Free and indispensable SEO tools

13 free and essential SEO tools for a website

As you know; SEO is not done on its own. 
I'll give you the free SEO tools needed to make and track your SEO optimization and explain how to use them and basically what they're for.

Here are some free SEO tools to improve or start your natural SEO on Google. Keyword search tools, content and link analysis or Backlinks, or crawl tools like Xenu or Seolyzer.

free seo tools

Here are the free SEO tools and sites that will help you analyze and optimize your search engine referencing and that's without spending a single cent.
In the end, you'll only need to invest a little of your time to improve your ranking on google and many other relevance criteria and really understand how it all works without being a real SEO expert.

All these sites and SEO software online are free and if needs is there for modules that I personally do not consider essential; some sites will offer additional modules and features but pay.

In any case I do very well without these modules and they are certainly not essential to analyze and properly reference your website or blog content.

Let's go:

1 -The free SEO tool for analyzing Google Trends keywords:

Google Trends Free SEO Tool

Google Trends will allow you to see trends and queries and their respective search volumes in google, before you even start writing content, you have to choose the main keyword on which you will base the latter to make it ranker on google. and thanks to the totally free Google Trends tool you will be able to type your keyword and see is what it is looking for and its search volume on google.

So, you could type several variations of this keyword and compare which one is most sought after and especially its trend: is it that people still type it on google or its popularity decreases!!

This way you will fine-tune your keywords and be sure that your content will be visible on google once published.

2-Ubersugg is a complete and free SEO tool:

Free SEO tool for keywords

Is Ubersuggest a tool put into service by Neil Patel? it will allow you to search for keywords, their search volumes and most importantly, the difficulty of positioning yourself on this or that keyword and will give you the phrases and keywords that you need to use to better ranker and not have much competition.

So it will simply tell you what your chance is whether you ranker or not on your keyword and will give you in addition the sites and articles ranked best on that keyword or expression and this in a ranking of 1 to 100.

you could use Ubersuggest to find out your ranking in the seRPS google results and this on this or that keyword.

Simply choose the language and type in your keyword or phrase and search for your article in the list.



Free website referral tool browseo

This SEO SEO tool is for you; if your site is there and you haven't done a SEO optimization job yet.

BROWSEO makes you a mini SEO audit of your site or a chosen page. links and the structure of your site as google tracks them and crawles them, because to optimize your site or blog;  you'll have to analyze it first and see what it's going and what's wrong so what you need to improve and fix to optimize your content.

With this tool, you will analyze the presence of a particular keyword or expression in your site or a page of your blog and know so is what you really rank on the keyword you have chosen or on another that you will have to put more in advance to better you reference on search engines and position your content on a particular keyword.

So this free seo tool is more used to control the presence of your keyword and its variants in your content and in a correct way and without exceeding the rate that could make you look like a spammer for example.

4-alyze a freemium full ANALYSIs SEO tool:


Unlike Browseo, which is more like a quick analysis of your pages; ALYSE's free analytics tool goes deeper and really lets you see in detail your site and analyze its ability to ranker on google.

alyse is a free seo software that will really follow your keywords and tell you exactly their values on this or that page, you will see the number of words, or is what they are present or not … Etc

In addition you can check your titles your page plan and anything that could hinder your optimization.

alyse is a tool that also gives you the ability to make a comparison between two different content, two different pages and see which one is best optimized for example.

I find it a fairly comprehensive free SEO tool, a simple registration would suffice to access it it is also very simple to use and understand and you will not need in-depth technical knowledge to analyze and optimize your web pages Free.

5- u SEO tool in freemium lige:

Free and essential SEO tool

This free online seo tool also allows you to analyze your content in a general way is what it is optimized on your keyword that you will tell it .

In addition it will offer you words that are missing from your content and those that you must remove also so that your content is optimized on the keyword you chose at the beginning and not on another one on which you will have no chance to rank and position itself on google and search engines.

6- Answer the public, the semi-free SEO tool that will help you choose your queries, keywords and phrases:

Free relevant keyword search tool
This free seo optimization and analytics software helps you know what to write about and what questions your content should be on, depending on the rackets of google users.

Basically this tool will prevent you from writing an article that no one is going to read and above all will help you write complete articles because the more you will consider the relevant questions in your articles the more you will position yourself at the top on google.

So you type your keyword on answer the audience and you're going to hang out as many questions as possible and incorporate them into your content and actually work around these issues by what people are looking to know about your word Key.

This SEO tool will allow you to bring in traffic because you will create a good semantics in your content that would be rich in keywords and phrases and especially in repenses and google likes that.

7- The free SEO SEMRUSH software:

Free SEO analytics and traffic software

Semrush is partly paying off; but I find enough its free version for an average website.
personally I am satisfied with its free version and if you want more you can subscribe.

I advise you to create a free account initially and familiarize yourself with this seo tool and if you want to go deeper you could pay for it.

In fact this software seo will allow you an analysis even more than those we have seen so far even with its free version.
you can even analyze the pages of your competitors and know for example what keywords they rank and try to position you best.

With this seo software you are going to have a fairly complete view on how a page is referenced and what you could change to improve its positioning on a particular keyword.
You will also have a lot of data on your site like your back-links… etc. and so you will know what to correct and optimize to better position yourself on search engines and this compared to its competitors that you could well follow and spy with this great SEO tool.

8- MAJESTIC , u complete SEO tool and freemium:

SEO tool and freemium reference

Majestic is a free SEO software that gives you your popularity on the web more accurately trust and trust google in your site and your content.

So you'll know if your back-links are good quality or are just normal links that google doesn't consider important.

Thanks to this tool you will be able to improve your image on google and seek to have quality external links and follow google's trust in your site in real time.

Thanks to this free SEO optimization tool, you will have your number of Backlinks, their origin and evolution

9-Google webmaster tools:

Google's free SEO analysis tool for good seED on google

Also called in its new version the search consol; this completely free SEO analysis tool is very interesting you will access it with your google Gmail account and you are going to have to add your site and claim its ownership.

This analysis tool allows you to see the health of your site and how google sees it and the index and crawl results and the improvements you could and should make to your site.

You will have access with this free analysis and optimization tool to indexing and coverage reports of your page, your ranking against keywords, the number of prints and clicks on your page on google results, alert messages and suggestions for changes or repairs if you make a structural error in your site, you will also know how often crawlers and google bots visit your site and what to do accordingly…. Etc

You will have in real time almost all the analyses of your site and what is interesting is that it is google in person that will tell you what you need to do to optimize your SEO.

So I advise you to give more importance to this tool and use its old version that will give you more data on your blog or site and read the messages that google will intoxicate you about it and follow their advice and recommendations for well optimize your website.

10-Page speed test:


The loading speed of your pages is very important because google is focusing more and more on mobile first and in 2018 has put a tool to test the latter and find out if your site opens fast enough.


With this free seo optimization tool from google, you will be able to analyze the speed of opening your pages (html) and work your html for example to improve it when needed.



This tool seo totally free and easy to use and understand will allow you among other things;  to see what google analyzes in your site and is what your deep pages and url are always visited by google and is what all your pages are revisited or not.
acceder to Seolyser 


xenu is an offline and free SEO software that is very easy to handle; it will allow you to crawler your site as google would and allow you to solve the structural problems of your page.
you will also make a map site too. 



Keyword everywhere is a free seo extension that allows you to analyze keywords in terms of volume and price.

This tool automatically integrates with google Trends and Answer the public and other sites and tells you the volume of views of a keyword or phrase every time you type it on an analysis site for example; If you type your keyword on google you'll know how many views it generates per month… Etc

It's a very effective tool to know the popularity of a keyword, so you could choose your keywords just with google.

Here is a recap and additional video on these free seo tools and how to use them 

In conclusion:

After creating a good blog post, the seo optimization and analysis tools will be very useful to constantly monitor and improve its referencing; and I advise you to use them all and make the most of each one.
The SEO criteria are numerous; that's why you have to work on your seo strategy with these free software and extensions that somehow specialize on all of these SEO criteria.

Don't forget to add your favorite seo tool especially if it has a free version in the comments and share the article to benefit your friends and your audience.



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