How to drive traffic to a new blog ?

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  How to actually drive traffic to a new blog or website  You have created a blog, written very good articles, followed the basic methods to attract visitors to your website and yet almost no one reads them and you start seriously doubting you? rest assured it happened to me and this is how I managed to significantly increase my organic and direct traffic and this in record time. You may find my long paragraphs, but you have everything to gain, because if you put them into practice, your traffic will increase, and your traffic sources too, put a little […]

How to write a blog post

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How to write an awesome blog post?   In this article, you will learn exactly how to write, write and publish an excellent blog post, choose the right topic, the best keywords and a good layout that will save you time and bring back a lot of traffic to your website .  You’ll know how to find, choose and use the right keywords to use in your web article, both to meet the SEO relevance criteria of web content for search engines including google and for more traffic, more audience and collect a lot of good comments and shares of […]

How to make a living with a blog

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How to make concrete cash with a blog I was like you, and after only a few months, with only a smartphone, which is not even a good brand and a 2G internet connection, I created this site that makes me earn money without doing anything or almost through advertising , and a YouTube channel; now it’s your turn to build your online business and liv e from it. Making money from a mobile app is only true if you’re going to create it. Believe me I have tested several and proposed as much. Here’s how to really earn your […]

How to make Money With Affiliate Marketing


How to Make a Living with affiliate Marketing If you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing and you’re new to this field, then you probably have to see a lot of videos on YouTube usually made by dream merchants who only aim to make the audience even if you get to you any tip at least that it is different from other videos. And if you’re here now reading this article, it’s because you’ve finally realized that it’s finally time to roll up your sleeves and learn from the experts in order to finally start to see your account statements […]