How to write a product description that convert ?

How to write a product description in Dropshipping

Knowing how to write a good product description on your dropshipping blog or shop is the only way to guarantee that you will buy your products; because it will help your customers make the best decisions and make the best possible product choice and take out their blue card feeling that they are not going to regret this purchase and that this is the opportunity or never to make a good deal that they must seize without further delay.

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What is Dropshipping?

Almost the same principles as affiliated selling, and the principle is that when you write a description or review that relates to your buyer and that personally pleases him, you facilitate his choice and help him in the decision-making by compared to the competition or even to the creator of the product himself who may have missed his marketing policy despite the excellent product.
How to do Dropshipping properly?

To do dropshipping, many sellers simply download the product description of the supplier, and copy it from the creator's official website or Amazon and paste it on their article.

This is really not what your reader and your future customer expect from you.

The creator of the product you are promoting could well hide its flaws and it is to you that readers and future come to discover them and know is what they will accommodate and buy the product anyway, that's what they will do since your affiliate link for example if your review is satisfactory, and you have really informed your audience about this product impartially.

So, in this blog post, I'll give you a qualitative yet quick overview of what product descriptions and reviews should look like if you're willing to make the necessary effort and cut off your sleeves to create a shop in line that really sells and succeed in dropshipping, even with a blog or e-commerce shop that has just been created.

What is a product review?

A product description is the copy describing the characteristics and benefits of a product for a customer. The purpose of the product description is to provide the customer with enough information to compel them to want to buy the product immediately.

To write a converted product description, you need to create a copy that persuades customers to buy.

What problem does your product solve?

What does your customer gain from using your product?

What separates your products from others on the market?

Your brief description should answer these questions in an easy-to-read manner.

How to proceed in its product review:

Generally, with the product, you will be provided with a file or a page on their site with almost all the details, about it, techniques and instructions, … Etc

They will send you everything related to prices, descriptions, image links… Etc
The beginner's mistake in Dropshipping:

We all agree that this information is a great place to start, but if you just copy and paste this product description into Google, similar pages, such as that of the supplier's website, other stores dropshipping, you will be offered and your item having been the last to be indexed, will be squarely mistaken for plagiarism by google and you will be put aside, and you will watch your products rot on your shelves.

The only way then, to stand out from the competition and succeed in selling your products is to use unique product descriptions and specific to your site and style.

Why do you have to write your own product review?

There are several reasons why you will want to write descriptions of unique and well-selling products.

This may help you stand out from the competition, but there are a few other reasons you may not have thought about yet.

Unique product descriptions will increase your conversion rate.

When you rewrite product descriptions, you express a desire to inform customers and answer any questions about the product what is a job in itself and give you credibility in the eyes of your readers who will reward you by buying through your links.
Google is another important reason to make reviews of products different from others.

Google likes unique content, especially if it's complete and answers almost every possible question from the reader.

In fact, google robots must of course find a very rich lexical field that encompasses all the characteristics and information about the product in question.

If Google finds that several websites sell a certain product, but that your page is the only one to offer a complete, unique and different review from the others, they will prioritize your site in search results.

Understand what buyers want to know:


This is an aspect of the job that you will master over time, and once you have converted your visitors into customers, you will begin to understand what they expect from you as a specialist and what they are looking for in a product and what are the common issues that often need to be spread.

When writing review of your products, address yourself directly to your readers as if you are talking and advising a friend without trying to embellish the product too much and never omit some of its possible defects as you will only pass as recommendations that the manufacturer should have thought of and this without saying that this in any way diminishes the value and functionality of the product in question.

Don't complicate things

Start with the basic descriptions and make them unique and exclusive to this product, do it in your style. Add more adjectives (very, so, more,… etc)

Personalize the descriptions well and associate them with images of the product that customers will see so that it knows what you are talking about at any time of the article and does not confuse it .

Don't forget that you know the product and not him yet, so be as clear as possible in your descriptions.

piece of advice:

Play on the images, because that's what customers see first.
Turn the simple features of the product into benefits that justify buying the product:

When you write a review of a product, one of the easiest changes to make is to turn features into benefits that won't be found elsewhere.

As always, keep in mind, your client and what he would like to hear and not just what you will like he hears.

Thus, never talk about selling or buying the beginning of the article and are instead very informative and do your job of enlightening the customer and helping him put one step in front of the other on the path that should take him up to the COMMANDER button.
Add a touch of authenticity:

A great way to create a unique product description is to add a personal note.

You should not invent something or pretend that the product is doing something it does not.

The best way to present this part would be to use customer feedback.

Anyway, you really want to spend your time looking for things like this when you rewrite your product descriptions.

These personal touches really make the difference because most other direct delivery stores don't do these things.

Doing this in your store, however, instantly connect your brand to the buyer and will put it well in confidence.

Incorporate a personalized call to action:

Finally, in the product description, include a call to action so visitors know what to do.

For example, this product is in stock now and can be delivered in 2 days, you only have to click 'Commander' to place your order safely and we will send you a tracking number within 12 hours.
How to write descriptions of epic products that sell

U does well-written product description has the power to get your customers into your sales funnel. By introducing creativity and product benefits into your product description, your shop will be more likely to convert the casual browser. While most customers make their purchase decision on the product photo, the product description fills in the gaps to determine whether the product is suitable for the customer or not.

Practical tips for writing a good review:

1. Write your review and not copy the producer's review

2. Have a scannable writing style that can be flown over

3. Know your audience and look for what they want

4. Optimize your product descriptions for referencing.

5. Combine your product with a story

6. Take care of your images

7. No spelling mistakes if you want to translate your review into another language

After I've explained to you how to do Dropshipping and write good product reviews, come and see now; how to make more money with the world's largest Dropshipping partner

How do I make more money with Amazon? Amazon affiliate

Amazon membership consists of promoting its articles on its own website and taking commissions every time you persuade one of your readers to buy an Amazon product through your 'affiliated link'.

You can add these Amazon affiliate links to your website or blog or your own online store that will redirect your own readers to Amazon.

An Amazon affiliate earns a commission representing up to 10% of the sale of the product, but does not set its own prices, for this you must diversify your products in order to generate maximum commissions.
How to start affiliate with Amazon

Do you want to be an Amazon affiliate? You will first need to be accepted into their Amazon Associates program.

Conditions for becoming an Amazon affiliate

A niche or specialty for your website

You must be of age and have an online account; not paypal, you could do it with payoneer.

A website or blog that already contains high-quality content and articles you could stick products to promote

An overview of Amazon affiliate program policies to ensure zero violations before implementing it

Create your pages; Privacy policy, legal advice, about us page, contact page and disclosure of your income via affiliate commissions

Organic traffic via search engines or a budget to advertise your own.

The advantage of the Amazon program

The 10% commission is not negligible when it comes to products that exceed 500 euros, and you have a large selection of products and brands.

You don't have to manage stock or delivery you just have to bring back a clicked visitor on your link.

If your reader click on your link and access Amazon; even if he buys another product, you will get your commission and it is valid for a period of 48 hours from the moment he clicked on your link.

How to increase your revenue on Amazon

1. Building a customer base

The easiest way to increase your Amazon affiliate revenue is to attract readers who buy.

Whether you're building a blog in a specific niche or developing a Facebook community, you'd better have readers you can sell if you want to get started with Amazon.

2. Work on SEO optimization of your content:

The most important revenue from my affiliates on Amazon comes from a SEO strategy.
If you optimize your SEO well, you can generate recurring and comfortable revenue from the traffic that visits your long-term page reviews. This is one of the most affordable ways to get clicks on your affiliate links.

If you make a conscious effort to incorporate links into items, your visitors will sooner or later access Amazon to make a purchase.

Just don't make the mistake of not writing enough exclusive and clean text to you. Google really hates it.

3. Create lots of reviews and good content

Very good content is usually a guarantee of good sales, so try to think about it on the other hand,

most profitable Amazon links are found under youtube videos, think about creating a channel for your blog or shop.

By focusing on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, you will no longer be that stranger who wants to stuff us, but you will become their friends and take advantage of your audience, but you also develop a sense of trust with the community, which makes people more willing to buy.

Product reviews on comparison items may also work very well for some Amazon affiliates.

Putting online a good product description, will require you a good dose of creativity and a good experience with the reaction of your readers to your critics.

Consider everything I've told you at the top and add your style and above all never make two descriptions that look the same.

With a little patience, you will find the formula that will work for you and that unfortunately, I could not give you; I would have done it with pleasure if it was possible.

And what's your strategy?

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