Create your own WordPress blog for less than 20 $ a year

Create your own Professional WordPress blog for less than 18 Euros/TTC

Create your own wordpress blog

First of all let me felicitate you because you took the right decision by refusing to create a phony free blog, it’s really a waste of time while for some euros a year you can create your own blog easily and earn even money with or promote your business or even create an online shop… Etc

If you want to go straight to the point and have your own blog under wordpress for less than 18 euro TTC follow this link and follow the instructions
If you want to have more info on how to have your own blog easily and for less continue reading

To create your own blog it will take two things, a domain name and accommodation


1- A domain name 

choose an extension for his blog domain name

The domain name is the name you will give to your blog followed by an extension (.com,.com,.ca … etc.), like the one you are now reading whose name is

This domain name you will choose must be available and not be chosen by anyone else before, you will find more tips in this article, just type the domain name you want in the next bar and you’ll know if it is available or not

I advise you to choose the extension (com) and also buy the extension related to your country in case you would like to target the latter only in the future , .fr for example for France and .ca for Canada … Etc

You can book and buy your available domain names directly by clicking the order button, it‘s cheap on LWS and they are really professional in their field

Your domain name ( .com) will cost you 6.99 euros only for the year and could cost only 0.99 euros for the extension (.xyz) for example

You turn all the choices with the prices once you click Commander

Type in the name you have chosen for your blog in the box below and if it is available click order to go to the LWS website and buy your domain name for the whole year for less than 6.99 euros 

For a Bread Bite 0.99 Euros


LWS Affiliate Widget

You’ll have with your domain name:

Two personal email addresses, they will have this form:

2GB of personal space on the Internet (on LWS servers)

Free SSL Certificate Your blog will be secure (https) at (http) only

You can create your blog directly with their builder site if you don’t want to buy accommodation even if I recommend hosting, it’s cheap for the shared option… Etc

2-Web hosting

Choose web hosting for your blog

Once you’ve bought your domain name, you’re going to need an online space for your blog, this is called web hosting or web hosting in English

I also recommend LWS for your blog to be fast and secure and- so that you install WordPress easily with a single click and start directly creating your blog and adding content and articles

To get a discount for accommodation follow this link

Cheap shared accommodation LWS 100GB 

To create your own blog once and for all here is the link that will allow you to have a domain name and hosting at the same time and install your blog completely with WordPress for Only 17.80 Euro (Domain Name .com hosting)

Follow this link to Create Your WordPress Blog with LWS for 17.80 Euros /TTC Only

Let’s recap 

To create your blog and have a blog ready in less than six hours you need:

A domain name (from 0.99 euros to 6.99 euro TTC) depending on the extension, follow this link or type order in the precent bare

A 100GB shared hosting is enough for a blog, you can choose other but more expensive formulas for more space, personally I have several blogs with the mutualized formula 18 Eur/year Follow this link

If you want to do all together all once, domain name hosting and create your blog directly on LWS with WordPress as CMS follow this link

If you do not know how to do visit this page and contact me to help you

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