5 Steps to monetize a website

How to monetize a website in 5 steps

In this article, I’ll share with you how we really make money with a blog, the best ways to do it, especially when we’re just getting started, and give you some tips on niches that will allow you to make a safe way at minus, how to make some cash inflows even if you’re a beginner and you just created your site.
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The first chapter to monetize a website:

Can my website generate revenue?


This is the first question you should have asked yourself before you even chose your niche
So you’re going to ask yourself this question and try to see if your site meets at least one of these conditions

The conditions for a website to make money 

1-If you want to do e-commerce, Dropshipping or affiliation:

In order for you to be able to effectively monetize your website, there would have to be a product or service that you can promote and sell easily and that is related to your niche or theme and also meet these few requirements. so you can monetize your website:
  • Your audience and readers need your offers and products very badly, especially if you’re going to be affiliated on your site.
  • You also need to ensure that the offers and services you want to monetize are not available and available for free or at a lower price on other competing sites
  • You need to be at least known and recognized as at least a true connoisseur and specialist if not an authority in your field and blogging theme for example
  • your audience needs to be of quality and interested in your subjects and not just passing readers
  • Your website should have a good email capture strategy for possible emailing campaigns if you choose to do Email Marketing
  • Your site for it to be monetized, must have a qualified and stable Traffic and in large numbers (more than 500 visits per day)
  • Your website must be secure for possible buttons to order and fill bank data by your customers, so you must activate the SSL Certificate and protect yourself from the jackings site

2-If you want to integrate an ad platform as adsense:

In order to monetize your website with advertising, you’re going to have to:
  • Increase the CPC of your pages by targeting the most expensive keywords in your theme if you want to get a salary thanks to adsense for example
  • Increase your website traffic by targeting keywords at high search volume by providing competitive content that could compete on those keywords
  • Your site should have a Template Ads-Friendly , which has a location to insert ad codes and especially in the best places likely to generate clicks
  • You need to attract a targeted and interested audience to your website so that it clicks on your ads
  • Your theme should be popular and must respond to as many queries and search intentions as possible in order to attract as many visitors as possible to your site.
  • Your website must be legal so that you can integrate certain advertising platforms like Adsense or adTHRIVE
  • Your site must have lots of pages and good content
  • Your website must be linked to social networking pages to bring visitors back to your ad blocks

The second chapter to monetize its website

How can you really make your blog profitable?

In fact, I want you to have realistic information, the truth is often hard to hear, but if you really want to start making money with your blog, you better put your proud te aside and read carefully and above all apply everything that’s going to follow.
Yes, you can make a very good living with a website or a blog, but next to it there are two, three little things to know, there is nothing magical in the way to proceed, I will not reinvent the blogging, I will especially get you back on track and you point in the right direction.

Let’s go.


1-Choose a Profitable Niche for your website:

Choosing the theme of his blog is the first challenge to succeed if you want to live from your blog , you can also redirect your current niche to a micro-niche more specialized and more in demand or that has interesting product

s to market Not go on themes that I would call sterile and cold, and before choosing a topic for your blog you have to ask yourself before anything e

lse: But what am I going to be able to sell in this theme ?

????. The best is to probe a little internet and see what other niche sites offer, and so you can specialize in a promising field that you think you can master best

. In fact, I’m offering you 1400 ideas for profitable niches with their potential monetization opportunities and potential markets that you can receive for free (register to receive the free eBook l

ist). This list of profitable niches could certainly help you find your niche (niche) and why not change yours outright if it is not carrier

After you’ve chosen a good niche and put online about thirty good articles, now it’s time to think about how to make your site profitable

There are several ways to monetize a website, and let’s start with the most efficient but requires a little effort and time:

2-How to monetize your website in practice:

A-Email Marketing or Email Marketing


Capturing Emails

Be aware that you will earn an average of one euro per month for each registrant, otherwise install adsense ads on your website or stop dreaming and change jobs.
Be aware, that the money lying you are going to generate with your blog is intimately linked to the number of registrants in your mailing list.
That’s the first truth, you want to make your website profitable? We must capture the emails of those who will visit it.

There are several ways to do this, the most effective is to create a free landing page and offer them something against part, an ebook (not necessarily yours, training,… etc.) And know that the more the gift is consequential the better.
To capture emails through an efficient and well-written landing page (a page that presents your gift in exchange for an enamel), you can use this method even if you don’t even have articles in your blog, you can start by using a free emailing service, I recommend these three services:


We don’t worry, they are easy to set up you can find out about YouTube.
Obviously, not everyone will have more than 2000 registered on his email list in a month!
Which leads us to what we need to do to fuel his mailing list?
You’ll have yet another very important point to watch out for:

The quality of your captured enamel:

Don’t think you’d just have to go on Facebook, advertise yourself and redirect it all to your blog and capture those emails with a popup and finally call it potential customers !!!!!.
You’ll have a hard time thinking about it, you have to try to capture valuable enamel and people who are really interested in your theme, one enamel a day is more than enough to start with.
At least you will be sure that these are emails that you can convert into potential buyers and this by ticketing sales tunnels after well on a long work of loyalty and confidence-building.
Be aware that you have three main reasons that will guarantee you a good conversion rate, here they are:


What are all your items for, even if they are quality items; if everyone is unaware of their existence!!! 
Watch out!; I’m talking about the real promotion.
So you will have to get out of your bubble, your comfort zone and go to meet your readers and prospects, at least at the beginning, in doing so, you will no longer be that kind of stranger who hides behind his computer and tells us of the bobards. Master your subject, made guest articles, videos, show your talent, tell your readers that you can help them, let them know that it is only you and not someone else who will be able to do so.
That’s how it’s done and it’s always going to be like this. Just tell yourself that you have no choice and go for it, even if you learn along the way, the hardest part is the first step.

The choice of theme:

We’re going back to our theme, is there a real need in your field? Do your prospects (registered readers) need a product that you could offer them or just your advice will suffice for them.


Let’s say your subject is a bearer and your prospects really need the products you of

fer them. What will make them buy you and not your conquerors?

This brings us back to the second point:


Know that your readers will not spend a penny if they don’t trust you and what will restore that trust is credibility.
So you have to show that you are an expert in your field and that you are well in control of your subject.
To do this you’re going to have to create great content, that’s where bloggers; who do not and will never make the figure soak, thinking, that just bring something from here and a paragraph from there, to write a very good blog post, and finally account, they end up with articles that look like hundreds of others and plus if they don’t even know how to optimize their articles for SEO, then there, the few readers they have, disappear and end up with a sterile email list and readers who no longer trust them because they have nothing new to offer.

Which brings us back to the next point:

5-The Training:


Train yourself in online business if you really want to succeed in monetizing a website, they’re on my site the gist of what you’re going to need to create and you’re launching into this area, I wouldn’t pretend that my books are the best of the markets, but given their modest prices, they will be very useful to you to approach this kind of business, I advise you in any case to train to save time, you will see that time will remain your only enemy, you will always miss !!!


I know that many bloggers make things easier for you, I suffered this in my early days and I lost quite a bit of time.
Once I agreed to finally start doing what is right and correct, to really make money with my website;  I was quick to see the result of my efforts and training.
Just tell yourself that I’m going to start my steps today, just rely on yourself and go step by step.

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