Google Analytics , 2 metrics to watch very closely

Two very important metrics to watch very closely on Google Analytics:

It is necessary for each webmaster to periodically monitor the metrics of his site on Google Analytics , to ensure the health of the latter and especially to discover in time the risks he runs; for this, you need to periodically have an eye on: the Top views (more views) of the landing page and the percentage of unique views of these pages, if you really want to manage a site or even a profitable blog and to avoid any nasty surprises.
two factors to watch out for on google analytics
Here are the details, what to monitor on Google Analytics and how to interpret these measurements and what they can really teach you on your site:

1- Follow the measurements of the destination pages:

To reach this very important first digit and check it on the Analytics tool, go to Acquisition, channels and choose from the box above the “landing page” table; You’ll have the ranking of pages and articles that google sends you the most traffic to; don’t pay attention to keywords, you’ll find them on the Search Console 
What you will understand about this ranking of pages is that you have to take as an example of content to be produced from now on and that is requested by users, that of the first pages because they are the ones who seduced google, and you go so Ensure that all other pages and articles are upgraded to those pages that are ranked first in this list and bring you the most organic traffic.
important to watch on google analytics google analytics


The thing here is that the search console also gives us the ranking of the pages of destinations but this ranking of the search console encompasses all visitors and not just those who come from google, so not from organic search , which has a relationship direct with the real need of Internet users to the content of your site.

If you monetize your site for example with Adsense, apart from back-links, it’s organic traffic that only comes from google search that increases your Page Rank and page market value (CPC), so it’s important to take the ranking Google Analytics as the measure to take into account.

2- Watch for the most visited pages and unique views:

To access it on Google Analytics, you go to Behavior, site content and then all the pages. You’ll find the number and percentage of views specific to each of your unique pages and views.

What is the point of these metrics that the Analytics tool saw fit to provide us?

For an unsophisticated eye, he will look at the overall results of visits from organic research and tell himself that everything is fine on his site as long as the number of visits is important; big mistake and here’s the real danger you might not notice:
In fact you will especially look at the percentage of visitors specific to each page of entry in your site, especially check if this percentage does not exceed 50% or 70% in the first two or three pages.
If this is the case, know that your site risks losing its traffic overnight, because it would just be enough for this page or these two pages to lose their good ranking on Google so that your site loses almost half of its traffic if not more because these are these are these pages that also send traffic to other pages through internal links.
very important measures in google analytics


Also look at the output percentage for these pages (unique views) that bring you back the majority of your traffic, if this percentage is high and exceeds 60 or 70%, you need to worry more, because users, arrive on your site thanks to these a few pages, read the article and leave, so they don’t look at the other pages; what should you understand? 
Simply that your internal links are ineffective or they point to the wrong pages that the internet users who read your article do not feel the need to click on their links and go visit them to complete their information
So you’re going to have to change and improve the anchors of these internal links or create other content that is really complementary to these destination pages to encourage those who visit them to visit other pages in your site.
It is also necessary, as a security measure, to try at all costs to keep these pages in their ranking by refreshing them dismay or to improve the other pages so that they all have percentages close to each other to ensure you a stable traffic that doesn’t just depend on one or two pages throughout your site.

And you, what is the measurement or statistic that you follow with more interest on Google Analytics?

Leave your suggestions in a how, I would give following up with pleasure and thank you 


Many people have totally abandoned their web sites just because they woke up one day and found that they no longer have any visitors, all because they do not monitor, the analysis results and tracking of Google analytics, especially both previous points 

So make sure you take a look at them and inspect those numbers at least once a week and take the necessary steps in case you see the warning signs I mentioned in this article.
And you, what are the metrics you watch the most? let us enjoy it in a comment and thank you

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