Get more free traffic through sharing

How can I have more audience on my website?

In this article, I'll show you, how and where to share your articles in order to create quality backlinks and thus create a targeted and constant audience for your blog and boost your lead lists and sales in a simple and effective way.

I will focus specifically on promoting its website as a traffic strategy and method of creating audience for a website, so we're turning around how to leverage social networks and forums to generate targeted traffic for its website and create an audience of readers and prospects interested in your theme, a quality traffic that you could monetize afterwards.

how to get more traffic on a website


our bloggers, generating traffic in a sustainable, ethical and natural way can often be extremely slow and requires a lot of work and patience especially if our source is limited to traffic sent by google.
Also the traditional methods of obtaining organic traffic via SEO, or collecting social traffic via other platforms such as facebook and twitter, can be a long and tedious process.

And above all, it is often a momentary and spontaneous traffic and little or not at all scouring.

Content creators are always looking for new places where they can share the latter to get traffic quickly and thus increase their number of views and share why not!.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find good places to get quality traffic on a website.

Sharing content is the best way to ensure the quality of visitors to your site. However, few places on the net offer the necessary scope and action possibilities for content sharing efforts to be worth it and especially without being spammed and being ejected or worse punished by google.

Below, I'll show you some content sharing strategies – and new outlets – that you can use to quickly increase the number of your visitors.

I'll explain how to approach these platforms and how to increase your chances of quickly generating a good quality traffic source through co

ntent sharing. You could attract nearly 10 times more quality traffic with the following methods with the advice:

Content Sharing as an Audience Policy:

bring back more views on his website

I should probably clarify some of the idea behind these strategies to increase traffic and visitors to your blog or website.

I strongly believe in the development of quality traffic and visits. This is done primarily by creating great content that people want to read, share and recommend for their friends.

Who wants free internet traffic totally off topic on their website or blog, which generates no revenue, nor improves the long-term potential of your site? Worse it to even increase your bounce rate and annoy google which would hurt your Referencing.

… No one would want that!!!! then

: Let's go there to get qualified and targeted traffic on your blog or website and this without wasting much time and effort thanks to these strategies of sharing and acquiring quality back-links .


A strategy for growing traffic on a successful blog/website is like serving good food in a restaurant.

Eventually, people will discover and start coming back regularly; advise them to their friends and so on…

Unfortunately, this often takes a long time. It would be nice if the word could circulate quickly to speed up the process, hence the need to have a good sharing strategy to increase the number of views on your blog.

In order for your quality content to be read more quickly by interested people, and thus generate an audience for your website, you need to find places where people are already walking around to share this kind of con

tent. This is where you'll also find potential readers for your own content.

That would mean that you are not going to sell fish in the wholesale underwear market for example.

Below are different content sharing locations that are on the rise in 2019 as potential and powerful traffic sources for your blog. Many p

opular blogs and websites are beginning to view these referencing sources as one of the main contributors to global website traffic.

I'll explain how to use them to your advantage and how to avoid spamming of course.

Let's go

1- Get more views on your website with QUORA:

For those unfamiliar with Quora, it has quickly become one of the top 10 providers of traffic to blogs and sites not using it is very damaging.

Boost your web traffic through forums

But how? For

many topics, Quora is ahead of places like Reddit, LinkedIn and even Twitter for visitor references and this will increasingly be the best place to share your blog posts to hope to be seen and send readers to your blog thanks to back-links that you will introduce in your posts.

With more than 500 million monthly visitors, Quora is a democratic forum for freely disseminating and sharing content, without fear of algorithms penalizing certain types of content or publications. So yo

u'll be able to let go without fear of spammer and quora is full of readers and potential visitors.

Quora is a platform that allows users to ask a lot of questions about any topic on the planet. Then, other users can provide quick answers to these questions using a fairly open set of tools (including links, images, text, etc.). and that's where you'll insert your links and infographics to fold them down to your articles if they want to know more about your repenses.

Quora's questions are generally presented as the first results of Google search. As a result, some Quora threads see tens of thousands of visitors per month. Many publishers are able to generate thousands of visitors per month from unique responses on Quora's popular threads.

To be at the top of the answers to these questions, all you need to do is provide one of the best answers to the question. Other users can vote for your response, or Quora will monitor user behavior and finally push the most popular responses to the fore.

Tips to be an excellent answer on Quora:

1-Fill your Quora profile with multiple identifying information (create identification information that establishes you as an authority and professional for all types of questions you answer) 2-Re

ply to Many questions to create a sequel and increase your chances of quickly answering popular questions 3-Fol

low the topics related to your content to be one of the first to answer and include appropriate bold images and titles in your 4-Avo

id large blocks of text (divide each paragraph into one or two sentences

Tips to make it easier to reach the top of Quora:

1-Being one of the first to answer a question greatly increases your chances of being the best an

swer 2-Look for relevant questions about the right content of your website that have many views and very few existing ans

wers 3- Use the "Answer" tab at the top to identify new and unanswered questions

Tips for writing Quora publications that generate traffic on your site:

1-Use headers (in bold) and write down the actual answers, but be sure to return the content to your original content on your site.

2-Take full excerpts of your content and post them on Quora, then create a link to your article to allow people to "continue to read."

3-Reply, but make sure people understand that there is MORE IN-DEPTH content on your website.

4-Add your site as part of your credentials (including part .com) 5-Answ

er many questions (which is why using existing content is useful), this will increase your chances of posting posts Popular.

2. boost your internet traffic with REDDIT:

or those who may not know it, Reddit is officially one of the largest websites; competing with Facebook and Google in many cases
In addition, it is much less regulated and supervised than most major social platforms on the Web. This means that it is a huge source of potential reference and quality traffic.

increase the number of views on a site thanks to reddit

Unfortunately, simply publishing your content in/reddits (places inside Reddit dedicated to particular topics or topics) will elude users (and be banned from their forum).

The last thing you want to do is associate your spam with your website and get banned from sub-reddit related about your webs

ite The best way to achieve a good balance is to become an active Reddit user. Join /Reddits on topics related to the content of your website – which also allow link sharing. Many sub/reddits do not allow link sharing.

Join the discussions within these subgroups/Reddits and share only your best content here from time to time. When done correctly, it can lead to huge traffic booms.

Try to browse the sub-repertory/Reddit and understand what communities like to read. This will help you understand the content items you create (or already have) that will be most popular on these ch

annels Join several sub-reddit that have a large number of

members. Take part in each of them and measure which messages and which sub/reddits give you the best statistics when you share content there.

Understanding how your content works will help you avoid angering other users. You want to make sure your content is always appreciated.

3.) FLIPBOARD to increase your web traffic:

Flipboard had become popular when it was presented by default as a home screen on many Samsung devices and other popular Android mobile devices.

increase your traffic thanks to Flipboard

Since then, it has been a content aggregation resource popular with consumers around the world. While it's not the most effective place to share content, sharing content on Flipboard is as simple as a few clicks once everything is set up.
Simply create an account as an editor and set up multiple "magazines" on all the vertical themes you cover with your website.Then download the Chrome Flipboard extension.

Now simply access all the content you want to share with Flipboard and use the Chrome extension in your browser window to transfer content to the magazines you've created. Over time, some of these magazines will accumulate more and more followers who will begin to read new and existing articles.

Although they are not on the same scale as Reddit or Quora, publishers can very easily set up Flipboard magazines and share their content there without any risk. Over time, many publishers begin to see a lot of switch traffic through this strategy.


We all know that Facebook and LinkedIn limit their native reach by governing access to users with algorithms.

This means that reaching an audience and generating traffic from these channels has become increasingly difficult over the years.

boost your traffic through social networks

As a result, publishers have struggled to use these platforms to consistently generate significant traffic on their websites by working within these social media.
However, groups within these platforms are currently exempt from most of the range limitation algorithms that exist in the rest of the platform.

By joining groups on these platforms related to topics and topics related to your content, you can access large groups of users on these platforms without fear of having your reach limited which will feed your website by Permanent readers when you add your links
To find good groups, just go to the group sections of these respective platforms and search for topics and topics related to the content of your website.

Then try to join the groups that seem to have a lot of members. I usually try to find groups of 10,000 or more members.

Many Facebook and LinkedIn groups require apps or approvals to be reached. So don't randomly spam any groups you can find. Try to choose groups with which you could see your content fit together and integrate You'll h

e to treat these groups on LinkedIn and Facebook as if I had discussed dealing with Reddit earlier in this blog.
Spam groups with content and never participate in discussions is a formula for being blacklisted and removed. No one likes a spammer. Even if you're only in the group to share your content, take the time to participate in the discussions and evaluate the group to find out which content is most likely to work best within that particular group.

Avoid sharing all relevant content in these groups. Just share the material that you think will be the subject of comments. This will ensure that your posts stay at the top of the group's News Feed for the longest time (on LinkedIn and Facebook).

Both platforms automatically present the most popular posts at the top, by default. If you can understand the audience of each group, you can customize the messages to keep your content in mind longer.

For example: Try asking a question in the article that contains the link to your content. This will encourage clicks and engagement on these discussions.

Neither Facebook nor LinkedIn have recently expressed much interest in limiting the scope available in their groups. Publishers should therefore be a prime target for content sharing in 2020.
Other tips for bringing traffic back through sharin
g Above all here is the practical method of developing a topic when writing a blog post; your article will only be retweeted or shared if it is well written and above all complete.
Share these quotes also on Instag

ramSur Instagram, you can't put a link in your post. But you can change the link in your bio to go on the article directly.
Post the article on your Google page – Y

our article will then be public. You can add hashtags to make it easier to find your content.



rn your article into a presentation and put it on Slidesha

reSlideShare is for presentations what Youtube is for videos. The platform allows you to put your presentations online and share them easily. Just like on Youtube, people can integrate the presentation on their site.

Turn your content into a video that will get you traffic:

With screen recording software (such as Jing, Camtasia or Screenflow) you can quickly turn this presentation into a video. Otherwise,
the PowerPoint 2010 version allows you to do this directly.
Sharing and promoting on scoop is a content sharing platform. You create boards around topics and add (or scoop) content to these boards. This allows you to add your content and suggest that users your content (you can search for people interested in similar topics).

Prepare "Click to tweet" You may

have noticed them in this article… It is the phrases with a "Click to tweet" button that allow you to post the sentence in question on Twitter (rather than the title of the article)

. You can create these links manually on the clictotweet site or you can use an extension (like the one I use from CoScedule).

Create infographics to attract visitors to your website:

As you already know, infographics are very common. You don't need to have an infographic for each of your articles, but you should do it about every 2 months.

Use the securities emotional analyzer:

Aminstitute is a very useful and free tool (on the other hand, it only analyzes titles in English, so you have to do a translation beforehand). It evaluates whether or not the title of your article will affect your audience. This is a very important point, because on social networks such as Twitter, your followers will see little more than the title. You will never get a score of more than 70%, but if you get between 40 and 50%, this is a very good result.


Content is king, but only if it is read by your audience.

Content sharing can help you grow and quickly expand your audience.

Take the time to review new sources of SEO traffic in Google Analytics or Big Data Analytics each month to identify the best-performing channels.

Do you have other places where you like to share content? Leave them in the comments and help others uncover your smart secrets.

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