Keywords research and free Traffic, How to do it?

how to get rankings with good keywords research and strategy

Keywords natural referencing and traffic, how to do? Choose the right keyword and the best way to optimize its content for better SEO and bring back more organic and targeted traffic to it, including its blog post, how to find the right keyword and what is the best strategy for referencing to adopt behind for more audience, conversions and sales? NB: This article, like all mine of course is practical oriented and not sterile theory!! read it to the end to get the full benefit What is a good keyword for a web editor? First of all and without dwelling […]

Get your blog turnkey

Let me create your own blog and find you a niche

Get your own Blog  You’ve probably figured out that having a blog can ensure you a passive and recurring income for the rest of your life, but either you may not know how to create your own blog, you don’t have time to create it yourself , or you have decided that it is better to leave it to someone of the trade, a web marketer to create your blog so that it quickly becomes profitable and competitive You’re right to want to invest in creating a blog I created several blogs, I had made mistakes, several of my old […]

How to create an Effective Semantic Cocoon?

Create a semantic cocoon step by step

  How to Create a Semantic Cocon?   What is a Semantic Cocoon? Honestly, designing a correct semantic cocoon is not as simple as the majority of webmasters who claim to have set it up or partially integrated into their websites The semantic cocoon is a concept, created and imagined by Laurent Bourrelly, born from the concept of Pagerank Theme, the semantic cocoon is a new way to design a website or just part of the site, so there designed generally to base silos, tree branches, which start from a home page, which contains or refers to first-level categories or […]

The List of the best free SEO tools

List of Free SEO Tools Before you start this list of free tools, optimization for search engines and analysis and web content creation, let me tell you, that the only two tools you really need to attach more importance to during your work Referencing are indeed, Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics. Also be sure that this list will be continuously powered and will be updated every time I discover a new free and useful software to help you evolve your online business through the SEO     But these last two, may not be enough and provide such important […]

How to do content marketing step by step ?

The Content Marketing made simple   What is Content Marketing ?   First of all, I want you to know that you don’t need a marketing agency to make you your own content marketing strategy or content or inbound marketing as others call it.   What you read in this article will be enough for you to make your website profitable with your articles and publications, provided you apply yourself and follow the steps and advice to create your own method of content marketing through your own content ideas that fits into an effective marketing logic specific to you. When […]

How to make an ABOUT Page ?

create and ad an about page to your website

How To make a Relevant About page? A page About is this page where you are going to introduce yourself and your site to your audience, it is very important to your site regardless of its goal to get out of its virtual aspect, and so you will be able to put a human face and a real person and physical behind your site, and so go to meet your audience and help readers to engage with you, follow you and trust your products, services and what you offer them.   The “about us” page, conforms to some standards of […]

Get Comments On Your blog posts

how to increase your blog comments

 How do I get more comments on his blog? Comments, such as the number of shares on social networks of content on a blog post is a strong signal of relevance to the latter for google and the best way to get a lot of feedback on your articles is to provide a real response to queries from your readers on the one hand and especially to link them with your audience when you create your content, and still quite a few other tricks to get your readers to comment on your pages that I will quote you in […]

Common and fatal SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes to avoid

Fatal Errors to Avoid in SEO Optimization One of the common errors in SEO optimization, is the over-optimization of its content, this happens when a content creator , puts aside and ignores the user experience in its web site and guides its entire SEO strategy, to adapt its site and its content only to requirements of Google bots and completely forget that their site is primarily to satisfy users, let’s see more ready this problem of over-optimization. What is the error of SEO over-optimization? To make things easier, over-optimizing your site is to make the latter, too overloaded with SEO […]