SEO , the basics from A to Z

learn SEO basics

SEO Optimizastion from A to Z   SEO Optimization is a set of practices that you will have to apply to your web site and its content, in order to adapt it to Google’s requirements and relevance criteria and thus make it rank among the first results proposed by the latter, every time a user makes a request on google in relation to one of your articles. Here are the fundamentals of SEO and best practices to reference its site on google .   Of course, only one article is short enough to present the SEO, but we’ll go straight to […]

The 3 Essential SEO Ranking Factors by Martin Splitt

most important seo ranking factors according to google

 The three SEO factors essential to better classify your page in its search results Through Martin Splitt,Google has unveiled the three key factors on which it relies to judge the relevance of a web page. The latter even alluded to a factor that was thought secondary and yet google changed its mind and put it into consideration, you will have everything in this article How does google judge the relevance of an internet page? Sn made, in principle, google algorithms classify web pages based on analysis of more than 200 factors, title, meta description,…. Etc But when a question […]

The Best Free Autoresponder For your Website

free autoresponders for email markeing

What is the best free Auto-responder for its website A self responder for website is a software for creating databases and sending regular emails. Installing a free answering machine for your site is an absolute necessity, especially when you know that all marketing strategies that currently work cannot be applied without the help of good emailing software.   The usefulness of an answering car for a website or blog: A website without auto responder, it's like a business without a phone, simply, a self responder is the easiest and fastest way to make your visitors on the site, prospects and […]

06 Tips for an Effective Sales Page

how to make a converting sales page

 06 Pro Tips for an Effective Sales Page  What is a sales page? In this article you will learn how to create a perfect sales page without having to use learnybox or any other copywriting service of belly pages, and this gives you the right advice to put on it so that it is the most profitable Possible. The sales page as you know, has as its initial goal to make the decision make to a potential prospect or customer, to put his hand in the pocket and buy you your product, while the day before, he was completely […]

increase your click through rate on Google’s search results?

increase your url's clicks on google search results

 How do you increase the click-through rate on your CTR links? Offering good web content and optimizing it will only refer you well on google and show the link of your article to Intern et users . The real challenge is to make readers click on your title and not on others. Is there a way to persuade people to click on your titles when they print on google? Yes, of course, read to the end What's the CTR? You've certainly seen these three letters in the Search console (performances), and they only mean: the number of times a […]

10 steps to launch a website correctly

make your website mobile-friendly

 10 Steps to Successfully Launching a New Site You have just finished creating a website; blog or an e-commerce shop and you wonder is what I have forgotten nothing!here is a checklist of 10 steps to follow to put it properly online so that it is fully operational from day one and have it integrated into the web and index google without untoward incidents that you will regret laterIf you do not have a website yet, follow this link to Create your professional site, with LWS, all-inclusive, it's the best and cheapest of the moment 1- Fill in all […]

Tips for creating Great blog post Titles

how to write catchy titles and headlines for blog posts

How to choose a title for your blog post   The title of a blog post, must be hard-hitting and well chosen if you do not want it to destroy all your efforts to write this article, because you have to see this title as the façade of a house, it, usually reflects what happens between its walls; and building a villa, well finished and furnished inside and on the other side leave its exterior without even a crepe would surely devalue it in the eyes of passers-by; it’s the same with the title of a blog post; let’s see […]

The Criteria for a High Quality Backlink

high quality backlinks evaluation

 What's a good backlink for google? You've probably heard of backlinks ,which are its famous links that point to your site or a specific article of the latter, but all these backlinks are not the same and will not have the same effect on your PAGE issue SEO and legitimacy of your site at google so what's a good backlink in google's eyes? We will of course see these few criteria, which make a link quality and will be good to improve your referencing on google and that this backlink brings you a lot of traffic and visitors; because […]

Optimize your website for voice search

how to optimize a website or a blog for a voice search

 SEO optimization, voice search? You will learn in this article, how to optimize your content, to make it compatible with voice queries that users will tend to formulate and thus impose it as the content most likely to resent their requests. For some time now; and since the release of connected speakers, Smart Speakers, just like us, you probably wondered, is that there would be a direct or indirect influence on the optimization of your site or your content so that it can follow the updates of SEO relevance and respond to this new usages of users in terms […]

Reduce the bounce rate easily on your website

how to keep readers on your web site

 How to lower your website's bounce rate:   The bounce rate of a page on your site is simply the percentage of readers who viewed that landing page and left right after without switching to other pages and articles so without navigating inside your website. With the return rate, are they the two main factors that legitimize you at google or not? because they reflect the behavior and opinion that people have on your site and Google takes a lot into account the user experience of your site Google shows it as a percentage, and the smaller it is; […]