unlike social network messages and publications

The e-mail is simply the best way to convert your readers into customers and achieve online sales and it is thanks to email marketing that you can install a passive income system on the internet (passive income) and create a real business that makes automatic cash inflows without getting too tired of the head.


How to start email marketing

1-A registration form or an email capture page:


How do I create a registration form that converts?

To create an effective and converted registration form, it must offer a tempting free offer against an email registration and above all, it must not interfere with the good user experience on your site and it must include the components:


A good catchy title:

Make sure that your title clearly describes the great advantage of your free offer, the latter must be in bold characters and a well-visible font like verdana, in capital letters if it is a short title which I advise of course.


A brief and focused description:

Your description of the offer should be brief, clear, crisp and rea
dable Use a list of benefits (1,2,3,… etc.) to help your reader quickly assimilate and understand what he will get in contrast to his listing signed up for your email list.

An eye-catching illustration (pictured):

Insert an image of your offer (for example, a 3D mock-up of your free eBook, a photo of you if you offer a free consulation, a photo of the product you offer gratuiuiite, coupon or coupon ,… etc)


Opt for simplicity:

Your registration form to your email list should be simple, clear and understandable at first glance, ask at the beginning only an email and a nickname, you can request the other data later once the contact and trust established between you and your prospect.


Use built-in forms better than popups:

Also be sure to choose a good color for your email capture forms and your subscription buttons like blue and orange color that converted better than other colors, also use a good call to action like (Yes I want to learn, yes I want my gift right away, receive your gift immediately,… etc.)

Variety of offers and locations:

You can put several free offers against a registration and so target each readers according to the page on which it landed in your site, for example a coupon for special cat food in the article that talks about cats and another form that offers a dog toy in the article dedicated to them. This will make it easier to segment your registrant lists in addition.



The magnets or offers included in a registration form:

It would not be enough to integrate a registration form and hope to fill out your email lists, so you have to make offers that your readers will not be able to refuse easily, so that your capture campaign is a success, offer them something they won’t find it in your competitors, and on the other hand, they will be very happy to give you their emails and sign up for your newsletter and lists. Here’s a list of magnets you can offer your audience to sign up for:

  • An eBooks your readers will need so much
  • A useful resource sheet for your audience (free software, links to useful sites, practical examples, job instructions ,… etc)
  • White papers of your site (you can generate it easily by grouping your best articles and putting it in pdf format on google docx and making it a good cover with Canva and the online software on for good 3D coverage to put on your registration form)
  • A training video to which your registrants will have the right of access after registering and verifying their email
  • A free sample of your most coveted product
  • A free quote or a pre-consultation by phone or skype
  • A coupon or coupon that you regularly update by monitoring your competitors’ offers


The best places to put your capture form on a site to convert better:

  • Start-up page
  • A floating bar that doesn’t interfere with reading
  • Header of your site a fixed form
  • The blog archive
  • Incorporated into your blog posts
  • Fixed in sidbar (300/300 pixels)
  • A Popup that doesn’t interfere with reading and user experience
  • In your Footer and footnote
  • In the page about (about us) , the best endrois
  • In the resources page, where you offer useful and free things for your readers.
  • Create a special inscription page with lots of embedded magnets
  • In a popup that pops up when the reader wants to leave your site (popup intention to release)


2-an online email marketing service, a self-responder:


The email marketing services I recommend:

For your marketing service by Emails, here are the most used emailing platforms, you will find freemium and paid offers according to your needs and the rates that correspond (they can vary a little):


It’s the ultimate marketing tool, cheap, intuitive, easy to take hand and above all complete, everything you want for your online business is integrated in Thryv
19 euros/month for 40,000 emails, waw!


AWeber is another mail marketing service used mainly in France, it is known for its many tools such as:

  • Highly efficient and fast self-responders that are on schedule
  • The ability to segment registrant lists and an integrated email generator
  • Excellent customer service and the ability to target customers through their sophisticated campaign tracking system


  • Free trials for one month
  • The subscription is affordable, starting at $19 per month


Mailchimp is the marketing software par excellence especially for beginners in web marketing with a small budget it is characterized by: 

  • It is ideal for beginners because it is easy to set up and offers an intuitive user interface, lists and popups capture mail and email marketing campaigns are created and launched easily with this automatic emailing platform. 
  • You can also segment your registrant lists with mailchimp.


  • Mailchimp is completely free as long as you don’t exceed the 2000 on your lists
  • To access the customization features and if you exceed 2000 signs, you’ll have to subscribe starting at $10 per month


Get Response


What can you do with Get response :

  • Create reactive emails and especially A/B tests (A/B testing) because this feature is integrated into this self-responsiveness, in addition To Get response is known that its emails usually land in the main box and not in promotion or spam
  • Sending targeted email sequences that generates more conversions and sales as a result.


The Price

You can subscribe from $19 per month and access all its features for less than $200 per month

Constant Contact 

  • Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing services in the world and they allow you to:
  • Manage your subscribers with great simplicity
  • Create professional emails with built-in templates and editing tools with the drag-paste option
  • Send automated email sequences to your subscribers of the constant list and at the same time new registrants
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns and sales tunnels


  • Free trial for 60 days which is not negligible because you will have all the time to learn how to use it. 
  • After that, plans from $20 per month which is sincerely very affordable for new business seen the quality of service offered by the constant contact platform



SendinBlue is a comprehensive email marketing software for online business, monetized blogs and e-commerce shops, it also offers SMS service that directly targets mobile phone users which is an unsused source of income negligible given the growing number of users who connect via smartphones

. And all this in an easy-to-assimilate platform with drag-and-drop tools that will allow you to:

  • Create emails with very attractive and effective designs
  • Create fully automated sales tunnels while segmenting registrants.


  • Up to 300 emails a day for free with the SendinBlue logo
  • Subscription from $25 per month, SMS service will be charged to you according to your usages


Hubspot offers a whole range of features that are very comprehensive and useful especially for large companies and internet sales professionals thanks to email marketing and its rates are:

  • Basic plan from $50 to $70 per month per 1000 registered
  • Pro plan from $800 per month with all features (ringtones, bells,… etc)


  • Known for its very high deriability, the mailing platform Mailjet, is very complete which makes it the first choice for small internet business, it is in the same category as Convert Kit ($29 per month), ideal for bloggers and publishers , but Mail jet is known for:
  • Their drag-and-drop email designer is ltrés elaborate and easy to use
  • The platform includes newsletters that are largely ready for use and automation of email sales, as well as transactional emails and the ability to send SMS messages.


  • You have up to 6000 emails a month for free with the Mail jet logo.
  • Subscription starts with $9.65 per month SMS will be charged to you according to your usage


Drip is an email marketing platform that I advise especially to alumni of web marketing, it is very well known in the United States, Canada, Quebec but not enough in France and that allows users to:

  • Create highly complex sales funnels and helpful conditional instructions to re-launch registrants when they don’t respond to an offer  
  • Email campaigns, workflows and triggers are well-relevant and organized and Drip’s emailing software is as simple or complex depending on your level and strategy or needs.
  • Creating lists is very easy, so very suitable for beginners in Email Marketing


  • Free two-week trial for handling of emailing software
  • The Basic Plan starts at $49 per month for up to 2500 subscribers
  • The Business Plan, is starting at $99 per month for a list of more than 5,000 subscribers.

Active Campaign:

  • For 2,500 contacts, packages start at $39 per month
  • Plan pro por $229 per month for professionals and large companies.

4-How to have a lot of registrants on an email list?:


1-The magnet or bait (Lead Magnet):

You’re going to have to create and offer something of value to your audience and this for free, just against signing up for your mailing list
or newsletter

This offer could be an Ebook or course that will bring value to your audience or your readers, this could be a mini training, access to a video that explains how to do this or that thing that your audience would find interesting to know… etc., it could be a product sample or a discount coupon when you want to register at your e-commerce store,…

You can help yourself with these free online services to create your offer:



You will host your offer or gift on Drive for example and give access just to those who are going to sign up for your email list or newsle

So, your audience will be able to access this offer totally free, via a registration page (page of capture), this registration page will be created and put online through your emailing platform, you will have to test different capture pages in order to choose the one that converts best.



How to create a good email capture page?:


For a better capture page, make it simple:

  • Ask only the email address and a nickname
  • Make a short and attractive title
  • add a photo of the product or book you’re offering
  • Use the color blue for your pop up or capture page


If you use a video, it must not exceed 30 seconds and be subtitled, they must confirm their emails before accessing your free offer. Add an offer to your pre-registration page, for example it will be as follows: “Thank you for your registration, you will find your download link in your inbox, let me now offer you as a welcome offer my full guide to half price …. and you add a link to your guide’s sales page”


How many people on an email list to start selling?:

Start sending sales-generated emails only once:

  • Your list has exceeded 1000 registered
  • You know what your registrants will be interested in as a product or service
  • You have already contacted your registrants and offered free services and advice for example


On the other hand, you can contact your subscribers and offer them:

  • Articles to read on your website 
  • How a product is edded, for example 
  • The latest products in vogue 
  • Email them to ask what they might be interested in as a product or service 

Your emails at the beginning should be completely intended to provide value and completely free help to your registrants, in order to forge a kind of friendship and get used to your brand name and especially so that they get used to opening your emails for that they do not end up in the box of spams which would be very damaging in the future for your online business.


How to create and succeed in your Email Marketing campaign?:

We will consider that you have reached 1000 registered, who are interested in your field and in relation to your niche, you have already sent them some informative emails without alluding to any saleWe wi
ll also consider that you have sent a survey to your list of registrants asking them what they might be interested in and what you can do for them and you’ve had some answers that are going to be a good start to find out what product you’re going to try to sell to your registrants.


The Sales Tunnel:


What is a sales tunnel:

A sales tunnel is a sequence of emails that you are going to have to send or schedule mailings for your list, in order to convert your registrants and encourage them to take action and buy your product or service, we are talking here about conversion or lead generation


How to create and succeed a sales tunnel?:

A Sales Tunnel must contain at least 3 types of emails; Here they are:


1-The first email:

It must be completely informative, you will talk about your product or your wholesale service offer, you can even include in this mail a survey where your registrants will be able to choose which one between two products that might interest them more

2-The second email:

It must contain your offer, you can even offer two or three categories of the same product, basic offer, Medium and Premium while including two different links; one to a product page (it could be a product review on your site) if your registrants want to know more about the product and another to your sales page where they can directly order the product you could even add upsell , an ancillary product that your registrants may have in addition to a reduced price

3-The third Email:

It will be intended for registrants who have not bought to raise them by adding a countdown for example or a small discount, and at the same time another Email to registrants who bought your product to thank them for trusting you , and ask for their reviews on the product, so you’re going to have feedback that you’re going to be able to incorporate into future sales campaigns.


How to successfully run an email marketing campaign 

To succeed in selling by email, you must absolutely respect a few rules, here are the ones that will make your sales tunnels a real machine for sale while keeping a good relationship with your audience, which must be your first goal, because everything your business will depend mainly in the long run, the content is kings, the customer too.


Here are 6 tips for successful email marketing:


1-Make your subscribers, friends with a simple design of your Emails:

The first mistake you should avoid when writing your emails is to do like big companies by creating ultra complicated designs, full of images, colors and even videosFait e

xactly the opposite, your emails must remain simple, Just like the ones you send to your friends and family, you should avoid using the templates built into your answering machine at all costs, opt instead for emails:

  • Whether you’re writing yourself, just text
  • A few lines are all it takes to deliver your message
  • Avoid integrating a lot of links, two links at most
  • Avoid images, only one per email if necessary, so your message doesn’t end up in Gmail’s Promotion or Spam box
  • You could instead add a little animated Gif in tune with your message topic for more fun and humor to relax the atmosphere.


2-A sequence of emails around a story:

When you do Email Marketing, each sales campaign has to revolve around a story, tell for example why you thought your product should be essential for your audience, if it was you who created it, tell them theirs What for! You can also offer your product to one or two of your loyal customers and ask them in return that they record a small video to give their opinion of the product, and integrate this video into your sales tunnel… Etc


3-Include a video in your email:

Incorporating a video into your Marketing emails will increase their opening rates by 40% according to one study, because people tend to watch a video rather than play text, in addition with a video you will address directly to your registrants and you can reach them and convince them to buy your product more easily, because you know your audience and you know their most urgent needs.

Post your video on YouTube or keep it in drive for example, and have this video integrated into your email (imbed video)You could do as I explained just before, especially if your product is digital as a training for example. If not, you can just make this video yourself, talking about your product, why it suits your audience, what your audience will benefit from by buying your product, add a manual for example… Etc


4-Segment your email list:

There is no worse email than the one you send to a reader who doesn’t care for that you absolutely have to segment your email list according to the interest of your audience, to do this you’ll just do tests before any email sales campaign , you absolutely must share your main list by categories, for this you can send a survey to your registrants to separate them according to their needs.

By doing so, you’re going to be sure that your emails will all be open because the readers they’re destined for are really interested in it, and that they might like your product.

To segment your list, you can create two or three free products, each its category, and send them to your main list, you will then track down this email and find out which registrant to download this or that product, and rank it in a sub-list in related to the category of the product he downloaded.


5-Keep your email lists up to date:

If you want to succeed in Email Marketing, you need to create a list of registrants and above all keep it up to date, to do this, you’re going to have to remove from your Email lists any registrants who don’t open your emails for two or three months, may be just make them change segment because they are interested in something else in your niche.

You need to do these purges to not cause a lot of unsubscribe from your lists, and to ensure that your emails don’t go directly into the SPAM or PROMOTION box of Gmail or another E mailing service, which will harm your Email Marketing and Business.

So it’s better to have 1000 registered in your email list who is really interested in your articles and products than 10,000 of which 9000 don’t even open your emails and will surely cause harm to your business and tax all your  Emails as spams.

You’re just going to isolate the 9,000 registrants who don’t open your emails and try to target them differently with free offers that will make you discover their real needs or really valuable messages that will make them change their minds and be interested in again to your services and then re-inject them into your main list.

Definitely delete those who still don’t open your emails after only two weeks, because those are in principle only interested in your free sign-up offer and will never become customers.



Email marketing is a very effective sales system when we know our audience, our converts and especially if we keep up to date our email lists 
Thus, every online business that wants to prosper must absolutely use this strategy to take advantage of its audience and its visitors and readers and convert them into buyers through a good and sustainable email marketing strategy.

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