How to successfully monetize your blog ?

how to monetize and make a living with your blog

How do you manage to monetize your blog? To succeed in making money on your blog, whatever method you use you must follow some essential and obligatory steps, in principle simple and accessible to everyone who really wants to make money from its content, especially that of its Blog. What you’re going to read in this article might be new to you, but let me tell you if you don’t have a blog yet, you can create it here under WordPress;  https and in (.com ) with less than 18 Euros TTC I’m not going to tell you once again […]

Profitable online shop [ mandatory elements ]

how to make a profitable online store

How to create a profitable online store  Creating a profitable online store that generates a lot of revenue requires some knowledge in Digital Marketing and SEO too; I will give you all the tools necessary to successfully create and launch your virtual store and especially how to make your E Commerce profitable and really generate you regular and substantial revenues. The 15 essential elements that a good online store should have A lot of online sellers, believe that the Design of their shop will bring them back to themselves hundreds of customers, they then set up product animations, dynamic products […]

How to Create a Free and Effective Landing Page

How to create a powerful and effective landing page that converts

How do I create a free, high-performance Landing Page? To create an effective landing page, with a high conversion rate, you must meet these three requirements:   Give a strong promise at the beginning that your offer will definitely solve your customer’s problem Get your reader to believe that your offer will keep and fulfill these promises Give your readers guarantees if your promises are not met   Let’s take a look at all this in detail     With the help of Landing page creator, or the free landing pages on wordpress, which you create yourself with Elementor for […]

How to earn thousands of Dollars with a blog through THE CPA Affiliate

How to earn thousands of Dollars with a blog through the CPA Affiliate? Yes, you understood well, earn these thousands of Dollars with a simple blog and believe me, thousands of bloggers earn much more than that in truth just with small blogs of niches, of about thirty articles at most. From this point, I must ask you to leave this article if you believe in miracle solutions and Santa Claus!, because generating substantial income on the internet is easy but not that simple!  Only, those who focus, apply and really decide to live from their blogs get there, and […]

How can you improve your gains on Adsense?

how to make more money with Google adsense

How to make more money on Adsense If you want to increase your income and profits on adsense you only have two solutions Increase the traffic generated on your website, as well as the number of impressions Increase the CPC (cost-per-click) on Adsense ads displayed on your website Earn more from vCPM auction ads (advertisers pay for their ad to be fair view and print) like those at the CPC (advertisers only pay if their ad is clicked) If your site has been accepted by the google adsense program but you don’t earn enough money yet, let me give you […]

How do I make my website profitable?

how to make your website a money machine

How do you make your website profitable? I’ve analyzed the web a little bit and I come back to you with these 5 conditions, which make a website become really profitable and let’s talk about the data and statistics of your site, the traffic that generates it, the quality of its content, the user experience and Finally your calls to action, and finish this article with the practical method and the secret to make your blog, website or online shop ready to earn you money and sometimes even without spending it. Before you try to live from your website, you […]

Improving the open rate of marketing emails

improve open rate of your emails marketing

  How can you improve the Email Open Rate of your Marketing Campaigns   There is no worse problem for an online business than making every effort for a good email marketing campaign and ultimately finding that all its emails are not even open and end up in the promotion or spam tab of its prospects. In fact,several factors can influence and improve the opening rate of your mailings and if you want your email marketing campaigns not to turn into a fiasco, read this article carefully and therefore apply my advice: 1-Avoid supplier spam filters (gmail, Outlook,… etc):   […]

How to Do Email Marketing

learn email marketing step by step

How to Do Email Marketing to monetize your web site Be aware that if you have an online business and do not use Email Marketing, your business is probably losing money, because selling on the internet by email is the best way to generate passive income and continuously and completely automated (passive income) I’ll see with you, how to do Email Marketing technically, and especially why email sales is so interesting and remains the most effective sales system for the future of Web Marketing, we’ll see also, how to build a Mail list, manage it and use it to sell […]

The Best Free Autoresponder For your Website

free autoresponders for email markeing

What is the best free Auto-responder for its website A self responder for website is a software for creating databases and sending regular emails. Installing a free answering machine for your site is an absolute necessity, especially when you know that all marketing strategies that currently work cannot be applied without the help of good emailing software.   The usefulness of an answering car for a website or blog: A website without auto responder, it's like a business without a phone, simply, a self responder is the easiest and fastest way to make your visitors on the site, prospects and […]