Get Comments On Your blog posts

How do I get more comments on his blog?

Comments, such as the number of shares on social networks of content on a blog post is a strong signal of relevance to the latter for google and the best way to get a lot of feedback on your articles is to provide a real response to queries from your readers on the one hand and especially to link them with your audience when you create your content, and still quite a few other tricks to get your readers to comment on your pages that I will quote you in this article .

I want to tell you that the tips that will follow also apply to boost the number of shares of your articles, hang on then, we will take off immediately!

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What effect do the comments have on a blog post?

A comment, always enjoys reading, is a kind of recognition of the efforts we make to provide good content, spending days doing research, getting it all in shape and delivering it ready to our audience

But not only that!

In fact, every comment a user leaves on your article is seen by google as a vote of confidence and an indication of relevance to your content.

Google EAT, the algorithm that deals with the notoriety of websites so as not to go into detail, so it attaches great importance to the number of comments on a blog post, and sees it as a criterion of relevance when an article makes noise around him and the target audience

A well and often commented article is an article that Google considers relevant, the same for sharing in social networks and ratings too

It is therefore essential to try to get as many comments in your blog posts, because this practice greatly improves your referencing on google

The three conditions that make an article conducive to gathering feedback


To get more feedback on a website, its content must meet these three criteria:

  • Have traffic on your site
  • Create engagement and interaction in articles
  • Write articles with a healthy dose of emotions


Let me explain this to you:

The first condition to get more comments on a blog, is of course to still have a good number of readers, and I do not hide that the number of comments on an article is proportional to the number of users who have read it, do so promoting your content to increase the number of comments on your website

Now let's talk about commitment and emotion, what does that mean?

Commitment is in a way the act of attracting and retaining the attention of your reader, more than that, you must manage to make his concentration on your content last and if it is possible until he reads your article in full

If you succeed in this, your reader is very lucky to leave you a comment because on one side, he is at the bottom of the article and he already sees the other comments and on the other, he must have had at one time or another want to give his opinion on something because he focused well on your article

The last condition to get a lot of feedback on your web articles, is emotion

A blog post or sales card is not a manual or a drug listing!

You have to engage your readers emotionally if you want them to leave you a comment, it's mandatory!

I will go back on this point, but you have to arouse emotion in your readers and do not just give them information or products, serve their information and what they came on your article with delicacy, passion and affection

Make them laugh, create controversy if necessary, but never leave them indifferent if you want them to leave you comments.

What's a comment? we do it every day, don't we? I mean in real life, but when do we leave comments? it's simple: when something moves us, touches us, makes us laugh, cry, make happy or sad ,.. you have to move my friends to collect dozens or hundreds of comments!



If your articles do not meet these three conditions, which is my case on this site at the moment, we will not have comments, so you must manage to have traffic on engaging and super relational and emotional articles

That's all very well! Mdr, theory! but you're probably saying, "Yes! we've heard it before; but no one tells us how to practice to have those damn comments at last! " Mdr

Ok ok!! let's go, in any case I'll tell you what I'm going to incorporate into my articles once I've decided to get feedback!!
It must be said that on this article you are reading that I applied some of these tricks (classic and sneaky)!

Here are some strategies you can start applying immediately to increase the number of comments on your blog:

Boost the number of comments with an intuitive system:

Your comment system should not make your readers spend a quarter of an hour

I swear I've already been bored several times when leaving a comment, because it takes times longer, other times they ask you for the name and surname and in many cases, the comment system is just heavy

Make it easier to comment on mobile devices too and only ask for a nickname and email address to the fullest

Sign your presence in your articles for comment:

If we're talking about the design of your pages, make sure the reader sees at least a photo of you and a little summary about who you are, your first name too and your signature, a fetish phrase what!

And on the editorial side, i.e. when you write your articles, you absolutely must make your readers feel your presence

Use the personal pronoun "I" more often, incorporate personal stories as soon as the subject allows, inject experience into your paragraphs, post your results, show your statistics, share what you have managed to do and succeed yourself applying the advice you give your readers

For example: what phrase are you going to like?

1- "To have a chance to please a girl, you must always heal your haircut"

2- "You know, my first girlfriend, Sara, I think she was called that, I didn't come back that she looked at me, must say she was hot! you know why she waved at me? I had just come out of the hairdresser, she was not even looking at me before … but had to see my hair before that day lol"

Do you see the difference?

You have to rock your readers and push them to react and tell you their own stories, their anecdotes, their frustrations… etc in a comment of course 

Encourage your readers to subscribe to your mailing list for future comments on your articles:

You absolutely have to make your brand name known, you impose as authority or being among the best and then try to create a community around your website

Let me tell you a secret, 98% of readers who comment on an article, are subscribers and have come on these articles directly via an emailing campaign.

You will never make me swallow that someone who has just discovered a website for the first time, will leave a comment! it's not possible, at least 99% of the cases

Create a list of subscribers, contact them every time you post good content, and start conditioning them to comment or share your article in the email you send them themselves!

On the other hand, if you send emails that in which you offer free value advice, tips to download for free by your subscribers, you will create in them a feeling of dividend, Your subscribers will feel that they owe you something at last!! and they'll at least leave you a good comment

That's the least I can do, no! You see?

Comment on articles on other blogs on the same topic for feedback:

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I believe this practice is going to have fruit and be very effective in receiving feedback, but I think there's a way to comment to get the other blogger to decide to come and let you in turn comment.
For example, just ask him for example, is what he could not do you a favor and kindly come to your blog and give you his "expert opinion" on your writing style !!!

This will surely titillate his ego and accept with pleasure because you recognize his expertise and he may well do you this service since you recognize that he is the strongest.

I know you could find other techniques, and leave me one in a comment at the bottom of the page, we'll see if it will work and that I would also comment on one of your articles !!! mdr I'm strong eh !!!!

Offer content that creates the need to comment:

Give your readers a good reason to comment on your articles, must admit that the following photo has nothing to do with this article lol sorry … I'm running out of ideas … Don't pay attention… Continue…

XPrjO JhO2w C

This kind of useful and informative content and above all that meets a need (that of your audience) and really helps the reader, and you can also choose topics of articles that stir controversy and constructive controversy of course and leave yourself a first comment to provoke the reader and force him to react.

On the other hand, we do not say the content is king for nothing; If you put online content that is valuable and really provides a plus to your readers "like the one you're reading mdr"; the latter will at least feel not grateful if he does not say thank you at least in a small comment: then take care of your content and tell me thank you down in a comment , if you want me to comment on your blog in my turn …

Baby… after several months I see that 4 comments … and if you start by leaving me a comment at the bottom just to check the hypothesis that says that to have comments on his own articles, it's good to comment in others …

My god… I don't know what to do with you anymore… Laughing out loud

Ask a question your entire audience knows the answer to and ask for it in a comment afterwards:

Everyone's looking for recognition, isn't they?
Why are we trying to make money? for people, our family, our lover or lover, tell us how gifted we are, intelligent, beautiful, … Mdr etc, recognition guys!
So a reader, who comes on your article to learn something, he's there happy, he reads your article, but deep down he knows something is missing!

Are you following me?

But yes, of course there is something missing from the article, because you did it on purpose not to quote a very relevant info that everyone knows in your theme!

Imagine you're writing an article about how to fish the sea bream in the Port of Marseille, and you're not talking about mussels as bait! Mdr, and in the last paragraph of your article, you ask your readers if you have forgotten a point, they only have to let you know in a comment!

Mdr! all Marseille will let you say this comment: "The mussels ptit con!" Mdr, sorry for the word

I think you understood the trick

Just ask for comment on your articles, it works!

This is no joke! Mdr, people forget! help them remember that a comment will do you and your article listed SEO, he may not even know that!!

Ask your audience, for example, to give their opinion or advice and desires in comments, for example do they want you to write about a particular topic? is that your articles do not annoy them and that you should not review your style for example, ask them to leave you their questions in comments, and that you will answer them with pleasure, do that you too who are reading this article , I would be really happy to answer it.

Promise a gift for those who leave you comments on your articles:

You have to keep your promise Mdr!

For readers of your blog post to leave you a lot of comments, you can for example offer them a service in return, have them live on facebook for example and answer questions they will prepare for the occasion, or a kind of webinar they will be entitled to attend if they leave at least three comments in three different articles on your website.

You can also send your followers to comment on your articles and at the same time ask them to find out in which article there is a paragraph that you offer them, so that they win a gift for example.

For comments, be controversial in your articles:

It's a good way to get your readers to comment

Although a bit risky! it remains very effective, because people attach themselves well to the conventional wisdom and especially they do not like someone to contradict them on it, they react, let go of comments, send you their friends you also comment Mdr

This method of getting comments is to be used with gonds, they won't always be good to read but Google doesn't care! a comment remains a comment

How to apply this method while limiting the damage, do not let your subscribers send you walking around if you annoy them in an article!

So here's how to create controversial articles that users usually like to comment on:

Find a common belief in your field or theme, which is actually just a myth, which the majority of your readers ignore the truth!

Write an article, full of emotions and attack this myth and tell your readers and subscribers that they really get rid of it on this point, do not spare them above all, but do not be aggressive or rude, and shock them at the beginning, in order to recover them to your cause at the end of the article by swinging your evidence at them

Believe me, this will depend on your niche, but you will receive dozens of comments, and positive in addition; because after reflection, your readers will prove you right and will attach even more to your website because you will become an authority in your niche.
Reply to all your comments:

The last condition is to take the time to read your comments on your blog, and respond to them one by one, and each its answer.

You have to show your interest to your audience and also to google, that you care about your readers and that you listen to them; this will increase the number of comments on your posts and especially retain your readers and instill in them this culture and habit of commenting on your articles.

Write with more passion and put emotion into it, that's what drives readers to leave a comment

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Don't fall asleep yet! heho! I am here!

When you write an article, inject in energy, your reader must feel this fervor, do not let it rest until the end of the article, hold the

You have to take one sentence to another, you have to leave it curious until the end, don't give it the answer right away, make it salivate so that you hold his attention until the end of the page, that's when you give him the essential point of the information he's looking for

So he's here, he's had his info, he's satisfied, and right in front of him the sentence: "Leave a Comment"; You see? it is at this moment that he will decide to say thank you or Damn hh, it will depend on the type of emotion you aroused in him Mdr!

Your writing style will largely decide is what users will leave you a comment before you leave or not, for it to happen, I advise you and now me with you, to also make your readers feel that it is a person like they who write this article and just to give them the info; that's what I'm doing with you, right now, right here as Jack Sparrow always said,

So keep your feet on the ground and don't play it superior to your audience, because you just have a little more knowledge about them in your field (I got you angry with this sentence !!!! sorry) I hope you'll leave me a comment anyway Mdr

Get more feedback on your articles by attacking a common enemy with your audience:

Whatever your niche, there's always a common enemy to your entire audience

Let's say you blog about weight loss, choose a brand of Soda for example and put it full face Mdr

Your readers will join, love it and they will feel the need to support you, because that's their fight too, and how are they going to do that? commenting on your articles! Is that true?

Tell me I'm not right in a comment! Mdr

More comments, bring back new comments:

You probably don't see the value of this title!!! I know and you are right, not 100% but let's say (99-98%); Hummm.. I was talking about what was already !!!! Ah comments; Good!! so I just wanted to tell you that, once you have the first ten comments, the others will come on their own, I've experienced it on another site and this one will start to get feedback thanks to you of course.

Create articles specifically to encourage and support your audience and gather more feedback:


There are many niches that are preparing for this technique a little sneaky for your articles to be commented on

Take, for example, the theme of personal development, a site that helps to quit smoking for example

Just write an article focused only on the moral support and encouragement of your readers to quit smoking, not by making them feel guilty but by victimizing them while being by their side

A video, where you speak with emotional language, will flood your article with positive comments and recognition! Why don't you try it?

Make your users feel they need at least one comment: 

 The royalty feeling could be used by a content publisher so that its readers comment volentiers its articles

To create this feeling of royalty in your reader, you will need to do him a service more than he expected when he landed on your blog

  • Make sure to be honete with your audience


  • Help your reader the best you can without asking against party and without taking advantage of the fact that your reader needs the information you have and that could help him … you understand I think
  • Make yourself useful and write rich and complete articles in order to answer your reader's questions so that he will no longer need to look for other explanations elsewhere… Etc   

Offer Bakchiche to your readers to leave you a comment:


Well if you do all this and no one comments your articles, you have to corrupt your audience, and believe me, it works Mdr

Offer tips, interesting downloads, a discount for a training you sell for example, a 15-hour phone help on a problem related to your topic… etc I don't know me, made your households work Mdr

Sometimes, you have to go through it, especially when you are still nobody in our niche, and it would be a good action to launch your site

The most beautiful is that once a reader tastes your gifts, he becomes addicted and he will comment on all your items, maybe he will get the benefit one day! Who knows?

So, I put the latter under the title to tell you that you're only going to make an effort to receive feedback at the very beginning, and once the How Machine is launched, it will never stop and it will become a habit in your audience, it's like People comment more when they find comments already in place! Go and understand! Mdr


To get feedback on your web articles, you must first of all have this culture of commenting and sharing the content of others on one side and above all creating good content that deserves to be shared for his friends.
These are the two conditions that once reunited, you will surely win a lot of comments and shares also on social networks.

Leave a comment if you've learned at least one thing in this article, I'll probably respond with pleasure

Come on, don't be stingy, it's going to take you 1 minute and we'll all be winners…


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