SEO Tips in 2020 to improve rankings

SEO Tips and updates

 Practical tips for good referencing on google You should know, that Google often updates its algorithms (Google E-A-T and Google BERT for this year 2020) , and if you do not strengthen your SEO fundamentals, improve the user experience on your site (UX) and not update your tricks referencing, you may lose your traffic overnight. So here are the new SEO tips updated for 2020, so that your site stays relevant and keeps are ranking on Google  So let's start with the new SEO trends in line with the updates for 2020 of Google algorithms that judge the relevance […]

How to do affiliate Marketing

make ,quick sales with affiliate marketing

How to do affiliate Marketing  and quickly earn your first commissions ?   I will explain you methodically how to sell in affiliate marketing, sell your affiliate products quickly and make your users click on your affiliate links. This technique of monetizing a blog or website in general is very profitable but can take a long time before it becomes effective.   Here is the right method to sell every day with Express Affiliate Marketing on the internet and quickly earn your first euros with affiliate marketing, with or without blog, followed by 6 tips from affiliate experts to make […]

How to quickly optimize your blog ?

Express blog optimization

 Reference his blog quickly; Tips If any of these SEO conditions for better SEO is missing in your blog, Google will get angry. come and see in detail, what to do and especially how to make sure everything is there. The right domain name (url): Your domain name should contain at least your main keyword. Avoid dashes between words, prefer a domain name n one word or two with very different syntaxes (two words that do not look alike)Never choose a "clean" domain name such as "google,yahoo,badoo,… etc)because, apart from a media campaign, you will probably have a hard […]

5 easy Steps to Create Relevant Content

easy steps to make relevant content for your blog

Five simple and easy steps to develop your subject when writing a blog post   Do you want to know how a good web editor develops a blog post topic? . Your writing topic is ready, but you don’t know where to start writing your web article? So this article is for you. let me show you the practical, clear and simple method so you can write an article for your website, that your readers will surely, love, share and comment, and advise their friends in addition.     Five simple and easy steps to develop your subject when writing […]

How to create a quickly profitable blog ?

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How to create a profitable blog    Want to have your own blog and make it okay from the start?  Or you already have a blog and you can’t keep going because it’s hard?. Take a few minutes, read this article carefully. I promise you that once finished, everything will become clear, and you will know quickly, how to create, make known, monetize your blog; and start over on the right basis if you’ve already fai led. If you are in a hurry and go straight to the ut, create your own log with the domain om you want Here […]

10 Traffic Tips

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New Traffic Tips  10 easy tips for having fast traffic, more than 100 visits a day to your blog after a week; That’s the purpose of this article,here’s a list of at least 10 handy tips to increase your traffic, if you apply at least 5 you will achieve this goal.   How to have 100 more visits a day on your blog: You do not dream , you will have these 100 more visits and so be able to monetize your blog from the beginning of its creation and earn money with adsense or affiliation for example.   Here […]

How to make a New Blog profitable?

How to make a small blog profitable quickly This article will detail the ten quick, simple and accurate steps to follow to make money with your newly created young blog even if you've just started blogging and you don't know much about web marketing and especially even if Your new blog doesn't have much traffic yet. The ten steps in detail to be able to monetize his new blog correctly: You've created a very good blog well nestled and you can't wait to start making money?  Let's start first; If you don't have a site yet: 1-choose a good theme:  […]

5 Steps to monetize a website

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How to monetize a website in 5 steps In this article, I’ll share with you how we really make money with a blog, the best ways to do it, especially when we’re just getting started, and give you some tips on niches that will allow you to make a safe way at minus, how to make some cash inflows even if you’re a beginner and you just created your site.   The first chapter to monetize a website: Can my website generate revenue?   This is the first question you should have asked yourself before you even chose your niche   […]

How to Get Higher Google Rankings ?

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How to rank fast on google search results page (SERP): To position your site first on google, you have to optimize it for organic search, to do this google has made available to us a set of 200 criteria of relevance, here is the essential that you need to know to properly classify your site on google.   Search engine optimization: many bloggers talk about SEO by evoking the SEO, while to reference your blog, five minutes will be enough because referencing his blog or site is only presenting it to google and you just have to go on google […]

Blog Posts Optimization

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How to optimize SEO a blog post? Your articles are good, the content is rich and brings value, despite that they fail to generate traffic !!! In this article, I would tell you why? and especially how to write a very good blog post and this in a short time and without being a pro keyboard; Follow me A really profitable blog post is not only written for readers to appreciate, but above all for them to discover it. For this, it is necessary that search engines (google) find it, analyze it, understand it and finally index it in order […]