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Created out of pure passion for digital marketing, blogautop , as the name suggests is totally dedicated to anything that could propel your blog or online company to the Top list of blogs/sites of its domain and this without investing too much time or money.


1-What will you learn about Blogautop?

By reading my articles, whether you have some experience in website creation and web marketing, or you’ve just started the adventure; you will discover on this site in a simplified, clear and practical way How:

  • Choosing a good niche 
  • Create and structure your website 
  • optimize your blog/site 
  • Create good content and optimize user experience on your site. 
  • Increase your visibility on the net and improve your referencing on google and generate traffic. 
  • Increase your credibility as a specialist in your field. 
  • Increase the number of your prospects 
  • Create commitment and sell your products and make a living with your blog/site. 

2-Tips and resources available:

By browsing blogautop, you will realize that my articles are usually built on a series of tips, stemming from my personal experience in profitable blogging and others reported from often American experts, web marketing SEO optimization.

In addition, you will have access to free downloadable guides on my blog and other e-books and paid training that I choose meticulously in order to give you more tools to promote site glass and online business.

4. Who’s Samy?


SAMY GERANT OF THE TOP BLOG SITEHi, My name is Makhloufi Salim (M Samy) for the need of the page, I would introduce someone curious, I discovered by chance the Web Marketing, and I fell into it, I try like everyone else to perfect me, and I think I’m on the right path despite the lack of means , and believe me, it’s better as well, because I create everything myself and I even started programming … Etc
I am Certified in Digital Marketing at Google, but believe me I am mostly passionate and enthusiastic about learning and sharing more about how people manage to earn money from their beds at the same time that others get up every day at 4:00 a.m. morning and run from one subway to another to end up in a construction site or an office and suffer the bad moods of his boss for a few pennies a month.

A little Diplome from Google Just to go behind the scene …
Certeficat ID: Q2F NKA J9A

I try to be up-to-date and better informed and above all my knowledge I take it directly from the source. (usa).

My method is to read a lot, understand, analyze, adapt and then simplify and share in articles.

In conclusion 

My mission is to support you in the development of your websites, blogs and online businesses and inform you of any new SEO strategy, traffic or marketing…



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