15 ways to make money online

easy ways to make a living online

 How to make money on the internet, the 15 easiest ways You have a blog and you want to make money with it? You're serious and you have willpower? I'm not going to do that. If you're ready to work hard, at least the early days, follow me, I show you how to monetize your blog in 15 different ways. 1-Earn money with affiliation: Affiliate is to recommend a product or service to your readers by encouraging them to go through your affiliate links, you will receive a commission every time a person buys after clicking on the se […]

13 easy ways to increase a website traffic

how to get more traffic to your website

 List of simple ways to boost the traffic of his blog quickly To increase traffic on your blog, you have only one factor that you need to pay attention to, the UX, the user experience, so you have to insure in your blog: Content that users search for on google   Content based on real search intentions and not cold, evasive queries Excellent content and comprehensive, useful and relevant content  Content easy to browse, read and understand by your audience.   You'll give me news! You may be beginning to doubt yourself and your ability to improve the number […]

What’s the perfect blog post for Google?

the ideal blog poste for google and SEO

 What's a full blog post for Google? Today we will talk about the quality of content and specifically what is a complete article for google? and how to write to satisfy google and resell a generally blind query. What does a full blog post mean for google: We will try to understand why, when Google says "complete" , it may mean something different for an online trading page than for a history article. This will really diff er depending on the request of the internet user, because people want all kinds of repenses and especially they do not really […]

how to choose a relevant domain name ?

how to choose a greate domain name

 How to choose the right domain name for a website In this article, you will know everything about how to choose a very good domain name, which is both beautiful and attractive and in addition well optimized and thus help the correct referencing of your blog or website. WHAT'S A DOMAIN NAME? A domain name, it's your brand name, your address on the internet, simply it's your business card. So , to create a very good blog, you have to create a very good domain name. S o, it's best not to choose a domain name that doesn't inspire […]