The List of the best free SEO tools

List of Free SEO Tools Before you start this list of free tools, optimization for search engines and analysis and web content creation, let me tell you, that the only two tools you really need to attach more importance to during your work Referencing are indeed, Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Also be sure that this list will be continuously powered and will be updated every time I discover a new free and useful software to help you evolve your online business through the SEO     But these last two, may not be enough and provide such important […]

How to do Local SEO?

How To do a local SEO ? What is local SEO? Local SEO is optimizing your website or web content to appear in google results when a search is made on one of your keywords within a well-defined perimeter or location that you would have previously indicated and optimize your REFERencing for. Your content, online store or corporate site, will be displayed for any local user who will be searching for one of your keywords, as long as they are at a well-defined distance from your shop, store or agency, … Etc Your online business will have a good positioning […]

Google Analytics , 2 metrics to watch very closely

important metrics on Google Analytics

Two very important metrics to watch very closely on Google Analytics: It is necessary for each webmaster to periodically monitor the metrics of his site on Google Analytics , to ensure the health of the latter and especially to discover in time the risks he runs; for this, you need to periodically have an eye on: the Top views (more views) of the landing page and the percentage of unique views of these pages, if you really want to manage a site or even a profitable blog and to avoid any nasty surprises.     Here are the details, what […]

Get Comments On Your blog posts

how to increase your blog comments

 How do I get more comments on his blog? Comments, such as the number of shares on social networks of content on a blog post is a strong signal of relevance to the latter for google and the best way to get a lot of feedback on your articles is to provide a real response to queries from your readers on the one hand and especially to link them with your audience when you create your content, and still quite a few other tricks to get your readers to comment on your pages that I will quote you in […]

Common and fatal SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes to avoid

Fatal Errors to Avoid in SEO Optimization One of the common errors in SEO optimization, is the over-optimization of its content, this happens when a content creator , puts aside and ignores the user experience in its web site and guides its entire SEO strategy, to adapt its site and its content only to requirements of Google bots and completely forget that their site is primarily to satisfy users, let’s see more ready this problem of over-optimization. What is the error of SEO over-optimization? To make things easier, over-optimizing your site is to make the latter, too overloaded with SEO […]

SEO , the basics from A to Z

learn SEO basics

SEO Optimizastion from A to Z   SEO Optimization is a set of practices that you will have to apply to your web site and its content, in order to adapt it to Google’s requirements and relevance criteria and thus make it rank among the first results proposed by the latter, every time a user makes a request on google in relation to one of your articles. Here are the fundamentals of SEO and best practices to reference its site on google .   Of course, only one article is short enough to present the SEO, but we’ll go straight to […]

Improve the loading speed of your pages, a new free tool in the Search Console

Search console new free tool

Improve the speed of loading your pages, a new free tool in the Search Console Finally, a tool that directly targets problem pages in your site, this tool lists the pages according to their loading speed; slow, medium and fast, and also guides us to solve the problems that make these pages slow to reload. Source: Ilya Grigorik: Google has just tested a new tool for analyzing page loading speed and separately, and provided a detailed report that shows pages to review and problems to be corrected to make them faster, while not directing you to examples to help you […]

The 3 Essential SEO Ranking Factors by Martin Splitt

most important seo ranking factors according to google

 The three SEO factors essential to better classify your page in its search results Through Martin Splitt,Google has unveiled the three key factors on which it relies to judge the relevance of a web page. The latter even alluded to a factor that was thought secondary and yet google changed its mind and put it into consideration, you will have everything in this article How does google judge the relevance of an internet page? Sn made, in principle, google algorithms classify web pages based on analysis of more than 200 factors, title, meta description,…. Etc But when a question […]

increase your click through rate on Google’s search results?

increase your url's clicks on google search results

 How do you increase the click-through rate on your CTR links? Offering good web content and optimizing it will only refer you well on google and show the link of your article to Intern et users . The real challenge is to make readers click on your title and not on others. Is there a way to persuade people to click on your titles when they print on google? Yes, of course, read to the end What's the CTR? You've certainly seen these three letters in the Search console (performances), and they only mean: the number of times a […]

Home Page SEO

home page optimization

 How do I optimize a home page for Google's search engine? You have a website or a blog and you want your home page to be well optimized SEO for a good referencing on google, and also so that your visitors do not get lost and leave your site prematurely. Afte r you have read this article, you will be able to create or make your homepage clear, easy to understand and surf in, both by your visitors; readers or customers and especially for google bots when they come to check and index your new content and especially bring […]