How to get more subscribers on your email list ?


Practical tips for increasing the number of people subscribing on your mailing list:

tips to attract more subscribers to a list of emails in email marketing

Here’s a list of tips to increase the conversion rate of your email capture and lead generation strategies and thus dramatically and quickly increase the number of people on your marketing email lists.

Of course, which says improvement in number of leads, says well increase in the number of visits to your website or page of capture and then and especially how to make them register to your list of emails by conviction and not just to receive your Offer free on the counter and no longer open your emails later or worse, declare them as spam.

So let’s go to see all this One of the first conditions to continuously feed your email list is un appeal:

1. Blog constantly to feed your email list:

how to have a lot of subscribers in your newsletter thanks to the content

The first thing to do to improve the number of subscribers to your email lists is to create a blog for your site if you don’t have one yet and feed it into good and new content that brings value on an ongoing ba

This is the best way to show your readers that you are up to date and that you can really be a reference in your theme and that they will always find something new on your site or blog, which will give them a good reason to join your Newsletter and so your email list. This is a guarantee that you will often send them interesting emails, and that by subscribing to your mailing list, they won’t miss anything that happens in your Niche


2. Add social media sharing buttons to your emailing campaigns:

Increase the number of registrants with sharing buttons

When you send an email to your existing list of registrants, be sure to add a call to action sharing or share button on social networks to the latter. The majority of ma
rketers don’t do it and they lose a good way already in place to increase the number of registrants on their email lists, simply because if you know how to write your emails and you propose something interesting, a good one many of your registrants will share it in turn with their audience in order to give their own followers or registrants the opportunity to benefit from the added value, which you would have previously intended for your only registrants By doing so, your new followers prospects, you will come directly from your emails, because your buttons are integrated into your lists of course.


3. Use a video to promote your online business and attract new subscribers:

use a video to boost your registrant numbers on an email list

Never underestimate the power of video, the majority of users would rather watch a video than read a ton of text So try to create often video content or just video your existing content while making sure to insert calls to action and sign up in the middle and especially at the end of the video. Believe me, itis easier to convert someone who consumes your content into video than to text, plus you will take advantage of the growing number of youtube and facebook subscribers and the possibility of sharing the latter if it is deemed useful and Interesting.

It’s easier to call to sign up to your email list with a video on youtube for example that with writing, just be direct, emotional, sell the dream and talk more about the results than how to achieve them, because it’s the best way to entice your Readers to become registrants and prospectsJoly just your sign-up buttons right after the video and prominently, also think about how easily clickable with a smartphone.


Here are some tips for successfully getting your promotional videos back:

A promotional video that showcases your services and contains a call to action:

  1. Under no circumstances should it exceed the duration of two minutes 
  2. Write your script well in advance 
  3. Show up confidently at your future audience 
  4. Say what you offer your new registrants, tell your readers what they need to do to have it 
  5. What interest it have in accepting your offer and why they will be privileged if they join your list of registrants and community 
  6. Be very precise, stay smiling and professional while expressing yourself as if you are addressing your friends 
  7. Speak to the singular in your promotional videos, say sign up for the place to register, say I will offer you, you will benefit, I will send you, … Etc

If you see that this email capture video is too short to give details about your offer and everything related to it, make another video appendix dedicated to this purpose and direct your readers to it if they want to know more. G

ive a good impression of yourself in your videos intended to attract prospects, if you are not comfortable facing camera, use a slideshow and join him from the audition to explain your offer

4. Add downloadable add-on-registration to your content:

how to capture more email with articles and pages of content

When you upload your content, always consider adding an interesting resource or add-on that would give more information or practice to readers who want to have more by giving them access through registration to your email list or Newsletter.

write an article for example on sea bream fishing, you could add a PDF supplement on the best places to fish sea bream in France for example, which your readers can download, by signing up to your email list, a video to show the different techniques for fishing sea bream would also do the trick and you would get a lot of registrants for example, know your audience, find out what they want most and offer them against a sign up for your email list.


5. Take advantage of conferences in your domaine niche to expand your community of followers and subscribers:

You could keep up to date on conferences and product presentations related to your online topic or business, in your city or region, take the opportunity to broadcast them and intervene by adding value of course or a criticism , and host this conference that you would have recorded and that would interest your audience and thus you will give just access to the registrants to your email lists.


6. Aim at other bloggers and influencers:

Give your product or your magnet for free to influencers and other bloggers and youtubers, and if they like, they could talk about it and advertise you, the latter will make you build a notoriety and bring you new registered and prospected. For example, if you want to offer for a sign-up to your list or newsletter, an ebook that you have just finished creating, reserve the third page of the latter to a page of registration to your email list and some links to your registration page In the pages of the book, send copies for free to youtubers and bloggers of your topic, and tell them that they can offer it to their audience if they wish and if they find it interesting for their audiences.

7. With Guest post chapters with an indirect link to your Opt-in page:

I’m not asking you as all others do to write guest articles and ask other bloggers if they want them, but I suggest you just offer them chapters that they will add to their already existing articles, believe me few are those who refuse it; you only have to follow these tips when you write them:

  • Chapters should not look like those already in this article and need to refresh it and update it
  • Be prepared to agree to refresh two to three items just to include a single link to your capture page
  • They must follow the article’s keyword strategy
  • Their lexical fields must match that of the article as well as the style of writing and images
  • These chapters should bring value to the article and refresh it 
  • They should never appear that they are written by someone other than the site manager who will receive them
  • You need to integrate only one Backlink, to not your registration page but to an article that looks on that capture page.


Aim for old blog posts so you could refresh it easily and the competing blogger will see no trouble adding your chapters to his articles as you are both winners.



8. A partnership with an influential youtuber:


how to boost an email list with a video

You will search on youtube, a channel in the same theme as your site, and you check if its owner has no site or blog linked to his youtube channel You will
contact him and offer him to create a blog for him , or you will expose its products as well as yours and a direct registration page to your main website or blog or online store.
This youtuber will accept your offer without any problem because he only has to add a link that redirects his followers on the blog in question because his products are exposed there too and it is a good way for him to increase his income or to increase his income without getting too tired, and you, you will have the opportunity to have all his followers in your lists, you will then make your campaigns apart.


9. Opt for exit intent registration popups:

how to enlarge an email list

To increase your enrollment numbers, many auto responders offer popups that appear, when your readers’ cursor goes to the cross to close your This registration popup is better for two reasons: They don’t in
trfere with the user experience, so your reader won’t get upset when they’re on your site which will make it stay longer to notice your sign-up offer This popup is going toget you more registrants (70% conversion only a normal popup) because you will be able to offer readers against an inscription the time to quietly read your article and the opportunity to register and download your free offer once it has its hands free because it was going to leave and close This popup is also effective at improving the number of your registrants because it respects the user unlike those that spring from anywhere and anytime, and that annoy the reader and distract him from his quest for information. You can have it for free on this site, you just have to register and follow the instructions for setting up the popup of intent to exit .


10. Use Twitter to replenish your email lists:

You will only use the search on Twitter to inform yourself about the different questions and queries of internet users regarding your

themeTable to answer them in a Pdf file which you will publish and promote on Twitter This method works wonders because targeted users will be registered and quality prospects, which would mean potential customers. You also go through this technique, you place as authority in your field, because you have answer to almost everything that interests your audience, and give a good reason to your followers on youtube to receive your NewsletterYou can apply and Do this maneuver at least once a month to answer the new questions of followers on Twitter and by offering them a new magnet to retrieve new registrants from your email lists and strengthen and borrow the old ones.


11. Adapt your Opt-in pages for mobile devices:

When editing your email listing forms, think about formatting them for smartphones and tablets rather than desktop PCs A registration popup t

hat takes the whole screen or refuses to close is not a good choice, adapt so your call-to-action buttons like registration buttons so they can be clicked easily without touching another link for example, compress your photos on the registration forms and make them responsive and adapt to all screens. Do require your readers at the beginning only an email to be able to register, you could also ask for a name but no more, and if need be, you will ask later with an email the rest of the contact details, so you are not going to over-complicated the essentials of registration that is to get an email.

12.Use a floating registration bar:

It’s a bar that stays fixed at the moment when the reader scrolls your article, you could well put a strong call to action and generate inscriptions, just make sure that this band or floating bar is not too late and that it does not interfere with the experience mobile user, do a test


13. Good content brings back a lot of leads:

You can’t get away from the rule and create content that you judge, you useful to your readers

Definitely, you could add a chapter here and there, an example here and a labas case study, but in principle, unless your theme is really new , you should always monitor what your competitors and their topics are doing to guide your content writing and email capture strategy. I’m not asking
you to copy your competitors, but to create competing content on the same topics that bring them thousands of visitors each month, and don’t choose topics at your leisure at the risk of not interesting anyone, who says little about visitors to your site, probably says no or few registrants to your lis


Try to offer against an email and registration more than do your competitors

The solution? , simply go to google, type the domain name of your competitors, look at their star articles and products, analyze their keywords and their lexical fields, their magnet for their registration pages and try to do better while staying in the Subject.



14. Use Slideshare to get more subscribers:

You could very well create good Slideshare on linkedIn, these can be shared if you put some good interesting content there You could

even use the Premium feature that allows you to add a registration and call form to directly to your slideshare. The latter could very
well go viral and become a good source of registrants and new quality prospects, in addition remember that the registrants via the linkedin network will make good prospects that could very well be interested in your offers and marketing email campaigns and these are really potential customers.

15. Interact with your readers to boost your number of leads:

Make your readers love to read you, and read your reviews of products or books Ta
lk to them as a friend, relax a little, yes I speak to you my dear reader, Yes yes you who are reading me, that’s !!! me, it’s Samy and thank you very much for visiting my site and know that I really need your comment to help a little my SEO and especially to answer your questions, any one!! thank youT’ve seen !!! that’s what I’m talking about my friends, you’re bloggers, online business men but we’re humans first and foremost, give respect to your readers and they’ll give it back to you by signing up for your lists believe me

Never think you’re smarter than your readers because you know more than them on this or that topic, give them what they searched for on your site and offer their more than they hoped and they will join your Newsletter because they will trust you; money, don’t think about it when you address your readers, help them and never force their hand.

16. Create smart calls to action:

I advise you to go to Optinmonster and schedule a call to action, or a registration Popup, put some intelligence, sometimes, a simple Popup, written on “How can I help you?” or “Let me help you: ” will generate you hundreds see thousands of registered, it is a simple sentence but full of meaning and above all helpfulness, especially emotion and humanity, what more real, !!! you offer your help.

You could very well program a popup of intention of release, and put it in full screen, will just have to offer value in return for registrations, which your readers would surely need, take for example the time to write an eBook of which you will process in detail the most frequently requested request by your audience and offer it for readers who will join your email list.

17. Create an affiliate program to get leads:

This point might surprise you, but taking one or more of your flagship products, which you control the sales and delivery chain A hosted t
raining for example or a product whose stock you manage and which you can deliver; put this or these products forward and offer them to those who want to sell them to their audience for a very large commission up to 80% for a digital product for example

This will surely attract you affiliates who would also be ambassadors for your site, just make sure that the sale will be made after signing up for your email list, so you will prepare the readers of other competitors.

18. Create Twitter Lead Cards:

Enjoy the huge audience of twitter and create sign-up generation cards, registration is easy and the potential is immense, so make free offers to your followers in exchange for signing up for your mailing list

This application on twitter can quickly increase the number of registrations to your email lists especially if you have a lot of followers, in addition it will be quality registrants, potentially convertible into loyal customers. Then you can very well add call-to-action buttons in your private messages, do them as they should then, accompany offers that you could not refuse just for an email !!!

19. Do tests, to improve the conversion of your email capture methods:

You absolutely have to do and retest to finally choose the call to action that assures you the most conversions and registrants to your email lists, change the images, the colors even if I would advise you the blue, try to propose two magnets Different, try several places and shapes for your popup or registration form, … etc. until you find your own style and what goes better with your readers and your audience

20. Create urgency and rarity with your calls to action

When you create a popup or landing page, the same for a registration form, you must absolutely offer in exchange for registering to your mail list or newsletter, an article or service that your readers will not find elsewhere

Offer free what you find elsewhere but paying, offer a longer trial period, offer your own Ebook that you put on sale on Amazon and let it know, … etc. You could also create an emergency, for example to encourage your readers to register for your list, you could specify that your offer is limited in time, which will create a sense of urgency in your audience and push them to register for fear Miss your offer if they don’t do it now.

21. Use irresistible Lead magnets (offers):

The Principle is simple, A good hook and an irresistible offer and few fields to fill!! for a good conversion rate and a large number of registrants
Generally, the reader who will come to your site, is not there to sign up for your Email list, it just comes to read your article or see your product, the subject interests him and your topic too, so if you know your audience well, and what really takes it to your site, you’ll probably find an offer that they won’t be able to refuse, just because you ask them for their email and pseudo !!!
So to do this, you’re going to have to, go to Google analytics and see which of your pages bring back the most visitors to your site (the entry pages) And then you’re going to create a complete and unavoidable product, which will satisfy the need of your audience based on the topics covered in these entry page

your reader, once on the site, he will surely read your article and leave with your offer leaving you his Email without hesitation.

22. Find out, at your audience:

You absolutely have to show your face to your readers, they’re not going to eat you, on the contrary, they’re going to be more confident, because human contact is more likely to call your readers to sign up for your email list and integrate your commu
nity and receive your emailsSetry especially to be in line with your niche, do not take your picture for a registration form for a fitness newsletter with a tuxedo!! , do it instead in sportswear in a gym for example, while suffering and deploying all your sympathy and kindness

Believe me, I did not, but a study showed that more than 30% of the total registrants to lists of emails , do so because they have seen the person who runs the site on the registration for


23-Create different (Lead magnet) offers for each category of your Blog’s Content:

The best way to ensure that your readers will sign up for your email list is to offer them targeted offers In fact, you will adapt your subscription offers to the categories and topics covered in each page For example you will offer an Ebook on fishing when a reader goes on a fishing article, and a video on how to improve his shooting in an article that talks about hunting.

Targeting your readers in this way, will increase the chances that they will sign up for your mailing list to receive your articles and especially have access to your free offer by what it really interests and that was why it logged into your site.


24. Exploiting the privilege of belonging to a group:

When you ask your reader to sign up for your Newsletter, you absolutely must put it in a state of mind other than the one it had before coming to your site. He mus
t understand of himself that when he will give you his Email, it is not only to be able to access a free offer after, but above all, he will now be part of the privileged, because he will be part of a community, which has the same worries and hopes that he , and he finally goes after he joined your list of emails:

  • To be able to express oneself 
  • Access solutions they wouldn’t find elsewhere 
  • Being surrounded by people who understand him and who will surely move him forward in life, a new family.

To do this, as soon as you have acquired your first registrants, comments, messages of thanks,… Let your readers know, tell them that other people have already trusted you, have joined your community and here’s how happy they are to have done be
lieve me, this strategy will have you many new members on your list and will increase your notoriety and ensure that your calls to action will have more weight and make more conversions.

25-Choose a good Autoresponder and a better CRM:

Be aware that there are self-responders, which will make it easier for you to capture emails and build your email lists and segmentations 

Mailchimp is free under 2000 registered, but to be sure to do a good job and double your chances of capturing emails and having new registrants, you will have to think one day or another to subscribe to a good service of complete emlailing and above all that gives you choice and will unleash your creativity
The same for choosing CRM, once you have built a list of emails, it is important to keep it and make the most of it and above all make a collection and a grouping of customer and lead data, which will help you to better orient your email capture strategy because you’re finally going to have customer listings and a clear idea about what your readers really want and what it will take to convert them into leads

So choose a good CRM service, to optimize and better manage your lists and your future customers, this will allow you to keep them longer and above all better target them



26-Capture more emails by offering results, not the means to reach them:

Instead of writing in a popup intended to capture emails for example : ” Download this guide to learn how to lose weight “You better write instead: “Yes, I want to lose 10 lbs in just 18 days!” Add accurate numbers, numbers and results to your calls to action Make your popups dream to boost the number of your registrants on your email lists

27- Put your calls for registration ( Opt-ins) in the most visited pages:

Go to Google Analytics and see the entries pages on your site that have the most views
Create offers that meet the needs and topics covered in these pages or cheap Upsell offers to the products offered in these pages, coupons or coupons, … etc, and offer these offers on these same pages against entries
You will have more registrants thanks to this method, instead of putting your registration links in pages that no one sees

28- Optimize your Newsletter registration forms:

Despite that there are different types of email capture forms, I will cite for example, those offered by Mailchimp  , Optinmonster , or Thriveleads or Sumo as:
  • The Rubon (the band) at the top of the site
  • The lightbox that appears in the middle of the screen after a certain amount of playback
  • The content lock that will only let you see the rest of the content if you sign up!!
  • The matte scroll that appears when loading the page 

These forms must all obey a few set to convert best:

  • Be clear, accurate and attractive
  • Add dreamy images that make you dream and make it easier to convert
  • Don’t ask too many data to your registrants, just an email and can be a nickname too
  • Use simple language and words that everyone can understand
  • Use colors that help and improve conversion rates like blue and orange
  • Deliver results, not solutions to problems
  • Offer for an Email more than your competitors
  • Offer two or three things at once
  • Use 3D when it comes to an Ebook cover
  • Shake your readers, offering them a choice played in advance, as for example, two buttons, one YES I want to succeed and the other NO too bad I’ll think!


I advise you especially finally, to find your own formula, it’s nice to see how your competitors do to have thousands of registered in their email lists and brag behind, but you could not be satisfied to copy them, because what  walking for them, won’t necessarily work with your audience 
Do mostly A/B tests, and refine your conversion and registration method to your email lists,
Don’t be in a hurry as it usually takes a long time before your readers trust you and finally sign up for your mailing list


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