10 steps to launch a website correctly

10 Steps to Successfully Launching a New Site

You have just finished creating a website; blog or an e-commerce shop and you wonder is what I have forgotten nothing!here
is a checklist of 10 steps to follow to put it properly online so that it is fully operational from day one and have it integrated into the web and index google without untoward incidents that you will regret laterIf yo

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1- Fill in all your <meta> tags for servers:

I'm talking about the beacon.<title>(site title, title and description of homepage, keywords,… etc) and also check your tags<h1>which are the titles of your pages and articles and correct and correct them when needed especially if the default titles do not reflect the content of the article.do not hesitate to make titles a little longer and more accurate to make the crawlers understand google what your page is really talking about.</h1></title>

2-Install Google analytics:

Google Analytics is a free tool put by google at the service of webmasters in order to follow in detail what is happening on your site and improve accordingly what should beI

t you just access google analytics , recover a piece of code and Integrate it into your HTML template To pr

operly launch a website i you will need to follow its results from the beginning, monitor your statistics, do tests and analyze the results of changes on AnalyticsSe statist

ics are your only indicator, Who visits your site? , what does he come to see there? where and with which device does it connect? … etc. Creat

e your personas types and create them the type of content they expect from you and above all offer their appropriate offers


3-Present your site to Google:

 You have to claim its ownership by registering it on Google Search Console and this will allow you to see how google reads and indexes your pages, any problems to be solved in case of mis indexing, structure your data to facilitate the crawler and understanding google for your site and a lot of other essential features to optimize your SEO and track the interaction of your site and users on one side and the opinion that google your site on the o

ther, For that, Just go to google search console and retrieve a code and add it to your Html, you'll find all the instructions.

4-Submit the map site:

You have to generate and submit the site map of your site to google in order to facilitate the inspection of your site and thus improve your positioning o
n googleth file will be very slightly to read by google instead of browsing your entire site and thus take more time that does not take and tax your site long to load which will harm your RE

FERencingThe sitemap is an XML file that you could generate for free on the internet, recover and submit to google via the search console; it's actually all your links that google crawlers will either visit or not according to your wish

5-present your website to any internet:

For example, by linking from your social networks to your site and trying to have incoming backlink links that point to your site from other existing sites to tell google that your site is interesting and worth it better improve its ranking you c

an also insert your site in directories and specialized in your domain if possible … Etc

6-Register your site a google my business:

 If it is online business, in order to optimize the visibility of your site in your region, this could well help you to make your site known very quickly

Not hesitate to create business cards just to integrate the web address of your Business

7-share the launch of your new site:

By your friends on social networks, your business partners so that it circulates more on the web and bring you more visits and credibility, you could also send it on messenger for all your friends.

8-Advertise your site with google Ads or Facebook 

Personally I prefer to avoid this point because it is not a long-term solution and it presents a risk, that of dependence on paid traffic, because once experienced this option; a webmaster tends to neglect his natural referencing, which requires of course a minimum of work and give in to the ease of buying visitors, especially if there is no income behind.

9-give your site all possible settlement pages

privacy policy, contact page and page about in order to put your visitors in confidence and encourage them to come back and apply in your site without fear for their rights and personal data.

10-apply the https protocol to your web address

So that all systems can access it safely and that firewalls and antivirus do not deny them access to your site and in the same context, avoid the integration of pirated scripts in your code and your proposed article and downloads via your Site.


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