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Get your blog turnkey

Get your own Blog 

have his own blog faciement

You’ve probably figured out that having a blog can ensure you a passive and recurring income for the rest of your life, but either you may not know how to create your own blog, you don’t have time to create it yourself , or you have decided that it is better to leave it to someone of the trade, a web marketer to create your blog so that it quickly becomes profitable and competitive

blog and website creator

You’re right to want to invest in creating a blog

I created several blogs, I had made mistakes, several of my old blogs have leaked to peak … and that’s what allowed me to progress and learn web marketing in general and the blogging business in particular, and especially how to create blogs that have a chance to make money if have added a little work and patience …

I currently have several blogs, this one on which you are for example, which I had named blogautop, is rather for my passion for web marketing and SEO and especially to test strategies and tricks but I’m also on other niches and the latest born is Famillypet , …
You know what!!! , if you have 8$  to create your blog, or 18 Euros to have your blog and its hosting for a whole year, you must feel happy, because when I created my first blog, I had no online bank account, nor Computer and I had to create a blog and a youitube channel about games and portable applications with a Wiko smartphone, almost dead battery, always glued to its charger, a tiny screen and an internet connection of 120Ko …
I went on Blogger and I created this blog, and little by little, it became what you see now!!
Do I regret not having 8 dollars ? Nooooo of course, it allowed me to learn and do a degree at google ..
So if you think I’m going to bother asking you to click on my affiliate link so you have your own blog within half an hour, you’re soaking up!
I’ll help you of course, if you feel that you can not create your blog alone and you ask me this of course via an email, but fear nothing it’s a breeze and in the worst case, every time you encounter a problem , which is not likely so it’s easy, just go to youtube and type your problem and you’ll have dozens of tutorial videos especially on installing blogs and website
I would have created a video for you if they weren’t available, so I’ll talk to you about more important things and give more practical tips to launch your first blog, and offer you my personal help of course and this for each step of the website or blog online
Technically a website and a blog are the same thing, but a blog is rather a website dedicated to creating and putting online streaming content in order to attract visitors and in some cases send them back to its website or online shop , being optimized for something else, including selling, … Etc

Steps to create his blog:

Follow the link at the bottom and you will land directly in the site where you will choose (type) your new domain name, order it, pay it alone (from 0.99 to 7.99 euro) depending on the extension ( .com) is the most expensive 7.99 euro
You can also choose to buy also hosting your blog, opt for the option of shared hosting which will make you 18 euros in total for the year with the domain name included
Once you’ve paid for your domain name you’re going to be redirecting to your dashboard on the LWS website and there you’re going to click install wordpress and that would be the last step
So what is the best approach when you want to create a blog …

I’ve learned over the years that the simpler a blog, the better

I can very well waste my time inventing complicated designs, just spend more time on Elementor, but why?
I learned at my expense that people never come to a blog because it is beautiful , but mostly because it solve their problems and offer them practical solutions and products and information they need and especially in the way the simpler
See this article? it doesn’t look like any other, I’m not writing for google but I’m talking to you about blogging and how it could change your life as it did for me, I’m trying to help you have your own blog, I’m offering you solutions …

how to have a bloç

If you still want me to create your blog, or I only help you create it you’re going to have to contact me by email, but before that let me give you an overview on the subject:

To have your own blog, I propose several options, which will depend the rates of course 

1 I install your blog for free or almost 

Yes, you do not dream, I said well for free, the deal is that you will use my affiliate links to order your domain name and your hosting space, you will give me provisional access to your new email address that you will use to sign up and once you have ordered your, domain name and your hosting I will install your blog under wordpress, install a theme, prepare you a few pages the titles only, that you will write yourself of course, like the page about, privacy policy … Etc

create a pro blog easily

Once your blog is installed, I send you your user and wordpress password and I return your email address, if you want to change the password lol and I wish you good luck
This option will cost you less than 10 euros on LWS 7.99 euros/year if you want to thank me, with a few euros for me to customize your blog a little, I’d be leaving

For this option 

  • You’ll find your own niche, or blogging theme
  • You’ll choose your own domain name
  • You will buy your own domain name and its hosting space, I would just send you my two affiliate links to access it

Basically I only install your blog , I talk about the technical aspect and I then give you your password so that you continue your adventure yourself

You can search directly here for your domain name for free of course and when you find the one that suits you and it is available well on , click directly the button to order to book it or buy it 


2. I create you myself your blog 

For this second option, you’re just going to create a gmail address and give me access and you’re going to pay me for me to do for you what you should have done in the first option 

have a cheap pro blog

So it would be me who will buy your domain name and your accommodation after you sent me money and also pay me yourself what would have earned me the fact that you should have gone through my affiliate links, I’m talking about the two commissions , to buy your domain name and your accommodation space 
I’ll tell you how much this will cost you depending on the host you choose, go there on their websites and choose your offer
  • LWS
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost
  • Interserver
And also the offer for which you will subscribe, I would help you choose if you want 
have your own blog for 10 euro anins


3 I’ll create your blog with some content 

For this option, I’ll just ask you to offer me the area or topic on which you want to create your business, for example, fishing, perfumes, shoes, animals, … Etc
You can sign up for my newsletter (look in the sidebarre the blue book to your right and you will receive a list of 1400 niches and themes, choose one and let me do the rest:
  • I’m going to do a little research to specialize and perfect the niche you’ve chosen
  • I’ll pick you up and propose 5 domain names so that you can choose a
  • I’ll create your blog and install WordPress and make all the settings
  • I’ll create you the main pages, about, contact, privacy policy
  • I will create articles for only 25 $ for 1000 words, the number of articles you want the articles will be billed separately, you could offer me your own keywords and titles or else let me do a search myself, one will discuss the price on facebook
  • I’ll install Google Analytics and Google Search Console

And finally, I deliver your new blog, I give you your passwords and I wish you good luck to monetize your blog

how much to have a finished blog
This option will cost you 750 $ only at the place of 2,000 minimum they offer elsewhere but not counting the articles, and it takes 30 euro for each article of 1500 words each if it is you who propose the titles, and if it is me who will look for the keywords and choose the titles, I will charge you 20 $ more for each item, so 50 $ for each article, well written and well optimized of course and that will have free organic traffic


Regarding articles and organic traffic, you should know that Google will take time to send you free traffic, about 6 to 8 months after you published the article and you’re going to have to refresh them and add content for keep in the race
And this will also depend on other factors, promotion on social networks, Backlinks, comments and sharing articles … Etc

I would advise you to add content to your articles later until they reach at least 5000 words and create new ones too…

So you’re going to take care of monetizing your blog yourself, I mean you’re going to figure out how to make money with those who visit your website, I could help you also on this, you install Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate , even affiliate offers, it’s up to you to decide and choose, I’ll only make you proposals and give advice 


4 Create your own blog 

It may be that you are on this article just to find out how to do it, I’ll leave you my links here if you want to create your own blog 
create your own blog easily
I’ll just make you one last proposal if you opt for this last option
Contact me right after you bought your domain name and hosting via these links, I’ll check my stats to confirm that you actually used my links to order, this could take 24 hours for me to you Confirms
Why I’m telling you all this, because if you use the links that is on in this article to buy your domain name and your hosting, I’ll refund you 
Let’s say you choose the offer or the LWS Pack of 7.99 euro to have your domain name and accommodation for a year, I will refund it as soon as the commission is paid to me
The link to create your blog if you choose this last option, but I took you to contact me before you order the offer, use the contact page and as soon as I reply and I add you to my list of beneficiaries you will proceed with the purchase 

Here are the links for the LWS Special Offer of 7.99 euro/Year and the second link to contact me 

have your own blog for less than 10 euros


It’s Up to You to Play Now

If you really want to realize your dream and start putting the basics of your business online by having your own blog, this is the opportunity or never

This offer is also intended for entrepreneurs and craftsmen … etc who want to have a Blog that will attract them more customers, and grow their business

So let me help you

This offer has an expiration date because I also have my own blogs to manage and especially I could only offer this service to help create blogs for a limited number of people… So enjoy as soon as you read this article …

Steps to save your domain name on LWS

first step to register a domain name
third step to buy his cheap domain name
fourth step to buy its cheap domain name at LWS
Last step to have his domain name and his own blog

Contact me if you can’t do it

For a website with the .com extension you will pay 6.99 Euro and less for others like .site, .blog, .xyz; … Etc

I’m waiting for your messages

Let me then offer you what will help you get your blog off to a good start 

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