13 easy ways to increase a website traffic

List of simple ways to boost the traffic of his blog quickly

To increase traffic on your blog, you have only one factor that you need to pay attention to, the UX, the user experience, so you have to insure in your blog:

  • Content that users search for on google  
  • Content based on real search intentions and not cold, evasive queries
  • Excellent content and comprehensive, useful and relevant content 
  • Content easy to browse, read and understand by your audience.  

You'll give me news!

boosting a website's traffic

You may be beginning to doubt yourself and your ability to improve the number of visitors to your blog, and you have a lot to look to find out why.

Don't worry, I've been there, everyone goes through there, and most of all I'm still there and my blog is doing very well and gets after only 6 months of its creation, enough traffic to monetize it and it will probably be your case if you follow my Instructio

ns. But what do I do to get traffic on my blogs that you may not be doing yet? This is what I

will show you in 13 simple steps, with practical details that if you pay a little attention, your articles will have a lot of views as soon as you publish them. let's say a few days later Let's go.

Think a little about this Quote

:Jon Morrow:

"Each of us decides who we are. No, you may not be ready to be a popular blogger now, but you can become one. »

The first thing to do to boost your website's traffic is to see what's happening on your blog and find out and make an inventory of what keeps Google from sending you readers 

Traffic problem analysis:

Blogging, it works and it will always work, a blog is like this small organic trade of the cartier, and it has to deal with the big supermark

ets (the big sites). Do you know why these little shops always ha

ve loyal customers? Because they treat them like members of their own family (emotions and relationships) which they ca

n't find elsewhere If you noticed that! I tuties you without asking your permission, it's not a lack of politeness, no! I just want you to know that you're here on a blog, run by someone, me Samy, who really feels your frustration every time you look at your traffic statistics and you see 5 visitors !!! 10 , 12 , … etc while the other sites display numbers with K's at the end, which means thousand

s of visitors a day! We will try to remedy this but you have to roll up your sleeves, I'll show you what you need to do on your blog to boost its traffic, and it would be a job and changes that you will make on your blog only once and then it's there!! You're m

oving on! The problem may not be in your niche!there are queries on everything!  20 million queries every minute on Google, you realize! , These are things that are in it and that do not generate trust or traffic and that you have only not paid attention

to. Ten years ago, you could create a 200-word text and get enough traffic to monetize your blog (that's what the old ones tell us). And just publishing something meant you could attract huge traffic. Because the

internet was not yet answered and there was little content and publications and everyone rushed to it, and it was just enough to spam your keyword for you to rank first on Google! It

was really cool! Gr

adually, the world has caught up and more and more people have started to offer better and especially longer content. More in-depth, more useful content.

I'm talking about content because it's usually the weak point of all blogs that do not generate traffic, and believe me, I did the test, I wrote an excellent article and I put it online on a blog full of html errors , and problems SEO, slow loading and not at all suitable for Mobiles and this article took the head of the SERP and generated me a lot of traffic "How to sell fast in affiliate" if you want to check for yourself, it is perhaps always in first position and this requete is not the only one!! B

ut since then, I've improved my SEO score, it's now 85, a good number! So, you ha

ve to review your content and make an inventory of your keywords, look a little your lexical fields, your titles, your internal mesh and your external links and arrange me a little while, there's everything you need on my blog to write and put online a excellent content that will generate thousands of visitors every month on your blog, be certain my fri


end Here is the process to create articles that will bring back thousands of visitors to your blog

  • Choose topics for your articles, on which the search volume on Google is huge and is not afraid of competition, goes to Google Trends and checks it
  • Attack on relevant keywords and large volume of search contrary to what you are generally advised, especially if your blog has a year of existence or more
  • Then go and look at what your competitors have done, those on the first page of Google, come back with notes, titles, subtitles, keywords, content templates, length of articles,… Etc
  • Get to work and write competitive articles that will be the easiest and most direct way to generate free traffic on your blog. Make them longer than those on the first page of Google, more complete, answer more questions, richer in keywords and associated keywords, more detailed, with wider lexical fields by integrating data, integrate into them statistics, studies with URLs that point to ,… Etc
Now let's look at other guidelines:

How to generate audience for his blog:

The other secret to attracting more visitors to your blog is to do what your competitors don't or don't want to do. To think that it's easy to bring visitors back to your blog is a mistake, and to think that it's too complicated to make your blog known is

even more so. So here's a list of 13 easy tricks that I've always applied that will allow you to break the bad news and generate huge traffic, free and organic on tone in just a few weeks:

1- Add cinema to your articles

Let's do an experiment, I'll wish you feel the difference, how much you're going to detach yourself from me and how easy it would be for you to leave my blog after that; unlike when I say "you, you, your,… etc" which sets up a climate of complicity between us and will help you focus more on the content and avoid going elsewhere before you have read at least a few paragraphs 

Put some emotion in your blog posts to hold back your visitors and decrease the bounce rate and increase the number of page views by the same visitor A

fter all let's stay a little human, your reader is in distress, show him that you support him. Lighten things up a little by telling an anecdote, a joke, or starting with a metaphor.

Dubois for example, from TRAFIC MANIA, uses this technique like no one else, His messages open with attractive anecdotes that establish a link with his readers from the beginning. The result? harpooned and-who stay in the blog for a long time to go from page to page, while increasing the number of page views.

So tell anecdotes, clever jokes related to your subject, be cool!  , add experience to your content, put a little of yourself, do not remain a stranger behind your keyboard, talk about you, inject emotion into your articles and they will attract hundreds of readers as they will become prospects by registering probably to your newsletter, and so you're going to make them come back more often on your blog and your traffic is going to be greatly improved

2. Choose a topic known to attract traffic:

Be sure, that if your subject is exotic and out of the ordinary of what is usually done, you are not going to attract a lot of traffic, even if it is relevant, as long as it is not addressed first by the big bloggers, it is not worth hoping. One of

the simplest ways to attract hundreds of visitors to your blog is if for example you have a little command of English, also see what is written in your theme on the other side of the Atlantic, in the USA or Canada and bring it back to France or in your country or your target area, if it's a topic that makes the Buzz elsewhere, it will soon arrive at the ears of your target audience and your blog will be assailed by visitorsAl

l there on Google Trends, BuzzSumo and Feedly to search for what the reader is looking for on the net, try to understand his true intention of search to attract him to your site with content that really solves his problem

So here's my strategy for finding a good article topic:

To find a topic or niche when you're just starting o

ut: Draw three circles on a piece of paper.

In the first circ
le, write down all the questions and queries related to your theme that you have mastered and that you can answer.

In the second
, write down the topics you, want to deal with, and in the third circle, choose the topics from the two circles above that are in demand on the net.

So you have to choose where the three circles intersect and write about the requetes that are there

So you will choose both, a topic that you like, that you master and above all that readers of your theme are looking for.

Another quick way to boost your readership is to choose titles, catchy, that make you want and that hypnotize the reader, let's see a little bit about it 


Tracking site rankings with Semrush

3. Reanalyse your titles before you publish your articles 

Ideally, use a title analyzer like CoSchedule.

Once you've finished writing your article, copy and paste your title into the free tool. It's super simple and efficient. Once you've inserted a title, the tool assigns it a Score and it also gives your title a note on its overall structure, grammar and legibility.
The report details your title in common, unusual, emotional and powerful words. 

"Before I go on, I remember writing a whole article about how to choose a great title for its content, I'll bring you back the link! … 2 minutes later: Here's the article "Go later! Yo

u're probably wondering what I just did here! to make my internal link: first not to spam the anchor of the link and secondo because it's cool and it will relax a little nerves! Mdr, leave a comment if you liked it! thank you, let's continue our article on how would a beginner to boost traffic from his blogH

e will also tell you, I'm talking about the tool even if you won't need it if you read my article to which I just made you a link, your "type" title (by example this article is a LIST type) and performs a length analysis.

Finally, you will have some interesting tips how to improve your title, all for free and in a few minutes, everything is mechanized and you will learn nothing!.

I prefer that you follow the link to learn to choose titles that will make your articles known and stop relying on softwar

e! To sum up, your titles should be results-oriented, use the formula "How do you do this to have this?"

4-Take care of the visual rendering of your article:

Inserting images into a blog post is a simple and effective way to boost the number of views of the latter, how?

An article full of images, will hold the reader for at least a few seconds, and thus improve the time it spends on your page, this could be a good signal for google, to send you even more visitors by improving your ranking on the SERP

the human brain loves images, they round us easy life, we must say that we see before we even learn to use our language! Kno

w well and admit that it's funny, humans have a shorter attention span (8 sec ) than that of a goldfish (9 sec).

The proof, look at the popularity of visual platforms how they are successful! Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

We drown in words and don't have time to read every paragraph of blog.

If visual elements, such as photos, videos, and infographics, … etc., can help you get readers' attention, why not include them in your articl

es? Use Canva and Vine to start in minutes, it's free in addition.

For example, by also using Visme, you can create free infographics in a few minutes for free.

5. Improve your blog's loading time:

This loading time is for Google, an important factor in ranking and referencing websites, after of course good content and some Backlinks of course, comments and shares on social networks, this will facilitate the positioning of your articles on Google and it's an important SEO and traffic factor also especially on users via a Mobil

eThe searches show that 70% of readers expect in 2019 that an internet page will be loaded in 2 seconds no more.

How to reduce the time it takes to load your pages to bring back more views to your blog

  • The first thing is to reduce the number of plugins, and remove the extra add-ons, these help you certainly, but it make your site too slow, so uninstall all the ones you can part with and replace them with a plugin all-in-one, such as Jet-pack.'
  • The second improvement is to compress your images, in Webp or jpg format 
  • Delete Javascript gadgets that aren't needed
This improvement will ensure a good User Experience on your blog and make your readers return more often which will automatically improve the number of your visitors

6. Make it easy to share your articles:

It is essential that you make it easier to share your articles on social networks.
In addition, a recent study found that the use of well-visible sharing buttons on articles resulted in ten times more sharing. 

And that says shared article, probably means more new visitors on the
latterYou can use Addthis or Getsite control to set them up.

Start by choosing short and intense magnetic titles to insist on being shared on Twitter for example.

7. Mark your presence on HARO:

HARO is a "free advertising" service, it aims to bring together qualified reporters.

Being a blog post editor you can be an expert source for a request from other journalists.

Registration is free and it takes less than 10 minutes to respond briefly to an HARO query, which can generate top quality back links to your blog and thus, a lot of traffic.

8. Convert your readers into subscribers:

Add a solid call to action at the end of each article, to encourage readers to read another add-on, and especially to subscribe to your list, to click on a link to your landing page by offering a gift for example.

Small budget? You can try Launch Effect which is a free launch theme, and start collecting enamels before you even launch a blog. Of course, this article is intended to attract traffic and you will tell me what is the collection of emails he

re? This is because once you've created a list of emails, you can always direct them to your blog through an automatic answering machine and well-written messages inviting them to read your new article.

9. Determine how often you publish articles:

Despite the greater number of bloggers who say that the number of articles published is not important, recent research shows that the more a company blogs each month, the more traffic it generates.
On the other hand, how many items per month can this become too
much? To find out, one of the simplest ways is to keep a close eye on your subscribers' activity.

Do you receive a lot of requests to opt out because of "too many publications"?.

The ideal is to let your audience digest your present article and take advantage of that time to perfect the next one.

10. Create a forum post for your blog:

An active forum will not only serve as a useful community for your readers, but also, will also attract new readers using long trolling keywords.
Start by detecting the popular forums in your niche, you just have to search for your keyword – forum. Then all you have to do is create an account on the (s) best (s) forum (s) and use your domain name as a nickname.

You can start contributing and studying these forum posts before launching your own. Starting your own forum is easy. For WordPress, you can install the free bbPress plugin to do so.

11. Encourage other bloggers to send you traffic:

The methods for having back links for your blog are diverse and we can quote: guest articles, expert articles, case study articles, interview article, relevant comments,….

To monitor your links, help yourself with Backlinks Monitor, which is a well-designed tool for Internet marketing and SEO.

It will notify you every time you win or lose a back link every time your competitor wins one and compares your ranking to that of your competitors.

12. Always repeat to comments on your blog:

The more you respond to your comments, the more words accumulated on the article and the more Traffic you will have, said Neil Patel.
It makes sense from a SEO point of view
. In addition, the number of returning readers also increases over time, as they look forward to new publications since you have re-pped their commentary and become their friend and even become subscribers.

You can also recycle your traffic by adding a link to the comment URL area and directing it where you want it, to another article for example.

So Neil Patel has increased his visits on his "About" page by more than 5000 visits per month by simply using this feature in the comment area.

13. Build your pro brand on Quora:

Quora is the best place to showcase your professional abilities and make yourself known and thus generate back links.

All you have to do is answer the relevant questions and create a legitimate and targeted clientele.

So you'll get immediate exposure to 1.5 million visitors each month for free and add links to your blog posts by citing them as resources in your answers to questions about Quora.

Let's conclude all this:

I know you're a little tired of all this and you want traffic right away, it's possible but you also have to get to work right away.
I challenge you to try these techniques. Of course, they won't all work for you, so the best thing is to choose at least the one that seems easy to you and use it.

Bringing back traffic to your blog takes a lot of work, but every minute, every attempt to do it is worth it because the result might well allow you to live off your blog one day and that day is at least far from happening depending on the effort you provide to apply these methods.

All I have to do is wish you luck and ask you to share the article to share with your friends.

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