Mobile-First index , how to optimize your website ?

make your website mobile-friendly

 Mobile First, how to optimize a blog for the mobile index? Mobile First;is your blog optimized for the mobile index? , they're not enough to open your site on mobile and navigate in easily to believe that your site is ready; this could perhaps, just mean that your Template is responsive; believe me, mobile indexing fisrt is more complicated than that, that's what this article will explain to you  What's the mobile_First, MFI? Quite simply; google finds that more and more users are connecting from smartphones and generally, traditional sites are no longer adapted and optimized to provide a good […]

Free and indispensable SEO tools

free but useful SEO tools

 13 free and essential SEO tools for a website As you know; SEO is not done on its own.  I'll give you the free SEO tools needed to make and track your SEO optimization and explain how to use them and basically what they're for. Here are some free SEO tools to improve or start your natural SEO on Google. Keyword search tools, content and link analysis or Backlinks, or crawl tools like Xenu or Seolyzer. Here are the free SEO tools and sites that will help you analyze and optimize your search engine referencing and that's without spending […]

Get more free traffic through sharing

traffic strategies

 How can I have more audience on my website? In this article, I'll show you, how and where to share your articles in order to create quality backlinks and thus create a targeted and constant audience for your blog and boost your lead lists and sales in a simple and effective way. I will focus specifically on promoting its website as a traffic strategy and method of creating audience for a website, so we're turning around how to leverage social networks and forums to generate targeted traffic for its website and create an audience of readers and prospects interested […]

how to choose an SEO-Friendly domain name ?

Tips to choose the right domain e name

 How to choose the domain name that would help site referencing Do you want an effective domain name that makes you credible and doesn't hinder your SEO efforts? Are you afraid to choose a domain name, which you will regret later? And well! You're right to worry; and above all you will have tors not to follow these tips, yet very simple and that will make your first step towards blogging a real success. 1- Free domain (sub-domain) or a paid domain name? If it's a personal blog, just for the sake of sharing, know that nothing requires you […]